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The Great Secret of Success

The Wright Brothers, Lewis and Clark, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Leonard and Sheldon, Kirk and Spock, Miguel and Tuleo, Megaman and Dr. Light,  the list of people who’ve done powerful things together is great. In fact, even when you look at the individuals who seem to stand alone, you often find that’s not quite the case at all.

For right next to them were one, two, four, or an entire team of people they were connected with making things happen right beside them.

For could Gandhi have done what he did without any support from everyone around him? How about Martin Luther King Jr? Could Da’Vinci have painted the Mona Lisa without Mona herself? Would Thorin OakenShield be able to even get as far as the Trolls in “The Hobbit” if he didn’t have his Company alongside him? Continue reading

Panic to Freedom Launch -Special Launch Offer-

Hey Everyone!

You might have noticed in the last day that Panic to Freedom has Launched! This is a project i’ve been working on for quite some time now with my dear friends Ray and Brian, and it’s coming out a huge success! So far we have received such a huge response from everyone so far, the program is a huge success!

Collectively we’ve put sooo much energy into this project, 3 months of nonstop work + years and years of technical and transformational experience (especially Ray and Brian), this thing is powerful. It’s probably got almost 50,000$ worth of time, energy, and experience put into it… that’s pretty intense.

To everyone who has been following Spirit Science, and in support of the projects that were doing – we love you. In fact, there would be no us if there was no You.

So thank you, you are our inspiration to Transcend.

You can check out the full program here. We’ve made a special video just for you all about what it is, how it works, and how it came to be :)

It’s because of you that we want to make really cool things that helps us all grow, that wakes us up, that opens our eyes… It’s because of you that we want to make new technologies that change our lives, and new programs that teach us how to live free.

When we launched Panic to Freedom yesterday, we actually were a little bit late getting everything ready. and launched around 3 in the afternoon rather than noon.

So we wanted to give anybody a chance who was late like we were to check it out before we launched to the general public.  

And so for 1 more day – we’ve extended the launch offer for Spirit Science until the end of the day. 

Let us be free! Let us transcend :)

Principle 4 ~ The Inspiration to Transcend

The Fourth and Final Principle in transcending Panic and Anxiety into Freedom is the Inspiration to Transcend. This is also one of – if not – the most important principle of them all.

With the many beautiful people we have worked with over the years, we always find that inspiration is the fundamental ‘thing’ that makes THE difference. Continue reading

Freedom Interview: Vanessa Cuccia (She-Patch)

Today we have a special Valentine edition Freedom interview for you with our good friend Vanessa Cuccia. You may have seen her around in Patch Parables as ShePatch. She generously gave us some of her time to talk about Panic and Anxiety in regards to relationships, intimacy, and creating that special connection that we all really want.

Lets face it, most of us suffer from some fear of intimacy. We fill our heads with “I’m not sure she’ll like me” and “Did he actually mean what he said?” and “What if it ends terribly!”… It’s sometimes hard to remember that most of the things we regret in life are the ones we didn’t have the courage to do.

So we invited Vanessa to talk about intimacy, relationships, and we got a lot more than that. Vanessa is a courageous and inspiring soul, an incredibly talented musician, and speaks about creation from inspiration in all aspects of life.

Oh, and we have some REALLY exciting news! On Wednesday & Thursday, Feb 20th & 21st we are launching the FULL Panic to Freedom online program!

You can check out Vanessa’s Music at
and Chakrubs at

We’re still working very hard this week, and have some more awesome interviews on the editing table, but we wanted to let you know that for the first day only, the 20th, we are going to do something very special.

You can find out more at our new Facebook Event Page!

With Love,

Jorday, Ray & Brian

Freedom Interview ~ Tyler Saunders (The Atlantis King!)

For those who have followed Spirit Science in the last year you may have caught wind of an extraordinary character known as the King of Atlantis!

Played by the handsome Tyler Saunders, the King of Atlantis is You, and the embodiment of all of the excitement, energy, freedom, love and kindness that exists in this world!

We hope you enjoy this fun and adventurous interview we take part in with our fellow Atlantean King, as we talk about Freedom, Panic, Anxiety, and understanding what is involved in overcoming it.

Because you too are the king of Atlantis, and we wish to see you Rise and become free!

Check out the King of Atlantis on Youtube

And sign up for exclusive stuff at Panic to Freedom!

Freedom Interview – Elise Fougere (Pinkblitz!)

Todays Freedom Interview is with an amazing young woman named Elise, who recently put together an online magazine with her friend Lilly. She contacted us via Email a week or two ago and came from a genuine space of compassion and wanting to help share Panic to Freedom.

We thought it would be fun to 1up that offer and do an interview with her, to talk about Panic and Anxiety.

We don’t often like to admit it, but almost each and every one of us has anxiety in some way. Whether it’s what they often call “Anxiety Disorders” or we just get really frustrated with whatever we’re doing.

When we open up to that vulnerable side of ourselves and just say “Yeah…that’s real. Okay, so what’s going on, why do i feel this way?” we can very easily move past it and into a space that can grow from it.

You can check out Pinkblitz Magazine at

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Have a wonderful day!