What’s Your Spirit Animal? Take The Quiz And Find Out

We hear a lot of talk about spirit animals these days. Often, people make the concept into a joke, saying things like “Louis C.K. is my spirit animal.” But for many people past and present, it’s a more solemn and serious matter than that.

The belief in spirit animals stems from ancient animistic and totemistic belief systems that can be found around the world. Totemism was followed by some Native American people, and the Australian aboriginal people incorporate into their belief structure that each individual has a deep, spiritual connection to another physical being, like an animal or a plant.

Even in Africa, the Kpelle people believe that certain plant, animal, and weather totems guide and protect them.

Animism is a belief held by many eastern and pagan faiths, like followers of Buddhism and Shinto. Animism subscribes to the idea that all plants and animals have spirits.

How you determine your spirit animal depends on a lot of different factors. Certain animals will present themselves to you in a way that you simply know as your spirit animal guide. Other times, considering certain aspects of your personality, you can determine your spirit animal, approximately or exactly.

So give it a try: take the quiz and find your spirit animal.