3 Ways To Survive Mainstream School As An Indigo Child

A lot of you will be able to relate to this one.

Bullying in school isn’t something new, and it’s time we have a different perspective on it.Happy school children playing tug of war with rope in park

The design of the educational system, teachers that don’t care and restless kids are all factors in a negative school experience. My elementary school experience was extremely brutal, but it something that shaped me. I was bullied quite harshly – but at the same time I was also very mean to those around me. It was an ebb and flow of energy I did’t understand as a child.

Many children nowadays are more insightful, wise and sensitive than ever before. It’s easy to go to a school where at least a few kids won’t understand you – and therefore judge you. If you consider yourself an indigo child, or just someone who doesn’t seem to fit in – this is for you.

Everyone has their own unique qualities that make them who they are – but if you find yourself not relating to those around you, there may be something about your perspective that makes you different.

If you’re not easy to conform, if you question things and keep asking why in life, this can separate you from others. A gap of curiosity can form between you and those who don’t seem to care. Those who are too wrapped up in the latest trends, celebrity gossip or trivial matters will seem at the opposite end of the spectrum of you. This doesn’t mean they aren’t insightful or unique – it’s just their perspective.

If you feel part of something bigger, like there’s a fundamental misunderstanding in this world and you’ve come here to figure it out – this is for you.

Surround Yourself With Those Who Understandgroup of friends

Creating support structures in your life is vital at any age. We are naturally social creatures who live in communities together. Continue reading


Indigo Children: Are We Misdiagnosing And Treating Them With ADHD Medication?

For decades, drugs have been the go to for parents who think they have a child with ADHD. Too many children grow up being synthetically forced to align with the general expectations of schools and psychologists in the last few decades; one wonders how different our generation of 25-35 year olds could have been.


A group of American psychologists now claim to have a completely different theory on why children may display what was once coined “ADD and ADHD”. They now claim that these children may in fact posses what some deem to be “supernatural powers.”

In reality, an indigo child is someone who is more sensitive, aware and naturally insightful than other children. It has nothing to do with being more special or unique than anyone else; it is just their perception of reality.

Vice did a documentary on Indigo children, and to be expected, it wasn’t very open minded. Vice is a great media source, but when it comes to spirituality, they aren’t as open to it.

Vice’s Gavin Haynes traveled through New York to potentially meet Indigo Children born in the 90′s. He wanted to understand more about them, how they feel and how their perceived psychic gifts have affected them.


While on this journey, Haynes encounters a mother and daughter duo who perform a full holistic dentistry examination, has his aura read and meets the Indigo rap duo “The Underachievers” who preach Indigoism as a way of life.

This documentary is interesting and informative even though it sways from being objective. It’s clear the narrator thinks the idea of indigo children is mostly a joke and can’t see the bigger picture. It’s both frustrating and interesting to watch, as he casts a subtle judgement on those who claim to be indigo. Continue reading


The Real Dangers of Being Surrounded By WiFi 24/7

The world we live in is changing every day, technology is evolving with exponential speed, while humanity is slowly waking up. But are we being cradled back to sleep again by the ‘Smart-grid’ that is covering our world?

The world has never been so instant, we are one e-mail, Whatsapp or Skype-call away from being in contact with a person on the other side of the planet.


Yet the communication through screens make us forget to interact with the people who are close by. Not only that, we are being distracted of what is going on around us, by being entertained with the newest gadgets -smart-phones, smart-watches, tablets, laptops, and things we’re told are important to buy.

These technologies all have one thing in common: they all use WiFi.

It is absolutely crucial if you need to be in touch with all your Facebook friends or if you need to look up the newest trends online.

So have you ever thought about the consequences for having all these technological tools in your house? What is the effect of being surrounded by WiFi 24/7?

All these technological gadgets project radiation, specially the smart-phones. It is not in big quantities, though all the small amounts accumulate. Continue reading


What Does it Mean to Be An Outgoing Introvert? Here Are The 5 Common Traits

What does it really mean to be an introvert?

Many of us consider ourselves both an introvert and extrovert depending on our surroundings. Which one is more dominant for you? And which one do you find yourself struggling with?

The classic trait of being an introvert isn’t necessarily being shy, but not getting as much energy from interacting with those around you. When you get down to it, studies actually show that has to do with our brains. Introverted people have less dopamine released when they interact with people.

 ”A 2012 study completed by Randy Buckner of Harvard University discovered that introverts tended to have larger, thicker gray matter in their prefrontal cortex — a region of the brain that is linked to abstract thought and decision-making — while extroverts had less gray matter.”

You Get Less Energy From Peopletwo-young-females-talking-to-each-other

Many of us have combinations of introverted and extroverted traits within us. One of the most common traits of an introvert is getting less energy from interacting with people. To certain degree, we all have this. Some people can go to a party and talk to almost anyone, enjoying light conversation with no specific outcome.

Many introverts enjoy deep, more involved conversations that take more energy, so they don’t start them in the first place.

To have simple and shallow conversations can take way more energy than it should. It takes energy to seem interested when you’re not and to keep a level of poise when you’re not completely comfortable with the person you’re talking to.

You Want To Be Around People… But You Also Don’t

travel-alone-1This is something many of us experience if we’re around people that we don’t necessarily like. Continue reading


Resources For The Sensitive: Courses For Healing & Shifting

These are free resources that should help you no matter your emotional or mental state. No accounts, no strings…. these resources are simply here to help.

Free Mirrors of Relationship Resources

The Mirrors of Relationship is complete DIY diagnostic and healing tool. There are free and paid resources off this page.

The Shifting Basics

1. Go Ape

To release shock & trauma and stop the flow of stress chemicals in your body. 

2. BodyTalk Cortices Tapping Continue reading


Soul Mates Are Actually Our Soul Mirrors – Here’s Why:

“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.”
– Elizabeth Gilbert


I remember when I was in my 20′s and still held onto the misconceived romantic notion of a “soul mate.”

You know the one: one day you will meet the man or woman of your dreams and they will fix all of your broken pieces, thereby making you complete.  That concept is wildly inaccurate, in regards to what an actual soul mate really is- a mirror.

When we believe there is another person who can make us whole, we are ineffectually calling ourselves “incomplete,” and we are anything but that.  We have the power within ourselves to achieve that oneness; we really mustn’t try to find the answers to our problems in another.

By thinking we are only halves meant to become whole, we are in fact searching for others who see themselves as halves as well. But what does this accomplish? If you feel like a shattered spirit, then you probably attract the same .

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