Free Yourself from the Past

Our past need not dictate our present and certainly not limit our future. We can truly be free. The trick is to live life fully in the present and not allow the past to control what we do now.  But how do we do that?

imagesAlan Watts uses the example of a boat to explain the impact the past has on this moment.  The wake of a ship is like the past, we remember it but over time the wake fades back into the ocean.   The wake doesn’t determine where the boat will sail it simply shows where it has been.

Check out this video where Alan explains why blaming our past is an excuse to avoid really living.

Alan Watts Talks about how allowing the patterns of your past to control your current decisions is living your life completely backwards.  Spending all of our time talking about and focusing on the past is a distraction technique to avoid living in this present moment and demonstrating something different.

Multiple_teens_texting_copyOften we are addicted to distractions; our electronics, thoughts, the past, fear in the media, money, and our emotions.  We chase shadows and hide truth from ourselves.  We are the ones to keep ourselves stuck in life.  We hold ourselves back when we become defensive, when we ignore our feelings, when we hide from the truth, and when we allow the past to control us.

The most powerful thing we can do is define our life by what we are doing right now in the present moment.  What projects are you working on?  What are you doing to better your life and live your dreams?  What are you doing to help the world around you and leave a powerful legacy?

If you don’t know where to begin ask yourself Why am I here?  What is your life purpose?  What would I do in my life if nothing held me back?

115If you know what those things are then consider this the sign you have been looking for begin living, right now.

For those of you living your life in powerful motion, consider sharing your story with the world.  Put videos on youtube or start a blog.  Maybe your wake will cause powerful motion and inspiration in someone elses life!

Teach by example, show us in your everyday actions who you are and who you are becoming.  Use the power of synergy and empower the people around you to live their lives in the now aswell.

Let us know in the comments what you are going to do right now to change your entire life!

With all my love,


Spirit Team

PS. When you seek freedom, others may not know what you are doing and caution you to ‘play it safe’.  Become free anyways!  Check out this Patch Parable about letting go and becoming free!


3 Awakening Animated Movies



This movie was the epitome of my childhood. The story behind this movie is unreal. It’s all about the struggle the humans created from all the pollution and destruction we bring to the world. The protagonist is a magical little fairy named Krista who is in the midst of practicing her magic, which is to help nature grow.

An evil spirit-type-pollution-cloud-guy named Hexus is released from a tree he’s been trapped in and immediately sets off to destroy Ferngully! He gains strength through controlling a tree cutter which was the thing that let him loose in the first place.

In the end, the only way Hexus can be trapped once again is when all the fairies come together and use their magic to grow roots around him, and trap him once again.

The moral of this story is that humans are not in alignment with the earth. We create machines to cut down trees, when we should be living in them! If you haven’t seen this movie, the artwork is stunning and the message is truly beautiful.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire


Need I say more? I like how accurate this movie is to the ‘legend’. The lost people of atlantis use crystal technology that is activated just by putting their palms on it! In the movie, the race of Atlantean’s have lost the information of who they really are, so they don’t have access to all their amazing technology until the explorers find them.

The crew of explorers, are of course, evil in the end and are doing it for money. The captain ends up betraying his team once he gets the riches he was looking for.

In the end, it doesn’t turn out so good for him so all is well. The main character, Milo, ends up staying in Atlantis with his new found love. There was a second movie that I watched the first ten minutes of until realizing it’s not anywhere as good. This movie is seriously inspiring, I love how Disney made a movie out of it.

Treasure Planet


The animation style of this movie is incredible! It combines 3D with drawing in a beautiful galaxy wide adventure. The universe in this movie is so magical. The story follows a young teenager named Jim, who gets his hands on a very desired map that leads him to the infamous treasure planet.

He befriends a cyborg who goes through an internal struggle of wanting to do the right thing, but is suppose to be helping the bad guys.

His attachment to Jim, in the end, overrides his greed and they find treasure planet. (just before setting off an alarm and blowing the entire place up.)

The moral of this story shows that connection between friends always wins in the end, and everyone can get what they want!


Ascend Academy: The Way of the Sentinel pt. 3

Click here for Part 1 and Part 2


After applying all of the passive protection techniques, the Sentinel will be very well protected against pretty much anything attempting to harm them without limiting their perception.  However, there is still a very small possibility that you may encounter a hostile entity, energy, or thought form.

This may be due to an overzealous psychic attack, the prolonged projection of self-defeating negative thoughts, an extremely rare circumstance involving your family’s genealogy, or coming into contact with an already afflicted person you are attempting to spiritually protect.

Whatever the cause, you will be ready to deal with the hostile force in a safe, efficient, and direct manner through the use of these techniques.  As a Sentinel, this is what you are here to deal with.  If you resonate with this path you already have all the tools you need within your spirit, as you came here for this reason.  Now it’s time to teach you how to use those tools.

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Could Social Pain be more Intense than Physical Pain?

Is it possible that social pain, emotional pain and being alone can have just as powerful an impact on the pain centers of your mind as physical pain?

il_matt“Neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman explains that through his studies he’s learned that our kryptonite is ignoring the importance of our social superpowers and by building on our social intuition, we can make ourselves smarter, happier, and more productive. In this TEDx Talk, Lieberman explores groundbreaking research in social neuroscience that reveals that our need to connect with other people is even more fundamental than our need for food or shelter and that the social pain and pleasure we experience has just as much impact as physical pain and pleasure.” -Ted Talk

Check out this amazing TED Talk about our social superpowers.

Wow did you hear that?  Even basic pain relievers have the same pain relief with social or emotional pain as it does with physical pain!

200891711How could this knowledge impact the way we treat others and the way we treat ourselves?  Maybe the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me” is more incorrect than we ever imagined before.

Being aware of the pain we cause in others when they are ‘left out‘ could dramatically change how we treat others.  Perhaps now we can feel a sense of relief knowing that we arent crazy for feeling hurt.  We can actually be in real pain when we are separated, isolated and alone.

Chemistry Teacher with Students in ClassAnother fascinating thing about this talk is the part about learning.  Understanding our social powers can be the key to learning, being productive, being successful and having the ability to change the world.  When we learn a topic with the intent to teach it to someone else we learn it much better than if we only learn it to take a test.  Our drive for connection has a greater impact than our desire for high test scores.

CustomIt is crucial that we learn these skills and recognise the endless connections between ourselves and the people around us.  We are all one, we all have an impact on the world around us.  Let us move forward with love and understanding for ourselves, and everyone we come in contact with.

Thank you for reading,


Spirit Team

Healing_Herbs.jpg 175kb

8 Magic Healing Herbs



(Calendula officinalis)


Uses: Calendula has long been used to relieve inflammation of the mouth, throat, and stomach; popular as a topical cream or ointment to relieve rashes and irritation and to help heal wounds.


(Salvia officinalis)

Uses:  Helps with sore throat, cough, and colds; recognized in Germany as a treatment for excessive sweating; studies show it can help reduce menopausal hot flashes and night sweats. When burned, it’s popular for cleansing houses of negative energy.


(Thymus vulgaris)


Uses: Highly regarded for relieving coughs, colds, and congestion; rich in volatile oils that have significant antimicrobial and antispasmodic activity

Horse Chestnut

(Aesculus hippocastanum)

Horse Chestnut

Uses: Seed extracts shown to be highly effective for treatment of varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency (blood pools in lower leg veins after standing or sitting); topical gels can reduce swelling and tenderness due to injury.


(Nepeta cataria)

Uses: Soothes an upset stomach; reduced anxiety and tension. It is also smokeable to create a calming, euphoric feeling. (Just don’t make your cat jealous)


(Sambucus nigraS. canadensis)


Uses: Elderberry flowers have been valued as a remedy for colds and fever for centuries; fruit extracts have been shown to have significant antiviral activity, especially against the flu.


(Allium sativum)








Uses: Potent antimicrobial; often used to combat colds, ease sinus congestion, and stave off traveler’s diarrhea. Studies show that regular use can help gently lower blood pressure.


(Panax quinquefoliusP. ginseng)


Uses: Helps relieve and prevent mental and physical fatigue; shown to reduce the frequency and severity of colds; possibly beneficial for erectile dysfunction


Proof Of Life After Death!

 It’s no secret our consciousness continues to exist after we leave our physical body.

Countless people around the world have experienced a near death experience where they leave their body and come back, with full memory of what happened.

Everyone experiences the exact – or very similar things! There’s no need to be skeptical, when you chose to realize everything exists, this isn’t that farfetched!


“A team of scientists at the University of Southampton in the UK has just finished a four-year study of 2,060 people who experienced cardiac arrests at 15 hospitals across the UK, the US, and Austria.

Having conducted interviews with each of the 330 people who survived about their memories of the event, the researchers found that 40 percent of them felt ‘aware’ for the period of time that they were declared clinically dead. The medical staff at the hospitals successfully restarted their hearts so they could live to tell the tale.

According to The National Post, one man participating in the study described the feeling that he was watching his treatment from the corner of the room, while a female participant was able to recount exactly the actions of the nursing staff that resurrected her over a three-minute period. She could even very accurately describe the sound of the machines that surrounded her ‘dead’ body.”

Read more here


Here’s a great video of Kelli In The Raw talking about her NDE:

After she left her body she felt so light and had all the knowledge there ever was. It was all part of her consciousness, there was nothing separate from her. She could see her house, her body and her husband standing over her.

There was nothing negative or stressful about the situation. Her body floated up to a vortex that started as a small dot, and expanded into an energy portal. There, a being of light beaconed her to follow.

She an had internal knowing of it not being her time to go, so instantly, that thought manifested and she sank back down into her body.


Many people report the same feeling, of falling back into your body being the most painful experience. All the physical pain and denseness hits you like a train.

You desperately want to be in that enlightened state again, but the experience is always worth it. The knowledge you gain and can spread to everyone is priceless.


Here’s another video of Lilou Mace interviewing Anita Moorjani, a woman who went into a cancer induced coma and was completely aware the entire time.

She could view the world from everyones perspective at the same time and was aware of how everyone felt. She said everything happens in the Now. To ‘go back in time’ and experience the past, is still happening now. Everything is happening at once, all the time.

Linear time is not a factor once you transcend the 3D. These experiences are so incredibly valuable in learning about the infinite possibilities that lay right outside our dimension. The more open we are to learn about this, the easier it will be to transition into the next stages of our cosmic evolution!

Seeking Higher Consciousness