Chakras: An Unexpected Journey

Previously: Spirit grew to a level of spiritual mastery within its current dimensional realm. In this space, it experienced itself as everything, one and complete. It was time for the next stage in life and consciousness. Before it lay a great crystal white vortex, the only place Spirit had yet to explore. Spirit knew of its presence, it could see it right as clear as knowing… And yet, Spirit could not see the other side. It’s only option was to go into its own singularity at the center of its fractal cosmos.

Spirit, knowing everything there is to know and experience in its past reality, embarked through its own singularity and into the next world. What lies beyond those crystal gates, it did not know. It was the beginning of the next.

Spirit Science ~ Chakras Part 2

Chakras: An Unexpected Journey 

*A flash of Red*

Upon entering the vortex, Spirit experiences what we today might know as a 90 degree turn, and birthing into a new reality. This cosmos is different than the last. It is brighter, and a large being is now holding Spirits new body in the middle of an expansive new environment. But in this moment, Spirit doesn’t comprehend any of that. It has one sole focus, to live.

chakraglowIn this new space, Spirit finds itself with a rather limited means of ability. It could wiggle various parts of its physical form, but nothing purposeful. Little does it know that at least for a while, it would be subject to the will of everything around it.

Cold! Everything was becoming cold! Spirits Root Chakra was all It could feel, and it needed to find some stability.

Safety levels dropping, All it can do at this point is make sound. Spirit cries out of the mouth of this physical body, making noises to call for help. Something is wrapped around it, some kind of fabric (something Spirit cannot yet comprehend)…. The temperature warms up, the freezing stops…

Spirits panic calms down… The cold has been vanquished, and survival has been achieved. The panic eases off, being gently replaced by the loving embrace of something…

*A flash of Orange*

seeingorangeUpon calming down and settling into this new reality in which it was just birthed: Spirit begins to attune itself to its various parts of its body. It feels its heart-beat, becomes familiar with it, knowing it from the moment it arrived in this reality, a remnant of what it learned in its last life.


But this time, it wasn’t the only thing Spirit felt. For another heartbeat was detected, in an outside form other than his. Another beat! How marvelous! Spirit expands its awareness to include this heartbeat, and with that opened up the Sacral Chakra. Experiencing first what it forever would know as Mother.

Spirit’s Sacral Chakra glowed and filled with the love radiating from Its Mother, and Spirits love back to her. Not long after that, it begins to understand feel the love from its Father as well. Knowing the two, in time Spirit would learn that in this lifetime, “It” was born as a boy.

*A flash of Yellow* 

babycakesIn those early stages, he would come to know that for almost everything, he was dependent upon his mother and father for what he needed, and his only means of communicating with them was by means of odd noises to which his parents didn’t quite understand.

This was alright, because day by day, as Spirit watched his body grow, he was able to do more and more. Soon he was grabbing things, holding fingers and toys with what he was learning were called hands.

solarboomHis Solar Plexus boomed, he wanted to be able to do all of the things his parents could do, and more! He wanted to run around the house, he wanted to play with other young Spirits, and see what this world was all about!

And so, he did.

This was only the beginning for this little incarnation of God in a physical vessel. There was far more to experience that he wasn’t even aware existed yet… But it would only be a matter of time, before even greater doors were opened to him.

~ ~ ~

I hope you enjoyed this short story! If it didn’t make sense, check out this video here (which can also be found at the top of this page).

The funny thing is, you can flip the chakras upside down completely and do it the exact same way. There is a flow of energy that goes from the top down instead of the bottom up (they both meet in the middle). That one is just as important, and i’ll write about it in the future :)

With love,
Jordan Pearce