Ask Teal – The Fastest Way to Find Happiness

Today’s episode of Ask Teal is about: The Fastest Way to Find Happiness.

The fastest way to find happiness is to alter your thoughts so that they feel good to think. Your life is nothing more than the byproduct of your thoughts. Your experience is nothing more than the result of your beliefs. If you want an enjoyable experience, the answer is to choose enjoyable thoughts and beliefs.

The end of your suffering is accomplished by questioning your thoughts. I can tell you personally that it is not the experience that is in and of itself painful, it is the thoughts you’re thinking about the experiences you are having that make them painful. If you change the way you think about them, their meaning changes and they will cease to be painful.

There is no way to lead a happy life and believe in our own painful thoughts at the same time. Happiness really is in your mind. Happiness is in your mind because reality is in the mind. When the mind is happy, the reality we are living is happy. Happiness is all we can project when we set ourselves free from painful thoughts. Because, happiness is all that remains.


  1. It’s cool to say that I have been doing this for the past 3 months. :) Everything this author is saying is true to my experiences.
    Love and Peace :D

  2. truth can’t be subjective.. neither is reality! How can truth be subjective? Then there is nothing! Stop doing philosophy if you can’t actually acknowledge real things. If everything were subjective than we could never say anything were wrong or right, noting could exist or not exist. Not even spirit would necessarily exist, there must be a TRUTH and a REALITY. else there is no existance