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The Spirit Science Toolbox is a brand new expansion of the Spirit Science Series! Sign up below and you’ll start receiving delicious weekly emails that go through all of the Spirit Science videos, and other videos and projects that we’ve made (or other awesome cats have made).

Not only that, but along with each video we will be expanding upon the Spirit Science series with even more ideas, concepts, and understandings to take our awareness of ourselves and each other to a WHOLE ‘nother level!

You’re not going to want to miss this ;)

730 thoughts on “Spirit Science Toolbox”

  1. I truely have enjoyed the mindset it has given me n I like learning plus it gives me a smile … n if u know me smiles are had to come by. Thank u for all ur time n effort into showing not only me bt anyone willing to listen

  2. Am Kalu from Nigeria , studied law but not in practice, well I will wish to ….. Just bump in spirit science on my Fb wall and I will want to know how it can improve my living , and as a christian doese it clash with my believe .

    1. spirit science wont effect on any religion instead spirit that is your consciousness always have the question of ‘why’. you have find it in each of your believe when you think about your spirit. You will come to know that there is nothing happens without a reason in this mighty universe ,there an no accident and there not a thing like random, everything have a defnite purpose and the life we live is just an illusion of mind

  3. Dear Jordan.
    Spirit science has changed my thinking along with James Board III. I am so so stuck my friend my family is all pushing for my fiance and I to get another corporate job but the last ones we had drove us to insanity. They gave me and iPad Air iPhone. These devices would go off at 1230 at night and I would have to race to work because a new house owner need to yell at me about a faulty product that the company had the contractor install. We almost felt the these jobs where purely made to keep us over stress apart from are daughter and at the mercy of planned obsolescence. Me dear friends what can we do? We need a different life. I want to teach my daughter the truth and not the matrix male womb . Are family thinks we are witches and honorable people for learning about mediation ,free energy and the language of the heart that connects everything. Please help if you can you and the rest of the spirit science crew are magical lovely beings of light keep shining brothers and sister .

  4. WOW…..All I can say is WOW! I am in awe of you!! Almost a year ago my son, Keegan ( my indigo child)was trying to get me to watch Spirit Science on YouTube. You could say I am a very faithful procrastinator….LOL.Honestly, with all of the dishonesty in the World, I have NEVER believed in anything up until this point. I have always worked 2..sometimes 3 jobs to keep myself busy, but l have ALWAYS felt like I am supposed to be doing something bigger, something to help a large number of people, but I have never ever figured it out. This last year has been filled with many ….you could say , ‘low blows’ including losing my son’s best friend, losing my job, which was a high salaried position at a place I loved to be at! It really hurt my pride and I had no idea what I was suppose to be doing. I have a nursing degree, and I was a General Manager when I lost my iob. I really enjoy helping others and being around a lot of people all of the time. …ALL of it was just gone one day….but dont be sad, it really was a blessing in disguise!! So, the last 2 months I have been removed for the everyday hustle and bustle and I have actually got to…. or should I say I MADE myself stop and smell the roses and reflect back on my life. Wow!! A lot of ups and downs on this little ride I must say !! But, with that I have come to the conclusion that I completely enjoy creating artwork from my heart and I love giving the prices, I created to ama variety people that I feel need it at this time. Also during this down times I made the BEST decision of my life.. so far., and I started watching SS….I was beside myself!! Your ‘theories’ made me completely understand what I didn’t my whole life!!! I couldn’t wait to talk about it with someone…anyone… without completely sounding like I was…. a crazy person!! Lol :) The people that I chose to share this with so far ( it has only been a few weeks) they all have a whole new understanding and it feels soooo amazing to talk about something that you completely believe in!! It makes me feel like a whole person , not sure if I have ever felt that before, Anywoo.. I honestly wanted to show you how appreciative I am. If it wasn’t for you …:well that part doesn’t matter because you are a part of my destiny now!!! I also would like to say, I could feel your sadness so deeply in the videos for the last year or so and still can, but you are moving forward and proving to yourself that you can achieve all of these HUGE and almost overbearing challenges you have set for yourself!! Very admirable!! I have 190% faith that together we will help you achieve this!! I am all in!! If you need anything from me don’t be afraid to ask!! I have a lot of talents and I am not afraid to use them for the good of the community !!! With all of my love and BIG Huggies to all!!!

  5. Justin Coup(?) I think I remembered your name right. About starting a community, there is a self-sufficient, off the grid community in N.E. Missouri called “Dancing Rabbit”. Google them and check them out.

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