Astral 101: Entities pt.2

Greetings everyone, this is the seventh issue and the second part of Entities.  This is going to be a long one, so bear with me!  The second half of the segment will be talking about the races that exist in the universe rather than the stand-alone entities that we recognize in the astral realm.  I will be stating the ones that are mutually agreed on amongst the spiritual community and have proof from more than a couple sources for their existence.  There may be more than what I state here, but I just want to give a general idea of what these beings may be like in comparison to us.  But first, our lucid lesson:


Lucid Lesson


Last week we sort of moved away from Robert Waggoner’s Lucid Dreaming to get a broader view of the types of dream figures.  There are many categories among the ones I stated, but to a beginner lucid dreamer, it won’t matter just yet.  Today we will be going back into Waggoner’s material on how to converse with dream figures.  The eight guidelines for speaking with a dream figure according to Robert Waggoner are:

  1. Don’t limit the dream figure by expressing prejudiced assumptions, such as “You’re a creation of my mind!” or “Do you know I’m dreaming you?”  Most dream figures just stare at you when you say these things.  Instead, ask them an open-ended question, like “Who are you?” or “What do you represent?” or “Why are you here?”  Then listen for their response.
  2. When you have a choice, look for the most appropriate, aware, or intelligent dream figure to talk with.  If you see Aunt Nelly but remember that Aunt Nelly was always confused, asking her questions will, most likely, lead to questionable results.
  3. Develop your most important question, or series of questions, in the waking state.  Sometimes in the excitement of being lucid, you may be unable to think of anything appropriate to ask.
  4. Recognize the expectation effect and your influence in the process.  If you expect a nonsensical reply, don’t be surprised when you get it.  If you get something unexpected, don’t toss it away and ignore it.  Don’t be blind to what you don’t expect (or want) to see.
  5. If confused by the dream figure’s response, ask for clarification!
  6. See the answer in broad terms.  It may come as a feeling, an image, words, a symbol, or all of these at once.
  7. Asking general questions (“what is my purpose in life?”) may lead to cryptic responses (“To live.”).  Instead, ask specific questions such as “What does this white horse symbolize?” or a question that has an unknown answer, as in “When the Cubs play next, what will the final score be?”  Or, get some advice about how best to manipulate the dream.
  8. Come to the conversation with a sense of openness.  Come with a desire to learn, not a desire to tell.  Experience the magic of consciously being aware in dreaming.

I did not paraphrase these guidelines because I felt the author explained them in the clearest way possible.  From experience, I can say I’ve put these into action or felt a place in which they could have been.  This is an example from one of my lucid dreams:

It seems I had wandered into a facility that was used by vampires to feed on people, sort of like a party or feast.  I think I got there from a beach where I was with a few friends.  While in this facility, I was trying to evade them and also act inconspicuous so I could get out.  At some point I realized it was a dream, making me lucid.  I had no idea what to do or say at this point (#3), so I said, “unconscious mind, speak to me.”  A young woman appeared before me, complaining about a roommate that didn’t belong in our dorm with us.  I don’t live in a dorm, so I recognized this as symbolic.  I asked who the roommate represented (#1, #5), and she said “Okeanos.”  Along with these words, I felt a feeling that came from her (#6), basically stating that she was a manifestation of Aulphur, one of my higherselves.  This made sense to me, but puzzled me as I was confused as to why Okeanos, my other higherself, ‘didn’t belong’.  At this point I just went back to the facility, fought all the vampires for fun, and woke up.

In waking reality, I pondered what Aulphur had said to me and came to the conclusion that the dorm represented the soul we share as one being, and that Okeanos was not a higherself, but something still connected to me in a sense.  We won’t go into detail about it, but I came to some revelations, as many lucid dreams bring.  Conversation is a very important aspect of lucid dreaming, because you can learn so much from yourself.  I encourage you all to try it.


A Theory


To start off today’s main topic, I want to talk about a little theory I have.  It starts off at the beginning of creation.  Let us use SS6’s creation depiction to aid us with this (starting at 1:50, )

Source, Spirit, God, the Absolute, is all there is in the void.  They contain all of the potential in the universe.  This is the first consciousness.  Through quantum mechanics, we have defined consciousness as something that creates through perception.  We ourselves are conscious, because we create our own realities through our own perceptions.  This also implies that consciousness can create more consciousness through the act of reproduction.  If we go back to the beginning, this presents a paradox, as the first consciousness does not have something to create itself.  The only way we can make sense of this is that Source is able to perceive itself, because it exists outside of time and the concept of precedence does not exist.  I am that I am.  It then began to create through the geometry of consciousness or the way that consciousness moves and perceives.  Out of this came basic matter and all of that mumbo jumbo, but more importantly, came life.  Light, or stars, was the supposed first of these, and soon after came planets.  These two life forms complimented each other, planets rotating around stars and the stars essentially sharing their light oriented qualities with the planets.  The result of this for some planets was the birth of other life forms on their biosphere.  We all know the evolution story with the primordial waters and such (this happens on all habitable planets), so I’ll skip ahead a bit.  When planets get to a state of biodiversity, there is something I believe occurs to promote more creation throughout the universe.  We’ve already talked about plants being the extension of the planet, but what about animals?  They support the biosphere in a circle of life, but their evolution process has allowed them to have a more balanced level of male and female energy.  They are a part of the earth, contributing and sustaining the biosphere, but understand their own individuality.

Now, on every habitable planet, I believe there is a particular species that has developed their mental capacity beyond the rest of the biosphere.  On our planet, it was primates.  When this particular species is defined as having the best capacity to grow, I believe a new species is seeded on these planets, taking aspects from the origin species’ DNA to evolve in a different way.  Most evolution works in a way that adapts to climate.  As a species, we have grown past this stage of natural selection and into a new type of evolution, Ascension.  Instead of evolving laterally, we evolve upwards.  Our minds evolve instead of our bodies, allowing us to perceive things higher than our current dimension.  In other words, we are given ‘the divine spark’.  This does not mean we are better than other life forms; just that we have a different purpose.   On other habitable planets, I believe this happens as well, and I think these are the races that are highly advanced technologically and spiritually.  These appropriately dubbed ‘Ascendi’ races are what we will be talking about today.


Resonant Races


Resonant or Harmonic Ascendi races are races that allow prana or life energy to run through them from source.  To ascend, these races need to walk the path of light, increasing in frequency and balancing male and female energies.  Many of these races are benign, or service-to-others.  Here are some examples:


The Dogon Cave drawings of the Sirians that visited

In most accounts, Sirians are depicted as cetacean (whales, dolphins, or porpoises), implying that cetacean creatures were the most advanced on their planet.  In many accounts, such as in the study of the Dogon tribe, they have communicated with us and specified their origins to Sirius B, the star rotating with the brightest star in the sky, Sirius A.  Throughout history they have made appearances to ancient civilizations and some confuse them as having been Atlanteans.  From my understanding and experiences, they are adept with the use of vibrations, as are whales and dolphins on Earth.  Some theorize that the cetaceans on our earth came from Sirius B.  Most Ascendi races can appear in higher dimensions as their origin race to allow you to understand them better, or in a bipedal form, due to the proportions being geometrically efficient.  From what’s been told to me, they exist mostly on 6D, are in ‘Christ Consciousness’ and are very spiritual rather than technological.


From pretty much all accounts, Pleiadians appear to be humanoid in origin,

Billy Meier (left) has said to have made physical contact with several Pleiadians who looked like humans

which may mean that their origins are similar to ours.  Their appearances seem very similar to elves with slightly more pointed ears and very delicate facial features.  They come from the star system of Pleiades, as their name denotes, and are equally as technological as they are spiritual.  They are very expressive of love and sexuality, as these are of utmost importance to them.  There is a particular YouTube series of someone channelling the Pleadians known as Bringers of the Dawn.  To learn more about the Pleiadians, I suggest watching it here.  It begins a little cheesy at first, but it has a lot of solid information if you continue to listen.  It’s up to you what you want to take from it, but it’s all worth learning about.



From what I’ve learned about them, it is not too clear as to what they look like ethereally.  Accounts say something similar to humanoid form but shorter.  The reason that there is not much information on this is because they are more technological and use those means of transportation rather than etheric travel.  They are said to be primarily 5D beings, residing in the star system Arcturus.  They are very disciplined and rule-oriented, but all of their actions are in order to raise frequency closer to Source.  Love is very important to them, and they are some of the greatest protectors in the universe due to their technological advancement.  Many mistake them for the Grays. Edgar Cayce is known for his writings on the Arcturians. The main writings about them are here.


I’m sure there are more Resonant races out there, but these are the ones who have made the most appearances in our history.


Dissonant Races


Dissonant Ascendi Races are beings who have chosen to take part in the ‘Lucifer Experiment’.  They are duality-based, left-brained races who have cut themselves off from Source.  As prana does not run through them constantly, they must consume energy from other beings to survive.  They mostly are technology oriented, have little emotion, and only wish to benefit themselves.  They can achieve power and ascension quickly and efficiently with the consequences of cutting themselves off from the rest of consciousness.  Here are some main ones we know about:


I’m not entirely sure whether these were Grays or not, but they seem to have their characteristics.  In the 5 parts of SS 12, they are talked about thoroughly.  In short, they were habitants of Mars when it was a habitable planet, but many wars lead to the destruction of the ozone layer.  In order to survive, they came to Earth and radically altered our evolutional process.  They understand the mechanics of sacred geometry, but failed to apply the prana that is needed for it to work.  It is said that they caused the Bermuda triangle to become the mysterious void it is today.

Reptillians/ Draconians/ Dracos

These are beings that have supposedly come from a variety of places, most prominently the Alpha Draconis star system or the planet Nibiru that occasionally enters our star system in a strange, oval-like orbit.  I believe the original race they came from were something synonymous with our understanding of Dragons.  There are many mutations of this race; some keep the original races form with superior intelligence (Draconians), some are humanoid reptiles (Reptillians), some are humanoid reptiles with wings(Dracos), etc.  They are known to have a great interest in gold, maybe for its metaphysical properties, and are known for their deception and persuasion.  They are also known to shape shift or take different forms as well.  But, there is more to them than people realize:

Anunnaki, Elohim, and Nephilim


Ancient Reptillian Statue

Let’s clear up who these guys really are.  Anunnaki in ancient Sumerian means ‘Those from heaven to earth came’.  They were essentially Angels that partook in the Lucifer Experiment, disconnecting from Source.  The word Elohim is a Hebrew plural word, deriving from the singular word El, meaning God or Mighty One.  The plural essentially means Mighty Ones or Gods, which is actually referring to these angels.  According to the book of Enoch (a biblical text found with the Dead Sea Scrolls), these fallen angels came to Earth, told the people that they were their gods, mated with human women, and had hybrid offspring.  These offspring were mutated in many ways, some appearing mostly human and some of which were the Giants we hear about in ancient history.  These giants were known as Nephilim or “fallen ones”.  A lot of royalty in the past claimed to be related to dragons to promote their divine right to govern, and many believe that today, these beings are still in power.  Hebrew lore states that the spirits of these giants became demons, as it was an unnatural reproduction.   The fallen angels were venerated by many ancient societies and a lot of pagan deities were based off of them.  Lucifer is shown as the snake and the dragon for this reason, because these fallen angels took this form when they were stripped of unconditional love.  If you want to read what’s in the book of Enoch, the link is here, but it is a dense text, directly translated from Hebrew.  The whole book is basically Enoch being shown by angels the higher dimensions or heavens and taught about many things.  Some speculate that Enoch actually transcended into the being or angel known as Metatron, so researching on that topic would be beneficial as well.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that all reptillians are fallen angels, nor does it mean that all of the Dissonant or Resonant Races do not have individuals who chose a different path.  I am just showing what is portrayed in history and through broad speculation.  This information is all for you to discern, so I suggest you look into it yourself if you really want to be sure.  Come to your own conclusion.  Next issue will be about how to conduct yourself when faced in a hostile situation in Astral (which I’ll be honest I’ve been really waiting for).  Namaste, and all will be revealed.


  1. ive had this dark entity stalk me and take forms of people i know it blocks me from getting anywhere in my astral projections. so once i confront it i can move onward?

  2. I am sorry but I can’t seem to be able to find your email. If you could just reply back with it, Or a Skype name would be great, I have some experiences and questions I would like to share with you.

  3. this explains why my higherselfis the way she is, she tries all she can but is always tough on me

    1. (this explains why my higherself is the way she is, she tries all she can but is always tough on me)

  4. Hmm the comment on elves has struck me, while modern society believes that fantasy was the conjuration of imagination it is true that all mythology and folklore was based on something true at some point in time. You might be able to learn something through studying RPG’s and such as well. Lots of games allow you to play animals in a human form, maybe that relates back as well. I may email you sometime to speak more about higher self and these things, thanks you it was interesting.

    1. I agree with you, it probably has to do with collective subconscious archetypes. Also, looking forward to your email!

  5. Jordan, I read that you say Sirius A is the north star. From my understanding, the north star is Polaris. and they r not even in the same constellation. Sirius is in Canis Major where Polaris is in Ursa Major

    1. oh thanks you’re right! Sirius A is the brightest star in the sky though. Btw, I’m not Jordan:P

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