Oprah’s Enlightening Interview with Esther Hicks!

Okay, I knew Oprah was awakening but I had no idea she would interview Esther Hicks?! This was recently posted on Youtube, but in the caption it says it’s from back in the day in 2007. Either way, this is amazing, they openly talk about our higher selves, our souls and source energy! Her audience is broadening to be able to handle this information and it’s really helping to shift the consciousness on the planet. 
On her site she has multiple sections dedicated to spiritual topics! 
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What is at the Core of Addictions?

What is it at the core of addiction that keeps pulling us back in? Be it video games, drugs, tobacco or watching tv, there is something going on that keeps us coming back for more.

AddictionOften we engage in these behaviors because in that moment they feel good. We feel happy, satisfied or even safe. But in the end perhaps there is more going on deep inside that is the core to all addictions, no matter how they show up in our lives.

Check out this video by Dr. Gabor Maté where he talks about the real cause of addiction.

So in the end everything comes down to distress and pain.  Life has become so painful that we are doing whatever it takes to check out and get away from the pain.

Emotional-painScientists have found that emotional pain is just as painful, if not more so than physical pain.  Check out our article on emotional pain here.  So if people are suffering due to loss, tragedy, rejection or abuse they might try to distract themselves from that pain.  Their distraction can become so controlling of their life that they become addicted.

On average we can’t stand to even just be alone with our thoughts much less face our pain and fears.  We look to mindless distractions, substances and end up running away from the real issues.  This is evident in our inability to sit still in a quiet room for Know-you're-hungy-Step-2more than a few minutes.  Unless we have trained in meditation we may impulsively check our phones,  look on facebook, or eat when we aren’t hungry.

Dr. Gabor Maté was saying in the video that we need to go to the core of the pain in order to heal.  He also said that we need a friend, someone to support us, while we face our pain and be our inspiration to transcend in order to to be effective in our transformation.  As social creatures we need the connections we have with one another to help us thrive.

A0-4smiCcAAgmmo.jpg largeMaybe the same tools that can help a person deal with panic and anxiety can assist someone in overcoming an addiction.  Check out our videos on Panic to Freedom to get some powerful tools to help you handle everyday life.

Perhaps we will find something in the near future to help ease the process of facing the distress that cause addiction so that it is easier and less painful.  In the mean time please let us know your thoughts on this topic and what you have found that helps you face your pain.

With all my Love,


Spirit Team


Do You Have These 6 Psychic Senses?

Just like a river, spiritual information is constantly flowing by.  Sometimes sensitive people naturally reach out and touch these rivers of information.

tumblr_inline_n45hi2WJXI1r1aqjjSometimes these abilities are also related to radio waves where we tune ourselves to pick up different frequencies.  This information is received by our higher or psychic senses and we typically are more dominant in one or two of these senses.

Some people who naturally tap into these senses can be a bit overwhelmed by it at first.   It takes time and practice but it can become a controlled and even fun experience over time.

We have five main senses; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  We also have psychic senses.  Typically we align these with our 5 basic senses because it makes them easier to understand and to train.  We also add in a 6th sense into the psychic sense list because there is a higher sense of intuition that is important when studying psychic abilities.

Psychic senses all start with the prefix of ‘clair’ from the French word meaning “clear”.  We are going to look at Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience,  Clairalience, & Claircognizance.

1. Clear Seeing Is known as Clairvoyance.

timthumbThis is the ability that is most widely known and is the ability where we use the third eye to see beyond what our normal eyes could see.  Through meditation people are able to use this to remote view other places, other times and even see visions or glimpses of possible future timelines.

The level of detail seen depends on the skill.  Just like some people have better vision than others, some people see in full detail and color while others just get glimpses of far off places and have to figure out what it means.   People with Clairvoyance will sometimes become artists in order to express what they are picking up.

2. Clear Hearing is known as Clairaudience.

FFClairaudience is the ability to hear beyond.  Sometimes people hear music, words, or sounds in their minds that is beyond what we can normally hear.  For example a song will get stuck in their head only to find out that their best friend has been listening to that song all day.

Often people with this gift will become musicians, dancers, singers, speakers, or writers.  Sometimes their connection to music is so powerful that they almost have an out of body experience when listening to it.  Their connection to the vibration and meaning of words can also be far beyond the average person.

3. Clear Smelling is known as Clairalience.

puppy-smelling-flower2Clairalience is the ability to pick up smells that are beyond what is in the physical world.  They may smell a particular cigar brand or perfume of a loved one and know that they need to give them a call.

They may also have an enhanced sense of smell and detect changes in the weather and predict coming storms.  Sometimes people who are dominant in this ability will enjoy tea ceremonies, tasting wine or planting flower gardens.

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Free Yourself from the Past

Our past need not dictate our present and certainly not limit our future. We can truly be free. The trick is to live life fully in the present and not allow the past to control what we do now.  But how do we do that?

imagesAlan Watts uses the example of a boat to explain the impact the past has on this moment.  The wake of a ship is like the past, we remember it but over time the wake fades back into the ocean.   The wake doesn’t determine where the boat will sail it simply shows where it has been.

Check out this video where Alan explains why blaming our past is an excuse to avoid really living.

Alan Watts Talks about how allowing the patterns of your past to control your current decisions is living your life completely backwards.  Spending all of our time talking about and focusing on the past is a distraction technique to avoid living in this present moment and demonstrating something different.

Multiple_teens_texting_copyOften we are addicted to distractions; our electronics, thoughts, the past, fear in the media, money, and our emotions.  We chase shadows and hide truth from ourselves.  We are the ones to keep ourselves stuck in life.  We hold ourselves back when we become defensive, when we ignore our feelings, when we hide from the truth, and when we allow the past to control us.

The most powerful thing we can do is define our life by what we are doing right now in the present moment.  What projects are you working on?  What are you doing to better your life and live your dreams?  What are you doing to help the world around you and leave a powerful legacy?

If you don’t know where to begin ask yourself Why am I here?  What is your life purpose?  What would I do in my life if nothing held me back?

115If you know what those things are then consider this the sign you have been looking for begin living, right now.

For those of you living your life in powerful motion, consider sharing your story with the world.  Put videos on youtube or start a blog.  Maybe your wake will cause powerful motion and inspiration in someone elses life!

Teach by example, show us in your everyday actions who you are and who you are becoming.  Use the power of synergy and empower the people around you to live their lives in the now aswell.

Let us know in the comments what you are going to do right now to change your entire life!

With all my love,


Spirit Team

PS. When you seek freedom, others may not know what you are doing and caution you to ‘play it safe’.  Become free anyways!  Check out this Patch Parable about letting go and becoming free!


3 Awakening Animated Movies



This movie was the epitome of my childhood. The story behind this movie is unreal. It’s all about the struggle the humans created from all the pollution and destruction we bring to the world. The protagonist is a magical little fairy named Krista who is in the midst of practicing her magic, which is to help nature grow.

An evil spirit-type-pollution-cloud-guy named Hexus is released from a tree he’s been trapped in and immediately sets off to destroy Ferngully! He gains strength through controlling a tree cutter which was the thing that let him loose in the first place.

In the end, the only way Hexus can be trapped once again is when all the fairies come together and use their magic to grow roots around him, and trap him once again.

The moral of this story is that humans are not in alignment with the earth. We create machines to cut down trees, when we should be living in them! If you haven’t seen this movie, the artwork is stunning and the message is truly beautiful.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire


Need I say more? I like how accurate this movie is to the ‘legend’. The lost people of atlantis use crystal technology that is activated just by putting their palms on it! In the movie, the race of Atlantean’s have lost the information of who they really are, so they don’t have access to all their amazing technology until the explorers find them.

The crew of explorers, are of course, evil in the end and are doing it for money. The captain ends up betraying his team once he gets the riches he was looking for.

In the end, it doesn’t turn out so good for him so all is well. The main character, Milo, ends up staying in Atlantis with his new found love. There was a second movie that I watched the first ten minutes of until realizing it’s not anywhere as good. This movie is seriously inspiring, I love how Disney made a movie out of it.

Treasure Planet


The animation style of this movie is incredible! It combines 3D with drawing in a beautiful galaxy wide adventure. The universe in this movie is so magical. The story follows a young teenager named Jim, who gets his hands on a very desired map that leads him to the infamous treasure planet.

He befriends a cyborg who goes through an internal struggle of wanting to do the right thing, but is suppose to be helping the bad guys.

His attachment to Jim, in the end, overrides his greed and they find treasure planet. (just before setting off an alarm and blowing the entire place up.)

The moral of this story shows that connection between friends always wins in the end, and everyone can get what they want!


Ascend Academy: The Way of the Sentinel pt. 3

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After applying all of the passive protection techniques, the Sentinel will be very well protected against pretty much anything attempting to harm them without limiting their perception.  However, there is still a very small possibility that you may encounter a hostile entity, energy, or thought form.

This may be due to an overzealous psychic attack, the prolonged projection of self-defeating negative thoughts, an extremely rare circumstance involving your family’s genealogy, or coming into contact with an already afflicted person you are attempting to spiritually protect.

Whatever the cause, you will be ready to deal with the hostile force in a safe, efficient, and direct manner through the use of these techniques.  As a Sentinel, this is what you are here to deal with.  If you resonate with this path you already have all the tools you need within your spirit, as you came here for this reason.  Now it’s time to teach you how to use those tools.

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Seeking Higher Consciousness