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Ask Teal – Do Angels Exist?

In this episode of Ask Teal, the topic addressed is: Angels.
Teal explains that Angels are a symbol of man’s connected consciousness. They are the highest vibrational guide that exists. The wings which are so often associated with Angels are a symbolic metaphor which resonated with the people in the Judea-Christian era due to the fact that messages were often carried by birds. Wings became a symbol in the ancient cultures of messengers or a message and so Angels chose to portray themselves in that way in order to represent the fact that they brought a message from Source or “God”. Teal then goes on to explain that many historical encounters with what have been called Angels are actually run-ins with higher dimensional extraterrestrial beings.
Because of the Law of Free Will, humans must invite Angels to actively be a part of their subjective reality. Like demons, Angels can not impose themselves upon someone’s life. They must be invited. Teal goes on to explain that their expansion is served by guiding us in our physical lives. And that thriving in our physical lives is a benefit to all that is… including Angels. If you invite Angels into your subjective reality and then open up your focus to receive them, they will make themselves known to you.