Earth’s kundalini: Questions answered


This image is from the book “The Energy Grid: Harmonic 695 The Pulse of the Universe.” by Bruce Cathie. Notice how the seed of life is part of the grid. Cathie published the first of four books on the matter in 1965. Her book discusses earth’s energy grid, matter, antimatter, and the work of famed scientist Tesla.

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I have heard it said on the spirit science website as well as other forums such as the one at that the earth’s kundalini energy is shifting. Initially, people claim the energy was centered in the mountains of Tibet, but either allegedly has shifted or will shift to the Andes mountains between Chile and Peru. I decided to investigate this claim and figure out where the idea originated from, what evidence supports Tibet losing the kundalini, and what’s so spiritual about the Andes mountains that the kundalini would shift to there? It turns out that I found a lot of interesting facts online, especially on the Andes mountains, but I’m getting ahead of myself. First I have to go back and answer a few questions.

The earth’s kundalini? What the heck is that?!?!

An image of kundalini energy that incorporates the caduceus.

In Hindusim and other Eastern religious practices, the kundalini is an energy that lies in the base of the spine, based in the root chakra. Those who believe in the existence of the kundalini energy believe that through intense meditation they can release this energy up through their bodies in the form of a double helix. Many traditions compare the kundalini to a double-helix snake, which is interesting if you’ve read my article on the caduceus.

I’ve read a lot of stuff on forums from people who claim to have released their kundalini energy. All of them claim similar experiences. Usually an intense energy will surge up through the base of their spine all the way straight up and out through the crown chakra. Usually the whole body feels almost a burning sensation that some describe as painful and intense enough to make them want to roll around on the floor.

Also accompanied with the initial release of energy is temporary emotional and psychic instability, at least until the person has time to adjust. From what I understand, this levels out, but initially it can appear like the person is having a psychotic or emotional breakdown. After the kundalini’s release, the person’s spiritual and psychic energy is supposedly much stronger.

Some people believe that since everything is energy in one form or another, all planets, stars, and other celestial bodies all have their own massive energy grids, each with their own kundalini energy as well, including earth.

An alleged earth grid I found that links spiritual areas with the earth’s chakra. According to this map, Lake Titicaca in the Andes mountains is the second chakra, and the crown chakra is in Tibet. If there is to be a shift, then this is obviously a “pre-shift” map. Uluru, also a very mysterious place, is located on the 3rd chakra point.

Basically, the energy is supposed to rest all over the earth like a grid, and that certain intersections on this grid, called “nodes” have a stronger energy than other points, culminating in a very strong waypoint of energy which is where the kundalini lies. There are certain points on the earth that have a stronger magnetic field and many of them line up like a grid. A few examples include the Bermuda Triangle and the “Zone of Silence” in Mexico.

Where did this idea come from?

While the idea of earth having a kundalini and an energy grid comes from many places, the more recent claim that earth’s kundalini was in the male energy oriented Tibet and has shifted/will shift to the Andes mountains seems to come from none other than Drunvalo Melchizedek, whom many on the spirit science site know already as the author of “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life.” According to Melchizedek, the earth’s kundalini has shifted from the White Pyramid in Tibet to high in the mountains of Chile.

What evidence supports Tibet losing the earth’s kundalini?

Tibet has always been a spiritual center for the world, as Buddhism in my opinion is a very solid set of religious beliefs, provided its practitioners do not become overly didactic like in some religious groups. To say that the kundalini used to be there would be a very decent guess, although I have no evidence obviously to back up any kind of claim that the kundalini was there in the first place. Perhaps Melchizedek does, but I have not personally read his book “Serpent of Light” so I do not know.

As for signs that could point to a shift, we know that the Chinese government has not exactly been accepting of the religious views of the Dali Lama, and it’s only a matter of time before their culture is destroyed there. That alone seems to signify a spiritual fall from grace. It’s tragic over there, really. I never understood why certain groups persecute Buddhists because it certainly doesn’t seem like an aggressive religion. Whereas Christianity or Islam teach spreading the faith to save a person from a threatened hell, the Buddhist attitude is more relaxed saying “You have eternity to get it right”. What need does a government have to oppose a religion like that? You see, religions of all kinds share certain common functions, one of which is that they give people hope. Whether that hope is a false one, as is the case with cults or certain misguided religions, or a true hope, it can grant power to someone who opposes a government or other entity in power. For this reason and this reason alone, Buddhist ideas are being crushed and trampled underfoot. If the spiritual power in Tibet is dieing, perhaps Melchizedek believes it needs to resurface somewhere.

Another potential sign is the recent earthquakes in the east. Perhaps they signify a change in energy, as a kind of spiritual birth pains.

Why the Andes mountains?

A breathtaking view of lake Titicaca, a lake with much legends, archeology, and mystery behind it.

Finally, we get to the million dollar question: What is in the Andes mountains that is so special? Between Chile and Peru, near Lake Titicaca, there are a total of five possibly connected mystical sites. They are: Machu Picchu, Markawasi, Tiahuanaco, the Lake Titicaca Underwater Ruins, and the Puerta de Hayu Marca” also known as the “Gate of the gods” although some say it is a mistranslation and actually translates to the gate of death. There are also many other ruins in the area.

In the midst of my searching I also found an alleged “channeled” message from Metatron posted on a wide number of New Age sites. The message said, among other things that crystals in the lake Titicaca area are being activated on the 8-8-2008, and 9-9-2009 dates etc, and the last of the crystals will activate on 12-12-2012. I honestly found no objective evidence whatsoever for the existence of these crystals, so give the claims whatever weight you will. If anyone has any info backing this claim, I would be very interested.

Machu Picchu – Machu Picchu are ruins of an ancient Incan city that is hidden in the Andes mountains. It is the most toured place in all of Peru. It may have been a spiritual site for the Incans.

Markawasi -What makes Markawasi so interesting is that the stones look like they could have been naturally created or manmade. If it is a case of the brain just doing pattern recognition on a bunch of rocks, then this place is a little disappointing. Then again, if the rocks were manmade, then there are some seriously interesting pieces of work there, including sculptures that look like the sphinx, as well as the face on mars. It’s a big if though, because it’s entirely possible that all the unusual rocks there are manmade and people are just recognizing patterns and creating order out of chaos so to speak.

Lake Titicaca Underwater Ruins and other Underwater Anomalies – There is a video on this site showing lakes in the Andes mountains on Google earth that seem to have unusual structures on under them. Not only this, but the actual ruins of a temple were found underwater at Lake Titicaca in 2003.

According to an article by ABC in 2003, “The ruins of an ancient temple have been found by international archaeologists under Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest lake. Dating back 1,000 to 1,500 years ago, the ruins are pre-Incan. The Incas, who built Machu Picchu, believed they originated from the lake, and They regarded the lake as the birthplace of their civilization, and in their myth, the Children of The Sun emerged out of the waters.” The ruins are believed to have belonged with the ancient Tiwanaku civilization. Speaking of which…

One of many interesting pieces of work at Tiwanaku in Bolivia near the Andes mountains (not exactly Peru I know, give me a break). The stone masonry technology of this gate is very advanced for the age science expects it to be. According to some archaelogists, this gate predates the invention of the wheel.

Tiwanaku – Among some of the fascinating things about these ruins are that the ruins are estimated to be over 17,000 years old and use unusual stone technology. It was a major sacred ceremonial site and the ancient people there built a pyramid there called the Akapana. Also of interest is that “gateway of the sun” a small gate built within the ruins. Since all the hype is about gateways lately, it may be worth looking into.

Puerto de la Hayu Marca – For those who are followers of either Melchizedekor Ashayana, this will

be of particular interest to you. In Peru there is a large door carved into a mountain in the middle of nowhere. This door has all kinds of crazy legends associated with it. There is also a similar looking door in Midas City, Turkey.

The Gateway of Aramu aka the Puerto de la Hayu Marca. There are many legends behind this door, and if you believe in stargates or wormholes, this is a good candidate for one.

“The door was at some time carved out of a natural rock face and measures exactly 23′ in height and width, with a smaller alcove in the center at the base which measures in at just under 6′ in height.”

For either group of follower the question is: Is the Puerto de la Hayu Marca a stargate, or is it a wormhole? Or, is it either one at all? Some points to keep in mind:

1) Metatron mentioned the lake Titicaca area in his alleged “channeling” If you think Metatron is bad, perhaps you may see this as a deception.

2) The history channel made the existence of the site public knowledge, and I’m sure I’m not the only person out there making the potential connection to this stargate stuff. Who owns the history channel, and would that person/group of people want you finding the location of a real stargate?

3) Some claim the place is actually called “The devil’s door” as opposed to the door of the gods.

4) Melchizedek proclaimed the area as the earth’s kundalini. If you don’t necessarily believe Melchizedek to be correct, then you may want to stay away come 2012.

So what’s the story here? Is this a stargate or a wormhole, or neither? Is it a good choice to visit it? We’ll have to wait and see.

Until next time, keep the exploring spirit alive.

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  1. The only and biggest reason to not believe and more than than ton convinced in the opposite is the fact that Melchizedek was famous member- Canaanite God-King of the Brotherhood in the Middle East in the times when Babylonia and Egypt was expanding rapidly. The Order of Melchizadek was kabbalistic and promotes the philosophy of a world government which is the aim of the negative Brotherhood movement. And now there are many evidences of him sill keeping the same agenda:afro example symbols of Illuminati used in book ( many of them could be seen as used by secret societies) SERPENT, Dove, Pyramid ith all watching eye ( on the cover of the book) and many others. So I’d carefully go to the source of the information and see where it could be rooted and think what is behind it all. Thanks a lot for a great post!

  2. Hi :)

    I currently live in Toronto and the past few years I’ve been more awake then ever before. I want to move! I just spent the Winter in Bali and I had never experienced such humble yet strong spiritual connection. I was calm, joyful, accepting and understanding to a new height. I know many say it’s cause I traveled away from home and I was on vacation but I travel plenty and the feeling I experienced there was of a rare inner beauty and peacefulness.

    I don’t know where to move! :/

    I would move for the right spiritual location. I also like options so I naturally won’t settle for Bali instantly, hence why I am reading and taking in so I thank everyone for sharing :)

    G force ;P

  3. Hello. I just wanted to share a thought. I’m not always synced up with the spirit world, but when I am, I know it. And I feel very strongly that the new location of the kundalini- or whatever you want to call the center for spiritual awareness- is located somewhere in the Netherlands far north such as Finland or Norway. Not Peru or the Andes. I have been to Peru, and the spirituality there is very ancient. Not fresh. I did a quick Google search tonight after having this information revealed to me (or however you would describe the phenomena) and was shocked to see that you had said Andes. I was certain you would say someplace up North. The Age of the Water Bearer is sweeping over us currently, and the shift of the center of spiritual consciousness is heading THERE. Currently I think it is traveling.

    Just my two cents. Thanks.

  4. I have been to the gateway and my life has not been the same since then. There are some crazy energies at Lake Titicaca especially at the doorway. It could be the gates of hell for the experience I have been through. Or they say it’s to the 5th dimension. all I know is that the person I was before that day I visited was lost for a few years up until recently she has come back. It’s an incredibly mysterious place. I would say a feminine energy for certain.

  5. Some have been explored. Others not so much. Obviously, the underwater ruins haven’t been explored much, while Machu Picchu is the number 1 tourist site in the country.

  6. Have the sites in those areas been thoroughly explored? I feel as though there would be many secrets within those ruins.

    1. Agreed, this sounds extremely appealing to me as well. Initially I started out with Drunvalo’s teachings but I’m starting to think I have to at least take a look at the keylontic sciences.. Ryan, if I may ask, what is your take on Ashayana and the keylontic sciences? You’ve been a very clear and, for me, very… strong/good feeling energy in my explorations of the unknown :)