New Moon in Leo, August 17 – 2012

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Fire Triplicity

Fire Triplicity: Aries Cardinal, Leo Fixed, Sagittarius Mutable.

Tetrahedron-Leo, Sagittarius and Aries
With the fiery action emissary leading the charge for creativity and Jupiter in Gemini supplying the optimal octane through the octahedron, you are on a magnetic bullet train racing through the valley of change towards the city of abundance. With the, “shockmaster general,” Uranus relentlessly conducting the symphony of awakening, while pluto shakes the maracas of revolution, you have decided to adapt and dance to the rhythm. You no longer need an umbrella to protect you from unpredictability because you know that there will be no pain when you decide to dance shameless in the rain. With the expansive Sage wisdom of mutable Sagittarius among the continuum, you know that failure plays an important role on the journey to success. You are learning to liberate yourself from the shackles of anxiety by laughing in the proverbial face of chaos as he rips your world apart. Learning detachment from the ego is giving you the power to replace expected norms with cutting edge innovation and originality. You do not fear the darkness of uncertainty because the toroidal field of consciousness and intention are acting like your personal high beams upon the crossroads of manifestation and life.

Hexahedron-Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus
Pluto in Capricorn has arrived to assess your life and hold you accountable for every detail of each of your choices. Focus on the fact that this is only an assessment. This is not the actual test. Pluto’s fierce evolution through revolution approach may feel like the hammer of Thor is coming down on you due to the fierce square dance with Uranus, Libra, Mars and Pluto. The harder you labor to keep your world from falling around you, means that the longer it will be until you rejoice in the new world that source is creating for you now. Continue to be practical and pragmatic in your pursuits but try and recognize that you are the electromagnetic pulse of freedom between the north and south poles of existence. As such, you understand that everything in life is temporary. The only quantifiable conclusion that logic can reinforce, is that life itself is constant change and movement. Perhaps it’s time to look closely at the I-Ching and its association to the 64 codons embedded in the DNA of humanity? This is an important lesson that must be emphasized with the earth continuum that seeks to solve most problems with the mind while ignoring their most potent gift of clarity…the intuition and the power of the third eye. Now is the time to become comfortable with being uncomfortably far away from your comfort zone. Stay focused and clear about your goals and try to beat your personal best without obsessing over the details. If life gets the best of you, remember that The only thing in life worth controlling is your perspective and your attitude.

Octahedron-Libra, Aquarius and Gemini

Air Triplicity

Air Triplicity: Libra is fire of air because they are Cardinal, Aquarius is air of air because they are Fixed and Gemini is water of air because they are Mutable.

With Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in air signs, you can expect a lot of communication, expansion and action to take place on a harmonious frequency with the fierce flames of change. With five alignments of cardinal influence, there are a lot of projects, and events initiating and developing. Now is a great time to take advantage of each situation by sharing your constructive, “out of the box” vision to breath life and form into all changes that are taking place. You are playing the role of cosmic messenger. Not everyone has your gift of bringing the abstract from the aether into the corporeal world. This is a great time to help others to share what we are capable of as individuals and as a cohesive collective whole. The air element transmits and transmutes communication and interaction on levels that are above and below consciousness, so don’t be mad when everyone cannot fly on the same frequency that you tune into with your heart. Just keep going with all projects until they are complete, then others will begin to understand that which you are sharing. Don’t be quick to make big decisions at this time, wait until your intellect and your heart agree on all answers before you move forward. Take your time and make sure you get in plenty of playtime to accentuate your rest time. With fall approaching next month, expect to be supercharged as Cardinal Libra chimes and gongs on the frequency of love, creativity and productivity. Until then be careful not to over-commit yourself to anything until you are fully recharged. Ensure that you get plenty of opportunity to communicate with your favorite faces at your favorite places. Meaningful conversation for you is as important as a great jog for a runner. As the rest of us download the huge amount of energy from the full moon in Aquarius, you are already focused on the universal key to success –that you must personally deliver from your trip to the stratosphere, “There is no failure, only feedback!”

Icosahedron-Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer

Water Triplicity

There are three water signs. Each one has there on unique quality. Cancer is Cardinal, Scorpio is Fixed and Pisces is Mutable.

Neptune no longer needs to be lonely because Venus has moved into Cancer. Let the moon party begin! Your intuition is ramping up as you observe the world around you and begin to realize that your sixth sense is becoming as reliable as the other five senses. But remember that fools rush in and you have plenty of time to think before you act. With Venus sashaying through Cancer, expect romance in your love life to heat up and push you from focusing on your emotions into the realm of acting on your physical desires. After spending so much time retrograding in Gemini and transiting through the underworld, Venus is ready to party.

While there will be some focus on nostalgia and sentiments of the past, you can expect a lot of progress right now if you choose to trust your intuition over your ego. Cancer is the yin ruler of the moon and while the moon conjoins the sun in Leo, you are ready for some gladiator action of your own. All of your patience and waiting has built to a feverish crescendo and you are ready to break free like Triton with Neptune’s trident. You are now ready for the earthquakes of change that will summon the tsunamis that promise to cleanse your life of the mundane and the expected. You are a whimsical, magical being who lives it up in your dreams as much as you live it up when you are awake. Be sure to get plenty of art therapy done as Neptune in Pisces has sparked the renaissance and rebirth of humanity. Everyone will benefit from your inspirational sparks of hope, faith, support, love and courage. In order to become one with the oceans of emotion and truly ride the waves of love again, you will need to forget the last time that you wiped out. Time to remember an important lesson from Venus retrograde, “have more fear of regret than that of failure. Because one can learn a lot more from failure, than regret. Using the psychic sonar that is your cosmic eco-location you will be riding with the dolphins of freedom to your soul’s fulfillment.

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This version is made for youtube and contains more classical music (at least at first).