Ask Teal – The Spiritual Side of Abortion

Today’s Ask Teal Episode is About: Abortion
There is life in everything. There is life there even before the being is conceived. There has to be a stream of consciousness and intention present to manifest a physical fetus. There has to be a stream of consciousness and life there to even attract the cascade of physical events, which we call conception and embryonic development. But this is where everything gets very hazy.

A sperm is a unit of consciousness that is a projection of the man’s desire for the continuation of his perspective. Ann egg is a unit of consciousness that is a projection of the woman’s desire for the continuation of her perspective. Each is seeking unity and creation, and each is a match to the other’s desire. There must be consciousness present for conception to occur but the question is whose consciousness. The answer is, sometimes the consciousness of the mother. And sometimes the consciousness of another non physical being.
Sometimes, the forming of a new physical biological human, is the byproduct of the mother’s energy. The energy and consciousness of the mother is the same energy and consciousness that is creating the physical fetus. And so for lack of a better way of explaining it, she is pregnant with herself. When this is the case, usually, as the child takes its first breath, that first breath, is the mutual agreement for the consciousness of a separate eternal being (other than the mother) to focus its energy and attention into the physical perspective. The baby is now being “breathed” by its eternal self. That is the time that the separate, 1st person perspective of the being that is the baby has been fully activated. Often, but not always, up until this first breath, the potential eternal self has been observing the physical perspective of the fetus more so than it has been participating in the actual physical perspective of the fetus. So it holds a third person rather than a first person perspective relative to the fetus. Therefore though there is life force present, it could be said that this physical body of the fetus can be seen as more of a potential individual life form because at this time, it is a physical manifestation and continuation of the mother’s energy.
However, other times, the intention for physical life (on behalf of a non physical being) is the very focus, which attracts the physical conditions that enable a life form to develop. In other words it is the focus of the non physical soul that even attracts the physical meeting of the sperm and egg. When this is the case, the consciousness of that being is present and participating fully in the physical perspective during the entire gestation. Though the mother’s body is co creating the child, the stream of consciousness that is flowing through the fetus is a separate stream of energy from mother’s stream of consciousness. When this is the case, the stream of energy flowing from the non physical being that has supported and co created the fetus with the mother merely fully takes over upon first breath.
We are creators at heart. During the act of passionate intercourse, we can be so fully in alignment that we create a powerful summoning forth of energy. You are born with impulses, which guarantee the continuation of you. This summoning forth of energy, this intense allowing of energy is an act of creation. It is an invitation to new life.
We are all here because of intention. It is why a being chooses one life vs. another. One set of parent vs. another… And the child, who comes to a parent who is intending on abortion, or who was considering abortion is opting into that perspective on purpose. It knows exactly what it is getting into. That is a very unique experience, which leads to a great deal of expansion within the being that chose into that experience, and its mother that chose to terminate her support of that life form.


  1. Personally, I agree with the author. I believe that the spirit of a child born into a situation where abortion is possible, if not probable, has made that decision to do so before conception, at the spiritual level. This would allow both the spirit of the “child” and of the mother, to learn valuable lessons that can help them develop aspects of themselves that they would not have, otherwise. This does not deny that being, the right to reincarnate at another time, in my opinion. However, I also believe that spirits make decisions before reincarnating about details of their to-be life, and how they will accomplish their goal, what aspects may challenge them, etc. Therefor in my opinion, in some abortion cases, and miscarriages, etc. I believe that a soul decided to have this as an option for themselves, and were aware before reincarnation of the possibility, or inevitability. But again, that is just my opinion, and I respect yours as well. <3 L&L

  2. I enjoyed listening to the Spiritual Side of Abortion however there are elements of the subject matter that are missing. The first element that is missing is the distinction between natural or spontaneous abortions and those abortions performed medical doctors and nurses. Spontaneous abortions occur without a conscious or volitional act on the part of the mother or father of the child and do not cause pain or suffering for the child who dies in the womb prior to birth. In contrast, a medically induced abortion involves a conscious and volitional act on the part of the mother and a medical staff to dismember (in the case of a D&C) and kill a human child without that child’s consent. The child’s right to live as a human person in the womb of his or her mother cannot be abrogated or subjugated by the mother or medical staff unless there is a serious threat to the mother’s physical well being and in those rare cases medical doctors are obligated under the cosmic law of non-malfeasance to try and save both lives.

    The elements of whose consciousness embodies the physical form of the child and when that occurs in utero is a non-sequitur argument because the DNA structure of the body of a child in the womb even at 48 hours after conception is a separate and distinct human being from the mother. A human child in the womb from the beginning of conception has 46 chromosomes of which only 23 are held in common with the mother’s body which makes the presence of the child in the womb a foreign entity to the mother.

    The universal laws of love and do not harm compel all human mothers to protect the life of their children from the womb, through birth, infancy, childhood, adulthood, and old age. We cannot escape this responsibility by engaging in violence against a human child in the womb through a brutal act of murder using medical instruments who only purpose is to destroy a healthy and viable human person who has a cosmic right to incarnate at that moment, a right which cannot and should not be denied by the mother.

    1. The problem is trying to solve this paradox: Never to opress any life of its rights, including the right to opress or be opressed.