Ask Teal – Are Demons Real?

In this episode of Ask Teal, the topic addressed is: Demons.

Teal explains that Demons began as a metaphor.  In other words, they began as a symbol of negative frequencies in our own human psyches.  But those symbols have been fed by individuals and cultures and religions with enough focus that they have become thought forms.  Demons have become thought forms which can project ideas, retain characteristics, and be perceived as well as influence those people in the third dimension who hold a vibration which is a close enough match to theirs.   Teal then goes on to explain that demons have no power of assertion.  Demons are invited by offering a “like vibration”.  The way to offer a “like vibration” to things like demons is to think thoughts which vibrate at the same emotional level as things like victim hood and powerlessness and depression.  There is not a source of evil.  There is ONE source of energy in this universe and it can either be allowed or resisted by us.  Demons are symbols of resistance.  But if you do not feed them with the energy of your focus and you raise your vibration by choosing higher vibrational thoughts and actions, demons can not be a part of your reality.


  1. That was amazing! Thank you so much Teal! You are my hero(: I was actually thinking of demons and dark enteties because some of the elders in my spiritual community have told me of them and to protect myself from them, so I had to go home and think and ask my guides about it and what they shared with me totally goes along with what you were talking about! now I will take what you have shared and share It with who I am guided to share it with!!! Thanks again! and I am looking forward to the angel episode soon! In gratitude, – Nameste<3(: