Due to popular request, here’s a selection of wallpapers from the Spirit Science, enjoy!


There are also now fan made wallpapers available! If you make a wallpaper and would like it shared here, send a hi-res copy of it to contactthespiritscience@gmail.com with permission to use your art.







32 thoughts on “Wallpapers”

  1. Musze sie wam pochwalić w końcu zrzuciłam – 9 kilo.
    Przeszukalam chyba caly polski internet zeby znalezc coś na odchudzanie i znalazłam.
    Wygoglujcie sobie: xxally radzi jak szybko schudnac

  2. I was reading about your history and was wondering how and where you are getting your facts for all your videos?

  3. There is one picture missing its kinda like the first and the second one except the spirit is flying please upload it it has been my background for more than a year and i reinstalled my windows.

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