Full Moon in Aquarius Horoscope -2012

Tetrahedron= Leo, Sagittarius and Aries

Lioness CubNo matter how fast things get for the royalty of action, there is always time for love and affection. Especially when it comes to the cubs in their lives.With the Sun in its ruling sign of Leo, the momentum of action will compound all of Mercury’s influences on creativity, vitality and communication. As Uranus travels through Aries for the next seven plus years, you can count on having a lot of provocative shocks in your life. These shocks are not necessarily negative if instead you recognize them as catalysts to initiate the changes that Uranus, “the awakener” is bestowing upon you. The trine of Uranus and Mercury has opened a portal that glimpses into the future of mankind so that you can visualize and determine how you will choose to be a part of the new age. This is a time for you to think outside of the box and fuse your warmth, charisma and intuition with your analysis of the facts. The more you dig past the surface in each situation, the more contextual treasure will be discovered. This treasure will propel you towards greater success. Since Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn are all in a trine with the Aquarius Moon, stay alert for divine inspiration that is mammoth in proportion. Uranus’ glyph will serve as the flint for the spark of innovation, creative consciousness and cooperation that will inspire a quantum leap forward for humanity on a global scale. Perhaps CERN will have another breakthrough. The key to success on a personal level is to harmonize the familiar with the fresh and the new. Use the Arrow of Sagittarius to aim for your highest ambition and the lightning bolt of Zeus to help guide you through any dark moments of uncertainty. Aries’ pioneering strength and will can facilitate miracles of innovation, provided you think outside of the proverbial box.


If the game of life is moving too quick, either pull over and take a break or put the petal to the metal.

Hexahedron= Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus

With the sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius, expect to be winded by the high velocity of the metaphysical sunspots and solar winds taking place in the fourth dimension. These two polar opposites are squaring off over individual competitiveness versus group collaboration and global cooperation.

With Neptune in Pisces this is a great time for art therapy, reflection and healing. Life may be racing at a speed that is a little faster than you are accustomed. You can choose to sit out for a few laps on the racetrack of life, or you can put on your Nascar jumpsuit and get back into the race at full-speed. Since force equals mass times acceleration, perhaps you should consider the more intuitive and less pragmatic approach. Or, Perhaps its time to put the petal to the metal and shift past all of your mind-chatter by shattering the barrier of success with the sonic booms of intent and determination.


The Key of Chiron sits in Pisces unlocking this time of healing through compassion, fellowship and transformation. With Pluto beating on the Gong of revolution and rebirth, please recognize that the tougher moments that life presents are in fact there to push you beyond your boundaries of expectation and into the utopian freedom that destruction of attachments can create. You can run from the abyss or you can jump into it and slingshot off the curve of the spiral and land on the road to your personal nirvana.


Octahedron =Libra, Aquarius and Gemini

Age of Aquarius

With Jupiter, Venus Saturn and Mars all in a Trine with the Aquarius moon, now is the time to push the envelope of Gemini’s stereoscopic perceptions and past the veil into the promise of unity consciousness. As the intellectual and cosmic communicators of the zodiac you will be expanding your spiritual awareness in a way that captivates the imagination and sets all of your senses ablaze with creativity and cross-cultural kinship.

The metaphysical oxygen that your octahedron element provides for the fires of change and elevated awareness are blasting through the squares conducted by Uranus, “the awakener.” Uranus rotating on its side serves to remind us of how eccentric and unique the Aquarius personality can be. The Aquarian moon expects us to perform at our absolute best in our new world of community inquiry and learning. Your generous nature and mind will allow you to confront dangers in noble ways that will inspire those around you to be less petty and selfish. You are ready to let go of your past failures and successes so that you can fly on the wings of Jupiter and Ganymedes through the magnetosphere of personal perfection and magnanimity. The divine spark of your intelligence will cut away many truths for people around you, leaving them to reconcile personal emotions from objective facts. Be careful of misunderstandings while Mercury is Retrograde in Leo. You speak truth to power in an effort to construct a skyscraper of self-expression in the collective garden of growth and possibility. Right now, even the sky is not a limit for you, so please share your insights for innovation and planning with your trademark grace and wisdom.


Water Triplicity

Icosahedron = Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer
The lack of planets in water signs may leave you with a sense of choppiness and discomfort. With the action of the Icosahedron element running through Neptune in retrograde, you must focus on the abundance of intuitive strength channeled through the airy Aquarian moon. Like a distant early warning, the world weighs on your shoulders because in life and in love, you know that black or white you have to face the knowledge that the truth is not always the truth. Trust your intuition to see past the facades. Packaged like a rebel or a hero, your magnetic musings make you a superconductor capable of managing the eddy currents of life with little or no resistance.


Be careful not to rely on your charisma and old soul to take the place of your analytical skills for organizing community, family and that special someone.


Now is the time to remember your heart’s role in balancing the fire of the dodecahedron element rooted in the crown chakra with the instinctual needs of survival based in the root chakra. Your hope, strength, faith and vision are more potent than the 300-year-old storms on Jupiter. If life is not marching perfectly to your beat, please remember that you are the genetic code of Atlantis, Lemuria and Shangri-La. Perhaps fools see a crazy person, while ascended masters see divinely inspired genius. The Plutonian force in Capricorn is re-encoding your capacity for survival into a mantra of abundance. You need simply visualize your success reflecting off of the obsidian mirror of Isis. You will be presented with options for success if you remain faithful in your ability to meet any challenges that are placed before you. You are the golden mean of regeneration and courage and your imagination has the potential to  give birth to promethean projects that bring progress to earth’s population.


 Soul Train Barbeque

Apollo, the Sun God of Greece

Apollo, the Sun God of Greece

Viracocha_The Sun God of thr Incas

Leo promises us action, creativity, sexiness and fun as Apollo drives the chariot of the sun around the ecliptic. Apollo, Khepri, Sekhmet, Viracocha and Xhango will be communing with the Jaguar, dragon and Kukulcan in a galactic bar-b-que that promises a hot sensual summer of unexpected highs and sudden spikes of consciousness. Earth spirals around the sun at about 66,000 miles per hour being towed by gravity and the magnetic tethers of the sun. This is sobering reality that reminds us that we should always expect the unexpected. Expect a lot of action during this month of the Regal Emissary of action, Leo the Lion. Especially on August 17th when the sun and moon are in conjunction for the new moon in Leo and the drive and re-birth of romance and sensuality.

With the wealth gap growing larger between citizens on earth, there is a larger focus on the progress and fate of humanity as the new iteration of man emerges.


The falsehoods of the world’s banking system and the subtle derision of humanity through the mass media, may eclipse our mystic crystal revelation, but it cannot touch the mind’s 3rd-eye liberation.
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“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.”
- Abert Einstein, Pisces


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