Nocturnal Ruminations: The Human Element

Hello Spirit Scientists!  It’s been awhile hasn’t it?  So much has happened since we last talked, but we’ll get to that later.  Right now, I would like to introduce to you the works of Akash Kumar; a philosopher and entheogen expert.  Akash’s name, as you can tell, comes from what we know as the Akashic record, the collective unconscious bank of universal information.  I think you’ll find Akash lives up to his name.  Here is his debut article, Nocturnal Ruminations: The Human Element.




If we find ourselves willing to be perpetually exposed to utter annihilation, we may, in turn, find a certain part of us that is indestructible. Beneath our permeable, ever-changing mortal coil lies an infinitesimally dense core composed of one fundamental element: The Human Element.

The element that remains absolute. It has climbed our highest mountains and sailed our grandest seas. It has charted the depths of our oceans, and despite the fact that it may be tucked away in a seemingly nondescript corner of this vast universe, it has begun to map the awe-inspiring expanse surrounding it.

It is the only element that decides when it should subscribe to Newtonian physics; the only element willing to question the validity of such phenomena. It is the only element bold enough to look in upon itself and inquire into the validity of it’s own existence.

It remains omnipresent through all experience and perception. Through first days at school, through our graduations and the parties that inevitably follow, through first kisses and first breakups, through marriages and divorces, battles and treaties, arguments and concurrences, the birth of a child and the death of a friend. It’s the reason laughs are contagious; the reason grief can be made equivalent to pain.
It’s the reason love exists.
It’s what kept us pushing forward as a species and what will continue to further our advance.
It has named itself and will one day name everything around it.

We are all in possession of this fundamental element, and with it we may one day become empowered to stand defiant against odds that exceed the insurmountable.

One day, when we find ourselves willing to find it.





Hopefully, dear Spirit Scientists, we will see more from this writer of the night! :)

On another note, many of my projects are in the works.  Expect a lot more from me in the future, but be patient!  Barriers and obstacles are being removed for knowledge to pave it’s way through.  If you wish to contact me:

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My email has only recently been restored, so I’m eager to answer MANY questions!  Here’s a little incentive.  The more emails I get, the more inspired I am, and thus, the faster new content will come out!  Also, on behalf of Akash, I thank you for being seekers of truth.



  1. I’m so endlessly waiting for you to start making articles again. Im so fascinated :)
    And I wish you good luck with your studies and astral traveling!

  2. Hi Ryan Boyd. Why have you stopped posting? A lot of time passed since you posted this article. Over 4months.

    1. Hey there Dumax. I’ve stopped posting because I started going to university and life got very busy for me, but I’m readjusting and may start posting new stuff soon! A lot has been happening spiritually for me as well, so until I’ve figured out a couple more things within myself, I don’t want to start teaching you all with unrefined information and intention. A big part of what motivates me is people like you, who actually care about what I write. When I see things like this, it quickens the process. Thank you.