Levels of Consciousness

Budda-ChildIs consciousness absolute or are there different levels within it?  How do I gain in levels of awareness so that I transcend my ego and experience the real reality?

Once you are on your spiritual journey you find yourself wondering how you can have unlimited growth and the ability to experience oneness all the time.

Start out by watching this awesome video by Shunyamurti from the Sat Yoga Institute where he answers these questions below.

imagesOn our journey of waking up or becoming more conscious and aware we find that we need to let go of our egos more and more in order to make the journey.

This is a process of growth outward and diving deep inside our souls in order to find what we are looking for.  Who are you really?  What are the boxes holding you back?  What are you afraid of?  What decisions do you make because of how others are going to react?  What do you want to create?  What do you want to achieve?

COSMIC-ENERGY-ORGONITES-ORGONE-ENERGY-AWARERNESS-AND-HIGHER-CONCIOUSNESSEach time we grow our soul and our consciousness we peel back the layers of reality and perceive more and more of what is really going on.  Not only are we more about to see what is really going on around us but we come closer to our inner creator and then source energy within us.

Being brave and going to the core  of our struggles is key to being able to move to the next level of awareness and change our reality.  You have this all within and around you.  There really are no limits.  Just remember that we chose the rate at which we change our lives through or focus and decisions.

What do you think about consciousness and raising our vibrations?  Let us know in the comments.

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How To: Change Your Karma

We hear people talking about having good or bad Karma all the time but what really is Karma?  Does it affect my soul?  How can I change my Karma?

First things first, What is Karma?

  1. (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.
    • informal destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.

Check out this awesome video by Shunyamurti from the Sat Yoga Institute about Karma and how we change our Karma.

Karma is attached to our EGO.  That means that Karma is only something we deal with in the lower levels of consciousness.  The higher levels all the way back to source and creation are not limited by the rules of Karma.


When we are in a deep state of meditation you can access these higher levels of consciousness and change your Karma if you wanted to.  Often though when we see the grand picture of our lives we actually find that we don’t want to change it because we recognize the value of experience and cleaning up our own vibrational mistakes.

How can we change it from our current state of consciousness?

There are two main ways to change our Karma here on earth.  One is through genuine love energy meditations and the other is through consistent good actions.

1. Love Meditation

karmaWhen you are in meditation focus on sending love to everyone and everything in existence.  This Love has to come from a genuine space of giving with no thought of receiving.  On the highest soul levels there is no difference between you and everything else so you are actually never going without.

2. Good Actions

With a deep genuine spirit of giving you can make a lot of powerful waves for your life and the lives of those around you.  As long as we are always giving with the intent of loving others then when it ripples back to us we will receive genuine love.

Sculpting A Cob WallThough we know that we will receive the fruits of our labor down the road we cannot have that be the motivation in why we are doing good.  Imagine how it feels to receive a gift with an expectation to give something else back.  It almost feels like a hook or an obligation.  Wouldn’t you rather receive pure love?  That is why we must always give with a loving intent.

What do you think about Karma?  Have you seen it in your life?  Let us know in the comments.

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Carl Sagan Puts Life on Earth in Perspective

Carl Sagan shows us how rare and precious our home is. Perhaps we can use this perspective to unify humanity and protect our planet.  Check out this awesome video from such an amazing and inspirational man…


Carl talks about how everything and everyone we have ever heard of has existed on this tiny blue dot in the vast universe. It is incredibly humbling to know that we are so small in the grand and endless space.

Whether or not we are alone in this universe we cannot look to others to save us from ourselves. We need to unite and clean up our own messes. Like Carl says, we don’t have a near by option and the technology to abandon ship, so to speak.


Just like a parent doesn’t always jump to the rescue of their growing child. We have lessons that we need to learn and messes that we need to clean up. We cannot rely on possible aid from another planet to right our wrongs.

Though anything is possible we should rally together and start making small decisions each day that will have long lasting effects on the environment and the unification of humanity.

What are your thoughts on what Carl Sagan said? Let us know in the comments what you feel we can do right away to start changing the planet.

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The Ego is a PDF File

To change our reality we need to remember that our soul is the programmer, our mind is the software and our body is the hardware.  This means that we can change the programming of our mind and also heal our bodies.  To do this we need to start by understanding our Ego or illusion of separation from everyone and everything around us.

mindbodyspiritThe EGO works very hard to convince us that we are not worthy of enlightenment.  Our Ego is first created by the projects upon our pure young minds by the people and culture around us and eventually becomes subconscious.   Find out what can we do to fix ourselves and not pass these problems to the next generation in the video below.

Shunyamurti from the Sat Yoga Institute teaches us about waking up, where our ego comes from and how to transcend it in order to reach enlightenment.

“”What is the difficulty in awakening?” poses Shunyamurti, the spiritual teacher of the Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. “The problem is this: The ego is a PDF file. PDF meaning, Projections, Decisions, and Fixations. And it developed in that order.

There was a pure consciousness without identification and your parents projected on it. . . . And then you took on a decision to accept those projections, or modify them somewhat, or do something with them but you made a decision based on those projections. And then that decision got repressed into the unconscious and became a fixation.”

2fb9cc9213b6b8d0396e29688c609bd6_answer_3_xlargeThen, reveals Shunyamurti, “Once it became repressed you could no longer change it because your thinking capacity would begin with those projections and decisions as the basis of your thought.

And so the ego, whoever you believe yourself to be, is the product of that logic and that ego cannot change itself.”  And liberation, or awakening, though the ultimate cure cannot be achieved because the ego bases itself on an inferiority complex: “I’m unworthy, therefore I exist. This is the new Cartesian signifier.”

Awaken12“So unless your desire comes out of love of life that comes out of the realization that you are a being of light, an emanation of God not an unworthy ego that’s got to prove itself and improve itself and go through all these processes of self-flagellation.

Only if it comes out of that inner most Source that is unlimited and that is not personal, its not individual. It is the Self that flows through you. . . . And our faith in realizing that ‘That is what I am, not what anyone told me. Not whatever is on that PDF file, but what is at the source of pure consciousness. Then I am liberated.” – Sat Yoga Institute

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Scientific Proof That We Can Heal Ourselves

In this TEDtalk, Lissa Rankin explores the spiritual and scientific implications that the placebo effect has over us. She discusses how our thoughts powerfully affect our physiology when we believe we can get well.

The placebo effect is concrete evidence that the body has its own innate self repair system.

A study was conducted with 3500 participants who had all been diagnosed with an incurable disease like cancer, HIV, various heart diseases, etc. Through the placebo effect, everyone’s illness had all disappeared without treatment.

Lissa goes on to talk about a specific case about a man named Mr. Wright, who had been given drugs that he truly believed would cure his cancer. Within days his tumors shrunk to half their size!

After a report was released stating the drug didn’t actually work, Mr. Wright’s cancer came back. His doctor sneakily told him that he had a higher quality version of the drug, and injected Mr. Wright with nothing more than water. Again, his tumors went away because he believed they would.

In this TEDtalk, Lissa describes some of the countless occurrences with measurable proof where people actually cure themselves. They grow back hair, heal their ulcers, shrink tumors, and diminish all signs of sickness! Even though this healing is initiated by the mind,  the body really reacts.

Do you think we have the power to heal ourselves? Take a look at the full video below:

MailAttachment 2

10 Illusionary Flowers!

Humans see faces in inanimate objects all the time, but these flowers take it to the next level…
Nature is beautifully mind blowing!

The Funny “Monkey Face Orchid” (Dracula Simia)


The Hilarious “Naked Man Orchid” (Orchis Italica)


The Crazy “Hooker’s Lips” (Psychotria Elata)


The Lovely “Dancing Girls” (Impatiens Bequaertii)


The Strange “Laughing Bee Orchid” (Ophrys bomybliflora)


The Cute “Swaddled Babies” (Anguloa Uniflora)


The Unreal “Happy Aliens” (Calceolaria Uniflora)


The Perfect “Flying Duck Orchid” (Caleana Major)


The Stunning “White Egret Orchid” (Habenaria Radiata)


Annnd The Creepy “Snapdragon Seed Pod” (Antirrhinum)


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