A Word on the Annular Solar Eclipse; 2012

Later this evening (for those of us on the western side of the states) marks one of the most rare Solar Eclipse’ of our time. The Eclipse is also viewable from parts of Asia.

The annular Eclipse will produce an amazing spectacle for the human race, so that even those who are unaware Spiritually will take direct notice of this most important cosmic event (this is no simple accident). Annular means that “Ring Shaped” flames will be seen in our sky tonight.

This Eclipse is running on an 18 year cycle, Linear time, as the last Annular Eclipse which Earth experienced was had in 1994. Scientists predict the next Annular Eclipse in Linear time to come about in 2030.
What is so wonderfully special about this Eclipse though, is that no matter how Spiritually aligned or unaligned you may be, all Earthlings will be receiving the direct energy from our brethren of the Pleiades. Alcyone, the Pleiades brightest star will be in direct alignment with our dear own planet, our Moon and our Star- the Sun. The Pleiadians have been in contact with Earthlings from the start, but never have they been in such direct center stage as they will be this evening. Their messages will reach each and every one of us, and how the messages are reached will be different soul to soul.

At this time, we all must keep aware for new energies coming our way. Listen carefully with your whole being and be with open hearts, minds and 3rd eyes. The energies from this Annular Solar eclipse will inhabit Earths grid, sending the energy immediately into the light bodies of every single being on the planet at this time. This event will occur whether you are able to view the Eclipse or not. So my friends, enjoy this wonder-filled day and take time to meditate in your way.

If you take any pictures this evening, please send them to Spiritscience.patchgirl@gmail.com with possibly a message to your Universe and World. I have a special project in store ?.

This is a very big day in terms of the shift.
This is a very big day for the Pleiades and the Planet Earth collective.

With all love and Eternal Light to you,


  1. You know what happened to me on the night between May 20th and May 21st? My water broke and I was on my way to welcoming my beautiful little girl to the world! :) A very big, life changing day for me, indeed! <3