Ask Teal Challenge: Random Acts of Kindness

This Ask Teal Video is a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge.
The challenge is to do as many random acts of kindness during one week as you can think of to do.

In an entangled universe, you are receiving every kind gesture that you extend towards another. This is why kindness feels so good to give. We receive it every time we do it. We create a world of kindness for ourselves when we create a world of kindness for other people.

The society we live in is not an entity with its own free will. It is a sum of its tiniest part which is one single person. What you do when the society you live in looks harsh and cruel and causes you to feel isolated, is become (as an individual) that which you wish this society was…cultivate unity, compassion and kindness in yourself and the world. This means leave your house, and form connections with other people by demonstrating compassion and kindness towards other people. The very best way to do this is random acts of kindness.
Random acts of kindness include kind gestures all the way from rubbing someone’s back to paying off someone’s college tuition. Every single act counts. Random acts of kindness don’t have to add stress to your life, doing them should not make you feel as if you are sacrificing yourself and what little energy you have. You don’t want to do things that take away from your own happiness. They should feel good to do. They should come straight from the heart’s desire to see other people happy and to allow ourselves to be who we really are. You can do random acts of kindness whether you are a millionaire or you have only the clothes on your back to your name. It is Teal’s desire that you share some of the things you do during this week in the comment section of this video so everyone can read it and see that somewhere in the world; there are people just like you who care, people who are facilitating compassion kindness and love on this planet. A challenge like this can unite us, no matter how far apart we may be living geographically on this space ship called earth.


  1. After watching this video, I am greatly motivated to implement random acts of kindness into my every-day routine and, frankly, I am extremely excited to. Thanks, Teal! You help us help ourselves to change the world! And we love you too!

  2. Good things definitely do come around! A few days ago at the store where I work, I called a customer who had been waiting for at item to go on sale to say that it was finally on sale! The couple ended up emailing my manager to thank the store (and me) for the service they got, etc. Then, the next day I had a flat tire…seems like a bad thing, but it actually turned out good! I got my car taken in and the man there told me that unfortunately my tire could not be pumped up and that I would have to spend half a fortune buying a new tire. I was absolutely crushed…and as I went outside to relay this information to a friend, the repairman came up and told me that he had worked something out for me. In the end, he had found another tire and was giving it to me for free, and all I had to pay was the balancing of the tires (approx. $20)!! I could not believe it! In turn, I emailed back to HIS manager, telling them of the wonderful service that I received. Hopefully this chain of random acts of kindness continues…!

  3. few months ago gypsy woman was asking people for money and i was watching her while i was waiting in line to buy a bus ticket and think to myself wow nobody wants to even look her in the eyes so when i bought the ticket and the woman was giving me change back she came up to me and i gave her some,when she saw how much i gave her (not much but i guess more then people give usualy) she started to cry and asked me to buy her diapers for her i did.few weeks ago i came back home after 2 months (seasonal job)i bought my cousin some clothes because his single mother cant afford it.then i gave my parents big chunk of money,helped some friends in trouble…the list goes on in this year.i always think positive and pay attention to my spiritual growth but for some reason i do not get anything in return…its like emptiness inside.friends and relationships are gone and i cant make new.its like having some barrier inside me and i cant figure out what it is.any ideas?
    thx for all the vids and info i learned much from you and ss.first time life made sense :)

    1. Something that helped me when I was experiencing a similar problem was an analogy I heard about cups of water. If we are all cups filled with water and you want to give some water to someone else who might not have as much water in their cup as you do. You do not tip your cup over into theirs because then you are depriving yourself from water. Rather, fill your cup up with so much water that it spills over the top filling all the cups of everyone around you. :) So what this means to me is that love must start from within. You must fully love yourself first and foremost. Otherwise you will give away your water and always expect someone to do the same for you, but many others are also looking for people to fill their cup and do not have enough to spare. Just remember that all is one and you are deeply loved even by those who don’t know you like me :D So keep up the good work, and fill up that cup ;)

  4. Use negativity as a tool to show you which you are not. I believe all the bad things in this world exist to show us the good things. When we realise this we will no longer need negativity. Random acts of kindness help us to achieve this. Namaste

  5. Dear: ask teal I stared my acts of kindness this weekend and I didn’t realize but there’s a lot of people that do care about you when you fall of a bike . Some lady and two gentlemen helped me get of the ground. And at that moment I realize that there are nice and caring people out there. Back on track I helped and old women to walk 47 st all way to her home and along the way she was telling me that she from Poland and she been in the USA for 60 years and so much more. Thanks for the challange . Bye bye

  6. Thank you so much for this video. I must say I believe you are %100 on point with this. I would like the thank EVERYONE involved with the spirit science community. So far I have seen major changes in my character since the spirit science. although I am hearing a lot of what I already understand, I am finding a much deeper meaning to this and I am just overwhelmed with joy that I found a community that is all seeking this common goal to raise consciousness. Since my heart was pulled to meditation and the process of becoming self aware,happiness thrives . Although your message is one we are taught as children its so nice to put things into prospective and humble ourselves after the youths innocents fades. Your Random acts of kindness challenge I will gladly accept, although I will not boast of every good deed that occurs in the week to come, I wanted to assure the rest of you, there are good people left. This kind of community is priceless. If anything extra special happens this week I will be sure to share with everyone! Namaste