6 Ways To Trigger A Vivid Out Of Body Experience

An out of body experience is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a bit like a dream, but you’re in a fully conscious state – just outside of your body. It’s believed that most out of body experiences are triggered by the pineal gland releasing Dimethyltryptamine, otherwise known as DMT. This DMT enables your soul to depart your body and visit other realms.

When i first began studying about out of body experiences, a question came to mind. “Why bother?” Why should I bother trying to coerce my soul to leave my body and go walk around my neighborhood when I could just throw on some shoes and go walk around the neighborhood with my human vessel? It’s more than just being out of your body.

During astral projection, you can do different things. You can contact your friends through their dream. You may meet relatives who died before you were born or reconnect with loved ones who have passed. Some report meeting their spirit guides, spirit animals, and even aliens that exist in other dimensions, though I can’t claim those experiences for myself.

There are easily hundreds, if not thousands of during ways to try and trigger an out of body experience. Instead of trying to list them all, I’ll talk about what worked for me and what might work for you.

1. Tell yourself to have an out of body experience.

It’s actually amazing just how much control you can have over a situation by simply reminding yourself of what is currently or soon to happen. Relax yourself and say it in your mind, “I am going to leave my body. I may fall asleep, but my waking consciousness will leave this body.” Repeat it until you actually do fall asleep. Playing your favorite relaxing music may also be helpful.

2. See yourself in a hammock.

This is one of the most effective ways I found. Picture yourself in a relaxing hammock on a beach of pearly white sand. Everything is perfect. Your hammock sways gently in the wind. Eventually, you will start to feel a vibrating sensation. Don’t worry, it’s normal. As you swing, your soul begins to detach from your body, and eventually, it departs entirely.

3. Stretch out.

Lie down on a bed, couch, the floor, or wherever you feel most comfortable. Shut your eyes and relax. Now stretch your legs out as far as they’ll go and inch your head up so your back is perfectly straight. Stretch, then relax. Stretch, relax. Stretch your feet. Relax. Stretch your head. Relax. Begin stretching both in unison. Soon, you will feel the vibration again. Continue until you experience a floating sensation. You’re out of your body!

4. Displace your awareness.

Close your eyes and meditate. Try to sense the entire room. Start with a corner by the ceiling. Move down past the windows, onto the floor, spreading your consciousness through the room. Meditate upon this until your consciousness fills the entire room. Now visualize your soul sloooowly pulling out of your crown chakra at the top of your head. Don’t force it, just be aware of it. When you’re comfortable, imagine floating up toward the roof. With this technique, you can leave your body.

5. Have a lucid dream.

Each lucid dream I’ve ever had had a trigger. For some, their trigger is a key word or phrase or seeing something holy and meaningful. For me, it’s when I can’t dial a phone number with my cell phone. I don’t know why, but for some reason, I can’t make a call on my cell phone while in dream state. When this happens, I know I’m dreaming and can control it. In this state, you can astral project anywhere in the universe. I usually enjoy spending time in the forests near my home in my lucid dreams.

6. The rope method.

This one I’ve never actually had success with personally but many vouch for its effectiveness. Imagine there’s a rope hanging from your ceiling. As you sit in meditation or lie flat, imagine your soul reaching out towards the rope and grabbing on. Slowly pull yourself up. You may feel oddly dizzy or queasy inside as you do this. Keep climbing. Concentrate. Don’t stop. Eventually, you will feel yourself freed from your physical body.

Have you ever had an out of body experience? Did any of these methods work for you?