Days of thunder with the Capricorn moon


The Rebirth of Love in Gemini and the Solar Eclipse

Is the rebirth of love in Gemini with the solar eclipse last month the gateway of Apotheosis for humanity?

Summer is usually the time most people cool off. Kids are out of school, universities have reduced classes and beaches and amusement parks are full of crowds and lots of excitement. For those that follow astrology, the full moon in Capricorn cycle is supposed to be rewarding for you if you are diligent in setting your goals and staying on task until completion. According to Farmer’s Almanac it is also called the full “buck” moon because buck deer get their antlers around this time of year. Among indigenous people of the Americas, it was observed that this month is known for big claps of thunder and storms.

Work extra hard on making your goals manifest these next few weeks. We have some high frequency activations taking place with Pluto and Uranus starting June 24th. Pluto or Hades is known as the God of the underworld and is often associated with the sign of Scorpio, attracting debt and revolution. Uranus is also associated with revolution, groups and the higher minded principles of virtue. When these to forces are in play the revolution will be televised through the evolution of humanity’s expectations and efforts.

Don’t be surprised if hidden information comes to light over the new few weeks. Besides Pluto and Uranus being square, Jupiter in Gemini will oppose Neptune in Pisces. The creative yet nebulous force alliance of Gemini and Jupiter will expand with a sense of duality and daring creativity.  The Pisces and Neptune collaboration will be more whimsical and dreamy but the end result will be an abundance of creativity taking place everywhere.

Did the different calendar systems from all over the world have it right?

Did the different calendar systems from all over the world have it right? Is humanity ready for Apotheosis? Could the Capricorn moon be a gateway?

Venus comes out of retrograde on the June 27th, just in time to spring action-oriented Mars from scrutinizing Virgo. For eight months mars has been revving his engine and spinning his wheels and the release into Libra will  catapult our cosmic gladiator into this balanced sign of harmony. This activation takes place right before the full thunder-moon in Capricorn July 3rd at 11:53 a.m.

Saturn ruled Capricorn along with the Goddess of Justice  influenced  Libra will be harvesting Capricorn’s ambitious energy. This task force will DEMAND accountability or consequences (sometimes both) and in many cases, rewards for those who were nice instead of naughty.

The Summer Solstice has exploded into manifestation with a promise of joy and challenges that will develop you toward your life’s goals. Perhaps we should take a page from the Cancer playbook and walk sideways when necessary? I think its best that you put on your hiking shoes and start running towards the top of the mountain, with no intention of stoping until you reach the peak. Since Capricorn is considered the “Gateway to the Gods,” because of its association with the Sumerian God Enki, does this mean that this upcoming full moon will be the beginning of humanities Apotheosis?

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This weekend:

With the moon in Leo, and the sun in Cancer, there will be a lot  of emotional communication at home. There is a need to express ourselves emotionally along with a little acting out. If you are in a relationship, this is a great time to make sure you give a lot of domestic attention to that special someone. Veuns is still in retrograde and we are closing in on a  T-square between Pluto and Uranus. So it is a good idea to be on your best behavior. If you fail to be on your best behavior, make sure to focus on how to do better in the future instead of focusing on what went wrong.

Now is a great opportunity to integrate the challenges that human imperfection brings to each relationship and focus on loving people knowing that no one is perfect. With Mercury in Leo, there will be a lot of acting and speaking before thinking. You may have already made an agreement with yourself not to share your opinion bluntly or rudely, but the Leo-fire infused Mercury must help you get everything off of your chest emotionally. While it is great to be honest and open, be careful because emotional pain is harder for people to recover from yet so easy to inflict. This is definitely a time to consider something we are taught very young, “an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure.” Go forward with love as you ally.

Cornucopia, The Horn of Amalthea.