Hello!! Do you want to help share Spirit Science with the world? We are looking for assistance in translating Spirit Science to every and all languages of the world to share these ideas globally. If you have an interest in translating, then please – give us a hand!

We welcome you to either make Subtitles on the videos, or re-dub the videos in your own language and upload them! If you do, please contact before uploading the videos, or send the subtitles that you create to that account.

Currently – Many of the videos on youtube have been subtitled with spanish, english, and various other subtitles, but the entire series is not complete.

Below here you will find all of the scripts so far from Lesson 1 to 19, with more on the way.

Thank you for helping us out!

MediaFire Download – All Scripts 1-19 and All Subtitle Files so farĀ 



Spirit Science 12 Movie in GERMAN

33 thoughts on “Translations”

  1. hello, i would like to participate in translating spirit science series to Arabic, but i want to know if someone already have done that so i won’t repeat the work twice.

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