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How To Sharpen Your IQ

When they were first devised, IQ tests were intended to be bias-free. Intelligence was modeled as a fixed trait, untouched by a person’s environment. But over the years this pristine model has been subjected to considerable criticism.

A poor child raised in a home where English is a second language, attending an inferior school, and facing an environment where there is daily violence isn’t the same as a child growing up in an educated home, attending a privileged school, and surrounded by an environment conducive to learning.intelligence-black-white-ss

Does this affect the second child’s IQ? I have my suspicions, as do various professional psychologists specializing in this area. But in practical life, I think what’s most important is how you use the intelligence you’re given.

Like any other function that is dependent on the brain, intelligence is expressed in specific situations. It’s used to make decision, for example, and every decision is subject to emotions, information, stress, and the people who are in the room when the decision has to be made.

This led me to coin a term – functional IQ – that describes IQ in action. No matter what you believe your IQ to be, there are definitely ways to sharpen it.

First, attend to the well-being of your brain. You are its user, just as you use your car, and a tuned-up brain works much better than a carelessly used one. Your brain needs to be rested with a good night’s sleep. Continue reading

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Why Do We Question the Existence of God? We ARE God

Written by Mario A. Max

It seems that many people struggle with their faith, their belief systems and religions. This trouble persists because many of us have only half-realized beliefs and have been taught to never question these beliefs or ask why they are so.


These beliefs have been handed down through dogma and tradition. These beliefs taught us to never question and to accept with blind fanaticism.

To question these beliefs was to have doubt and to doubt these beliefs was to fail in our faith and trust in God.

We were taught that through doubting and questioning we would invite evil into our lives. Why were we taught to never search beyond the superficial beliefs forced upon us as children and to not use our natural sense of wonder to find the truth for ourselves?

Through questioning you can begin to find purpose in all things. Are light and darkness two separate things or is darkness just the absence of light? Is cold just the absence of heat? If you define one element by its opposite then you can begin to understand that these opposites are truly one and the same. If you can see the complexities of reality in it’s simplest form then the truth is easier to discover. Continue reading

This Is What The Sacred Chant “Om” Looks Like Geometrically

What does the word “love” look like? What does the sound of birds chirping look like?  How about the sound of running water? Believe it or not, but every single sound has an actual physical structure to it that can be made visible very easily.  The ancients knew this, which is why the revered chanting and mantras so highly.  We will look at that last point more deeply in a little bit.  But first, let’s look at the science of visible sound.

The science of visible sound

Cymatics is the scientific study of visible sound waves.  Contrary to our experience of sound as a audible frequency, all sound literally has a geometric formation to it.  You can easily see the visible geometrical vibrations of any given sound by placing sand or coated particles on to a metal plate called a tonoscope.  When you put these coated particles on to this metal plate and then play a frequency into the metal plate, the particles arrange themselves according to the geometric structure of that sound.

What’s fascinating is that when you play recordings of ancient sacred chants and matras into the plate, the particles of sand arrange themselves into beautiful mandalas and sacred geometric structures.  Here is an amazing video of what formations happen when a recording of “Om” being chanted inside the Great Pyramid is played into a tonoscope.  The magic starts to happen 1 minuted into the video.  Watch this video front to back to see the wide range of patterns and shapes this chant can take. This may give you chills:

Why is this so amazing?

Ok, so it turned out to be a bunch of ovals for a bit, and some pretty sacred geometric patterns. Why is this so special?

Elliptical paths are the routes planets take as they orbit our sun.  Contrary to our intuition, they do not revolve around the sun in perfect circles, but in oval-shaped elliptical paths just like you see in video.  This is also the shaped of the orbits the sun and other stars take as they revolved around the galaxy.  To summarize, ellipses is how planets and stars respond to gravity.  This is a diagram showing the elliptical routes the planets in our solar system take around the sun.  Notice how this is an exact match to what the sound “Om” looks like on the tonograph:

How did the ancients know about this?

In ancient Hindu traditions, Om is believed to be the divine sound that was present at the beginning of the universe. The sound Om is thought to be what actually created all of existence, which isn’t actually too far fetched when you understand that everything physical in the universe is really a manifestation of vibrational waves.

The word “Om” literally translates into “the sound of the Universe”, “the essence of life” and “the cause of the universe”. It’s quite the coincidence that the sound that was believed to be present and responsible for the creation of the universe is the very same sound that gives us the elliptical patterns that planets take around stars and stars take around galaxies.

In fact, Om is what Harvard trained brain neurosurgeon of 25 years Dr. Eben Alexander claims to have heard resonate throughout the spirit realm during his near-death experience, specifically during his close encounter with the Source.  The most scientifically credible experience of the afterlife ever recorded includes the sound “Om” as a background vibration that permeates the spirit realm.

There are literally thousands of other chants that have been practiced for thousands of years.  Could the tie between ancient chants and the sacred geometric patterns they produce be the reasons why they were so obsessed with both chanting and sacred geometry? Are sacred chants and geometric patterns integral parts of enlightenment that we have forgotten about?

Here is an awesome video on sacred geometry and its role in creation from Spirit Science:

Thanks for reading!

Steven Bancarz,

Team Spirit

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How We Create Reality: The Infinite Power Behind Ideas

Written by Jon Miller

Your mind is an unbelievably powerful tool. Within its folded lobes and betwixt its rapidly snapping neurons lie all possibilities – everything that is, has been, or ever will be. This is because your mind is like an endless field of the richest soil, stretching off in every direction as far as the eye can see, and ideas are the seeds that create our inner reality which in turn, manifest into what we perceive as the external world around us.

The proof of this lies in the fact that everything in our civilization was once merely an idea in someone’s mind. From the God-was-holding-god-the-creator-11197020-845-867invention of language, to the construction of houses, to the computer you are reading this sentence on; these were all at one point electrical impulses in somebody’s brain – primordial thoughts waiting to be crystallized into existence.

Whether you know or not, every thought you have has a profound effect not only on you, but on everyone around you and ultimately on the entire collective human consciousness. This is the nature of power.

The thoughts that we choose to indulge and act on change and shape the universe around us, and because this is the endless process of evolution manifesting itself, ironically the only thing that is constant is change itself.

So then, if all things are temporary and we wield power regardless of our knowing about it, surely it must be better to direct it in a conscious way, rather than allow others to make our choices for us.

Suffering is the result of feeling powerless. Put another way, we suffer because we are not fully conscious of what is happening within our own minds and hearts. When we feel like rustled leaves aimlessly and randomly drifting with the whims of the wind. It is easy to cage ourselves in a victim mentality, blaming circumstance and the people around us rather than accepting responsibility for our situation. Continue reading

Chronic low back pain

Do You know what Your Back Pain is Trying to Tell You?

At one time or another the misery of lower back pain is felt by everyone, which is no surprise. Our upright spine is as unique to being human as having an opposable thumb. But where anyone can see that using our hands involves every aspect of life, we don’t say the same about our backs.

Can we use that history to treat lower back pain?

The factors to consider are as varied as each person is, but the most salient include:

  • Physical stress to the lower back
  • Sedentary jobs
  • Lack of exercise
  • Untended psychological issues
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Sudden changes in physical routine
  • Bad sleep
  • Coping mechanisms, how you deal with stress
  • Aging
  • Old traumas such as car accidents and sports injuries
  • Unknown predispositions

That’s a lot to consider. As you can see, saying “My back went out” or “I must have hurt my back” falls short of an adequate explanation. Everything on the list needs to be considered as a contributing factor. It’s important to distinguish between acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain is intense and lasts from a few days to several weeks. Acute back pain is generally due to sprains or strains and usually gets better in a few weeks. Chronic pain lasts longer than 3 months. Chronic back pain is more complicated in terms of its causes and its treatment. Continue reading


10 Ways to Detox Your Body Everyday

Toxins enter our worlds by what we eat, drink, breathe in, and process in any way. Here are 10 ways to reduce the toxins in your every day to help you restore optimal health and balance.

waterStay hydrated: Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of clean, not-too-cold water every day is one of the best things you can do to detox and purify your body in a natural way. Good thing, because it’s also the easiest trick.

Eat clean: Try to stick to organic, pesticide-free foods, and eliminate antibiotics and hormones from your diet.

Meditate: Find time for stillness in your day to cleanse your mind and improve your ability to handle stress.exercise

Move your body: Getting regular exercise is an important step to staying healthy and strong.

Whether you enjoy light exercise like yoga or walking, or like to get your heart pumping by running or dancing, build an exercise routine that you’re excited about to make sure you keep it consistent.

Add heat: Break a sweat and hit the sauna or steam room … sweating is a great way build heat and eliminate toxins from your body. Continue reading

Seeking Higher Consciousness