What are Relationships? Do Twin Flames Exist?

In this episode of Ask Teal, the subject addressed is: Relationships.

Teal explains in depth how it is our relationships that are the necessary condition for our expansion.  Our relationships reflect our conscious and subconscious mind and so the most important question to ask oneself in a relationship which is not going the way we would like is: What thoughts and beliefs are present in me that are making me a match to this situation? 

She addresses the pros and cons of marriage versus polyamory.  Teal also explains the concept originated by Dr. Gary Chapman of the five love languages which are: Physical Affection, Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Service and Quality Time.

Finally, Teal addresses the concept of Twin Flames.



  1. i’ve been receiving a good many questions around divine love, soulmates and twin flames from more than a few folks lately, so i decided/felt it was time to do some massive updates to an article i first posted a couple of years ago on my own journey on/around/in/out/through the amazingly powerful journey… http://theocgproject.com/2010/07/07/twinflames

    while i do believe that the concept of twin flames is true, i also have come to the very clear understanding and (actually quite common) belief that most twin flames coming-together’s are more so contracts for soul acceleration than they are for “happily ever-after”. of course, it’s possible, but flames must be able to ignite each other to something higher rather than burn one or the other out. karma is also a HUGE factor with twin flame relationships. more often than not, that karma will have to also come to balance before moving into the next highest level. and unless both are on an even playing field of life experience and higher purpose consciousness… the prior has a direct and impactful correlation to the latter which advances both inner and outer houses of wisdom… unless these two are matched, the likliehood of flames remaining physically intact is less likely. however, the overall impact on both parties will be more profoundly impactful on each individual’s highest path than any other relationship contract up to that point.

    mine was trial by fire… lol, but of course it was. that’s why they call me pheonyx… a triple air sign with a firey earth sign? heck, what could happen, right?! LOL… read and find out, i say to you. read and find out.

    and yet, no two coming-togethers will ever be exactly the same. and whatever you are here to teach/learn and grow from one another, you will. it may not be easy, but it will be amazing and set you up for the next great adventure be that in life and/or in future love!

    light it up! ? pheonyx