buddha enlightened

The Mara Mind

The Mara;

Sanskrit: Murder, Kill

The Mara attempts to deprive us of Light, and extinguish our Inspiration.

All in Love and Personal/ Universal Expansion, of course!

Eternal Light to you!

Victoria Hope McLellan (Patchgirl)



  1. The youtube video no longer exists. I wonder what went wrong. Is anyone else having this problem?

  2. Throughout my entire life I have had trouble with my Mara Mind. I was raised a Christian. In southern Mississippi, no less. So the tools I had to work with in Spirituality were minuscule at best. So I’d like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom. We all help one another into Unity.

  3. Tori it was fabulous. I loved how you brought it back to sanskrit. I am happy that you have made it to the eastern way of seeing spirituality. The modern term that is used is the “monkey mind” but that more discusses the undisciplined thoughts more than it addresses your darker more shadowy elements.

    What I enjoy most is that you connect with your audience by simply reminding them that if you are experiencing something than everyone else is experiencing it as well even if they are not acknowledging it.

    I personally think that in the world of duality consciousness we have to be civilized with both our light and shadow as Taoism teaches us that the seeds of light and dark are shared on both sides of polarity. It gets even more complex when you bring in elements of the tomoe and the mitsudomoe.

    You are on your way to the land of Satori. You are moving away from mere philosophy and into the sharing of authentic experiences that help you to transcend philosophy and realize the truth as being an ever changing flowing faucet of knowledge and wisdom that is perceived differently by the many different facets of consciousness here on earth.

  4. I hear the truth in this video and I have a few teachers. It struck a chord with me when it was stated that the Mara mind is relying on another and I think it struck a chord because part of me does that, attachments and such.

  5. Thank You for posting this Patchgirl :-) I to have been having trouble with my mara mind of late. I try to be vigilant with my thoughts as the negative can creep in so stealth like, but it’s not always easy. Old habits die hard I guess. Love your videos, you inspire me xo

  6. Very well put my Mara mind is very judgemental and negative . You know I never In my entire life have Heard about Mara mind and, I think I may be suffering form this because I always think what if I don’t or your not good enough . Now thanks to you I get to challenge this Mara mind and over come obstacles. me by nature I love to overcome obstacle but that just in my nature . Thanks bye