Spirit Center – Art Contest Updates!

Hey there!

Thank you everyone for participating in the first Spirit Science Art Contest! I actually have a bit of a confession to make…

Upon posting to Newgrounds, I was not aware that tags did not show up in the search… Sooo, it looks like we’re going to have to do things a little differently.

Post your picture “somewhere”, Deviantart, Newgrounds, or even ImageShack, and then post a link to it in the comments below here.

You have 1 extra week to post your picture, and then the images will be assembled and put on display for everyone to see! Hell, we might even decorate the site with them ^_^

Thank you! And I’m sorry for my goof :/


Ps. The picture featured is OliverZen’s submission for this first contest! So far, he’s the only picture I can find… :P