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It’s Time to Grow ~ A Message from Behind the Scenes

Hey Everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

166871_jordand_patch-meditationI want to get straight to the heart of what I need to say. I have been reading comments, listening to what everyone is saying and watching the vibe move in response to what we’re creating with Spirit Science.  I feel you on every point: Both the good and the bad.

Spirit Science is my life, I am in it fully, and I am going to spend my entire life evolving with it. I know that I am not the only one who feels that way, and I know how much it means (or has meant) to everyone out there reading and watching…

We’re trying to expand in a way that is holistic. Never was Spirit Science about the money and never will it be… So then what do we do about resources? And I don’t mean just money, what about cars, locations, or even sound-levitation technology? How would we account for it and make it legal so that we can do it worldwide without getting shut down by “the man”?

Nothing wrong with being a hippy! Lets just be modern ones.

Nothing wrong with being a hippy! Lets just be modern ones with really amazing technology AND completely mindful of ourselves.

Are we supposed to live in the woods and shit in buckets and have NO presence on the internet? That seems opposite to what I’m about… And so, all of us behind the scenes at Spirit Science have been trying to develop some sort of equality-happiness-based-system around a large communal pot of resources – which we, (yes, WE, meaning you too hopefully one day soon!) can decide as a community how the resources are spent.

We have to do it responsibly, I absolutely REFUSE to allow Spirit Science to become about getting resources and hoarding them. They need to be put towards the growth of projects, the health and vitality of the people of planet earth, and evolving our understanding of who we really are.

All of us behind the scenes are working very hard to accomplish that goal… and the truth is, we’re really short on hands.

I hear what everyone is saying about problems within Spirit Science, problems with articles, problems with communication. They are not intentional – everyone here has a good heart, its just that there is more work than what 5 people can handle… and… we’re a little bit sore – because we have opened our hearts to a lot of people in the last 2 years trying to solve this problem, and we have been attacked, stolen from, and emotionally bruised along the way. It has been hard for us to open up again and again, and yet we continue to, and will always continue to open to love.

We can’t do this alone… I can’t do this alone.

We gotta have a solid foundation!

We gotta have a solid foundation!

I hear the cries of you, the people. I want Spirit Science to shine bright. All of us up in Avalon (home base) REALLY want to spend all of our days making content and making things… But alas, we have not had the time. We have spent every waking hour trying to develop some kind of base financial and legal system that will allow us to fund projects and build awesome things for mankind, (including a new social media platform based around projects and quest logs!). This is what makes sense to us as to how to really change the world, and we intent on including everyone in this community bucket.

First, we gotta build it!

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Here’s What You Need To Check The Next Time You Buy Bottled Water

We don’t generally encourage the purchase of bottled water. Manufacturing the bottles is awful for the environment (and we think the environment is awesome!) and the water is usually just tap water from wherever it was bottled.

Often times, bottled water companies steal water in mass quantities from arid communities that live in drought. That’s no fun. That said, I do always keep a pack of bottled water in my car. You never know when you might be stranded somewhere and a little water could mean the difference between life and death. But when I’m stocking my emergency water supply, I check the label on the bottom of the bottles.

Why it’s important to check the labels:

The letters you see in the recycle symbol, like PP and HDP, can tell you a lot about the plastic itself. This is what you need to know:


The plastic bottles may have leaked metals and chemicals into the water that impact hormonal balance in your body.


Your water is likely the safest out of any type of plastic. it’s the least likely to leak harmful substances into your water.

3V or PVC

Don’t drink it. They release toxic chemicals that impact your hormonal balance.


That’s weird, because LDPE is only used to make plastic bags.


The plastic can leak carcinogenic substances. It’s usually used when producing coffee cups and fast food casings. Also known as Styrofoam.

PC, or simply not labeled at all

It’s likely to contain BPA, an endocrine disruptor. This is most common in sports water bottles and some food containers.

Source: This article was originally featured on SimplyOrganic, and was used with permission from the author.

3 Types Of People You Need To Find In Life

Life is about loving relationships.  More specifically, life is about loving relationships that push you into expansion and help you grow.   While all relationships play a role in our understandings of life and the development of our character, some relationships are just more special than others.

There many different types of relationships you can have in life, but there are a few types that are completely essential to your journey on this planet.  Here are 3 types of people you need to find in life.

1) Your Soul Mate

Your soul mate is the one who you just click with on every level.  There is never any awkwardness, and it’s literally impossible to feel uncomfortable around them.  Their may be fights and arguments, but they are always resolved in a way that strengthens the relationship.  You could spend 3 years away from that person and reunite with them as if nothing has changed because you resonate at every possible level.

When you meet them, you may feel a strange sense of familiarity as if you had chosen to include them in your life prior to even being born.  This strange sense of familiarity often times comes from the fact that you share past lives with this person, and you both chose to come here to go on a mission together.

Contrary to what pop-culture may have you believe, your soul mate is not necessary the opposite sex, and they are not even necessarily a life partner.  They may show up in the form of a mother, a brother or sister, or a best friend.  Every person encounters their soul mate at some point in their life. If you haven’t found them yet, expect to in the future.

2) Your Mirror

Your mirror is the person who tells you things as they are.  They are straight-up honest with you, and don’t care if they hurt your feelings.  But it is because they don’t care about your feelings that enables them to make such a transformative impact on you.

I’m not talking about a jerk here.  I’m talking about a friend that will tell you when you are backsliding, going out of integrity, or are not behaving in a way that you should be.  It’s often the case they you will serve the same role in their life as they do in their life, and for this reason you guys act as a mirror for one another and reflect back areas you need to work on.

You may argue with them more often than is necessary, but beneath your arguments lies a genuine care for one another that can’t be shaken.  Sometimes, we all need someone to call us out when we fail to hold ourselves accountable.

3) Your Guardian

Your guardian is a mentor, a teacher, and a guide.  They provide you with inspiration, encouragement, groundedness, and feedback on your life.  They help coach you through your struggles, naivety, and growth spurts. For some people, their guardian may come in the form of a family member, where for others it may come in the form of a teacher or a coach.

For some, it may come in the form of someone who is not even alive anymore, such as Buddha, Gandhi, or Jesus.  The important thing is that you have someone that you look up to who is always able to inspire you and offer you guidance on your journey.  The more deep you go on your journey, the less personal your guardian will become.

It may start out as a family member or friend, and then after you begin to understand your universality and connection to everything, the moon, earth, and spirit of nature will become your guardian.  Instead a teacher being the one you look to for answers, you will go directly to the Source.

These are three archetypal persons that everyone will benefit from having in their lives.  If you are lucky enough to have them already, fight for them and appreciate them.  If you haven’t encountered them yet, keep working on your own development and the Universe will send them to you when the time is right.

Thanks for reading!

Steven Bancarz,

Team Spirit


Joe Rogan on Invisible Aliens, String Theory & Collective DMT Dreams

Two of my favourite people Abby Martin and Joe Rogan recently got together to discuss some super interesting topics. Here are just a couple of quotes to tease you. Check out the whole video below.

”It is possible that some advanced beings that exists in these other dimensions…  this is where it gets really crazy! ..might not just be able to come visit us, but they might be here all the time, we just cant detects because we simply don’t have the ability.”

”We look at the idea of a dream like ”oh is just a dream”, but what does that really mean? We don’t exactly know what the f*ck a dream is. We know that we look forward to sleeping, we know that we shut off every night with no hesitation , no ones scared to go to sleep, everyone’s scared to die but no ones scared to go to sleep. And when you shut off and you lose control and you have these crazy memories of these wild things that happen to you ”in your dreams”, it’s quite possible that what that is just a non-physical reality that you’re dipping your consciousness into…”~ Joe Rogan

Kasim Khan – Team Spirit

How Matcha Tea Will Change Your Life

Green Matcha tea is taking the healthy living world by storm. Matcha Lattes for instance have made their way on the menu of trendy coffee shops and big franchises such as Starbucks. The green brew is making a big name outside its old traditional ritual setting and there’s a healthy good reason for that. But what is exactly Matcha tea and why is it becoming a bit of a present day urban legend in the Tea world?

Origins and the Traditional Landscape

The tea originated from China around the 10th century and became the staple ingredient in Japanese tea ceremonies from around the 12th century. It is revered for its remarkable health properties, visual appeal and for its distinct flavour and texture. Matcha is made from the Tencha tea leaf, most popularly grown in the southern half of Japan, and which is then de-stemmed, de-veined and stone-ground to a very fine dark green powder.

Traditionally the tea is prepared in a ceremonial setting called ‘Chanoyu’. Essentially the powder is placed in beautiful hand-painted bowls, mixed with warm water and whisked with a traditional bamboo whisk. Of course, the tradition follows a carefully crafted set of ritualistic steps and ‘etiquettes’. It is also normally made in two forms – Usucha and Koicha. Usucha means ‘thin tea’ and it is what we most commonly come across in cafes and restaurants in the west. Koicha on the other hand is the ‘thick tea’ made from the highest grade of Matcha and is prepared using twice the amount of tea and half the amount of water. So the result is a tea with a thick consistency which looks like a dark green paint. This is what is used in the traditional ceremonies.

Everyone in healthy lifestyle and conscious living circles is talking about the benefits of the tea. This is not surprising given that the tea is power-packed with so many beneficial health properties. In recent years, normal green tea had already been recognised for its health properties, most popular being its anti-oxidising, cancer-fighting and weight-loss properties. What makes Matcha so remarkable is that not only does it have more health properties than normal green tea but these properties are even more powerful because of the way it is harvested and processed.

For instance, Matcha tea, has around 137 times the antioxidants of the average green tea. The most important antioxidants contained in Matcha tea are Catechins, one in particular being epigallocatechin gallate (ECGg) which is widely known for its cancer-fighting properties. ECGg makes up 60% of the antioxidants found in Matcha tea which makes it the most potent cancer-fighting tea around.

Like other green teas, it has L-theanine ( I call it the ‘Zen’ amino acid) which promotes calmness while keeping you alert. It helps the mind reduce anxiety and stress while increasing alpha brainwaves which induce relaxation without the feeling of drowsiness or sleepiness. Another effect of L-Theanine is the production of dopamine and serotonin which enhance the mood and facilitate better memory and concentration.

Matcha is also known for its energising properties because of its caffeine content. However the extra benefit is that because it contains L-Theanine, you get the caffeine boost without the usual side-effects of caffeine such as nervousness or hyper-tension. It just increases your energy levels in a clean way.

Matcha green tea has been shown to increase metabolism and help the body burn fat four times than average. It is also a strong detoxifier, cleaning toxins and heavy metals from the bodybecause of the high chlorophyl content contained in the leaves. In fact the tea leaves are covered in shape for twenty days before harvesting as this increases the production of chlorophyl in the plant making it darker in colour.

The tea also provides substantial quantities of Potassium, Vitamins A & C, Iron, Protein and Calcium helping the body boost its immune system.

Different Shades and Grades of Green

There are different grades of quality for Matcha because of the time and process invested in the actual growing and harvesting of the tea leaves. Best grade is the ceremonial grade which obviously tends to be the most pricey. There is the premium grade which is also a high quality grade and more available at decent prices. This is the grade I usually buy. Then there is what I call the culinary grade Matcha which is of a lesser quality but is much cheaper and can be used to make fun things like cakes and smoothies.

My note of warning is to avoid buying really cheap Matcha because you would lose out on the quality. When you see online sellers offering Matcha at 40-50% cheaper than average it should in general serve as a sign of low quality. The difference in quality has to do with how the tea plant is harvested and processed. The highest grades are time intensive as they are stone-grounded after a careful selection process.

Best Matcha comes from Japan. You can either buy it directly from sellers there or else find brands which use the best quality Japanese Matcha. If you love Chai Lattes like myself there is a really good quality product I love by Onnit called Whole Spice Matcha Chai Latte Tea. It contains the Chai Spices like Turmeric (known for anti-inflammatory properties and promoting neural stem cell production), Ginger and Cinnamon. The sweetness comes from Stevia which is a 100% natural organic, non-sugary sweetener. The taste is amazing and shipping is fast.

Recipes for your Delight

For those of you who would like to be more adventurous with Matcha and would like to try out a few recipes themselves – here are a few links. Enjoy!

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