The Master Shift: 12:12:12 Meditation

PLEASE SHARE! The links to the meditation will be available on our website on 12.12.12
The Meditation will be done TWICE on 12.12.12 – one for each hemisphere.


Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi versions all available in our video section. Just click on our username.

On 12.12.12 we are asking the entire world to be a part of a global meditation where everyone can focus on positive thoughts for our planet and ourselves at the EXACT SAME MOMENT.

Concept Created by Christine Segal
Video Produced and Directed by Michael Stern ( )
Cinematography by Zac Halberd

Music: Jason Shaw “Wheel Of Karma” Lights Resolve “Dreaming of Love”
(Permission granted by artist- No Copyright Infringement Intended)

2 Meditations. 1 for each hemisphere. Meditation Times:

Western Hemisphere:
Buenos Aires 11:30 pm ART
Montreal 9:30 pm EST
Mexico City 8:30 pm CST
New York 9:30 pm EST
Los Angeles 6:30 pm PT
Anchorage 5:30 pm

Eastern Hemisphere:
Sydney 11:30 pm EDT
Algiers 1:30 pm CET
Beijing 8:30 pm CST
Cairo 2:30 pm EET
Paris 1:30 pm CET
Athens 2:30 pm EET
Hong Kong 8:30 pm HKT
Moscow 4:30 pm MSK
Tehran 4:00 pm IRST
New Delhi 6:00 pm IST
Jerusalem 2:30 pm IST
Rome 1:30 pm CET


  1. Same here.. NomNom – it was an incredible pure connection to something, i ve missed so much. Great times we live in, right?

  2. I ask that those who did meditate or simply thought happy thoughts to not let up if even for only ten minutes a day. Bring Love into the hearts of as many people as you can daily for you have given me hope and my promise will be kept.

  3. I have to be honest. I was felling a sense of deja vu the ENTIRE work day during this time. Usually that feeling goes away after a few minutes, but during this day, I was experiencing it consistently. I was aware of this meditation experiment before it happened , I mad e a note of it on my phone to participate but, due to life and all its in and outs, I forgot to take my phone at home no joke. :) It wasn’t until I got home and that I realized that the day was substantial. Even though I forgot to participate, I still felt the effects Thanks all!

  4. This was an amazing experience, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and could really feel the connections of all.