Astral 101: Spiritual Warfare pt.2


Hey everyone.  Late article, as you’ve probably noticed.  I went to Montreal this weekend, and now I’m back, so let’s resume.  Welcome to Astral 101 issue 10 and part 2 of the segment ‘Spiritual Warfare’.  Today, we will be covering the two main types of Astral Combat; Energy Contests and Astral Body.  I will describe what they are, when you know you are getting into one, what kinds of beings participate in each one, and how you can emerge victorious.  Remember; do not go out searching for an encounter.  These techniques should only be learned in spiritual self-defense or when assisting a friend who needs help dealing with an unwanted energy.  But first, lucid lesson time!



Lucid Lesson


Last week we talked about 4 ways that you can prolong and maintain a lucid dream.  Although they are very good techniques, sometimes dreams can still become unstable.  Luckily, Robert Waggoner’s Lucid Dreaming has provided 7 tips that alter our focus within the dream in order to maintain it.  These 7 tips, along with my commentary, will surely solve any persisting lucid stability problems.  Here they are:


1.      Repetition.

Repeating the phrase, “This is a dream, I am dreaming” tends to be the common phrase that can be repeated in order to stay lucid.  Any variation of a phrase having to do with one’s lucidity should also do the trick.

2.      Having a goal.

When in the lucid state, having a specific mission in mind, like finding a specific object in the environment or travelling to a specific place will actively generate awareness until the goal is met.  Making a step by step quest would definitely be a great way to prolong the dream.

3.      Comparison/contrast in the dream.

While lucid, try to do something or touch something regularly that feels or seems different than that of waking life.  This will make a comparison to your dream and waking life, keeping you in the state of knowing you are dreaming.

4.      Announcing intent.

The best lucid technique by far.  Yelling out what you want from the dream seems to have a great impact on the environment.  Yelling to the dream, “More people!”, or “Better lighting!”, or even, “Greater awareness!” will make this happen within the dream.

5.      Projecting one’s power. 

Creating yourself something like a cane, a sword, or any general item that can personally remind you that you are lucid.

6.      Singing.

Singing your actions and what you want to do in the dream can create a sense of directed emotional energy and focus in what you are doing.  Singing about flying allows flying to be easier!

7.      Practice makes perfect.

After having many lucid dreams, you will find it increasingly easy to keep your dream stabilized.  It’s just like exercising, except it’s a mental muscle.  Soon, you won’t even have to give your awareness a second thought, you can simply experience.


At this point, I’m sure all who are reading and practising their lucid dreaming are making a lot of progress.  The only reason you wouldn’t be is if you weren’t following along with the techniques and tips!  It’s all about diligence, and trust me, it pays off!



Energy Contests


Energy Contests are the most common form of Astral Combat, and are performed quite often without people realizing it.  When we fight off a temptation or urge to do something we know is not right, we are working against negative energies within us.  Very rarely, an instance of possession will occur because of a lost energy contests, but most of the time it’s not like that.  Usually, entities only wish to feed off of emotional energy or cause chaos, and upon winning will only continue doing so.  To be honest, it’s very easy to win an energy contest as a human, because we contain an initially higher light quotient than anything attempting to thwart us anyway.   Religions such as Christianity are also familiar with this type of Astral Combat, as a lot of exorcism works with these same principles (applying the light of the Lord, the holy water, etc.).  You know when you are about to encounter an energy contest when you feel a large change in temperature along with a heightened sense of awareness.  You will feel as if something is watching you or you will get a chill down your spine.  I personally have a change in temperature in my feet and I feel pressure on the back of my neck when I know something unwanted is in my presence.  Don’t confuse this with paranoia, as you will not necessarily feel immediate fear.  If you do feel an emotion, it will almost feel as if it is coming from outside of you and it will come after the temperature change.


The types of entities that usually participate in this type of Astral Combat are minor negative entities such as Head Crabs (small, parasitic beings that attach themselves to a host to slowly drain energy), and Rephaim, which is the Hebrew term for “shades” or “spirits” (those commonly referred to as demons).


Once you have established that there is a presence, firmly state aloud, “You are not welcome here, leave now.”  Do not show aggressiveness or fear; just be completely calm but strong.  Attempting to appear more powerful by yelling or taunting will not work, as this is a form of fear in itself.  If the entity does not leave, the first thing to do is shield.  Then, just like in shielding, pulse out your emotional or elemental energy (or both) beyond the shield and fill the room with it.  This will engulf anything in the vicinity.  The most effective for any negative entity is light, but when it comes to a head crab, fire is a good purging element.  The most important aspect of winning an energy contest is the belief in yourself and the power of your will.


The last type of entity that participates in energy contests are beings that I have forgotten to mention until now, Energy Vampires.


Energy Vampires or Evamps are people, yes, people, that by some energetic anomaly/mix up with an internal system have become disconnected to Source and do not receive a constant and direct inflow of prana/chi/qi (or have a very poor connection).  Very much like the traditional vampire, in order to survive and remain lively, an Evamp will feed off of the emotional energy of those in their surroundings.  Some of them don’t even know what they are or what they’re doing, but some know very well.  Do not blame them, for they are born that way and don’t necessarily know how to control their urges.  They are usually empathic (can feel other’s emotions and energies) and tend to give off negative emotional vibes to people around them.  More on Evamps in this article .


The first step in noticing whether an Evamp is targeting you is to know whether you are experiencing fatigue for no apparent reason.  If so, then try to sense where that fatigue is coming from or if there is a particular area on your body that seems to be sore, in pain, irritated, or just doesn’t feel right.  This is most likely the connection that the Evamp latches to someone with, and it will usually look like a long, .  At this point, imagine a silvery etheric knife or a blade of fire, since both are elements that produce luminescence, cutting this connection between you and the Evamp.  Remain calm and do not attempt to pulse energy at the Evamp, as this is what they want.  Keeping your emotions in check, the next step would be to pool white light into your hands and to rub them over the severed area in the aura to mend it, much like in the video of the old man with his chi in the last article.  Although this will sever the connection, this doesn’t completely protect you from other attacks.  A shield only comprised of light would be a perfect defense, because Evamp attacks are Void based.  The last ingredient is to understand and BELIEVE that you receive constant energy from Source, and that your light will always overcome the darkness.  I myself have had many experiences with energy vampires, and it is just a matter of believing in your infinite and intimate connection with Source.



Astral Body


Astral Body Combat, although not something to be trifled with or joked about, is a very interesting and sometimes exhilarating experience.  For those of you with a warrior soul, this will be enjoyable for you.  This consists of either astral projecting or extending and fighting directly with the entity on the astral plane.  The possibilities in this type of combat are endless, everything you do is manifestation.  A lot of what you’ve been learning in lucid dreaming will come in handy here.


Identifying the Target


Unlike in an energy contest, the presence isn’t just felt.  The entities you fight aren’t minor, primal beings.  They will be intelligent, and they will understand how to mess with you.  The types of entities that participate in this form of combat are the other sentient races we have talked about in previous articles.  These beings will very rarely appear to people because there usually won’t be a need to get in close contact.  Some people may never experience this type of encounter.  Their goals won’t be to just cause chaos or feed off of you.  It may be just curiosity that they come by you, but most of the time, it is because they want something that you have; whether it is knowledge, or a certain energetic quality you have, or they may have a very complex agenda.  Regardless of their intention, they have no right to take anything from you or to intrude upon your space.  When these beings appear to you, you will feel a much stronger and more intelligent force.  It won’t just be one emotion or feeling; it will be a whole persona.  They will usually try to slip by undetected, but that only works with the spiritually unaware unlike you all.  You may even see them in your mind’s eye.  Otherwise, to identify where they are, you must close your eyes and picture your mind as a compass.  This compass will direct you to the entity and give you more focus as to what they are.




Repeating the step of speaking firmly, “You are not welcome here, leave now.” can sometimes work if you appear to be courageous and unwavering.  Since these entities are smart, they won’t always take the risk, and will obey.  When they don’t, it just means they aren’t as smart.  At this point, you can choose two paths; to put up a shield and reinforce it so that even when you are sleeping nothing will get by, or just confront the entity so that it never comes back.  In order to take the second step, you must be free of all doubt.  When you feel you are ready and in a calm state, Astral extend to the location of that entity through meditation.  Make sure you are comfortable with your higherself, as they will assist you with this greatly.  I suggest astral extending rather than projecting, because it will leave you much more vulnerable to these beings.


Determining Factors


There are three main factors that determine whether you will win; Knowledge (your skill and general know-how in the astral plane), Will (the force and confidence that you apply), and Energy (the capacity and endurance you apply).  Knowledge is usually what will get you the upper hand, so really try to experiment in lucid dreaming so that you can understand the mechanics of your movements.  You will most definitely have more Energy than most beings attempting to thwart you, because in being in this spiritual movement, you will contain a love and understanding of unity that some entities do not.  The Will is probably what we lack the most, but when faced with a dangerous situation it can sometimes kick in.  Train your will by resisting temptations and taking the hard road in certain situations, just to exercise your power over yourself.


Higherself Cooperation


It wouldn’t be a good idea to take on these entities on your own just yet.  Instead, try to cooperate with your higherself by fighting alongside them, allowing their energy to fuse with yours, or allowing their essence to be used as a sort of astral weapon.  This does not imply you have control over them, but that you are just cooperating to protect your personal space.




You can choose to manifest anything you want into the astral realm.  You can change the environment to your liking so that you can move more fluidly, or you can create an astral weapon to assist you.  Choose any weapon you feel that you resonate with, whether it’s a sword, a spear, a bow, anything.  You can also imbue the weapon with any element you wish for any desired effect.  This may sound a little cheesy, but it is more of an aid to better communicate your energy into an offensive way.  Manifesting a weapon is similar to creating a shield.  First pulse out your energy and visualize it concentrating and pooling into your hands. Then, extend it into any shape you wish.  Program and solidify it just like a shield.  Use the forms of movement given for each element as you wish.  Treat the battle like you would in real life, but be imaginative!  You aren’t confined by gravity or weight, so do some crazy acrobatics and fly towards your opponent.  The rest you’ll have to learn yourself from practise.


The Ultimate Weapon


The ultimate weapon is love.  No matter what, projecting pure ether and directing it towards an entity will always produce the biggest effect, as this will empower you just be allowing yourself to move past that they are not an enemy.  It takes a while to get to the point of being able to project that much ether, but it is within all of us.  The key is to see them as a being who has lost its way and that you wish to reunite it with Source.  You will know you’ve won when there is nothing but love left.  This is the goal of all spiritual war, to bring peace.  This is why it is so exhilarating, because essentially, you have just shared a wonderful and intimate dance with the other entity.



Well, that’s it for pt. 2.  A lot of you are probably still very confused, so I ask that you please email me and ask me any questions you have.  I would love to address you all with more in-depth and personal answers at .  Also, I have created a twitter so you can see what sort of things I’m working on and experiencing.  I’ll post tips for lucid dreaming and maybe even lucid dreams and astral experiences I have!  Please follow @SSAstral101 .  Thanks so much for reading thus far.  The segment will continue for another 1 or 2 issues, so stay tuned for more astral combat!  Namaste to you all.


  1. If love would be the ultimate weapon and it must only be used in self defense, then wouldn’t the perfect motto for astral warfare be: “I’m a lover, not a fighter”? :)

  2. If love would be the ultimate weapon and it must only be used in self defense, then wouldn’t the perfect motto for astral warfare is: “I’m a lover, not a fighter”? :)

  3. this thought entertains me, so i’ll share it:
    saying expecto patronus before engaging in an energy contest or before use light-force XD

    1. this thought entertains me, so i’ll share it:
      saying expecto patronum before engaging in an energy contest or before use light-force XD

  4. I had a dream or a OBE once in which i got pierced by something like a silvery needle or sword. After i was pierced i woke up but i could still feel it for a bit.

    So Does anyone of you think this was a battle I lost or just a weird dream.
    And if it was a battle, against what?

    please respond, thanks.

  5. So a vampire is what i fought that one time in my dream…
    I now feel a bit sorry for who ever it was because most of the Astral Body Combat consisted of me slamming it’s face into the ground untill it was wimpering pleading wreck asking for a bit of my “blood”, which i responded by pouring it’s “blood” back on to it’s face. :(

  6. Hi Ryan,

    I’d like to start by saying thanks for the wonderful articles on how to protect yourself from negative energies. I have used your techniques and many others to ward off and neutralize harmful entities. One such technique that I use is to go around my aura, patch up the missing spots, then give myself a “light shower” on the inside of the egg-shaped energy field. The first time I did this a few weeks ago, I noticed how many little “headcrabs” there were all over, between my toes, in my hair, in all the little crevices. I was able to pick these off and toss them into a one way drain at the bottom of my aura. However, I was quite surprised when I saw a giant black grub that stuck to my right thigh. Except for it being black and slightly bigger, It looked like this:http://

    I tried to pull it off and throw it out, but every time I do this it somehow penetrates my aura again and latches onto the same spot. Even when I try to strengthen the outside aura with a black tourmaline-like very heavy shell, it somehow immediately squirms through and latches to me again. My boyfriend is an inexperienced but quite effective energy healer, and noticed the dark spot right away without me mentioning the location. He tried to remove it too, but after the a long while, I advised him that it seemed to be gripping tighter as he tried to remove it, which seems like a parasitic instinct. I know that the reason that it keeps returning to me is because it has found a weakness in me that I have not been able to fully acknowledge and heal from the spirit/mind/body, which I fully am aware of, but not afraid.I continue to cultivate my consciousness every day, and remain honest with myself about attitudes that must be changed and things that must be done.

    What I am wondering is if this entity could be viewed as a demon or a psychic attack manifested as a giant bug, and if so, how do I remove it? I know that I am stronger than it and it can only thrive on my energy, but somehow this specific entity seems stronger than beings that I am used to. I am going to a Reiki healer in a few days who I am comfortable with and confident of her expertise, but I thought that maybe you’d be able to help shed some light on the situation.

    Also, I forgot to mention the fact that I have a very hard time lucid dreaming. Although I would like to very much, I feel that it’s important that I get rid of my nightly sleep interrupting nightmares first. Since I was young, I have always had dreams of being chased, by a man or entity, by an animal, or by people in my life.

    Last night, I had a dream that I was involved in some sort of game where a giant T-Rex would chase me and a group of other people. Despite eventually succeeding in getting across the seemingly endless obstacle course being chased by this T-Rex, progress was extremely slow. At first, our group was just being constantly attacked over and over again while we took refuge in a public restroom situated near the beginning of the obstacle course. Eventually the T-Rex managed to slip under the tiny crack under the door and then not only were we vulnerable, we were trapped in the restroom with the T-rex, which killed us all. (This game seemed somewhat like a video game, so we were thrown into the same situation again and again until we got it right) This happened again and again until eventually we scattered and just barely made it through the course, though I still felt very unconscious and unclear.

    This is just an example of the type of energy I experience every night. As a conscious, awake being, I am able to fully acknowledge my strength and ability as a light body to heal and protect myself. However, when I am dreaming it seems impossible to not see this chasing “entity” as a humongous threat to me because they are always trying to kill me or destroy me. I become afraid and cowardly, just trying to avoid confrontation at all cost.

    I would like to lucid dream so that I can consciously ward off and fight these beings, because I know I am powerful enough to do so, but I feel that this anxiety in every dream that I have somehow blocks me from being able to focus my energy on my inner light. I am always in such a state of panic that all of my energy goes to running away or protecting myself.

    Could this be related to the big black bug? If there are any suggestions you have please let me know.

    Thanks again!


  7. I had a dream where I was looking at a dull background with only a glowing and bright blue-gold symbol. At first I was focusing on the dull part for some reason, but when I focused on the symbol my perception immediately rushed into that symbol and I felt like I was downloading information from something, it felt sort of foreign. There was the distinct sound of a plane that grew louder and louder as this was happening and it crashed at the very end when I woke up. I can’t really explain it any better other then I felt I had a heightened awareness and as my visions seemed to zoom in on things within the symbol so did my mind seem to be rushing through information.

    1. Ah yes, the download. It is very possible something was sending you information or knowledge. It’s really up to your discernment whether you feel it is from a trustworthy source or not, but you can learn a lot subconsciously by doing this. This can also happen in waking reality, but its more sound based than visual. You hear a high pitched frequency and it will slowly go away when you notice it. This knowledge needs a bit of time to sort of decode in your mind, so the content of the knowledge will reveal itself later on as a thought, feeling, revelation, or may even physically manifest.

      I think you said you were going to email me at some point did you not? If you have any more questions, feel free:)

      1. I feel that it was trustworthy, but I don’t really know what I learned. I just felt that I was being overloaded with tons of mind blowing information but I can’t tell you what it is or was because all I have is this feeling of profound knowledge and no actual concepts, which may very well have come has revelations in the future because I feel I have been making considerable progress with myself.

        I remember me saying that but now I do not remember what I was going to ask you, I’m sure I will find something though so don’t worry. :)

  8. question: one time while i was meditating i felt this being above me so i opened my minds eye and focused on it and i felt like i was flying toward it. the being felt rather negative and definetly hostile so i went at it and when i came back to my body i felt alot better. my question is, is that sort of what your saying or no?

    1. That is exactly what I am saying! This is an example of an energy contest, because it was all based on feeling and energy. Also, flying towards it while meditating is an example of astral extension. I’m glad you’re getting it, one thing I suggest would be to make sure you extend through your higherself if you are comfortable with them. This way, you are entirely safe and it gives you a lot more power in your confrontations.

      1. well it was something done out of instict that time. but today with the help of my dear friend i came into contact with what i am 100% sure is either a higherself or a guardian that among other things is going for me but my lucid dreaming and astral projection have been little and none at all respectvly, havent been able to actually astral project that i am aware of yet. im kinda just floating around in the universe right now gathering information and playing with energy

    1. The method of astral projection that I am currently touching upon which doesn’t involve your spirit actually leaving your body but rather, through meditation, allows you to send an extension of yourself/your higherself through the astral plane to explore. It is safer than the OBE method, but I will be touching on that one later on :)