You can have, do, or be, ANYTHING you want. This week, Patchman dives into the unknown by discussing a very simple topic. Thoughts, Emotions, and the power that they bestow upon you. Or rather, how you can empower yourself to live in the moment by controlling your thoughts and emotions, and guiding yourself the way that you want to be guided, rather than allowing modern society to tell you how to feel and what to think.

At the end we discuss the work of researcher Masaru Emoto, an amazing being who has been diving deep into what it means to understand Water. Lesson 20 covers this as well, and if you’d like, check out his book here!¬†

Just as you create your own reality, we are also co-creating our realities together. We are a collective! As a community, a city, a country, and a species, we decide where we want to go and how we want to flow. It is up to us to decide what happens next in the epic tale that is the human race, but change has to start from an individual level.


Links and Sources

Rupert Sheldrake – The Extended Mind

The Institute of Noetics and Consciousness 

The Secret

Conscious Language РThe Logos of Now 

22 thoughts on “Thoughts”

  1. Thought. It makes sense completely. Everything that we are now began with a thought. We too have the power of thought and if God made US in his image, then we too should have this thought. We work and live on a low frequency as of right now. Our thoughts control our lives. Out destiny is in our own hands and our paths are ours to follow. If evolution is dependent upon us, we all need to start thinking. My question is, how do we reach those who find these matters trivial or too problematic of their own lives.

    What I mean is, how do you tell someone “hey, stop being negative” I feel as though we won’t reach everyone. That hurts to know because I want us all to live freely and positively. Is there a right way or is planting the seeds in certain places the way to go? We can’t jus let time go on and hope that we will fix ourselves without knowing. Even G.I. Joe knew that “knowing” is half the battle. What am I saying? I think I am just Rambling. But this one key term is the foundation of everything. Period.

    I do not think there was a question in here lol

  2. I no im a bit behind here lol but I just want to say grate video and I also started with your videos with human history so I know your thoughts realm is the grid around the world that connects us all and lets us share thoughts and when we know what some one is gona say or if they give us a bad vibe its because where tuning in on the same point as them at the same time that’s how psychic’s can tell the future are how you are feeling there 3rd eye is more open and they can connect to the point a lot easier by touching you that’s why they normally ask to hold your hand or they can play a mind game by asking basic questions that tell them a lot more then you would think. I get what you are saying in this video I was once a sad person who thought nothing could ever go right for me but one day I said im gonna be happy :) and ever sence nothing gos wrong for me because I know every thing needs to hapin for one reason or another yes the soul is free but it is also fallowing a plan of its own we are just a tool for it to do what it has to do to help humanity but the reason we are getting so far off from what needs to hapin is the alien dna in are body from the mars people what s happening is we cant be a true being of light when you have darkness blocking the light your videos help hes get back to what we need to no its like a jump start for the soul like a reminder of o ya that’s what hapind and that’s who I am :)ever sense I watch the human history movie iv seen things in a hole new way had thoughts iv never had befor iv seen and felt things iv never seen befor then when I added meditation to it I was uplifted to a hole new well every thing I feel so empowered now and its all thanks to your videos my soul has seen the light again and instead of fighting with christens about how wrong they are I simply talk to them and show them the other side but I never say there wrong just help them realize that there is a lot more then what the bible says and the fact that there is a lot more to it that realy have been forgotten or just altered through out time that they should realy take a look at and study and I do believe we pick what happens to us

  3. Oh I forgot to add this, children are different. Like the bible and all major religions say “children are innocent”. So young children are excluded.

  4. I wanna thank you for all your work, its quite interesting. Alot of the things u mention I knew already from withen myself, my consciousness told me, but alot of things u mention I never knew. Those were my missing puzzle pieces to understand myself and the universe. You really are helping me and my fiance to true understanding of life and the cosmos and I thank you. Peace and love my friends.

  5. As I understand it, the water molecules didn’t change because there were words written on the bottle, but because people projected the intentions, thoughts, and energies that those words defined, onto the water.
    I love your videos, by the way. Thank you so much for what you do :)

  6. As far as children and those that seem helpless being the victims of brutality: I believe that there are contracts made between souls that we are unaware of, made before the veil of maya descends upon us as we are born into this existence. The courage and selflessness of the souls who agree to be the “victims” is awesome, as they provide a way for the entirety of humanity to learn from their horrific experiences what is right and what is horribly wrong in our behaviour toward one another as human beings, what is in our power to change. The ones who inflict wrong are also under contract and are assuming an immense karmic burden as they act out their deeds, in a way that can be very hard for our limited minds to grasp this is also an awesome act of courage, not on the part of the ego mind of the incarnated being, but on the part of that soul. And it, we, are all part of a much greater whole, all working our way toward some common awakening that requires many of these hard lessons to be learned, unfortunately repeatedly, before they can be assimilated into our collective consciousness. Therefore, as the many great sages have always, through time immemorial have said, we must practice forgiveness, and live, and learn.

  7. There’s a small part of me, that begs to differ. I personally know several who’ve each been raped (as children, and in adult life). I doubt if any of them would agree, that they brought these horrors upon themselves. Mind you, I do understand that prior to an individual’s incarnation, a sort of plan of experiences is established; but, the memory of that plan goes out the door, the minute you take your first breath. I specifically speak of rape because it’s an equal opportunity horror. To say that any individual thinks the rape into existence, would suggest an unsound mind. Only a crazy person would want such a thing.

    1. I’ve listened to Teal’s teaching,”Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People”; and, she’s right. Understanding, that your thoughts create your experiences can at times, be a bitter pill to swallow; but, it’s an important factor in the process of alignment with Source.

    2. Khamisa, not to be offensive but I don’t think you are quite getting it.

      Nobody is thinking “I want to be raped”. If you study the Law of Attraction more, you would see that it is not that anybody wants to be raped but it is OTHER thoughts, feelings, attitudes, fears, etc that cause these events to happen in their lives. It is the FEAR of rape, it is the FEAR of attack, the FEAR of bad people, the FEAR of being hurt, that ACTUALLY makes you vulnerable. The more energy you put into something, the more likely it is to happen in your life.

      As far as children getting raped goes, I really can’t imagine what kind of thoughts, fears, attitudes, a child would be outputting into the universe that causes something so traumatic to occur. It’s kind of hard to say for me whether or not it is a truly “manifested” event. Keep in mind that children do not have full control over their lives, rather, the families they are born into have most of the control. For example, if 5 year old sallys parents decide to move far away, I would say Sally was not the one who manifested that, it was her parents. There’s kind of a fine line with children I think…

    3. I feel bad for the ones you know who that happened to but just because they might not have wanted it to happen the other person did so it did they might not have put out the energy for that bad thing to happen to the the people who did it put out the energy for it to happen so it did not every thing in are lives is are energy there are millions of other putting out different energy’s for different things to happen who ever has the power to put out the most will over take the one who put out the least just like in a arm wrestling fight the stronger one will win just about every time I hope this helps explain things a little better ps and some bad happens to lead to the good or just to get you ready for that good or bring you to it.

  8. I believe in what The Spirit Science says about “thounghts” because it is understood as a magnetism process. Although, according to the book The Secret, we must put our focus in which desire we want to reach. For example : How can I practice my thought trying it with my mate, some things be resolved? Ok, I believe also in The Law of Attraction, but, something in this, I can not comprehend how am I attracted someone in depression, with no pleasure to live the gift of life, if I am full of life? Can you give me some exercise that I can act on his vigour?

    1. Hi Sueli, I saw your comment about Happy Thought Practice and wanted to share with you that I was in a similar situation. I don’t believe that we can “think” Happy thoughts to change any one’s attitude about life, I believe they have to do that for themselves, and you can pray for his strength. I do believe however, you can inspire your life with other’s to be delightful. For instance, my prayer was for my mate to understand me emotionally. That way he could be more empathetic to my feelings and then decide to act on his understanding. I give all credit to my source because it instantly worked.

  9. Good stuff. I plan on learning all the content this site has to offer.
    Hopefully I can be apart of a great awakening of a different sort. If we can’t obtain our full capabilities on our own, perhaps someone can invent a way… after all, it can all be explained scientifically we just haven’t given this enough of our effort as we should. I am a believer that ANYTHING is possible. Think of the wildest thing you can imagine – IT’S POSSIBLE!

  10. So if i understand all of this correctly, people like JonBenet Ramsey, Trayvon Martin, and even Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are deceased because, well, they thought about being brutally murdered and it happened. They really brought it on themselves by their thought processes, so there was really no human intervention — just their thoughts.

    1. Or perhaps it was a co-creation, everyone involved was involved because they were. It was a collective creation, not to be “blamed” on one person or another.

  11. There’s a bunch ‘debunked’ on youtube regarding the water crystals. If you site it and he’s not trustworthy, it makes everything you say seem less trustworthy.

  12. About trying it with people…

    I tried it on my room mate, without his knowledge, to see if I could evoke a reaction. While we’re both distracted in the evening with internet and tv, I just pictured an image of a banana in my mind and floated it to him the same way he showed in the video. Minus the petting of course. I did this a few times for a 2-3 days then forgot about it. The next time we went to the grocery store, a day or two after the last time I communicated an image of a banana mentally, something you might logically expect to happen, happened.

    We both went in together but we shop completely separately and just meet up at the exit when we’re both done and then we drive back to our place. The weekend goes by and it’s just today that I realize that he bought bananas that day, for the first time since we’ve started living together.

    Of course, it’s possible he just felt like it and that it was just a coincidence. That being, I’m thinking of planting other suggestions and seeing what might happen.

    As for the morality of it all…

    If I am actually suggesting bananas or whatever strongly enough that he acts on it and buys them… I feel like this isn’t something to be abused on the unknowing. Am I over reacting?

  13. I just read about the concept and thought it sounded fascinating so I decided to research more of it. I came in with a set of core beliefs that I believe in so firmly that I believed nothing would ever change them.

    To my amazement, this Spirit Science is basically a science about why those core beliefs are correct! Because I do believe that I am in so much control of myself that my life is completely in my own hands. No one else controls me, unless I tell myself that they do. That way, in reality I am the one that ultimately made myself be this way because even if others shape me I am the one that let myself be shaped by them.

    This Spirit Science takes my view of life to a next step and makes it reality, not just a belief. I’m trembling with excitement to see what I’ll discover further down the road!

    As a question to anyone who’s interested in answering: I couldn’t help but notice the emphasis on emotional state and emotions being more powerful than thoughts in terms of what they do to you. However, what do you think of the notion that even your emotions are in your control? Because one way to see things is that there can be no emotion without a preceding thought!

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