Who are you really? Discover the real you with these inspiring words from Alan Watts

“You are something the whole universe is doing in the same way a wave is something the whole ocean is doing.” -Alan watts

Alan Wilson Watts was a British-born philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known as an interpreter and popularizer of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. He was profoundly influenced by the East Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Buddhism, and by Taoist thought, which is reflected in Zen poetry and the arts of China and Japan.


The Secret To Awakening

i1If you’re like most people, you live almost entirely in your mind. There’s a constant internal dialog going on, the mind always talking to itself. “I need to do this…”, “What if that…”

As soon as one thought is finished, another pops up. This is going on non-stop, so much so that really paying attention to all these thoughts would start to drive you nuts, so all the thinking starts getting pushed into the unconscious where it goes on automatically, habitually.

This is dangerous though, and the fact that nearly everyone else is doing it too doesn’t make it any less so. Your thoughts influence enormously how you perceive your world. In new age jargon, this is the “you create your reality”.  Continue reading


How To Transcend The Perception of Separation

lucid dreams - spiritual awakeningHow do you communicate Oneness to people who believe they’re separate?

It’s an interesting challenge with no simple answer. I’d like to share the joy of Oneness with everyone, but I have to appeal to their illusion of separation to even begin communication. It makes things rather complicated and confusing to switch back and forth between these different perspectives.

For instance, we talk about Source Being Everywhere and Everything, but then we also talk about reaching Source. Do you see the problem there? It’s a contradiction, though a better word for it would be paradox. How can you reach what’s already everywhere? You don’t, and “reaching Source” is simply a shift in perspective. A realization of Source’s omnipresence.


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5 Ways To Help Save Mother Earth

Although most of us are well aware of the damage that our lifestyles are doing to the planet, there is still so much we can do to reduce the amount of waste and consumption in the world today.  We tend to get into the habit of living as though we have unlimited resources, and the planet suffers as a result.  Mother Earth is so gentle, beautiful, and full of magic.  The least we can do is do our part at an individual level.

For most of us, the majority of our food comes in packaging that gets thrown away, and though some of it is recyclable, much of it is not.  Our mailboxes are filled with unnecessary credit card applications and advertisements that often just get thrown away, even though we don’t need or want them.  Our cars still burn gasoline when electric and hydrogen cars are already available, and we are chopping down the lungs of this planet (rainforests) at an alarming rate.  Everywhere we look, we see waste.

The following list contains a few helpful things that we can do for our Mother Earth.  If we all enforced these 5 micro lifestyle changes into our daily lives, the world would start to improve over night.

1) Buy organic

Organic farming is done without the use of toxic pesticides, and is done mostly with non-GMO seeds.  Not only are these alterations and chemicals dangerous for you, but they are also dangerous for the planet.  When pesticides get into the soil, the leak into our water supplies tampering with our drinking water.  Animals other than insects are also poisoned by the pesticides, impacting the entire ecosystem.

2) Use reusable Bags

Buying a reusable bag can save hundreds of plastic bags per year per person.  In fact, approximately 1 trillion plastic bags are used and discarded each year.  If millions of people were reducing the production and disposal of hundreds of plastic bags a year each, that would make a huge difference.  It also sends a message to the other shoppers that being Earth conscious isn’t so hard after all.

3) Stop eating animals

This may make some people uncomfortable, but leaving the moral issue aside, it is the most environmentally destructive industry on the planet.  Yes, eating meat is a personal choice. But it’s not a good personal choice.  In fact, its the most destructive personal choice you could make.  Let’s look at some facts.  We are normally taught that to reduce our carbon footprint, we should ride bikes more and walk when we can.  But does this really make a difference? According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions. That’s more than all cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, and trains combined. It’s also a leading cause of methane production and is responsible for 65% of all nitrous oxide in the air, a greenhouse gas which is almost 300 times more destructive than CO2.

70% of all freshwater in the world is being used as drinking water for livestock and to grow feed for them, resulting in 34-75 trillion gallons of freshwater used annually.  Only 5% of all freshwater is used by private homes. It takes, on average, about 660 gallons of freshwater to produce just one hamburger.  That’s the same amount of water that is used for two months of showering!

Ever wonder where all of the cow and pig waste goes? 130 times more animal waste than human waste is produced in the US each year, which has already puled 35,000 miles of rivers in the US.  It’s also a waste of space that we could use to grow food for people and building housing, as 45% of the earths entire landmass is occupied for livestock purposes.

75-90% of all deforestation is caused by animal agriculture, to graze livestock and grow feed for livestock.  In fact, over 130 million acres of rainforest, the lungs and life of our planet, have been clear-cut so that we can eat meat.  At the current rate, it is about 1 acre per second.  Animal agriculture is therefore not only the leading cause of deforestation, water waste, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, it’s also the leading cause of animal habitat loss and species extinction.

The list of environmental impacts caused by the meat and dairy industry is endless, and not consuming meat remains the number one way you can help save the planet.  A person who follows a vegan diet produces half of the CO2 emissions, 1/11th of the oil, 1/13th the water, and 1/18th the land compared to those who consume meat. An easy way to save the rainforests, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, end water pollution, and save 1000 gallons of fresh water a day is to choose a veggie burger over a meat burger.  Plus, killing 6 million animals every hour worldwide when we don’t need to is not being very kind to Mother Earth and the beautiful life it created.

This is by far the most destructive industry on the planet. But the good news is, it’s an easy fix!  Less meat, mock meat, or no meat is all it requires to make the biggest difference you could possibly make.

4) Purchase “green” cleaning and beauty supplies

Buying non-toxic cleaners made with nature ingredients is a good way to cut back on our environmental impact.  If we can buy products made from biodegradable materials and recycled materials, all the better. All natural soaps, shampoos, and make-up products are also available, and are much healthier for your skin.  You can rest assured that the companies you give your money to are making an effort to do their part in protecting the environment.

5) Plant trees and gardens on your property

Help add more foliage to our planet.  If everyone in the US planted just 1 tree, that would be an extra 318 million trees helping to clean our air. Not only are plants beautiful to look at, they provide oxygen to our planet.  And why not plant an apple tree or pear tree and eat organic fruit from it each year?

These 5 ways to help save mother earth are all very practical and make a massive positive impact.  To help save our planet, we have to look at Gaia as a beautiful creative force that gave rose to both you and me.  If we look at the planet as a randomly evolved rock filled with randomly evolved lifeforms, we may not feel as compelled to change our actions as we would if we understand Earth as a divine expression.  Life is so beautiful.  Let’s do our part to take action and preserve it.

Thanks for reading!

Steven Bancarz,

Team Spirit


The Illusion of The Astral Dimension

DigitalLightBeings1The astral realm can be a rather complicated place, and as such it has many different names. It’s called 4D, the mental realm, the void, limbo, purgatory, and it’s where all the religious heaven/hells “exist.”

The astral realm can be anything you believe, your preconceptions influence it enormously. You want to see shining cities of light, you’ll see that, if you want to see hellish realms, you can see that too. If you approach the astral with fear, it can become a nightmare.

Your own thoughts are projected onto the astral, kind of like a movie screen. If you’ve ever had a lucid dream, this is exactly what’s happening. You’re in your own little part of the astral realm, and you can make it into whatever you choose.


The astrals are a realm playing with illusions. It’s largely an imitation of the physical realm as it can be a huge distraction on the path back to Source, and people often get caught up in the astral realm.  There are many who believe they’ve reached 5D, but never actually raise above the upper astral. They have these preconceptions of what 5D is supposed to look like, and the astral realm becomes those preconceptions.

The inability to get past the astral realm is what keeps people trapped in the cycle of reincarnation. If Consciousnessdoesn’t raise up to 5D, they get caught in the cycle and get another chance to learn the lessons they missed in the previous incarnation.

The mind cannot raise above the upper astral, as the mind itself is an astral entity. Consciousness can go anywhere, but the mind cannot get to 5D.


You cannot think or believe yourself to 5D, this is why we put so much emphasis on going beyond the mind. This is why the whole practice of meditation focuses upon stilling the mind, so the Being can witness something More.

5D doesn’t create memories either, 5D is either part of your Present Moment or you’re missing it. You many create memories about 5D, but they’re always pale reflections of the Reality. In fact, even memories of the physical realm are very limited since your perception is so limited. You see only a teeny tiny part of what’s really happening, and on top of that your mind interprets that tiny part into a mentalknowing to create a memory. It’s just a one-sided story a long ways removed from the fullness of the actual experience.

True freedom doesn’t exist in the physical realm, nor does it exist in the astral. Freedom in it’s purest state transcends concept altogether.



6 Questions To Ask Yourself As You Experience An Awakening

Awakening is a process that some would say that never really ends.  It’s more a journey than it is a destination.  If we live in an infinite universe, the process of fully awakening to all of it would be an infinite process.  So it is likely that there are no fully “awakened” souls, but rather those who are in the process of awakening.

Until all of life’s lessons have been learned, awakening can be spoken of as an ongoing process.  Chances are, if you are reading this article then you are on your way down this path.  Here are 6 questions to ask yourself and reflect on.  Some may speak to you and your experience, and others may not.  But the important part is to keep striving for higher consciousness, and to be willing to fall short sometimes in order to learn how to improve.

1) Do you question the nature of reality?

Do you think about how everything came to be ? Awakening souls often ponder their own origins, life after death, and the meaning of existence.  They may not have all of the answers, but it is the interest in the nature of reality that is a telltale sign of a soul that is undergoing the awakening process.  The important part is not always to have the answers.  Carrying around a sense of wonder and mystery is what breeds true transformation.

2) Are you moving in the direction of your dreams?

Are you engaged in some kind of activity that brings out your passion? Do you have work, hobbies, sports or relationships that are inspiring and that bring out your inner fire?  Someone who is not experiencing an awakening will think that living a life that makes you happy is wishful thinking.  Just go to school, and pay the bills.  Those who are awakening find it necessary to follow what makes them come alive inside, even if it means making sacrifices.

3) Do you feel love and compassion for humanity?

The process of awakening is one of realizing that we are all interconnected.  When you feel this connection with the world around you, it becomes harder to be judgmental, mean, and cruel.  Those who are awakening are less likely to judge, criticize and compete with others, and frequently choose to lift others up over cutting them down.

4) Do you question what you’ve been taught in school and by the mainstream media?

 Those who haven’t begun to awaken rarely question the information they are taught in school and the stories that they hear on the news.  A soul who is in the process of awakening starts to see through the veils of delusion that the system has pulled over our eyes, and begins to question and lose interest in what mainstream media has to say.  They may get called “conspiracy theorist”, but in reality, they just have a good bullsh*t detector.

5) Are your actions guided by your own moral compass?

So many people believe matters of moral acceptability are made objective by what the legal system has to say about it.  For those who are asleep, right and wrong are often judged by what is illegal, what is unpopular, or what is natural.  An awakening soul usually measures moral dilemmas carefully, and pays attention to all of the grey areas in between.  Their choices reflect their intuition and their own sense of rationality, instead of reflecting the rulebook their culture has handed to them.

6) Have you experienced “the oneness”?

Experiencing the “oneness” is a profound experience, where we literally feel as if we are connected to everything in the universe.  Our ego dissolves, and we step into our universal identity. It’s a hugely transformational sensation that not everyone will experience, but if you have experienced it you will know exactly what it is like.  Once you experience this oneness, something inside you remains permanently activated.

Though not all awakened souls will experience all of these things mentioned above, they will likely experience at least a few of them.  The awakening process is different for different people, but when it comes down to it, we are all souls.  We all live on the same planet.  We all have bodies, minds, and egos.  This is why the majority of awakening signs are so universal.

There is no reason to judge yourself or others based on how “awake” you or they may be.  Everyone is doing what they can from their level of consciousness.  Encourage them, guide them, and provide them with the wisdom and knowledge they may need to step into a higher version of themselves.  When we stop allowing our egos to try to take credit and gain recognition for spiritual awakening is when we will realize we are all on the same team, and that its our job to offer what we can to others to assist them on their journey.

Thanks for reading!

Steven Bancarz

Team Spirit

Seeking Higher Consciousness