No Yard? No Problem. These 66 Plants Are Perfect For Growing In Pots

In no way is growing your own food a bad idea. Pick your soil and seeds carefully and BAM! You have food the way food was meant to be. Great for your health beacuse you by pass the grueling game of GMO’s and pesticides, growing your own food spells health in more subtle ways as well.

Gardening has been shown to increase life spans, fight arthritis and a great way to get a little sun. The mindfulness that goes into on protecting and encouraging life spells wonders for one’s sense of compassion and appreciation for life. The result that speaks to me the loudest though is the flavor. I don’t care how cool your local farmer is, I grew a potato over my kitchen sink and it was a mind boggling medley of flavors.

Sounds great right? You’re probably ready to grow enough food for you and your block right? But like me you don’t even have a yard, so this dream will have to be shelved for another time… Well not today my agricultural dreamer. With a little compromise you can still grow the herb, fruits and veggies you hold dearest!

Before You Start

The strength a meal lies in its preperation. That intention of wholesome productivity can be traced to how its grown. Your local farmer’s market or grocery store will probably have the seeds you desire. If not the internet has got your back. Make sure your getting the strain you prefer and that it is GMO free. As you figure out what you wanna grow look into alternative growing methods. That potatoe I mentioned earlier was grown have submerged in water with no soil. I did add a nutrient blend to the water periodically.

Not every plant will need the same requirements. You might be able to double up plants in ceratin containment methods.
Start with five plant types and now mre than three of each (three tomato plants, three chive stalks, three garlic bulbs, three aloe vera plants, and three oregano plants as an example of the most you should start out with) I know you want to start growing eden in your living room but trust that a small scale increase on what you know you can mange will ensure you don’t kill anything and maximize your harvest.

Fruit Trees

These are great for beginners. Look up the deatils on espaliering, a growing technique for maximizing little spaces.

  1.  Apples

2. Kumquats

3. Avocados (plenty of extra tips online if you search)

4. Blackberries

5. Blueberries (sometimes helpful videos are available online)

6. Pomegranate

7. Cherries

8. Figs

9. Pears

Citrus Fruits

These plants can flourish indoors adding a nice decorative touch to your house or apartment.

10. Dwarf oranges

11. Grapefruit

12. Tangerines

13. Meyer lemons

14. Limes

Tropical Fruits

Bananas (look for container gardening tips online)

16. Pineapple

17. Papaya

18. Guavas (several varieties)

‘Neat’ Options

19. Hops—yes, as in the “spice” ingredient in beer. Turns out they’re easy to grow!

20. Aloe Vera

21. Strawberries

22. Tea (well, herbal tea)

23. Quinoa


24. Tomatoes

25. Summer squash

26. Other squashes, like acorn and pumpkin

27. Hot Peppers

28. Sweet peppers29. Cucumbers


30. Small cantaloupe

31. Jenny Lind melon (an heirloom cantaloupe)

32. Golden Midget Watermelon


33. Basil

34. Oregano

35. Parsley

36. Rosemary

37. Chives

38. Catnip

39. Thyme

40. Sage

41. Parsley


42. Kale

43. Mesclun greens

44. Spinach

45. Swiss chard

46. Lettuces (plenty of options there, from micro-greens to head or loose-leaf)

47. Mustard greens

48. Collard greens

49. Arugula

Root Vegetables

50. Carrots

51. Beets

52. Potatoes

Healthy Options

53. Sprouts

54. More sprouts: mung bean and lentil sprouts

55. Wheatgrass

56. Kohlrabi

57. Turnips

58. Rutabagas

59. Celeriac

60. Parsnips

61. Jerusalem Artichoke

62. Sugar snap peas

63. Rhubarb (not ideal in a container, but it can work)

64. Mushrooms (again, more tips online if you look)

65. Pole Beans

66. asparagus


This Incredible Car Runs On Air And Gets 118 Miles Per Gallon

PSA Peugeot Citreon is a family owned automotive production company known for their excellence in design and forward thinking business plans. They were making bicycles before the standard combustion engine and quickly jumped on the demand for cars.  They have won multiple awards for excellence in manufacturing and design (including European Car of the Year Awards multiple years).  They have made an astounding breakthrough in ecologically aware cars, via a new Hybrid Air engine. The engine combines gasoline with compressed air for a projected efficiency of 118 miles per gallon. It could also run 80 percent of the time off solar power alone.

80 patents have been filed to protect this highly efficient means of transportation. By 2020 the French automotive company hopes to not only installing this engine as a standard feature in France but exporting it to other countries for immediate use. The engine’s design has been funded in part by the French government.

Besides maximizing fossil fuel efficiency and solar energy the engine’s carbon emissions are well below international standards. It emits 69 grams per kilometer which is well below the newly placed European Guidelines limiting emissions to no more than 95 g/km. The standard vehicle in America creates 17.68 POUNDS of CO2 per gallon.

The company condenses the process nicely,

“An innovative combination of tried and tested technologies: a petrol engine, a unit to store energy in the form of compressed air, a hydraulic motor-pump assembly and an automatic transmission working with an epicyclic gear train… The smart control system adapts the operating mode to the driver’s commands and optimizes energy efficiency in three different modes: ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle), petrol internal combustion and combined.”

 Peugeot estimates a 500 million euros to finish developmental and production costs. As of yet no company has come forward to partner with them on this amazing development. Due to financial strains for the company and the project leader leaving the company many consumers and investors are worried about this opportunity slipping into the dust. The companies official stance still follows that everything will work out, they are biding their time and waiting for the opportunity to exploit this unique design. Luckily they have protected their intellectual rights so the ‘ball’ will remain in their court until the game balances out.



UK To Provide 250,000 Homes In Rwanda With Solar Power

Every country in the world is trying to better itself through renewable resources. The initial costs and redesign of energy distribution networks are tremendous and it is difficult to make the initial leap . The African country of Rwanda has started the first major step in securing renewable energy for its ‘Rwanda’s Vision 2020′.

This vision seeks to increase its power generation from 185 megawatts to more than 500 megawatts. It is estimated that Rwanda currently uses 10 megawatts of solar energy. This figure is scheduled for an enormous boost thanks to UK based energy firm Ignite Power.

Ignite Power will be financing the estimated 50 million dollars to bring solar power to 70 percent of households by 2018. This is a fifty percent increase form 2014′s indications of 20 percent. 80 percent of Rwanda’s energy infrastructure currently utilizes biomass (primarily wood). While this may seem staggering, their earlier reformations dropped that figure nearly 100 percent form 2000′s figures. By 2020 government officials would like to see biomass consumption down to 50 percent of its total energy use by 2020.

Ignite Power has been hired by the government to provide 250,000 households with solar power by 2018.
Customers will pay an average of 5 dollars a month in a rent to own model by which they will receive a solar system that will power the house. No set interest rates have been set. For perspective the average person makes 450 Rwandan Francs per hour, which is equivalent to about 60 cents American. So it is questionable how easily the 5 American dollars can be paid by the average family.

It is refreshing and inspiring seeing the international efforts across the globe to correct the ecological damage. I just hope that if these goals are not met the trend will continue. Almost every country is trying something never attempted before. We must expect hiccups. Rwanda’s initiative is an example that makes me proud to be on this planet.


What Type Of Genius Are You? Answer These 5 Questions And Find Out

I was told as a child that the only thing that truly defines genius is the way that a person uses resources to arrive at new conclusions. The older I get the more I find this to be true. Eccentricity can highlight interesting mannerisms, wisdom reveals unique combinations of thought and intelligence is the compiling of raw information.

Genius is the combination of many mental formations, aligned in a manner to maximize the unique way you think, to bring new understandings and solutions to light. It is the sum of your thinking process and comfort ability in enacting By my definition anyone can be a genius, they need only try to effect the world around them. Genius is measured by how well you inspire change. Eventually your suppositions will click and you will start transforming the world around you.

Genius and success are so frequently tied with monetary wealth and fame. This is a shame. The local unsung hero that notices a small need and fill it competently may go unnoticed. People might not even be aware that something was ‘broken’ and so they may not see the ‘solution’. The importance is that the world spins a little easier with out unnecessary oil.
This is a very general definition of genius.

When an individual is examining their strengths, weaknesses, and avenues of influence, a more focused approach helps greatly. It’s hard to believe that a five question test can lead to a more specific breakdown of your potential genius, but its true. The question asks about your preferences in action and the effects resulting from those preferences. Your genius will be generalized into one of four possibilities.

This test will not result in the ‘ultimate answer’ but it will provide an excellent starting position. I have a fair understanding of my patterns of creating change but it was nice to get another validation from new source. It also called to my attention some new combinations of personality I haven’t utilized in a while. In just five clicks you’ll have another tools and explanation to help you be the best genius you can be!


What 2016 Holds For Your Love Life Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The visible planets are moving out of their decade. This movement spells heavy energy dispersion across the board. Find out what it means to you and your friends!


Always the thinker, you are hoping that the Venus Jupiter trine will add a element of mystery to your life. What better experience con prove more mysterious than love? Whether you are single or attached, you can expect a flair of the unusual, complex and unexpected. These are the elements that Aquarius thrives in. Act quickly once you spot this rise and act without precedent! This could impact your romantic affairs till the end of 2016.


Passions are always raging in you dear Aries. This can make it difficult to follow your intuition clearly. To navigate the coming magnetic romantic storm headed your way you’ll need your wits. Follow the energies pulling you towards specific people and actions. They have the content to keep you grinning ear to ear for many moons. The importance of these people and actions aren’t deterred by your relationship status. If your single dive in! If your attached bring them along!


What’s this? When did Cancer’s enter into the limelight, answering so many demands?! You seem to be a social butterfly this month and you should embrace it. You can expect some surprise in a gift, bonus or gift this month. As long as you embrace the positive and optimistic energies surrounding you, the chance will be given to reap on your past generosities. Don’t say no to social invitations this month.


This month can be the perfect time for you to turn over a new leaf, the stars say you take the reigns this month and finish it like a boss. Whether in your professional or personal life, jump out of the standard! Break your rut, and try something new, you may get lucky. The Venus Jupiter trine is known to bless you with protection and luck so go for it!


There are some big decisions coming down on you and if you make the right ones you’ll be set for the rest of the year. The key here will be to listen to your brain not your heart. Past business may still be interfering with your well being. Cut the ties and look to the future, enough is enough. Make the right decision fair Gemini, and do what you need to do to make it work.


The time has come for you to take action and make a decision. The fact that you’ve been circling this person or activity for a while means you want it but your afraid. Don’t pile more regrets on yourself! The stars are acknowledging your rut and giving you the tools to fix it. You have to act first though.


Venus is your ruling planet and look how well it’s getting along with the other visible planets! Ramp up your social and romantic calendar, to take advantage of the social window. The opportunities are abundant in all sections of your life, you need to only acknowledge them. The attached Libra needs to pay more attention to your special someone. Supporting them now will go a long way to your getting your love wishes!


This is the favorite time of Pisces but be careful. There could be past negative energies creeping into your current affairs. Take the time to sort out past business and relationships. This month could be huge for you but you’ll need focus to navigate it.


Jupiter is your ruling body and will prove to be lucky to your endeavors. Keep an open mind as you examine and acknowledge the opportunities in your life. The more open you can be this month the better you will fair. If you’re attached experiment and listen to your partner. If you’re single look for something new and beautiful.


Secrets are the focus this month. You’ve always handled yourself well in relationships and lovers but this month could get a little confusing. Use those natural investigation skills to get to the bottom of what is really going on. This is the month to dig deep emotionally. Use your secrets and the knowledge of others lovingly this month.


Winter is almost over you are chomping at springs bit! With this change you will be more assertive and decisive this month. The impossible seems to be working well for you. Use this to your advantage and ask that favor you’ve wanted. Whether single or attached you can really shape what will happen this year now.


Excitement grips you this month, making this a very enjoyable month for you. Whether attached or single your objective looks the same. Spread that love to everyone you can! The stars have blessed you with an abundance of positive feelings and lucky energies. Don’t get weighed down by the petty or mundane. This can be a truly magical month if you keep everything on an even playing field.


Check Out These Incredible Ancient Sunken Cities

Some secrets of humanity’s ancient past will remain forever lost to us. Then again, some might be hidden underneath the vastness of Earth’s oceans.

The ebb and flow of our planetary waters has swallowed up some notable ancient structures. Current ocean surveying technology has allowed us to explore much of the sea floor, leading to discoveries that have helped shape what we know about civilizations of the past.

Ancient City Of Lord Krishna

Off the coast of India in the Arabian Sea near the historic city of Dwarka lies a large lost city, thought to be the mythical ancient city of Lord Krishna. Archaeologist Dr. S.R. Rao was tasked with finding evidence for the lost city, and in 2001 his quest came to fruition with this discovery of ruins that predate the subcontinent’s oldest archaeological sites by at least 5,000 years.

Remains such as pottery, sections of wall, and human bones have been carbon dated and found to be roughly 9,500 years old. Author Graham Hancock, expert on ancient civilizations, told BBC: ”There’s a huge chronological problem in this discovery. It means that the whole model of the origins of civilization with which archaeologists have been working will have to be remade from scratch.”


In the waters off the coast of Egypt near Alexandria are the ruins of what is believed to be the lost royal quarters of Cleopatra. It is thought that earthquakes from around 1,500 years ago cast this structure into the sea. What is notable about this site are the gorgeous intact sculptures and other artifacts, and the possible location of Cleopatra’s tomb.


These pyramidal structures lying in waters off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan were accidentally discovered by a dive tour guide some years ago. There is no evidence of what caused these ruins to sink, so it is thought that they were erected between 8-12,000 years ago when the sea level was lower. There is some controversy, though, as the forming process would have required tools not previously thought to be available to the Jomon, the prehistoric inhabitants of Japan to whom this structure was given credit.


Seeking Higher Consciousness