Coming out of the spiritual closet – announcement

I’ve decided today that I’m going to take my first step in what I’m sure will be a gradual spiritual “coming out of the closet”.

I have been writing this blog for a while now, and for even longer have held spiritual beliefs that my family doesn’t necessarily think I’ve held. When I created this blog, I also at that time created the pseudonymn of Livewithwonder as well as a new locked twitter account different from my old one, and didn’t advertise the new account on my old one.

I did all of this simply because my brother followed me on my original account a while back and I was terrified to death of what my family would think if they knew I believed what I did. It’s kind of funny. I had no problems with strangers on the internet judging my beliefs, but as soon as things get close to home that’s when the fear comes. Fear that my family would reject me, or try to set me up with some church counseling in an attempt to convert me back, or that I would literally break my parents’ hearts, fear that my wife might divorce me, fear that my in-laws would be horrified of me and kick me to the curb (I currently live under their roof). Continue reading

The Parable of the Sandcastles

This week were starting a new series, Patch Parables. This one’s a little shorter than Spirit Science, but the messages are just as powerful, if not even more thought pondering than SpiSci. Don’t worry, Spirit Science will be back in good time! But first, let’s talk philosophy on life.

This weeks Parable – The Parable of the Sandcastles. An ancient Buddhist Parable which I read in the pocket “teachings of buddha” book I bought when I passed through Santa Barbara.  Continue reading

Occupy Response

What did I think about Occupy Wall Street? Let me tell you!

Sorry about being so late on this one, there’s been a LOT going on with me lately and I hadn’t given myself the time to get this out there. I know that many Occupy movements are still going strong though, so I am providing the brochures we made for anybody who wants to print them out and share the love!

Links to the Brochure —

Seeking Higher Consciousness