Studies Link Getting The Chills While Listening To Music With Empathic Abilities

Music is an amazing tool for both our emotions and consciousness. How many times have you tried to find the perfect song to match what you were feeling that day? The right song at the right time can create a magical feeling not even words can describe. Music can lift us up, it can give us visions of hope and intense realizations; yet it can also make us melancholy, reflective and deeply sad depending on what we listen to.

Music, if we allow it, is almost like a dictator of our emotions. Those goosebumps you get on your arms when you listen to the perfect song is called frisson, French term meaning aesthetic chills. It can feel like a wave of joy running through you. This has actually been called a “skin orgasm” by

The trigger of frission can happen when you’re looking at beautiful art, watching a scene in a movie or creating a connection between another person. Around two thirds of the population feels the sensation of frission; but why do some experience it and others don’t?

This is incredibly interesting: research over the past five decades have indicated that frission happens as an emotional reaction to an unexpected stimuli. It is usually something like music that we expect to sound different than it does.

A perfect example of this is seeing someone go on stage and start singing in a opera beautiful voice, something you were definitely not expecting. This intense and unexpected stimuli makes us react in a more emotional way, for that is our natural state of expressing ourselves. Continue reading


Evidence Shows Ancient Civilizations Like Atlantis and Lemuria Likely Existed

Cultures across the world retain an imprint of advanced spiritual and technological civilizations. These great societies, lost to the sands of time, existed long before our current model of civilization. Many are familiar with the myths of Atlantis, Lemuria, and other lost civilizations. Ancient writings across the world, and across cultures, allude to these long lost kingdoms, and the great cataclysm that wiped them from the face of the earth.

the_lost_city_by_artofjokinen-d30t4s8Yet this memory is much deeper than any literary account available to us today. It is ingrained in our human psyche as a collective and racial imprint. It is no wonder that people, even today, are spellbound and captivated by stories if this ancient mystery. They remain at the forefront of the human mind, despite efforts to discredit them.

Contemporary archaeology has long tried to dismiss such stories as mere fantasy, conjured by the minds of uneducated , and primitive peoples, or to reduce such stories to more recent, localized events. However, clear evidence is beginning to emerge that a great cataclysm occurred around the end of the last age approximately ten thousand years ago, wiping civilization from the face of the earth.

This evidence strongly agrees with the chronology of Atlantis given to us by Plato. Evidence has been found to indicate a meteor strike 12,900 years ago, leading to the rapid melting of the North American ice cap, and what we know as the great flood. Continue reading


Reflexology: The Secret To Balancing Our Qi

How much thought do you really give your feet? They work hard, day after day, and until they start hurting we don’t really think about them at all!

Our feet mirror our general health, and it is believed that certain parts of the foot are linked to other organs and parts of the body. The initial symptoms of conditions like arthritis, diabetes, for example, can show in your feet!

Chinese practitioners have practiced reflexology for over 3000 years! They use it to balance Qi and then treat many conditions. Reflexology helps improve vitality, general wellbeing and promotes healing.

If you are suffering from pain or illness, reflexology could help you, it is the most popular of all alternative therapies.

What is reflexology?
The theory behind it is that we have reflex areas on our feet, which correspond to specific organs or parts of the body other than the feet, the tips of the toes reflect the head while The heart and the chest are around the ball of the foot. The liver, pancreas and kidneys are in the arch of the foot and Lower back and intestines are towards the heel. Continue reading

Praying hands

How to Release Pain Through The Miracle Prayer

Praying is something beyond religion. There is no specific ideology or belief that needs to go with it; it is something that comes from your heart. It doesn’t need to look like anything either, it could be something like a walking meditation or chant. It depends on what you’re trying to create.

When it comes to praying, there are a number of ways you can approach it. Sunset-Prayer-Distance-Healing-e1318216397612

Sometimes however, especially when you’ve got a lot going on in your head, it’s really difficult to get your focus into prayer and meditation. This is pretty normal for most us.

However, letting go of your prayers and regular habits actually makes you feel even worse, because now you have nothing positive going into your system that day, so it’s a double whammy.

Also, on days where you are feeling bad or tumultuous emotions, you expend a lot of energy on the act of trying to repress and ignore those emotions, largely because they’re too sensitive, vulnerable or painful for you to face.

The answer to this conundrum then, is to do a prayer focusing on clarity and easing your mind, rather than a traditional prayer.  Continue reading


Modern Depression Is A Symptom of Our Society

Depression, or Major Depressive Disorder, is the number one cause of disability in the world for people aged 5 years or older. Approximately 1 in 8 children suffer from depression in the United States, and a total of about 14.8 million American adults have been diagnosed with the disorder. That’s a lot of people, and the number is frighteningly high when you consider depression is the main contributor to suicide, which claims more than a million lives per year.

Depression takes the most basic things we find joy in, and hides them away behind the shadows of sadness. Sleep, energy, focus, memory, and even libido are stolen from us. The loss of these simple necessities can destroy a person’s desire to love, play, work, and most notably, their will to live.dealing-with-distress-discouragement-and-spiritual-depression091911

In a recent TED Talk, Stephen Ilardi said, “Depression lights up the pain circuitry of the brain- to such an extent that it’s torment, it’s agony, it’s torture. And many begin to look to death, as a welcome means of escape.”

Ilardi, author of The Depression Cure, explains further to help us to understand what depression really is, what is really causing it, and how to make it really disappear.

Similar to our flight-or-flight response, the brain has what Ilardi refers to as a “runaway stress response.” He believes depression to be the result of prolonged exposure to this specific response. See, when our ancestors were faced with vicious predators or life-threatening dangers, the fight-or-flight response evolved to assist them with these situations. When the fight-or-flight response was answered with a feeling of safety, or security, the brain and body reverted to a state of reduced-stress. This reversion could only take place after the runaway stress response triggered intense physical activity, which could last for a few seconds or a few hours.

“The problem is for many people throughout the Western world, the stress response goes on for weeks, months and even years at a time, and when it does that, it’s incredibly toxic to the body and the brain,” Ilardi said.

The conditions in which we live today are extremely stressful, and this contributes to society’s rapid decline in health. Modern-day life disrupts our brain’s helpful chemicals, like dopamine and serotonin, which can cause sleep deprivation, brain damage, inhibited immune response, and inflammation. This finding led Ilardi to another fascinating discovery: “Depression is a disease of civilization.”sad-man-with-umbrella-walking-in-a-lonely-street-digital-art-artw_preview_e2cd

Just like diabetes, cancer, allergies, and asthma, depression is considered a disease of civilization. Have you ever wondered why these diseases are so pervasive nowadays but were unheard of within indigenous cultures and tribes? It’s because we weren’t meant to live our lives like this- flooding our stress-receptors with trivialities while consuming poisoned food after a long work-day behind a computer screen. Continue reading

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The Milky Way Is Part of Something Much Larger: Scientists Create Map of An 8000 Galaxy-Supercluster

great_attractor.0A Supercluster is a gigantic area of space that is packed full of galaxies; it is one of the biggest structures known to man that exist in our infinitely vast universe.  A team of scientists in based in Hawaii have come up with a unique technique that allows them to map these Superclusters. They created a beautiful simulation of the macrocosm we all exist in.  

The team took up the task of mapping out the movement of around 8000 of our own neighboring galaxies. The giant cluster is known as Laniakea which means ‘immeasurable heaven’ in Hawaiian which I feel is a beautifully appropriate name. The video below documents each step of the remarkable process in mapping out Laniakea. 

This is so mind blowing when you really think about it. When you keep zooming out, you see the milky way is merely a red blood cell in this infinite vein of life. When you get far out enough, it’s like the milky way is just a tiny sector in this insanely larger galaxy. It’s like the galaxy we’re actually in is this supercluster, but to us, the vast amount of space between objects separates us.

What if we could see the macrocosm and the microcosm all at once? We’d see we are simultaneously part of something infinite – both small and large! Take time and space out of the equation and you’ve got the true nature of reality.

Next time someone asks you where you’re from, you can tell them you are from Laniakea; and so are they!

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