How to Build Real Intimacy In A Relationship Through Communication

 Many people don’t communicate enough when they’re in a relationship. Some of them are too attached to the physical that they don’t bother connecting on a mental level; others just don’t want to share how they feel.

Sadly, lack of communication is the main reason relationships fall apart. Partners can’t achieve supreme intimacy when they don’t reveal their desires; and we’re not just talking about what happens in the bedroom. A solid relationship is based on trust, respect and proper communication.


Why is communication so important in relationships?

We’re all aware that communication is all about talking and listening. But it’s not that easy. Communication doesn’t necessarily involve innate abilities. It actually demands specific skills that we must learn and develop in order to understand what our loved one is trying to convey.

no-longer-talking-551x200 Without proper communication, a romantic relationship is bound to fail. How do you connect with someone if you don’t understand them; if you don’t understand what they want or how they feel? It’s simple: you don’t.

Being in a relationship comes with a lot of challenges. At first, it’s all fun and games but after awhile you begin realizing whether or not you want to take that relationship to the next level (move in together, get engaged, get married, have kids, etc.). To do that, you must learn to communicate. Active listening is critical part of the whole communication process. Continue reading


How to Experience A Practical 3D Life While on A 5D Spiritual Journey

You know things are actually one way and yet you have to pretend it’s another way to fit into society… welcome to walking between two worlds.

What other kinds of experiences can you expect to encounter when you’re experiencing practical 3D life on a 5D spiritual journey?

Criticism & feedback

Apparently in the 3D world it’s considered insulting to point out people’s flaws.

And all along I thought I was helping them by pointing out the flaw, so they can get it shifted or cleared of course.


When you get far enough along your journey, you stop seeing criticism as insulting and you start using the information for fodder for future healing sessions.

Once this mindset shift takes place, it only stands to reason that you’ll spread the love by sharing the flaws you see with others. Sadly, people in the 3D world don’t take quite the same view.

When you’re walking between two worlds you’ll spend a lot of time apologizing for bruising people’s egos. Chances are good you’ll be labeled a troublemaker, disruptive or arrogant and insulting too.


Speaking of arrogance, your newfound confidence and surety are likely to get you labeled as arrogant. Continue reading


7 Lessons Lightworkers And Empaths Are Learning Right Now

As the Age of Aquarius dawns and the 5D reality becomes our own, which personal growth lessons are you likely to be grappling with right now?

The keys to understanding the Age of Aquarius and the new 5D reality are the following:

  1. Everything is a duality and all of creation takes place in scales of duality.
  2. The main duality is a polarity of separation and unification.
    Effectively what this means is that if you move through creation moving down from level 12 to level 1, you’ll be experiencing a process of creation or separation and individuation.
    Moving back up from level 1 to 12 you experience the reverse, the process of unification and joining. So it breaks up into smaller pieces going down and amalgamates into larger units moving upwards.

At this moment in time, lightworkers and empaths are performing a service that is greater than just their own lives – they’re helping to clean u


p and transmute the negative energies of earth into light energy.

What this means for you at an individual level is that there are going to be similarities and trends across the lessons the collective is experiencing, because we’re shifting the world’s energy collectively.

If you’ve been on a shifting journey for a while, you’ll also know how powerful relevant information can be in releasing shifts; the awareness and insight is usually what we’re after anyway when we shift.

By presenting these higher-level ideas to you, the aim is to help you see the bigger picture lessons more quickly so that you can stop grappling with these lessons on a personal level.

By changing your energetic resonance on just one issue, we change the entire morphic resonance of that issue for the world. So simply sharing this information with other likeminded people can cause a knock-on effect that can accelerate the shift for all of us.

Read more about the holographic field here and here.

To use the ideas, simply think about and meditate on them for a few days by reading over them a few times a day. After a few days they will begin to unblock stuff for you and it will naturally flow out. Always go with what you are most strongly drawn to: that’s often the thing that is most ready to release.

Privacy & honesty

The concepts of privacy and honesty are key concepts to understand in the long-term spiritual ego vs. God’s Love battle.

A Course In Miracles clearly speaks about the effects of holding private thoughts from God. Basically every private thought you hold is a barrier that stands between you and God.


The reason for this is that you and God are one and the same mind. Your mind is still in God and you think with God. You just believe that you are separate from God, and it is that very belief that keeps you in this ‘reality’, and separate from God in your experience.

In order to bridge that gap between you and God, you need to be able to hand over every single thought to God, because you realize that there is no separation and God already knows all those thoughts. When you try and keep a thought private, the energy of that action blocks you from a full connection to God.

So the long and short of it is that you are being called to be more openly honest and have less to hide. The more freely and completely you share of yourself, the closer you will move forward to God.


Loneliness is a peak of the energy of separation in the creation and unification process.Flickr-Enlightenment-h.kppdelaney-e1335714634672

For those of us who resonate with a 5D reality, loneliness truly is more unbearable than what it is for the average person – and that will never change. Our very energy as lightworkers is an energy of unification, which is a polar opposite of separation.

The energy of loneliness makes us uncomfortable because we’re meant to fix it and change it. Our job is to make it go away – so we’ll never be comfortable with it. You just have to learn to live with it, or set your life up in a way that ensures that you always have company.

Free will: control, power, consent & force

The lesson of free will manifests in so many ways, and is most often seen as a power struggle or clash of wills.

As with many of the lessons right now, this presents in dualities, so you’re likely to have someone subjugating your will in one area of your life while you feel overwhelmed by responsibility in another area of your life.

The lesson of free will is that free will is our most inherent and basic right as souls – we have the right to choose our destinies.

At the most advanced spiritual levels, it’s again part of the ego battle, and it’s an interesting complexity that takes you a little while to wrap your head around, so give this one a few weeks or months to settle into your system.


Basically because free will is the foundational principle of our universe and creation, free will trumps everything. In fact, your free will to be in this ego reality, away from God’s love, is the only thing that is keeping you here.

Every second of every minute since you stepped into the karmic existence, the Holy Spirit has been trying to right and rectify your mind to choose for God again, making your will his own. Each and every time, your free will has made the decision to stay in this reality, as the god and creator of your own existence.

All of us inherently understand our right to free will and free choice – every human being feels that.

By making you aware of the circumstances in which people’s free will is being taken away, you are being asked to exercise your free will and choose for God, by choosing to reinstate the right of free will of your brother. The reason for this is that we cannot return to God until we ALL return. One soul withheld from the Sonship inhibits all souls.

So until we rectify the free will and consent issues on earth, we won’t be able to rectify the spiritual alignment.

Equality, inequality & balance

When this part of creation was created in order to play out the balance of the duality of separation, it was created under the energy of inequality, when Eros, the creator god, forcibly took his daughter, Gaia, as his mate.spiritual-evolution_OMTimes_bigstock-Flight-Of-Butterfly-Girl-53691094

In a nutshell, earth’s creation started with the energy of rape. What this has created on earth is the concept of imbalance and inequality – you can do a little work and get a lot of reward, or one can have less or more than another in terms of resources.

As we move towards more unified communities in a 5D reality, concepts of inequality and imbalance cannot be sustained in a world where every member of society is equal and has completely equal value.

What you come to realize in the lesson of ALL-that-is with equality and balance, is that equality is actually the only option: inequality was created because this part of creation is outside of the majesty of God. Everything here is the contrast of what it would be in ALL-that-is.


The lesson of impermanence is at its upper levels a lesson on ego identity and what that means. It is also the lesson of how we truly create immortality and what that is.

The human experience is a recursive experience of knowing the self as a mini-God, the creator of your own reality. That spiritual understanding has gotten lost in the mainstream world though and we’ve begun to create ways that we can be immortal within our human experience – most notably through the concepts of family, money and history.


We use history as a way to ensure that our identity is remembered on a large scale – it’s why we all want to ‘make our mark’. If we can’t stretch ourselves that far, it’s okay because we can have descendants who will remember us and continue or legacy – that will ensure our immortality.

And of course it’s all neatly wrapped up in a bow if we can supply those children (and grandchildren and great-grandchildren) with a trust or nest egg that will ensure the continuity of our bloodlines. Financial immortality in other words.

The attachment to, and lesson of, immortal identity doesn’t end there though.

Take it one step further, and it will be to realize that the concept of a soul identity is the very trap that keeps you here in this karmic reality.

In order to ascend and reach the top of this lesson then, you will have to give up all sense of individuated identity and completely surrender yourself INTO God, becoming one with him again – becoming God. You won’t exist as a separate being in that anymore.

We know this because we don’t talk about God and Moses, Noah, Abraham, Mohammed, Buddha and Gandhi… it’s just God.

Your belief that your identity and soul exist is in fact the very barrier that is keeping you from God.


The lesson of attachment is an interesting one, because like money, most of the lightworkers I know have not been able to reconcile this in their lifetimes. 

The reason behind this inability to reconcile the concept is because lightworkers stem from a 5D reality where the concept of attachment DOES NOT EXIST.

In 5D and above, you are ALWAYS attached, always connected – being separated in the higher dimensions is as foreign an idea as living the rest of your life without oxygen would be to you. In a reality where you are always attached, attachment is a way of being, a way of existing – it is IMPOSSIBLE to not be attached in fact, so it’s a total non-issue.Light steps

It’s only on earth, where we are here to experience the reality of separation and individuation, where you can have a concept like attachment. You HAVE to be a separated entity in order to attach to another separated entity.

Again, attachment is not an energy that we are meant to understand or reconcile – we just got caught up in pop psychology and a 3D way of thinking. You cannot be attached because you are already ALWAYS connected to ALL-that-is… and that’s what you’re here to show the world.

All you have to do to be a lightworker is be yourself

So get out there, get soppy and attached and spend as much time as possible with the people you love – it’s what we’re here to do, how we be ourselves, and how we change the world.

I love you deeply. Thanks for being here. <3


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How Understanding Time, Choice and Destiny Can Change Our Lives

Understand time, fate, choice and destiny and how they apply to our spiritual growth.


Time is a geography – it’s a place or space in which events happen.

If time as a space didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have the space in which to experience events as individuated or separated. So time gives meaning by giving space around an experience, and creating isolation in which you are able to experience that feeling or emotion.


The removal of the space of time would cause a collapse of all the separated events into ALL-that-is, which would mean that they would all happen at once, and they’d already be over.

To help you understand this, it helps to work with the concept of eternity as it is taught in texts like Kabbalah and A Course In Miracles.

Eternity is NOT a measure of time – eternity exists outside time. It is eternal changelessness, or the absolute absence of time and separation.

Time is a mechanism that enables you to see and measure change – eternity is changelessness and already completed unity, the expression of self as ALL-that-is.

Fate, choice & destiny

So the best analogy I’ve found for time, fate, choice and destiny combined is to think of it all like a roleplaying video game.Space-Time

Each lifespan is programmed like a character in the game, so there’s a path you follow, but you have a choice of actions and the route you take. It doesn’t matter which direction you go in either, because every possibility of every choice has already been programmed into the character or lifespan.

As you make your choices as you go along life, they attract certain energies to you, because all your fated spiritual experiences are already lined up and waiting in a row for you to experience across your lifetimes. The energies you attract and amalgamate into yourself will draw the next best fated spiritual experience into your reality now.

So yes, there are fated experiences, but these are actually staggered across the full span of all your karmic lifecycles. By attracting different energies towards you, you can speed up the movement of these fated spiritual experiences towards you.

spiritual-evolution_OMTimes_bigstock-Flight-Of-Butterfly-Girl-53691094This then enables you to move through a number of your incarnations’ lessons rapidly in a single lifetime. It’s also where the feeling of feeling like a new person, or that you’ve started a whole new life, comes from after spiritual breakthroughs. You have literally ‘unlocked’ your next spiritual life with the energies you’ve integrated.

Choice comes in that you can choose the order of the lessons, which path you will follow and whether your experience is positive or negative. Continue reading


3 Reasons Why Your Future Feels Uncertain

Around the world spiritual peeps are worried that their future feels uncertain. Why does your future feel uncertain – and why isn’t this a bad thing?

If you’ve been on a spiritual journey, there’s usually a sense of direction and movement – a sense that you’re going somewhere. When do you get the odd moment that you feel directionless and unsure, it’s quite unsettling, usually part of a shift cycle, and it usually passes very quickly.

So you’re not wrong to feel uncomfortable about the fact that the future seems so uncertain – and you’re in good company with many of the spiritual peeps around the world who have the same question.

Why does your future feel uncertain right now, and what’s the lesson in all this?

Paradigm blindness

Have you ever had that experience where you’re trying to explain something to somebody, and they can’t understand it because they don’t have a frame of reference to understand it with? Continue reading

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.48.47 AM

The Real Difference Between Empaths & Non-Empathic People

The word empath is a hot trend in spiritual and personal growth circles, and we have an idea of what an empath is… but what does it mean to be an empath?

So yes… don’t know if you’ve all heard, but there’s this shift and awakening thing going on around the world. Have you noticed that?

So why is that actually? Why has your personal journey been so hectic and what is the point of all this empath stuff?

Pain makes most people angry and hateful

What sets empaths and lightworkers apart from most people is our ability to bounce back from pain and traumatic experiences.


Simply watching any of the famous serial killer detective shows will testify to that – almost every serial killer has a story of abuse, abandonment, rejection, hurt and trauma behind them.

What distinguishes you, as an empath, is that no matter how much pain is aimed at you, you always bounce back.

Yes you may get angry and you may be held down for a while, but almost inevitably you will bounce back – you won’t still be living this pain actively five or ten years from now, and you won’t let one negative event stall you for your entire life. Continue reading

Seeking Higher Consciousness