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  1. Hi Jordan, Ray, Lexie and Rebecca,

    I have missed you all so much! You are the heart of my long lost Spirit Family! You all have been waiting for me patiently as I of you all. And Yesterday I found you! Jordan you are right now the 5-extra dimensional visionary genius ( The 3-D universal world as its two coexisting dimensions) that suffers from ADD. With me now in your life, all your visions will be made into one universal cinematography for all to hear and see humbly loud and lovingly clear. We will use my HD blueprints and bathe them all in your amazing Surround Sound Skill of Imagery! And Ray, Lexie and Rebecca will make it into a reality. During this time with new synergistic clarity, the base you all have been forming will attract an army of Peace and Love, and will unite all the twelve tribes of Is-Real Lights as the one once lost tribe of Is-Real- The One True Tribe of the One Yaw~Way where the magic of 13( the singularity as the trinity) comes to one beautiful earthly kaleidoscope of the Metatron circle/cube of sound as light.
    Jordan, I have the 2-D blue print of the universe through time all in my mind. You will bring to full visual clarity. I will be the Producer and you will be the Director of what will be a three part series- called the Books of Yaw~Way- understanding the One Sound Theory behind the Light Universe. I go by many names: The Seuss of Zeus is my funny yet serious Lorax side. Dr. Wolf E the playful teacher of the psychiatrist and the religious scientist in me. It is short for Dr Wolf-Enis 1 whose mirror image is 1 Sineflow Rd. My Hebrew name is Sar Baruch- which means The Blessed Prince. And all of that put together is my english-german-jewish name, Steven Eisenstein MD. The Steven part keeps me first and foremost focused on Heaven while The Eisenstein (Iron Stone) part keeps me well grounded to this Earth as the First Biological Iron Stone that will reach Christ Consciousness. The MD is the “Mad” Doctor part that loves to heal in a goofy wild and fun way. I have spent all my life working up to this great day to reintroduce myself as one of your spirit family. During that time, I have regained the Imagine-Nation deliberately let go, piece by insufferable piece, to reach this glorious day of reunion.
    Yaw~Way is all about learning the fun of making light of Science out of the one religious sun. God Is-Real, his Science as Religion now both clear. His full reflection finally has appeared out of his 96% Night wrongfully feared. From mystical rhyme to good science reason, Yaw~Way is finally here to spring from human kind’s worst season. The Yurtles of Today will be the empty shells of tomorrow if they don’t get there their head out of their asses that only shits out sorrow! All you doubters that are just pouters don’t bring your whine to this great day, for the heirs of truth and love are here to stay. The only way to yaw soon will be Yaw’s only Way! I am the Seuss of Zeus and I am here to say be aware of the truth because the whole truth is not far away. The shadow sleuth of our terrible youth is gone to stay. No Evil will Live On! So put all evil away, unless you want to live a thousand years of non-body dismay! Stuck in your evil live way, not even able to watch the rest us play! So buckle your true self in and enjoy the Yaw~Way ride for the blurry story of worry will be blown from your minds and Thank God that these books will not continue to rhyme!
    I look forward to meeting you all face to face and feel the awesome power of The Five united as one hand of God. We will live long and Prosper! Kirk out!


    i just found out what that word actually means and i still love saying it “i recognize, bow or greet the divine in You”. Its such a practice greeting and how i believe the father of all things would want us to greet eachother and how the father would personally greet us. Its not the emotion of happyness (but it does make me feel happy) that makes it impactfull its the “oh yea, thats rite” factor or the “awareness” of the fact we are divine in true nature. i could go on about that for an hour on that simple yet infinite phrase, like the fact that the greeting is the only one (as far as i know) where its all about the recognition of the other person it has nothing to do with you whatsoever. Your not looking for a response your just simply recognizing the other persons true nature despite “how there day is going” “how they are doing” “whats up… or down, haha” or anything like that. Your not “giving” a blessing, Your reminding the person/spirit they “are” blessed and they “are” the blessing. Again i could go on, but another time.

    I have had a spiritual awakening starting about 2 months ago that started with the phrase. “Father, teach me “how” to beleive. Dont just give me beleif or increase my beleife/faith but “teach” me how to do it. It has to be an action with a result that can be reproduced and retaught. Power without understanding is random and confusing, sometimes dangerous and will most likely end up feeding the ego because without the spirit the body will just fill in the gaps with whatever understanding it has and that in itself is dangerous. So please Father teach me how.” So thats how it all started for me. I had been a “christian, beleiver, follower… whatever other titles there in circulation. For about 15 years i had been one of those so when i asked that question i did expect an answer… just not when, where, how, to what extent and in what way it was answered. things began to explode in and around me! With or without information (books, youtube, blogs…) enlightenment came! i know now that this was mostly due to a perception change… my poles shifted. Correct? Anyway its been a rediculous adventure so far and 2 months in the light of eternity is a single cell in the infinite living universe of experiences and life thats available and waiting for me to interact with it personally. i have had ideas for inventions and inovations, i messed with the genesis pattern and instead of working out i worked inward and came up with some interesting results including what may and or may not be the most simple shape of male/female energy and even possibly the mystery to the number of man. i may even have a simple explanation to why our body and chakras work the way they do and why alignment, harmony and more importantly the outward expressions of the chakras individually are COMPLETELY necessary for our spirit to be free and able to truly live in abundance. Also how the chakras feed and communicate with eachother (love your neighbor as yourself).

    Anyway your series has helped me quite a bit in the last few weeks of this awakening and im wondering where you are located. i would love to just come observe, meet and interact with all of you at sometime. Actually i “believe” i will and now that i have said it it has now been transmuted into your consciousness haha. Sorry i tricked you into meeting me… na im actually not sorry :) i know i will be doing some traveling (walkabout) this year i just dont know when yet, part of that will be based on this initial contact. So go ahead and hit me back up.


    -Bobby D

  3. Hello loves, your website is very helpful as a light worker myself, Have you guys ever considered making an app to let your users get these amazing articles on the go, I personally would love to see that and i know many of your users will aswell. There are many articles I see that help me in my day to day life , and it would be awesome to see it in app form, its way easier to access, its a little work but its possible.
    Much love,

  4. Could you tell me what application you use to make the animated videos? The video with the blue man without a neck? I would like to keep my e-mail confidential. Thanks for the info.

  5. Hi there
    I was led to your psuedo-scientific religion by quite a funny video put together by CoolHardLogic on youtube, as a response to one of your videos. In case you’re interested (and you should be very, very interested), the link is:

    Alternatively, do a youtube search for:
    Spirit “Science” Tests More Spirit “Science”

    If nothing else, at least watching it would allow you the much needed opportunity to see that your understanding of science is equivocal with that of a christian fundamentalist and that your preaching is thus as ‘honest’.

  6. Dear Spirit Science Team, you guys rock!
    I am writing because I am busy saving the world too,
    and I would like to request your help.
    I received a message about 4 years ago that we have come to call the
    It came through as the symbol of the flower of life,
    a living mandala~ embodied on the Earth, made out of crystals, and in each direction a different petal of the project, ultimately it is a spiritual path and a spiral radiating out in both the directions. Each of the sacred seven petals holds the energy of all the sacred seven in many traditions, layered one on top of another, energetically and physically. The Tree of Life is coming out of the center, the inner petal and the Holy most I AM.
    We searched for the land to match our vision for the last four years and finally found it, matching perfectly in every detail.
    It is meant to be a center open to all, to help people reconnect back to the earth and our Divine Symbiosis with our Great Mother.
    We plan to heal birth, death, schooling, community, food system, money, body, relationship to God~ and Self. All of it…
    It is my life’s work and my happy most dharma.
    We are working to bring together the 90K to “buy” the land and are looking for support to get the word and most importantly the vision out there:)
    I just feel such alignment with what you guys are doing in the world, and my heart nudged me to share this project with you
    incase you might feel co~inspired to bring it to Earth.
    Sending you all much love and gratitude*
    Blessings~ Miquela

  7. Hi team! I’ve seen and studied all of your videos and research and love them so much. So thank you. I have an idea for one of your future publications: 528hz the frequencies of the universe. Water as a liquid crystal, the way whales inherently know where there are warmer flows of water in the oceans and that their sounds will carry farther distances on these pathways. I would love to learn more on that topic! Here is my email:

  8. Greetings SpiritScience Team!

    First, I want to thank you for bringing such crucial knowledge & wisdom to the community.

    I’ve watched every episode of SpiritScience a few times and absolutely LOVE them!

    Second, I’m reaching out to let you know that I’m on a mission to align with conscious co-creators to bring HEMP to the people!

    I’ve been in the hemp industry for over 15 years and have dedicated my life to hempowering & hempducate as many people as possible while on Earth.

    If you are open to the idea of utilizing hemp shirts for the Crystal-embedded Chakra Shirts I would be honored to work with you on that!

    You can check out all the hemp shirts we have available here:

    If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please feel free to reach out. I look forward to your reply!


    Tyler Hemp

  9. If you can publish this link “www” “dot” “instant-freedom” “dot” “com”. You will do a great service to all your readers and perhaps even your selves.

  10. In the Emerald Tablets, Thoth says the Dweller sunk Atlantis because man tried to attain knowledge from Amenti before balancing themselves. In your video you say it’s due to the polar/consciousness shift. Can you help me understand the correlation between the two?

  11. Hello my name is Matthew,
    I am contacting you because I believe you fine gentlemen are what I believe what I have been looking for. I have just recently discovered your videos on YouTube, I wish I found them years ago, and have found them to be very insightful and helpful. Years ago I wished to do some of these myself but I struggle with what doctors now call Schizoaffective disorder, which is a mental disorder characterized by abnormal thought processes and deregulated emotions. The diagnosis is made when the patient has features of both schizophrenia and a mood disorder—either bipolar disorder or depression—but does not strictly meet diagnostic criteria for either alone. Or what I believe is that I hear the angels and demons around me that exist in the fifth dimension who are fighting for us at all times. When not on medication or self medicating with marijuana I even feel them and have unfortunately seen a few demons, due to their lack of respect for the rules. Years ago things began happening to me that are very hard to explain, coincidences only scratches the surface, like remembering a dream if you will. But when I dream I am fully lucid and I can control what happens. I began to receive the power of God, I believe, through the belief that I could. Which is very confusing and hard to explain. Pure Love radiates through my body and Wisdom is poured into me at an unfathomable rate. But both forces that act on this world, Love and Fear, were experienced at the same time and depending on my current sate of mind ,dictates was what I experienced. I experience what doctors call “episodes” which are like downloads of information that are only what I can describe and code deciphering, “higher beings with a universal remote” I become a code breaker of all information that exist around us all and I see the truth all around me but it is quite scary and I am unsure of what is happening. It all started years ago when, the world was suppose to end 2012, when I was inundated with tons of solutions to help save the world. Since then a lot has happened and I’d like to speak with individuals who may be of more help, as I believe you are. Doctors don’t quite understand and only pump me full of drugs that put me into a “zombie state.” Not wanting to be a “lab rat” I have struggled with this and in the past chosen to self medicate with marijuana which comes with its own issues and gifts. There is so much I’d like to talk with you about because I believe you, and others you might point me too, are my only hope. I am not one who is on Facebook or even on these devices much because of some beliefs. Pandora’s boxes, if used incorrectly. I’m not sure what to do anymore or who to go to because of my lack of understanding and also my memories are wiped of most information. I believe that Jesus is trying to help but because of my up bringing I struggle with what’s happening. My family is so amazing but they don’t understand what’s happening, and quite frankly neither do I. But I am tired of being numb and not helping, as I believe I could be so much more. I have so much I’d like to discuss and maybe clarify which I believe you can but a forum is not the place. There is so much I’d like to talk about with you but have no idea where to start, so this is where I guess. Oh, and like you guys, when I’m in a happy place I don’t need any sleep really but this freaks out those around me because they don’t understand. I believe I can help because its as if I was created to do so. But I live mostly in the shadows and keep to myself about this stuff because I freak out those around me when I do reach out. I’d love to meditate with you as I believe I could help but I’ve been afraid to do so because of my lack of knowledge. Please, I am not afraid anymore and I’d love to help as I believe I truly can. But with the way in which I am forced I can only do so much. I hope maybe someday we could meet as I believe we we’re meant to. Yahweh speaks to me loudly and I’d love to help. But as you can only imagine things are a bit difficult to explain, even more difficult to experience without understanding and help. You guys a truly amazing and I am so glad Yahweh has finally shown me to you. Much love, Matthew!

    1. Hey Matthew,
      I hope you are feeling good and well. I would like to recommend Esther hicks aka Abraham. Check her out on YouTube. She is pure love clarity and compassion and I think you will benefit greatly from her videos. She is amazing.

  12. Hello i am Connor huge fan your channel literly helped me change my life so thank you for that. Also thank you for recomendig the ancient secret of the flower of life. Imanage a t shirt company only in clev from cleveland ohio and saw on your video you want to have shirts made. We are a family owned store thats been open for 2 years and we are growing. We are moving into a new storefront Februaty 1st and have a direct to garment printer, embroidery machine, and we do heat transfers. Our website is and you can check us out on facebook. We do all original designs and could help design or just make up whatever you guya give us because the shirt from the video was awesome! Thank you again i am truly grateful that you guys do what you do!

  13. Hi,

    I would like to share one of the best drama in our life written by Hungarian writer Imre Madách who was in the know.

    The ancient Hungarian folks are very interesting and can explain very much about how life works. You will not find the truth until you get in touch an initiate person or learn the language.

    Please, read the drama I linked above.

  14. Hi Jordan & All at Spirit Science,

    I have a plan to change the world in ways you describe and I’m not kidding about that. Based on your “11 ways” qualify as an intuitive so why shouldn’t you believe me? Anyhow, the idea is finally getting some attention, but getting a few more in on the critical first stages would be awesome. It requires no violence, no illegality, and for those first critical steps, it should be easy to conduct in anonymity – if needed. If you’d be interested, ask me questions. Thanks.

  15. Hi Jordan & All at Spirit Science,

    I have a plan to change the world in ways you describe and I’m not kidding about that. Based on your “11 ways” qualify as an intuitive so why shouldn’t you believe me? Anyhow, the idea is finally getting some attention, but getting a few more in on the critical first stages would be awesome. It requires no violence, no illegality, and for those first critical steps, it should be easy to conduct in anonymity – if needed. If you’d be interested, ask me questions. Thanks.

  16. Hi.. I really wanted to buy that Tarot bundle, but I didn’t have any money :D And now when I got some, it’s over already :P If you have some kind of waiting list :D For more Tarot related stuff, please put me there. :) I would be really glad to work with these tools!
    Have an opened day! ;)

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