Patch Parables 3 – The Parable of the Raft

The Parable of the Raft is the Parable of… how did the Buddha put it? “For getting across, not for retaining”.

Essentially in this story we are talking about is the story of the active action of doing something, and living in the moment. See, in the moment that you are doing something, you do it with the tools and ingredients that you have around you. You act with the principle of getting the thing done, and if you’re thorough – getting it done in the most optimal, functional way. “The right way, the way it aught to be done”.

In this Parable, the man ponders whether he should carry the raft with him, should he need it again later. It’s heavy to carry a whole raft by yourself, especially when you don’t know where or when the next river will come across, and if he’ll even need a raft to cross it safely.

This buddhist philosophy describes a sort of “going with the flow” through our actions. If you don’t need the raft once you’ve crossed the river, you don’t need to bring it with you. What are you really giving up by letting it go? The possibility that maybe you’ll need it eventually?

It’s the same principle as to why most people wouldn’t bring their living room couch with them to work. There are already chairs at work, why would you bring your couch?

Perhaps in another version of the story, there are many men crossing the river together. They could all carry the raft or boat with them if size permitted, taking turns to rest if they knew that it was imperative that they take that raft. Alternatively, they could dismantle it to turn it into firewood for the night, or shelter.

Use the resources that you have available at any given moment, and don’t worry – you are not your external environment. You are not giving up who you are by giving up a material possession.

You are the awareness of the internal, and the external, together.

With love,

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Spirit Quest – What Am I Doing, Where Am I Going?

I haven’t gone for a walk in a long time and I felt it was time to do that. I go over a number of things, the biggest of which is where I am going at the end of the month. I realize many may be very curious about just HOW I am getting to Australia what with me having so little funds, but I assure you that the story behind it is absolutely magical, and I will be sharing the stories in the videos to come, as I travel to the other side of the planet and begin to experience what life is like there!

The more things happen, the more amazing everything becomes! Things are working out left and right and are bringing in so many amazing people and amazing experiences! I am so happy to be alive and experiencing life right now, and I hold my hand out to you and ask you to come with me. Come experience life the way it was meant to be experienced. You can absolutely do it, I know you can.

My new friend Marlee also wants to tell you that you can, you absolutely can. Just trust in yourself, follow your heart, and stand up and DO the thing that you always wanted to do!

The Internet is the Fake 4th Dimension

Imagine what the 4th dimension is like. You are perceiving reality at a much higher frequency than in 3D. The molecular density is different, so everything looks different, and the way you interact with your environment is also different.

You are able to communicate telepathically with those around you, and can even connect with people through your heart space over long distances (this is assuming you are living on a spiritual path of harmony, of course you could take a more dualistic way of living, and you could still potentially communicate telepathically, just… you know, less one-ness).

In this dimension or higher, you can do anything. You can fly, you can manifest any experience you want instantly. We all know and remember what its like to be there, we are there between the spaces between our lives… but of course, it’s a little bit different “down here.” 

Okay, now think about life on earth in 3D, and how we’ve used technology to enhance our communications. We can communicate with each other across the entire planet, exactly the same as communicating in 4D. We’ve developed videogames where we can experience entire new realities where we can do anything.

Think of World of Warcraft, massive communities gather together to experience new worlds and have amazing, magical experiences. We have Facebook, which – despite it still being a controlling mechanism that limits our communication and ability to work on things (because facebook isn’t a project-management-resource it’s an attention focus and a timesink), it still connected a LOT of people together, and that’s pretty cool.

But the point here isn’t to rag on facebook nor to claim how great it is, but to point out this one very specific thing: Through these digital mediums we are ultimately communicating on higher frequencies!

Straight up, flat out, it’s communicating on frequencies that we cannot actually visibly see or touch, but we use our technology to tune into these frequencies, rather than our physical bodies, minds, and consciousness.

But what does it mean?! I almost want to say that after Humankind fell in consciousness, we lost ourconnections to each other and ourselves, and have felt that missing void. As we expanded our awareness around the globe and began developing technologies which have been attempting to fill the void of “what’s missing”. These communication devices are a big part of that.

Through technology we have brought people together, as well as separating others apart. Of course, the thing that’s REALLY missing is our connection to our hearts, which brings everyone together in love and truth. Yet, at the same time, we have the opportunity to explore something really incredible.

From my understanding, when a species goes the path of duality and begins creating technology without any emotions whatsoever, they sever themselves from love. In doing so, they lose their spiritual connections to each other, but gain new things in the process. What makes humans REALLY interesting, is that we are able to experience both technology AND love at the same time! It’s mind boggling to think about it, we are potentially a very new species of life in the universe, a merging of the dualistic and unity path. The path of Trinity? Perhaps.

There’s a lot more that i could go into here, but I’m going to wait for now. I shall bid you adieux.

With Love!

Patch Parables 2 – The Parable of the Lute

For the maximum wonderful viewing experience – Watch it in HD :)

I feel that life is about living the way you want to, with love and respect for everything all around you. As if Life is a metaphor for beautiful music, and the songs that you play is the melody of the life that you live. Of course, it becomes very hard to do when your instruments are not tuned.

Everything has its own colour and tone. Some of these vibrations mix harmoniously while others combine in discordance, because they are not in tune with each other. You can feel in your heart when you are sad, because the pace slows as if playing the song of your grief. You can feel in your heart when you are happy, because the rhythm of your heart becomes upbeat and bouncy as if playing the song of your joy.

One way you can tell if you are in tune, is just by sensing the way your body makes you feel. Your body is your most important instrument for interfacing with this 3D world, so it’s important to stretch, go for walks, meditate, drink lots of water, and do things like that to help tune your physical body. Don’t forget to also tune your mind. Read things that are insightful, watch things that are inspiring, things that lift you up and make you feel like you’ve never felt before. Do things with others that inspires this connection as well.

Find comfort in the little things that make you happy, feel love and gratitude towards the things that you have or receive, and give love in return to all of those around you. You can have, do, or be anything: but if you’re not tuned to the frequency of your highest awareness… How do you know what you want?

By the way, If you’re interested in the traditional “buddhism” and eastern spiritual practices, I highly recommend you check out this book called “Eastern Body, Western Mind”, which is all about bringing a balance between eastern and western practices in spirituality.

It’s an absolutely fantastical book, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably get a lot out of it.

Zenergy 11-11 Video!

Zenergy is a spiritual gathering and celebration of life. This year on 11-11, the gathering was held at Star Doves Nest in Asheville NC. It was absolutely magical!

To learn more about upcoming gatherings, join the Evolver Network, and also check out Trinity, an upcoming merging of 3 gatherings in March!

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