11:11 – The Signs of the Planetary Shift

I’ll bet that if I asked publicly how many people saw 11:11 regularly, we’d probably see a huge sea of hands popping up all over the place. Its pretty common nowadays, there’s something to it, and its about time we decoded it. 

In case you answered that you’ve never seen 11:11, I would remind you that you’re reading a blog about it right now. Welcome to the beginning of your 11:11 synchronistic voyage.  

There was a time only a few years ago when I hadn’t heard a thing about 11:11. It was brand new to me, until it wasn’t anymore. Interestingly enough, my 1111 synchronicities started right around the time when I began learning about a planetary shift of consciousness… The Shift.

I started seeing 11:11 everywhere. Not just on clocks, but license plates, billboards, phone numbers, random pieces of paper I would come across or on websites on the interweb while I floated about in the digital realm… What was the deal? 

Before I really started to explore numerology, I did some googling and found that it was relatively common. So much so, here’s something Uri Geller wrote about it:
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The secret to happiness is to stop setting goals

Yes you read that right.  The secret to attaining happiness is to stop setting goals.  Now I am not saying to stop having logical directions in your life I am just asking that you take a moment to consider some of the wise words of Alan Watts before proceeding on your journey.

What are we in such a hurry for? Each year of school, each grade, promotion and job. Step by step all the way up to what? What happens when you get there?

climbing-the-career-ladderWhat are you going to do when you get to where you are going? Well if you are anything like most people you are going to be so focused on the next thing that you will barely notice that you accomplished anything at all.

You will probably not rest or congratulate yourself on your hard work because you will be so focused on the next hill to climb or the next goal in life.

I dare you to stop what you are doing right now and focus on where you are right now in life. I challenge you to look at your journey and all of the things you have over come. Even just becoming an adult appeared to be something completely out of reach at one point in many of our lives.

Just take a moment and realize how far you have come and the amazing journey you are on.

Stop-And-Smell-The-Roses1It is ok to slow down and enjoy the moment. Perhaps you have heard someone advise you to stop and smell the roses?

Would it be so bad to flow with your life instead of being so ridged? How often have you planned out a whole year only to find that you ended up in a whole new direction that you could have never foreseen? If you are anything like me that happens to you every year.

It takes practice but we can all learn to trust the flow of our lives and create a lot more joy and fulfillment then we ever imagined was possible. We just need to stop trying to force things to happen.

That is why I recommend you think about what Alan said and look ahead to where you are going before you set your next goal.

Thank you for reading,

Spirit Team


Secrets to killing worry and becoming psychic

One of the most vicious circles that we deal with today is worry. We have a stressful event in our life and we begin to worry. Then because we are aware of the health issues that stress cause we are suddenly worried about being worried.

distractedHow do we deal with worry? Well it appears that most of the time we avoid it. We distract ourselves with electronics, games, people, hobbies, ect…

What are we really running from? Is it possible that we are addicted to distraction?


Check out what the philosopher Alan Watts said about worry and how to deal with it.

I know what you are thinking, the secret to stopping the worry is to stop thinking? That has never been the answer to anything in life before. Perhaps that is why it is so powerful, no one would think to stop thinking.

Many people have found that in order to live powerful lives they must train their minds to quiet down. They must learn to live and focus on the now. We have made videos about this concept before that you might remember in the Panic to Freedom Program.  

When you take the time to meditate and slow everything down you begin to have a much higher sense of awareness.  Even though you are thinking less thoughts you are actually more aware of your environment and the people around you.   With practice you will begin to realize things about your everyday life that you were blind to before because your mind was distracting your attention.


You may become so aware that you will come across as perceptive as Sherlock Holmes or even psychic to people around you.  For you it will be “Elementary” but to them it will appear almost magical.

Just like Alan says; you cannot stop thinking by trying to stop thinking.  That doesn’t work.  Instead begin some basic meditations where you focus on your breathing and try to only see, feel, smell and think about what is going on in the room around you.  Tell yourself that nothing else exists.

Another thing that helps some people is to pick one thing, maybe a crystal or flower, and put your whole attention on it.  Focus on it until nothing else exists in your minds awareness except you and that object.

waiting in lineSometimes I hear people say that they are too busy to practice such things.  I understand, life is very crazy and chaotic at times.  That is why it is so important that we find those moments, perhaps waiting in line, to remind ourselves to practice.

You dont have to be home, or in a quiet space to begin quieting your mind.  Do it at work, do it in meetings, do it when listening to people speak.  Take a deep breath and focus only on that exact moment.  Then look around you and see what you see.  And let us know how it goes.

Thank you for reading,


Spirit Team


What can you possibly learn from a child?

Why is it that whenever we see children our first instinct is to try and teach them something?  How to think, how to live, how to play, how to work, the lessons go on and on.

Child-awestruck-face1Once they are barely old enough to write, many children start attending school. Education becomes the central point of the young persons life. They are conditions to the rules and regulations of modern society and mentally conformed to our left-brain way of being, and a lot of the freedoms that the child was born with are trained out of them.

Now, i’m going to leave the moral discussion about our modern education out of this discussion, but the core idea here is something that’s rather interesting to observe.  Perhaps in this world, where all things are contained in their opposites, there is something that we can learn from children, just as we feel so strongly that they have something to learn from us.

Perhaps the wisdom we are searching for has been right in front of us this whole time.

Check out this video of Alan Watts speaking about the deep wisdom of Youth.

“I wonder what they will have to teach us!” -Alan Watts
“Wisdom comes from the bottom up!” -Alan Watts

What can we learn from the simple and enthusiastic world of a child?  How can we bring the magic of childhood back into our lives and learn wisdom all over again?

Perhaps there is a way for us to relight the inner fire and see the world again through youthful eyes.

Much love,

Team Spirit

A child's imagination by ShaneGallagher

A child’s imagination by ShaneGallagher


Is this all just a Dream?

What if this life and existence was all just a dream? Lets take a moment to explore this idea, let it dance around inside you.

What if each time you died you then picked a new dream? What if you could dream whatever dream you wanted to? Would you pick a new reality? Would you become a Jedi of the republic, or a wizard alongside Harry Potter? Or would you be right here where you are right now?

Alan Watts paints in his beautiful way the possibilities that lie within us and the unlimited creative potential. If time only exists here then there is unlimited time to experience everything you can imagine. Check it out!

Thank you for watching.

Please let us know in the comments what you would like to create with your dream.

Much love,
Team Spirit

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