Ask Teal – Why Bad Things Happen To Good People


Today’s Ask Teal episode is about: Why Bad things Happen to Good People.

You have been taught that your thoughts come in response to what you are observing.  This is the first grand illusion that we have collectively stepped into and accepted as a species.  The real truth is that what you are observing has come in response to your thoughts.  It comes by virtue of what you have been paying attention to.

You have more power than you could possibly imagine.  More than you probably want at times.  Nothing ever happens out of the blue.  We think it does because most of us do not have a good handle on what we are thinking.  We don’t recognize negative thoughts until after they manifest and even then, some of us do not make the connection.  And when you focus on what does not feel good to focus on, when you focusing on the problem when you focus on what you do not want, no matter how good of a person you are, you are inviting and creating the essence and then manifestation of those very things.

The universe (that which you know as source or God) is not vindictive, and free will is an absolute but what free will do you have?  The free will of thought the free will of focus and what you give your attention to and that is what creates the reality you live in.  The energy making up the waves and particles of your physical reality re arrange themselves to match your dominant thoughts.

Children are creators as well even before they exit the womb.  They are attracting their entire experience.  Including the experience of their own birth.  And so when we see a child, who is experiencing something painful or who comes into an abusive environment, we cannot accept the idea that they had anything to do with the experience.  We see that as the greatest form of victimhood.  But this is from a poor understanding that we come to this judgment.  We miss the fact that they too are eternal creators who also attract manifestations into their reality by virtue of their attention.  No one and nothing is exempt from the cycle of creation.  Help will come if you ask for it and believe that it will come, but no one can think for you.  No one can interject him or herself into your experience and create for you nor would they if they really cared about you and your highest good.  To rescue someone from their own lives and their own thoughts is not to serve their highest good.  It is to reinforce that they can’t do it.   It is to disempower them.

The choice to turn your attention towards something that causes you to feel good (and this will manifest as something that pleases you) is a moment-by-moment choice.  No matter how negative your focus has been, you can change it right here and now.  By putting your attention on anything that feels good to pay attention to.


  1. I have been thinking, if spirits return to physical bodies to grow in love once again then why are their children born mentally disabled. Thank you to this article I’ve found the answer. Like the children born to poverty and abusive environment, mentally disabled people choose the love they think they deserve. It is sad that some people would think this way but they must be the one to choose otherwise. I am thankful that my spirit/myself chose this life I am in since this is the love that I have chosen to receive. This understanding has given me confidence to learn more about myself and to become better.

    1. I tend to think of mental ability/disability as pretty much the same as what sort of calculator you take to school with you on a given day to math class. A limited brain limits the ways in which spirit can express its awareness, but it doesn’t limit the awareness itself.

      1. I read live in wonder’s article on schizophrenia and both of you gave me a better understanding. I don’t think of mental disabled people as unfortunate anymore. Science just categorize it as a disability since it does not conform with their norm of the human brain and human behavior. Many of those diagnose with mental disability have overcome the stereotype with spirituality and I hope more would do so. :)

  2. While I agree with most of what you said, there are parts of what you said I know to be quite faulty…
    First, “bad things” are situational, there is no such thing as a “bad thing,” see: Parable 4 – The Parable of Good or Bad
    Second, “the pill” you speek of had to have come from some creture of darkness wispering in your ear.To brake this down, I will start by saying a few things about God, or Source as you call him/her:
    1) God is unimaginably incomprehensable. This means to even partly understand, we must first realize we can NEVER fully understand.
    2) God is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniversal.
    3) We are made in his/her image. We are conected to him/her through this and this means he/she experences the same range of emotions we do, EXCEPT fear. Being the creator of all there is nothing to fear. Peroid.
    4) God created the laws which govern the known universe we know, and the omniverse he/she transends through. One of these laws is the law of consiquence.
    Action or inaction, both create consiquences. We are a collective. The feelings we get from observing tradgedies are a result from this emotional connection.
    But again, there really is no such thing as good or bad. There are just situations.
    These situations are created for growth, and learning. “Bad things” happen so we can learn from them.

  3. Thanks for sharing Teal!

    Definitely helped me out, and I just bought your book.

    Let the flow of truth begin

  4. I believe in this for the most part. I believe everything happens for a reason, I believe you can manifest your own reality, your own happiness BUT I refuse to accept that alot of the awful things I’ve experienced namely in my childhood were in fact manifested by myself. I accept they have happened to me for a reason, that reason being I am now very empathetic to others going through similar experiences and I can not understand pain if I have not indeed suffered but I do not think I myself manifested this.

    1. Here is a hard truth, before comming here, before your human body was even conceived, you decided you wanted to be able to help the people in the way you do now… while you did not manifest the exact situation of your childhood, you chose to be born into a situation in which you would be able to gain the experence you needed to help people the way you do now. The empathy you now have could not be earned any other way.
      The exact situation was manifested by the Sorce, the colective, and you (even if it was only by your action/reactions in the physical world, which have consiquence).