Pair O’ Dime Shift ~ Fake it till You make it

An open letter to all you “fake it till you make it” folks.

Keep it up!

Tell anyone who tells you any different to kindly exit the building. You see you’ve stumbled upon something that the mundane people of the world haven’t. The process of creation, the process of manifestation.

To them, the unimaginative box thinkers, it probably looks delusional, exaggerated, or maybe they even consider it bold face lying. But whether they believe it or not, everything begins with thought. Buildings, ipads, the manifestation of grand dreams… Fortunate for us and the rest of the world, their belief is not required for something to become.

All things begin with the thought of it. The more real the thought becomes, the more real whatever it is becomes in our physically perceived world. It is the process of becoming real…

First a thought is silent, a vapory notion. Then it repeats again and again, each time with more detail. Then it becomes feeling, first, shadowy hardly explainable.

You feel about the thought, maybe good maybe bad, feeling none the less. Then the feeling repeats again and again, each time with more detail.

Then it becomes language, the first physical manifestation. Still young the thought now become feeling, we struggle with words to describe it. Then the language repeats, each time with more detail.

Then it becomes action, unfocused at first, exploratory and uncoordinated. Then the action repeats, again and again, each time with more detail. The actions become things, small and unshapely at first.

The things are repeated again and again each time with more detail. Suddenly then the thought, which became feeling, which grew to language and then to action becomes the building in front of you, the house in which you live, the body you walk around in, the partner in your bed. So what is called an exaggeration, a lie, in the eyes of the unimaginable, is a feeling become language. Consider their chastisement as absurd as the critique of an unfinished building.

Simply Ignorant.

Be well, be happy, be free…

And make plenty of shit up!


All my love,