16 Fascating Extreme Close Ups Of The Human Eye

Why do we say eyes are the windows to the soul? Well, because they are! We can read people, see what their thinking and feeling just through their eye movements.

Eyes look like mini universes, exploding from our pupils. These extremely close images remind us just how much detail is actually in this world. These surreal pictures are beautiful and almost haunting in their intense detail.

What do these pictures make you think of?

TW_HumanEyes40_467TW_HumanEyes29_557 TW_HumanEyes01_670TW_HumanEyes02_670TW_HumanEyes03_670TW_HumanEyes04_670TW_HumanEyes05_670TW_HumanEyes07_510TW_HumanEyes08_549TW_HumanEyes10_609TW_HumanEyes11_670TW_HumanEyes12_670TW_HumanEyes13_670TW_HumanEyes14_670TW_HumanEyes19_569TW_HumanEyes22_670


By: Suren Manvelyan

Used with permission from the photographer.

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