12 Amazing Health Benefits of Dates

Dates are rich in fiber which is vital for proper digestion. They have a high natural sugar content that makes them a great alternative for ordinary sugar. Besides from being easily metabolized, they’re also filling and satisfy hunger. Due to their richness in nutrients, dates are a great fruit choice for both children and adults. In addition, they have been found to be very beneficial in the treatment of various conditions and illnesses like anemia, high cholesterol, and even cancer.

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Rich in Iron

The ability of dates to treat anemia is due to their richness in iron. 100 g dates contain about 0.90 g iron, which accounts for about 11% of the recommended daily intake. Iron plays a vital role in transferring oxygen in the blood. This makes dates a great snack for teenagers and pregnant women since they need more iron.
Rich in Eye Vitamins

Dates contain lutein and zeaxantine, which is why they are often referred to as ‘eye vitamins.’ Lutein and zeaxantine are famous as being highly beneficial for the eye retina and macula since they improve the eyesight and prevent any possible damage to the macula, which deteriorates with age. Eating more dates could improve your eyesight.

Treat Diarrhea

Dates contain calcium, which is a mineral that’s used for diarrhea treatment. Dates can also do wonders for the renewal of the gut flora. Regular consumption of dates will stimulate the proliferation of good bacteria in the intestines.

Help Constipation

Besides being able to help against diarrhea, they can also stimulate good digestion and eliminate toxins from the body. If you suffer from constipation, just leave a few dates in a glass of water overnight. The dates will release their juice during the night. This juice is a great laxative, and will help the function of the intestines. Dates can also stimulate your metabolism because they have high fiber content – 100 g dates contain 8.5 g fiber.

Facilitate Delivery

The Jordan University for Science and Technology conducted an experiment which showed that consuming dates on a regular basis, starting 4 weeks before the due date, can alleviate pain and reduce the bleeding. According to the study, women who consumed dates had much easier deliveries as opposed to women that did not eat this fruit. Additionally, dates help women get through the postpartum depression more easily and produce enough milk for the baby.

Regulates Weight

Dates will give you a feeling of satiety and actually stimulate weight loss because they contain many nutrients. Eating a date on an empty stomach will regulate the work of your intestines, and also your blood sugar levels. However, don’t forget that although dates don’t contain cholesterol, they do contain plenty of sugar, and excessive consumption will lead to weight gain (1 kg dates contains 3,000 calories).

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Strengthen the Heart

People with weak heart are advised to consume dates on a regular basis because they have also shown to be beneficial for heart conditions. Leave some dates in a glass of water overnight and blend the dates and the water in the morning. You can drink this several times during the day.

Reduce Hypertension

Dates contain little sodium, but they are quite rich in calcium. A serving of 5-6 dates contains nearly 80 mg magnesium, which is a crucial mineral for blood vessel dilatation. According to research, 370 mg magnesium per day can effectively reduce blood pressure.

Stroke Prevention

Dates are also rich in potassium, which makes them beneficial for maintaining a healthy nervous system. According to studies, sufficient potassium consumption (about 400 mg per day) may reduce the risk of stroke by up to 40%.

Food for the Brain

Dates contain phosphorus, which is great for the brain.

Boost your energy

If you combine dates with milk you will get the maximum amount of natural sugars that this fruit contains (including glucose, sucrose and fructose) and boost your energy.

Increase your Libido

If you want to increase your sexual drive, soak a few dates in some goat milk and leave them overnight. In the morning, mix the fruit and the milk, add some honey and cardamom and drink the mixture. This combination is equally beneficial for both men and women because it increases the energy level and strengthens the body.