Ask Teal – Should I Vaccinate?

The subject of Today’s Ask Teal video is: Vaccines

You have been lead to believe that vaccines are safe.  But they are not safe.  The birth of the vaccine is one of the worst scientific mistakes and subsequent cover ups in human history.  The science behind vaccines is not only flimsy, it is an embarrassment.
But money, (which is the true motivation behind vaccines) is flowing in by the billions and has since the birth of the vaccine and so, vaccines continue to be propagated.

Medical intervention for those who are ill is a multi billion dollar proposition.  But it is an even bigger money maker to require people who are in a state of perfect health to pay for medical intervention, such as a vaccine or drug.  The world that we live in is a world that is owned and run not by people, but by companies… Companies who have one motivation: Money.  And companies who can lobby politicians to pass legislation that is not in the best interest of human life.  These same companies own the media.  To give the general public the real information about vaccines, hurts sales.  Most of the studies done about vaccines are done by the very same companies that stand to profit from the success of these vaccines.  Most of the medical clinics you visit make their living off of vaccines.  So there is a huge conflict of interest within the medical community relative to vaccination.

Teal explains that as a medical intuitive, she has never seen a human body benefit by a vaccine, she has only ever seen them hurt the human body.  She explains that vaccines are no substitute for eating a diet and living a lifestyle that supports the immune system.  She goes on to explain that there are natural barriers between a human body and a virus (such as the walls of the respiratory and digestive system) and that by injecting a virus straight into the blood stream, you are by passing those barriers which enable the virus to enter vital organs and to cross the blood brain barrier; which is extremely dangerous.

The idea that vaccines should be mandatory is unconstitutional.  It is a blow at freedom and freedom is precious.  In the future, Vaccines will be looked at in the same way that we look at blood letting today.  It will be seen as an embarrassment in human history.


  1. You’re throwing out the baby with the bathwater on this one.

    I don’t disagree with your point about corporations – if you want to know why anything happens in this world then follow the power, which in the western world means money.

    The problems with vaccines stem from the preservatives and additives that are put in them. Not the vaccines themselves. We see these in our food too, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t eat. It means the system with which we create vital substances is flawed. Mass marketing, factory style. This allows companies to grow large because they can ship more of their product to people who are further away without them going bad.

    You can see this in it’s extreme when you look at pet food and pet vaccines, which have looser regulations. Many people with working dogs feed homemade food and only give truly necessary vaccines because they find it’s healthier. However, it also applies to products for human products to a lesser extent. The FDA allows there to be a certain amount of illness and death from an item before it’s recalled.

    Vaccines have saved literally millions of lives though. I have personally seen children die because they were not vaccinated. Don’t get rid of these life preserving interventions. Get rid of the harmful substances added to them.

  2. Ah!
    Aspirin is the culprit in 1/4 of Kidney transplant cases a year, it is incredibly toxic to the system (not to mention toxic to the liver, which is often the reason why you’re even getting a headache). Ya it will relieve a headache (via blanketing mechanisms) but so will a thousand other things like drinking a glass of water, acupressure, deep breathing, aromatherapy plus countless herbs like meadowsweet, white willow, feverfew etc.
    Vaccinating for whooping cough previously has made it come back with a vengeance, there is currently a very very strong strain of whooping cough which is a small epidemic in many hospitals and health care facilities.
    The time between birth and 2 years old is the most crucial time for building ones immune system and general robustness (or lack of) in constitution, so interfering with that essential development when there is no emergency epidemic to me is fairly counter productive in the long term.
    Vaccines are very radical medicines, and I for the most do not agree with them. Some people treat their bodies like roller-coasters, some like temples. Use medicines that are in harmony with people, visit your local Herbalist this flu season and skip the shot!

  3. Look, every company is pushing something. That’s just the construct of society. There are companies pushing aspirin, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

    Everyone needs to look up the history of the polio vaccine. It saved so many lives and it’s almost unheard of now of anyone getting it. That was because of a vaccine.

    Vaccines are innovative and life-saving. Consider whooping cough – it is incredibly dangerous to infants and the elderly. I can understand some grumbling about flu shots every year, but major vaccines have saved countless lives.

    Sure, corporations have their fingers in every pie. But the fact that they do doesn’t discount science. The scientist who invented the vaccine.

    Consider Jonas Salk, the father of the polio vaccine. When he was asked in a televised interview who owned the patent to the vaccine, Salk replied: “There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”

    Did that man invent vaccines to make a profit, to fuel some kind of corporate conspiracy? No. He did it because it saved lives and it’s scientifically sound.

    Please consider all sides before making a judgement

    1. My uncle cought polio from a vaccine… His arm is all messed up (the injection site was his arm). You can preach your opinions but my opinion is vaccines are bad. Also Mercury is not ment to be in the human body let alone blood stream, Autism sucks trust me.

      Anyway thank you teal I know your just trying to inform people.


  4. Ugh… the fact that people are so against vaccines is seriously depressing. I found this site and appreciated it’s optimism and acceptance of unique view points. However, this video is pure uneducated propaganda. Believing in something is not the same as knowing the science behind it. Sadly, this subject has become the calling card for the internet providing massive amounts of false information. Coming from a Physiology background, I am severely saddened by the half truths based on emotions that are being propagated by countless people on the internet. Yes… pharmaceutical companies are completely corrupt. However, the science behind vaccinations is sound… as are the results. The flu vaccine can be labeled as the exception… not the rule. We can delve into this if needed, but nowhere in this video did Teal provide a real answer as to why she claims that we should trust our “guts” (sounds similar to President Bush) and choose to not vaccinate. The main argument of anti vaccinationists is based off of Andrew Wakefield’s paper… which lead to his medical license being revoked and countless studies proving him wrong. I thought that this site was about “spirit SCIENCE.” There is no reason to separate the two in such a divisive way. As a scientist and someone who values all the lessons that I have learned on this site, I am saddened to see such vitriol based on half truths and pure falsities posted without any filter. Do we really want to play this game of chance that Teal is suggesting, and eliminate all vaccinations? If this were to happen… I am of the “belief” that all the viruses that we are vaccinating against would have an incredible resurgence. Maybe I’m brain washed… maybe I’m educated. All I can tell you is that I am a person who tries to be very logical and has accepted many of the lessons of this site (and who also accepts science). Teal’s arguments show zero detail, while she asks us to listen to our “guts.” The science behind vaccinations is incredibly sound in my limited knowledge of immunology… however, I imagine that I have taken more courses than she has. It’s sad that the internet is filled with such a plethora of false information, but if you understand the latest research on the subject, there is no doubt that vaccinations are overwhelmingly beneficial. It’s easy to say that the government is controlling us by making us take vaccinations NOW… after the diseases are not killing our children on a daily basis. However, if you lived 70 years ago and contracted any number of these diseases (as did my grandmother… polio), you might have a different opinion.

  5. I forgot to mention….

    Years ago, my husband used to get free flu shots through his employer. During the 11 years he worked there, he got around 6 flu shots and EVERY SINGLE YEAR he got a flu shot, he got the worst case of the flu. Of those six occurrences, I only got the flu after him once. Neither of us have had the flu since he stopped getting the vaccinations. We concentrate on eating organic foods and practicing honest prevention.

    Vaccines will be permanently ended once the people of Earth all fully awake. All junk science and other horrific medical practices eventually fade away. How many are aware that as recently as the mid-1970′s-1980′s, surgery was performed on babies without anesthesia? It was actually believed that they didn’t feel pain. This incredibly ignorant notion inflicted nightmare pain and suffering on animals as well. If you feel it, ANY sentient being that bleeds feels it, too. So grateful intelligence finally ended this barbaric practice and ignorance.

    There are many videos posted on YouTube by parents who tell the story of the severe damages to their children after receiving vaccinations. They include before and after photos and video clips. It’s heart wrenching to watch. The internet has made it possible for the truth to be known, which is why THEY continue THEIR assault on shutting it down.

    Thanks again, Teal, and Jordan for sharing your Light! :)

  6. I guess I should rephrasre the part about polio. There is a reason why only people in poor countries get polio anymore- because the vaccine developed for it eradicated it in all the more developed nations. Natural imminology would take way too long to achive the same effect. That is natural selection, those who are already immune to the virus will live, the others will die. The problem is that not all people who are not immune die, rendering the process very slow at achiving eradication of the disease in a population. There are a few illnesses that have been, as far as we know, completely destroyed. Only those countries who lack the proper infustructure to distribute those vaccines still recieve cases of the virus. So it works. We know that viruses can be controlled using this method. Until we have a better solution, this is how it must be. To not give anyone vaccines (especially children in schools) we invite epidemic, and that makes no sense to allow.

    I work in a veterinary clinic, so I have seen firsthand how well vaccines work with animals. It is my theory that in order to properly manifest health in you, or your pet, you must do whatever you can to promote health. It is in the bible ” God helps those who help themselves”. If you have the ability to vaccinate yourself, that is how you can help yourself. I do not think that all of the technology we have made to improve people’s lives are a waste; there is a reason we abondoned spirituality for science (on a grand scale), and that was to accomplish what we can with logic, to allow ourselves the luxury of seeking our own spiritual path unimpeded once more.

  7. Before we start trashing on vaccinations like they are the worst thing ever to befall mankind, why don’t we take a look at how many lives were actually saved during the smallpox epidemic in 1796. Yes, lives were actually being saved.

    In our current system, we are overdosing right now. There’s no denying that.

    I don’t know about how true this is in the US, but a lot of these accusations about society and pressure go far beyond the social dynamic I am familiar with. I live in Canada by the way. Although the media does spread fear like that is its niche, society has always been pretty easy going in contrast. It’s interesting how you say that corporations are controlling us with fear. This video feels like the same thing. All this negativity towards the corporates is just fear in combat with fear, and really, a nazi comparison? That’s not getting us anywhere.

    In the western world, we have been gifted with democracy, yet we choose to toss it aside. If we alienate ourselves from our leaders, they will only be forced to make decisions that we didn’t put any input into. Through the government, and through each other, we can communicate with the corporations, and we can have everyone working together, on the same page. It’s just a matter that we actually start communicating.

  8. ummm I kinda agree and I kinda don’t agree.

    I think one thing to keep in mind is doctors and nurses NEVER get flu shots. If your between the ages of 18-45, there is NO reason to get a preventative shot (unless your in poor health). Flu shots is basically them rolling the dice. Taking a educated guess what flu strains are coming to your area and giving you a very low yield shot of 3 of what they suspect is the most common forms of flu to be in your area. Sometimes they’re correct and sometimes they’re completely wrong. Its just so your body can get a little bit of the virus so your body can naturally build its own immunity to it. The problem isn’t that, the problem is the saline and other elements that can cause more problems.

    If you’re healthy and in your strongest years. It wont matter. The flu wont kill you and your mental state, stressors and physical health will play a larger role of getting sick then any flu shot will in your prime years.

    However, in regards to stopped all of them. I’ll toss this one into “first world problems.” It’s nice to have the luxury of saying, “NO i don’t want any medication.” When 80% of the worlds population would love to have half the problems we have. Certain deceases like Small pox. With out standardize vaccinations would still be killing millions of people. Or look at Malaria – it only exists in countries where theres poverty. Guess who are agains’t standardized vaccinations? oh ya, the countries full of people vaccinated and never have to worry about it.

    1. My sister is a nurse. I can assure you that doctors and nurses get flu shots. I’m not entirely sure where you are getting that information.

  9. Thank you, Teal, for helping spread the light on the poisons that are vaccines! Anyone who supports vaccinations are either completely ignorant of the FACTS or trolls for Big Pharma who continues to propagandize the public in order to protect their billion dollar empire. DO SOME SERIOUS RESEARCH…this will get you started:

    Truth about polio eradication:

    A wealth of info:

    This is just one dedicated source for vaccination truth. There are many others.

    The latest spiritual attack are the new “Smart Meters” being installed by electric companies across the country. THESE NEED TO BE PERMANENTLY BANNED!!

    Many more sources out there sharing the facts about these nightmare devices. DO THE RESEARCH AND SHARE THE TRUTH…IT WILL EVENTUALLY SET US FREE!! :)

  10. As someone who is actually aware of the scientific priciples behind vaccines, I have to say that this is dead wrong. You cannot be telling people that they should not get vaccinated, for the sake of everyone around them. Time and time again has proved that no matter how hard you think you will be immune to a virus, unless you have already had it you can still get it. There is a reason why only people in very poor countries get polio, for example. As for the intuition behind a vaccine being harmful- yes, they are supposed to be. It helps your body recognise the correct method of combating the virus in the future. It is not a cure, but a preventative. It is the same way your body already processes viruses, but done in a way as to not threaten your health. So it would look, under an intuitive standpoint to do harm, but that is why you need the right AND left sides of your brain. Logic tells us why it really is best, and how it works. Intuition will only tell you how it works, which is not the full story. It is irresponible to say that a person should not be vaccinated, as it poses a real risk to anyone around them.

    1. @Erykweb
      So to keep yourself form getting the flu you should inject yourself with the flu, that way people around you won’t get your flu that you just injected which is just as contagious as the real flu because it’s the same damn thing. That’s like taking heroin to prevent heroin addiction. I haven’t had the flu in 10 years. I haven’t had a flu shot in 10 years…How many times do you get the flu when you get a flu shot? When you don’t?
      Look at the studies that were forged by corporations to make poison profitable and trendy.

      1. I have to say that it is a little f***ed up…I lived in Israel for 12 year, I was never vaccinated, and wasnt sick once that whole time.
        I moved to Germany 2 years ago, and went for a routine checkup at the doctor, just before the winter here.
        He offered me to do a free vaccination – and I agreed, ofcourse.
        Straight afterward I became extremely sick…Like..I felt like I was practically dying!
        That was a exactly year ago.
        Out of no-where – I am sick again today..

    2. I don’t understand how someone who is NOT vaccinated could be of any risk towards people who are….?
      If your vaccinated then you should be “safe” already? It would be the person who is not vaccinated who would be at risk.

      Logic tells us that history is full of mistake’s and so is the history of medical science. There are wonderful successes and many failures. We need to keep an open mind to everything and not to presume that people who earn millions on our health, well more likely lack of health, are undoubtedly doing want is best for the people.

      It is ( in my opinion…) irresponsible to put our heads in the sand out of fear of seeing the truth and having to deal with the consequence.


      1. I don’t understand how someone who is NOT vaccinated could be of any risk towards people who are….?
        If your vaccinated then you should be “safe” already? It would be the person who is not vaccinated who would be at risk.

        Logic tells us that history is full of mistake’s and so is the history of medical science. There are wonderful successes and many failures. We need to keep an open mind to everything and not to presume that people who earn millions on our health, well more likely lack of health, are undoubtedly doing want is best for the people.

        It is ( in my opinion…) irresponsible to put our heads in the sand out of fear of seeing the truth and having to deal with the consequence.


    3. I have to question your “knowledge” as I have done more research on vaccines than most doctors (I also come from a medical background btw). So to comment/question your statements:

      “Time and time again has proved that no matter how hard you think you will be immune to a virus, unless you have already had it you can still get it”

      ->> this does not guarantee one will get sick. 95% of people who contracted polio were asymptomatic. Ie they didn’t get sick! Why should everyone vaccinate when only 5% get sick, and only 1% of those who got sick wound up with paralytic polio. Maybe if those 5% were healthier they wouldn’t have been affected by the virus?

      “There is a reason why only people in very poor countries get polio, for example”

      -> yes, this reason is called hygiene and nutrition, is see nothing on what this has to do with being exposed to disease. With this theory, you would think there would be LESS disease in 3rd world, or are you stating that immunology ONLY works unnaturally -> ie with being injected with antigens?? (that’s not what Edward Jennar did btw!!)

      “As for the intuition behind a vaccine being harmful- yes, they are supposed to be. It helps your body recognise the correct method of combating the virus in the future”

      ->> lol actually, you know why they use adjuvants to create an immune response? Because its cheaper. They need less cultured antigen to create an antibody response, because the adjuvants are foreign, toxic, and the body recognizes this and learns to fight EVERYTHING that comes thru that needle,including latex, antibiotics, MSG, yum sounds healthy to me!

      ” It is the same way your body already processes viruses, but done in a way as to not threaten your health. ”

      ->> right, because injecting yourself with chemicals is healthy (so no one ever).

      1. Not saying this is necessarily the case, but pointing fingers doesn’t prove anyone is right or wrong.. personally I believe the both of you have well expressed, valid points.
        However, I disagree with the defensive attitudes (coming from both men of science knowledge and studies, I’m sure).. if anything has been learned with Spirit Science amongst other life experiences is that one can learn to simply be open minded.. free and at peace with your own thoughts and learn to accept others for who they are and what they have to say.
        Contradicting myself? maybe.. because I am referring to the both of you here but not as a defensive-mode-y manner.. if not maybe a refreshing one I hope. It is very easy to become annoyed with things that you don’t understand as to why other people don’t understand what you know so well yourself ! (hoping that made sense)
        I mean.. the same way I’m “calling you out” and not knowing you, you do to others as well..
        I don’t wish to come off as a person ranting or “punishing you” for your responses I believe could be written differently and non-accusative..

        mmh.. long story short.. thinking of better ways to express your thoughts to others might at the very LEAST make YOU feel better for expressing your ideas in a way that you become the “better person”
        everybody wins in that case

        before I forget… not only do you both have good, valid points made.. so does Tealscott with, for example, the money interests, etc

        much love from a complete stranger to you !


        smile !! breathe ! appreciate what you know and be willing to learn from others who know as well ;)

        ESPECIALLY those who’s ideals and what-not happen to contradict or merely disagree up to some extent with your own beliefs and experiences

        <3 xo

    4. For my bit, I had a very healthy immune-system until I was forcibly “immunized” during a stay at a state prison. It’s taken several years and I still have more problems now than before. I should go on to say the real threats in prison are the guards not the inmates. So maybe before you take a book (any book) as absolute truth you should find people with real experience and not just in’doc’trination.

  11. Wow – I couldn’t have said it better myself !!! I wish I could hug you ! There’s not enough people who see this truth.