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‘Once in a Full Blue Moon’ Video & Picture Project

‘Once in a Full Blue Moon’ Video & Picture Project

You + Full Moon + Camera = LOVE

Take part in a collective experiment of sharing positive vibes with the rest of the world!


What To Do:
1. Help Make this Event VIRAL. Share and invite people to get as many people involved as possible!
2. Document yourself during the Full Blue Moon (either a video or picture) sharing some sort of positive message.
3. Embrace thoughts, events, and emotions that come your way.
4. Upload the videos and pictures to this event page + on your walls to share
5. If you are making a video, title it something like ‘Once in a Full Blue Moon. By *Your Name Here*
6. Comment and interact with everyone else as.
7. Have fun!


Courageous Announcement by the Princess of Japan

Princess of Japan – Kaoru Nakamaru made a very brave announcement at the beginning of 2012 about what we could potentially be facing at the end of the year. What she’s talking about, “moving into the 5th dimension”, is what Drunvalo has also been talking about. Science see’s this as moving into the photon belt and changing frequencies, and we will be discussing this a lot over the course of the year! Keep your eyes peeled, were about to have one amazing year! Again, were not saying it WILL happen, but lately it’s seeming somewhat probable… We’ll find out in time ^_^