New Moon in Cancer: Return of the Sacred Feminine

The New Moon is for Squares
There will be a New Moon in Cancer on July 18th at 9:25 p.m. PDT or July 19th at 4:25 a.m. GMT. The octahedron represents the air quality of the two previous New moons in Gemini  that served to transition us into summer. After a blockbuster battle with the fire of earth Capricorn moon, the Fire of water Cancer sun is ushering in the return of the “sacred feminine.” Cancer is doubling the influence of the moon and all of her subtle but potent influences through planetary alignment with the sun.

The new moon is always a great time for reflecting on the personal growth that has been made in the previous month. It is a time for setting your short-term goals to advance you a few steps closer to your long-term goals and towards fulfilling your lifetime mission. A time to reset your intentions and assess all of the healing and nurturing that should be invested in both yourself and your community to ensure that all those that you care for thrive and move forward.

Mercurial Mayhem?
Time to do a slow dance with the tenacious Cancer sun as it squares off with Mars, Pluto and Uranus. Mercury Retrograde begins on July 14 at top speed on the racetrack of the fiery, action emissary: Leo the Lion. (roar) Time to revisit the lessons that you learned about conflict so that you may embrace and integrate the less desirable parts of your personality. Mercury Retrograde in Leo can be an excellent opportunity to learn the patience of a “saint” while sprinting in the game of life in Mercury’s winged Sandals.  “Game recognize game?”
Mercurial Mistakes??While this is a magnificent opportunity to temper action with forethought, you will need to learn to forgive yourself when your brain decides to move faster than your mouth or worse your mouth decides to moves faster than your brain. Allow yourself the space to make mistakes. Use the opportunity to practice humility and grace in the presence of those who are committed to judging and misunderstanding who you really are instead of actively making an effort to get to know your authentic persona. Use Mercury’s Retrograde’s “return policy” to your advantage.
Mercurial Momentum??

Remember that the momentum of Mercury Retrograde can be used to finish things you started in the past. With the sun and moon aligned in the zodiac sign of Cancer, this is your opportunity to use the metaphysical magnetism of Cancer’s ruler, the moon. The two primary forces outside of the dodecahedron energy of aether,  are fire and water. Fire represents the positive charge of light energy while water represents the negative charge of attraction with the  flow of magnetism. Visualize the alliance between the moon and cancer focusing a blast of strength through the crab’s antennas like a cosmic tuning fork.   Focus that Tsunami-like wave of intuition to assist you in manifesting a personal pole shift that will send crashing geomagnetic waves of success in your favor. Don’t forget to claim victory before you start.
Square Biz
The yin energy of Cancer arrived on the summer solstice last month talking so much “square biz” with Uranus and Pluto that even Teena Marie would not be able to translate their mixed messages. Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Libra continue to square off with each other. This aspect is moving the concept of “reform versus revolution” to the threshold of consciousness within the ethical conscience of humanity. As Mars plunges deeper into Libra, Saturn has already begun to check out and is heading for hotel Scorpio for his next  2-½ year stay. While Libra is normally the space for marriage, partnerships and justice, having the god of war, Mars, occupying her space,  means that we can expect more “open enemies,” to unmask themselves and emerge from the shadows. Perhaps such adversity is how the human spirit learns to compromise and adapt? Although compromising and adapting are two concepts that are very challenging for the Martian mindset.

Do not engage!
Instead consider that perhaps your enemies are merely fans in denial waiting for you to destroy your comfort zone of contempt by making them your friend. There is an opportunity to reach  further and develop courage and inner strength.?Dodecahedron Wisdom?
So while the energy of recent squares are still impacting us, we have now moved past fighting and survival onward towards a commitment to thrive. On July 17th, right as we transition from the dark moon into the new moon, Mars will square with Pluto giving us another opportunity to apply what we have learned over this last month. Pluto and Uranus will be having challenging aspects with each other for the next few years, but remember that there are also positive benefits that will come out of this cosmic shuffle. Consider big advances in technology due to Uranus’ influence. The revolution through evolution aspect of Pluto will ignite a change in the role of computers so that they help people instead of oppressing them. Recent discoveries involving the Higgs-Boson particle  demonstrate humanity’s motion forward into the field of quantum physics potentially sparking another free thinking movement in history. Now is a time to trust in Cancer’s power to inspire the masses and create from instinct.
In the myth of Cancer, Hera sends the crab to distract Hercules while the hero is fighting the Lernaean Hydra.  This was a serpent-like creature with many heads and a poisonous breath of fire. Each time Hercules cut off a head, two more would grow in its place. When the crab tries to kill Hercules, or at least distract him long enough that the hydra kills him, Hercules kicks it all the way to the stars. This happened during one of the “twelve labors” that was put upon Hercules for crimes that he committed while under the influence of a spell that queen Hera placed upon the hero. When the crab was extinguished, Hera (also known as Juno) placed the crab among the stars for eternity. This story represents the first time someone other than Zeus (Jupiter) placed a constellation in the sky in contemporary mythology. Was this perhaps the first step on the long road of return for the “sacred feminine” principle?
As the western world moves further from patriarchal programming and aligns itself with critical thinking and revisionist history, you will find that there is an amazing amount of formidable female archetypes from antiquity. Queen Hatshepsut was the first female to rule Khemet as a “king.” Even choosing to wear the beard of a Pharaoh to symbolize that she meant business. Hatshepsut’s temple at Luxor is still a marvel to this day. There are other buried storied of women from antiquity that are re-emerging such as: Makeda, the queen of Sheba, Selene, Artemis, Athena, Mary Magdalene, Venus and of course the well known and venerable Auset. Auset is commonly known as the goddess ISIS in Egypt, Astarte, in Mesopotamia, Hera in Greece and Juno in Rome. There are beautiful examples from all over the world including: Quan Yin, Freya, Ixchel, Brighid, Pele, Ceridwen, Yemaja, Oshun and countless others. These are just a few of the women that represent the divine sacred feminine principle that are often associated with Venus, the moon and the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Soul Train: Jaguar and the Dragon

Tone #4: The Seed
This is a time of heightened psycho-sexual energy, but the emphasis is placed on the joy of having family not simply the sensation of the sonic armor that you call a body. This is a time of networking as the seed energy works with the Jaguar and water dragon to free people of debt and or oppressive patterns from the past. All of the seed people that are germinating throughout the cogs and gears of the industrialized machine of cultural homogenization are now in place to incite cultural diversity and equality. The jaguar’s influence will push all participants to continue to show appreciation and recognition for the simple things creating a portal for the reciprocity of abundance to manifest. In order to maximize on the benefits of these graces, you must face your weaknesses and your darkest character flaws. Only then, will the biggest gifts be able to spring from the recognition of your smallest deeds. The water dragon from the east could have easily have won first place on the wheel of the Chinese Zodiac, but the dragon placed priority on a detour in order to bring rain to a small village in need. Those of you that rank group sustainability above personal ego and pride, can soul train through the squares with the ease of the jaguar and dragon. In this time of challenging squares, gratitude is the vector equilibrium of cooperation that helps to build and maintain all iterations in the process of sacred geometry. The process that builds and sustains life on the physical plane of reality.

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