The Science Delusion: How Science Has Become Dogmatic – Banned TED Talk

Some people assume that science operates in the following way: Create a hypothesis, test it out, and follow the evidence where it leads.  If there is new evidence that contradicts a commonly accepted theory, that theory needs to be revised or discarded.  People assume that scientists hold the ultimate authority on truth, and that the scientific method is a tight little container free of bias and dogma.

But on the contrary, science is just as much of an institution as religion is.  In order to have your scientific studies taken seriously, they need to be published in a peer-reviewed journal.  In order to be published in a quality peer-reviewed journal, you need to have a certain level of prestige and reputation.  In order to carry out the studies, you need to have funding to do the studies in the first place.  In order to have studies funded, you need to be doing work that is considered valuable to the current paradigm.  Why would large institutions fund studies whose outcome may jeopardize entire fields of studies and cause the entire scientific paradigm to collapse?

We assume that the people who do scientific studies are incapable of bringing their biases, prejudices, and predispositions to the conduction of the study and the interpretation of the results.  Who are these studies funded by? Do the funders have an interest in a particular outcome to push an economic agenda?  Studies that provide findings which contradict the current scientific paradigm get discarded or suppressed and won’t be published in top journals or receive any publicity.

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This Great Alan Watts Cartoon Strip Depicts What Most Of Us Go Through In Life

How would you really like to spend your time? This awesome cartoon strip featuring the words of Alan Watts encourages us to search and focus on what we really want to do and spend time doing it regardless of money. It’s so easy for us to drift automatically from one chapter to the next, following the pre-planned routes that society paves and promotes for us without searching for meaning within our lives or spending our time how we want.



If that strip wasn’t inspirational enough, here it is in video format.

We don’t all have the luxury to forget about money, bills and just forever go chasing our desires and passions. But I think the powerful message behind this video is that we should not lose sight of what we truly want to do. It is far too easy to get sidetracked with all the distractions of modern society and social pressures and succumb to dogma.

Kasim Khan, Team Spirit

stop expecting from others

7 Things You Need To Stop Expecting From Others

The biggest disappointments in our lives are often unfulfilled expectations. This is particularly expressed in our relationships and interactions with others. Adjusting your expectations of other people will greatly reduce unnecessary frustration and suffering, for yourself and others, and it will help you focus your attention on what’s really important.

It is time to:

1. Stop expecting people to agree with you

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live the life you dream of. Do not let the opinions of others distract you. You are not in this world to meet the expectations of others, nor should you feel that other people live to fulfill your expectations. In fact, the more you approve of your own decisions, the less you will need the approval of anyone else.

stop expecting from others

Dare to be yourself and follow your intuition, no matter how scary or unusual it is. Do not compare yourself to others. Do not be discouraged by their progress or success.

Follow your path and remain true to your purpose. This does not mean that you won’t continue to learn and to explore, but let it happen because you want it.

An ultimate success means that you are living your life happily and the way you want it.

2. Stop expecting others to respect you if you don’t respect yourself

Strength lies in the spirit, not in the muscles. It lies in having faith and confidence in yourself and willingness to act upon it. Decide that you will never ask others for the love, respect and attention that you have for yourself. Continue reading


The Amazing Effects Coconut Oil Has On Your Body!

Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can truly be described as a superfood.

Coconut oil contains a unique combination of fatty acids with great medical properties and fatty triglycerides. Most of the triglycerides in the fatty acids are considered as long-chain triglycerides, but coconut oil is metabolized differently. These triglycerides start going from the liver into the digestive tract where they are used for as a quick energy boost. Countries where coconut oil is consumed are considered as the healthiest places in the world. Continue reading

How To Use Others As Mirrors For Spiritual Evolution

Every relationship you have in your life acts as a mirror to reflect back to you some aspect of yourself that you need to work on.  The thing is, this only works if we are willing to be open to the possibility that what irritates us about others is a reflection of what irritates us about ourselves.

We can go one step further and make the conscious effort to use altercations and confrontations with other people as a mirror for ourselves for spiritual evolution.  When we treat arguments as chances to learn about ourselves and upgrade ourselves instead of treating them as “toxic” things that need to be avoided, we can dramatically speed up our own development.

Here is some key ways to use other people as mirrors for your own spiritual evolution:

1. Listen to what they have to say about you

When someone is telling you something about yourself that makes you feel bad about yourself, there are only two real potential explanations for why they are doing that: They are either fabricating it out of thin air, or it is rooted at least partially in truth.  Chances are, if it is someone who is close to you and who loves you, it is rooted in at least partial truth.

Listen to what they are saying as if it HAS to be true at least in part.  Some of it may be not fully true and can be filtered out, but remember that the goal here is to use them as an opportunity to be a mirror for yourself.  It would be easy to dismiss everything as false once they make a point about you that you don’t agree with, but it’s important to treat other people’s criticisms of you as valuable because they are reporting from a different perspective outside of yourself.

2. See past your defense mechanisms

Your egos job is to protect you, defend you, avoid pain, avoid threats, avoid danger, avoid metal/emotional/physical abuse, and help you avoid predators.  It is an evolutionary mechanism for self-preservation.  When someone starts saying things about you that are mean, make you feel bad about yourself, or challenge your identity, your ego kicks in as a defense mechanism.

It will attempt to invalidate what they are saying, look for counterexamples to what they are saying, or get on the offense and attack them back.  It is your brains job to protect you, but the key here is to administer consciousness into the situation and see past your defense systems and into the core truth of what they are saying.  By identifying with your defense systems and operating from a space of self-protection, you may be missing out on a valuable chance to treat that other person as a mirror for self-improvement.

3. Don’t try to repair your ego

Your ego may come out a bit bruised, as it does every time it has to look at itself in the mirror and be totally honest with itself.  Use your brokenness as motivation for a breakthrough, instead of trying to repair your broken ego by telling yourself a story about how stupid or ignorant the other person was.

Our first instinct when we feel emotionally beat up is to turn inwards and try to repair our own self-esteem and tell ourselves a story to make ourselves feel better, when the best thing to do sometimes is to allow yourself to marinate in your feeling of defeat and find the strength to look beyond your emotions and into any objective truth that lies at the heart of what they said.

Sure, sometimes people are excessively rude, mean, aggressive, or unloving when they try to bring a flaw of yours to your attention, but watch your ego from a distance try to use their rudeness as a reason to dismiss everything they said so it doesn’t have to look at itself.

The next time you are in a conversation with someone and it seems uncomfortable, catch yourself wanting to either defend yourself or dodge the situation. Life is too short to not use every opportunity to upgrade our souls.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”  - Carl Jung

Hope this helps!

Steven Bancarz,

Team Spirit



Becoming the Magus III: The 4 Elements of Your Existence

Becoming the magus is a short article series about the transition between stumbling around in everyone else’s energy and being the creator of your own destiny. You can live your life based on what others tell you to believe, or you can live your life as the creator of meaningful events and experiences of your life. 

To read parts 1 & 2, click HERE and HERE.

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Your quest in realization of your whole self is not a simple one, nor does it come without a great depth of experiences. This is not a journey that starts and ends and you feel the same, but a journey that is not complete without a swelling of great emotion, and burst of thoughts like fireworks, a noticing of a physical change, and even passion ignited in the depth of your heart.

One of the first thing that happens upon departing from “The Fool” (see part 2) is the encounter of the 4 elements. They may appear in a multitude of ways… experiences, people, realizations, feelings, ideas, thoughts. The key is the awareness of all of them, building up a sense of knowing yourself in the areas of Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Creative (light).


Another way of seeing the representations of this energy is your youthful female, your youthful male, your matured female, and your matured male. We contain all of these aspects within us, and just as you can see a person go through these aspects physically (growing from adolescence to mature adult), you can also see it in the maturing of ones thoughts, emotions, and spiritual/creative connection.

TheMagician3Now, becoming the Magician doesn’t necessarily mean becoming fully mature in this moment, and I wouldn’t even say that the point is TO mature, but to become aware of these different parts of you, and nurture all sides of you.

It may even be fair to say that as all cosmic cycles go, your youthful energy will grow and mature, and your mature energy will transcend itself and become youthful again.  Cycling and Spiraling seem to be much more “the point” from my observations anyway.  Continue reading

Seeking Higher Consciousness