5 Reasons Why Libra’s Are The Most Misunderstood Sign

Libra’s are interesting creatures. Every sign has their own quirks and combined with your unique personality, each sign is really specific to you. Libra is the 7th sign in the horoscope, and it is an air sign.

This sign is special because it cares immensely about balance, harmony and justice in the world. There’s something about them that makes them extra sensitive and full of care, even if they don’t show it.

They Are the Balanceryin_yang_city_2_by_dudemansam-d61twxg

The symbol that represents Libra is a scale. They are always trying to get closer and closer to perfection in their lives. Usually, they enjoy the challenge of creating something and adding to it, trying to get it to be more than what it is.

They love beauty and notice the amount of care thats gone into their environment.

Because of the scale-like nature of Libra’s, many of them are one way or the other; black or white; left or right.

Many Libra’s are either incredibly neat in their lifestyle or very messy. Libra’s are considered lazy, but in my experience it’s been the exact opposite.

They Are Perfectionists

Because Libra’s find enjoyment in creating solutions, being a perfectionist is in their nature. Problem solving is one of their favorite past times. They love bringing harmony, understanding and balance to the world, which can sometimes leave them feeling defeated. They take on large tasks usually too big for them to do alone and that’s something they are learning to include other people in.

Their perfectionist nature can make them feel like they are the best for the job, and leave them overwhelmed. Just as everything is, it’s a balancing act for them to include people while still being in a leader position.  Continue reading


These Magical Wooden Rings Each Contain Their Own Miniature World

These rings are something special and very different from your average piece of jewelry, because inside each one is a superbly detailed miniature world. You might be a deep thinker and feel drawn to the midnight forest or perhaps you have an adventurous nature and like the steep canyons. Whatever your personality there will be a magical ring to suit you.

Canadian jeweler Secret Wood has hand-crafted each of these rings using a combination of jewelry resin, fresh wood and bees wax.  What really makes these rings special for me is that each one is different, meaning whatever tiny world you choose , it belongs entirely to you.

TW_MiniatureWorldsWithinRings01_880 TW_MiniatureWorldsWithinRings03_880 Continue reading

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You Know You’re Falling in Love When You Experience These 5 Things

Oh to be young and in love. Or any age for that matter. Love really is a state of being, is a lens to view the world through. One way most of us understand love is through physical, mental and emotional connection with each other.

Feeling that rush of excitement when you first realize you’re falling in love with someone is what we came down to Earth to do: experience.

Is there someone making that space in your heart? You probably already know, you don’t need a list to see if you’re really starting to love someone. For those that might be a bit more shy or this is something new to you, then this is for you!

Your Heart Tightens Around Themclose-eye-contact

Emotions of excitement, joy and sometimes anxiety come from our chest and around our heart.

When you have that mixed feeling of excitement and anxiousness around them, that’s your body directly giving you a physical reaction to just being around their presence.

Fundamentally, everything is energy so you can actually feel their heart field and how they’re feeling if you tap into it.

You Dream About Them

Got someone stuck in your subconscious? Sometimes our dreams bring up weird things. If there’s someone you’ve been thinking about a lot or not trying to think about (which is the same thing), then they are all up in your subconscious! Allow these thoughts and dreams to happen without judgement. Continue reading

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How The Mass Media Is Manifesting the Future of Humanity

Have you ever wondered if its possible to control the future? That is to say, to possess the ability to influence the probability of a potential outcome that has not yet occurred?

If you are thinking no way, you might want to think again.

We’ve learned through the law of attraction that our thoughts directly influence our reality and because the power of thought is so potent, we understand that the more we focus our attention on something, the higher the probability that it will manifest in our lives.

neomatrix Now, lets say we had the ability to place a single thought or idea, into a mass population. What do you propose would be the effectiveness of this? And what would be the best way to do it?

If you guessed media, you are miles ahead of the game.

Thought suggestions via print, television and movies are the best way to implant an idea into the collective conscious and if provided with a large amount of funding, they can really “sell” the probable outcome and the seeding of humankind, thereby giving it a higher chance of shaping our future. Continue reading


5 Ways to Survive & Thrive During Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Mercury Retrograde has become prevalent in pop culture and the media — but what is this astrological event that is said to wreak havoc and cause confusion in your life? Mercury is the planet of communication and thought, influencing how we think, relate to others and even focus our attention.

But when Mercury is traveling retrograde three to four times a year, it can stress people out and lead to misunderstandings and arguments. Technology and machinery breaks down, including everything from cars to computers. Ouch!

On April 28, 2016, Mercury went retrograde for the second time this year, and will continue to backpedal until May 22, 2016. Technically, Mercury isn’t literally moving backward when it’s retrograde — it just appears that way from Earth.

Mercury Retrograde is really an optical illusion, but the effect it has on our lives is very real. And it’s not just the planet’s energy you have to consider — you also have to look at the zodiac sign it’s traveling through, as it takes on the traits of that sign.


This means that the part of your life associated with this sign will get a big reality check.
Currently, Mercury is moving backward through the practical Earth sign Taurus. Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, is associated with money, sensuality, self-esteem, and material possessions. In other words, it is all about worth — including your own self-acceptance.

You could start to question your attachments toward the material side of life, realize your budget needs fine-tuning, or reconsider what you are doing to earn a living. Either way, Mercury Retrograde in Taurus is the time to rethink your finances and identify new ways to change and strengthen your self-worth. Continue reading


How to Build Real Intimacy In A Relationship Through Communication

 Many people don’t communicate enough when they’re in a relationship. Some of them are too attached to the physical that they don’t bother connecting on a mental level; others just don’t want to share how they feel.

Sadly, lack of communication is the main reason relationships fall apart. Partners can’t achieve supreme intimacy when they don’t reveal their desires; and we’re not just talking about what happens in the bedroom. A solid relationship is based on trust, respect and proper communication.


Why is communication so important in relationships?

We’re all aware that communication is all about talking and listening. But it’s not that easy. Communication doesn’t necessarily involve innate abilities. It actually demands specific skills that we must learn and develop in order to understand what our loved one is trying to convey.

no-longer-talking-551x200 Without proper communication, a romantic relationship is bound to fail. How do you connect with someone if you don’t understand them; if you don’t understand what they want or how they feel? It’s simple: you don’t.

Being in a relationship comes with a lot of challenges. At first, it’s all fun and games but after awhile you begin realizing whether or not you want to take that relationship to the next level (move in together, get engaged, get married, have kids, etc.). To do that, you must learn to communicate. Active listening is critical part of the whole communication process. Continue reading

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