The Placebo Effect: Transforming Biology With Belief

This article was originally written and posted at/by Collective Evolution.  Posted here with their permission.

Did you know that we can change our biology simply by what we believe to be true? The placebo effect is defined as the measurable, observable, or felt improvement in health or behaviour not attributable to a medication or invasive treatment that has been administered. It suggests that one can treat various ailments by using the mind to heal. For example, if two people have a head ache and one takes tylenol while the other is given a pill that contains nothing (sugar), both could report that the pill was successful and the headache is gone.

The difference is, the one that was given the pill which contained nothing still believed that they were given a tylenol that would alleviate their headache. In doing so,  their headache was cured because of what they believed to be true. This has happened on numerous occasions, many studies have shown that the placebo effect is real and highly effective.

The placebo practice is known, but widely dismissed in medicine. The placebo effect should be a major topic of study in medical schools. Unfortunately drug companies study patients who respond to the placebo effect with the goal of eliminating them from early clinical trials. It bothers pharmaceutical manufacturers that in most of their clinical trials the placebos prove to be just as effective as their chemical ridden drugs. Examining the placebo effect would give rise to a whole new category under science, which would probably be consciousness.

This is why it’s not examined thoroughly, the power of our perception and its ability to create our reality and even change our biology would open the door to a multitude of other questions, possibilities and potentialities for the human race. These potentialities would most likely wipe out many industries on the planet, from health all the way down to energy. These concepts are also heavily examined and illustrated by quantum physics.


The placebo effect should be the subject of major, funded research efforts. If medical researchers could figure out how to leverage the placebo effect, they would hand doctors an efficient,energy-based, side effect-free tool to treat disease.

Energy healers say they already have such tools, but I am a scientist, and I believe the more we know about science of the placebo, the better we’ll be able to use it in clinical settings – Bruce Lipton, Ph.D (3)

A Baylor School of Medicine study, published in 2002 in the New England Journal of Medicine, (1) looked at surgery for patients with severe and debilitating knee pain. Continue reading


3 Steps to Healing Your Inner Child

During the first 6 years of our lives our programming is being set. Psychologically, this programming will determine how each of us deals with life, our level of confidence and how we define what love looks and feels like.

The relationship with our parents and caretakers is the single most important connection we establish, as this first understanding becomes the definition of love. Whether the home is filled with tremendous love or lack there of, even the happiest households still birth children who harbour feelings of pain and rejection.

As you become the adult you, the inner child stays with you compartmentalized into your psyche holding the pain, rejection and programming you were born into.

Until these emotional wounds are healed, they will continue to manifest outwardly and can create all sorts of problems. You may find that you continually live the same scenarios in life, such as finding partners who mirror your original household upbringing, yet are not healthy for you. Continue reading


Remarkable UFO Footage From NASA’s STS-48 Discovery Space Shuttle

Article originally published by/at Collective Evolution.  Posted here with their permission.

When it comes to real footage of UFOs (unidentified flying objects), film from the 1991 NASA STS-48 Discovery Space Shuttle mission is definitely one at the top of the list. This footage is real, well documented, and has been the subject of rigorous scientific investigation by multiple researchers and institutions. (1)(2)(3)

The video below shows as many as a dozen objects moving in unusual fashion. Apart from that, the most fascinating part is when we see one object at a point near the horizon, as a flash occurs, followed by another object or stream that moves rapidly across the field of view, the object shoots off into space.

Explanations have varied from intelligent extraterrestrial spacecraft, to space weather events and more. There is however, no definite explanation, and many of them don’t take into account the dozens of objects that are captured on film.hqdefault

“There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time. That their appearance is bizarre from any kind of traditional materialistic western point of view. Continue reading

time alone1

10 Truths to Remember when Things Go Wrong

There are no wrongs and there are no rights. There are only experiences and these experiences leave meaningful lessons. If you are closing a chapter in your life or struggling to find momentum, know that when everything goes wrong….

10. Pain Helps You Grow

As the old saying goes, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. But before this strength can emerge, you must accept your pain.

Each time a tragic event occurs that you think you can’t handle, it is common to try to remove yourself from it altogether. But each time you do this, you leave a piece of yourself behind. When you disassociate yourself with your pain, you cause a split to occur within you. Commonly known as soul splitting.

By embracing your pain and bringing it within to heal, you empower your own growth.

We grow most through difficult experiences, so embrace it. Let the darkness shape you, let it reform you, let it cradle you and birth you into a new life and a new way of being.

9. Your Biggest Fears Are an Illusion

Fear will only go as far as you let it. You are always the one in control, so take control! What you resist persists; by avoiding what you fear, it will only grow.

The more you focus on fearful things, the more you put yourself in vibrational alignment with them. As we know the opposite of love is fear, and so when you dwell in fear, you are rejecting love. Continue reading


12 Amazing Health Benefits of Dates

Dates are rich in fiber which is vital for proper digestion. They have a high natural sugar content that makes them a great alternative for ordinary sugar. Besides from being easily metabolized, they’re also filling and satisfy hunger. Due to their richness in nutrients, dates are a great fruit choice for both children and adults. In addition, they have been found to be very beneficial in the treatment of various conditions and illnesses like anemia, high cholesterol, and even cancer.

dates health

Rich in Iron

The ability of dates to treat anemia is due to their richness in iron. 100 g dates contain about 0.90 g iron, which accounts for about 11% of the recommended daily intake. Iron plays a vital role in transferring oxygen in the blood. This makes dates a great snack for teenagers and pregnant women since they need more iron.
Rich in Eye Vitamins

Dates contain lutein and zeaxantine, which is why they are often referred to as ‘eye vitamins.’ Lutein and zeaxantine are famous as being highly beneficial for the eye retina and macula since they improve the eyesight and prevent any possible damage to the macula, which deteriorates with age. Eating more dates could improve your eyesight. Continue reading

smart thinking an positive thoughts

How Positive Thinking Completely Transforms Your Life

People function in different ways, have different habits and rituals, and even the most similar people on the planet have some “little thing” that makes them different from one another and singles them out as individuals. But despite the fact that people are so different and individuals, they all have one thing in common – their thoughts.


Everyone, as an individual, acts on their thoughts and directs them in the wanted direction, but what many do not know is that the way we think affects the way we function, because our thoughts are very strong and their effect is very powerful.

A lot of people have a problem with thinking and contemplating, and many of them fall under their influence, almost to the extent that their own thoughts make them think all the time, so many have a problem with sleeping and resting, simply because their thoughts don’t allow them. Many people become influenced by other people’s thoughts and opinions, and adopt them as their own.

It is interesting that when people find themselves at a given moment that they don’t like, most of them begin to think in a negative direction and contemplate the negative effects. But this only causes anxiety and stress, and makes it difficult to resolve any situation. Continue reading

Seeking Higher Consciousness