How To Find Your Spirit Animal & What it Says About Your Personality

In life, we tend to gravitate towards things that we like and avoid things that we don’t. While this is usually an instinctual thing that can help keep us alive, there are fundamental lessons in both the things we avoid and the things we are drawn to.

When I was first introduced to spirit animals, I assumed mine would be my favorite animal. I later found out that this isn’t always the case. Our spirit animal is a symbolic representation of our life that has certain behaviors, tendencies, and patterns that we can learn from in order to better understand ourselves.

Finding Your Spirit Animal

That is why it was suggested to me that perhaps the spirit animal that would serve my growth the most was an animal that I was afraid of. Now there are many reasons why we may be afraid of an animal.


Perhaps you walked into a large spider web as a kid, were bit by a dog, or in the case of batman; had a negative experience surrounding bats.

Whatever your experience, there is typically an animal that makes your hair stand on end and all of your senses turn on, making your very alert when you suspect it might be around. Continue reading


The Risks of Using Foil: Why You Shouldn’t Wrap Your Food In Aluminum Foil

If you are baking or grilling your food and tend to wrap it in Aluminum Foil then you are going to want to check this out!

Aluminum may seem like a nice way to hold your food together and keep the juices in while cooking but did you know that aluminium can actually leach into your meal?


This means that you are eating your dinner with essence of Aluminum which can make you toxic quick.

So I know what you’re thinking… So what if I can’t taste it? Well having more aluminium in your body is actually not very good for your health and I’ll tell you why…

While aluminium cookware has moved in to replace the traditional copper pots and pans it doesn’t have the same effective on your food that aluminium foil does.

When you take aluminium foil and bake you acidic or spicy food in the oven at high temperatures then you can create some health concerns for yourself.

Aluminium and Your Health

Our bodies are used to coming in contact with aluminium. In fact, it’s in corn, salt, spices, tea, and herbs so having it around isn’t the problem.

shutterstock_127106498The World Health Organisation found that we are alright if we have around 40mg of aluminium per kilogram we weigh each day. So if you weigh around 130 pounds then you can have up to 2400 mg per day and your body will be able to excrete it without too much trouble. Continue reading


Studies Show The Feeling Of Loneliness is Just As Bad As Smoking 15 Cigarettes

Loneliness is an encompassing, entrapping and all consuming feeling. It’s like a spiral of darkness you can’t pull yourself out of, someone else needs to be the one to do it. The feeling of connectivity is why we’re all here, to experience life together.

Research from Brigham Young University is showing that the feeling of loneliness and isolation are just as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes, and is a major threat to our longevity.shutterstock_167533097

The lead author of the study remarks that “We need to start taking our social relationships more seriously.”

Being lonely and isolating yourself socially are two very different things. You can be in a crowd of people and still feel alone, yet others will physically isolate themselves because they want to be alone. The health effects of both scenarios still produce the same thing.

The likelihood of feeling lonely is actually greater in young people than in the older generations. As our society is littered with distraction, social media and things that are suppose to connect us, we are more disconnected than ever.

Tim Smith, a co-author of the study notes that, ”Not only are we at the highest recorded rate of living alone across the entire century, but we’re at the highest recorded rates ever on the planet,” Continue reading

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.03.51 PM

Amazing 99 MILLION Year Old Bird Wings Have Been Preserved In Amber

Did birds look similar to how they do now 99 million years ago? Most people would assume no, but this recent finding is proving otherwise! When it was first found that feathers could survive fossilization, it turned everything upside down. It was assumed that only hard tissue like cartilage and bone could survive for millions of years.

A recent paper published in Nature Communications, discovered that two bird wings had been preserved in non other than amber! These wings date back to a staggering 99 million years old – so how is this possible?! Previous findings said that wings are preserved in 2 dimensions, like the bone and soft tissue. An odd feather or two had been found in fossilized amber before, but an entire intact wing like this is unheard of!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.02.18 PM

It has been found in the Burmese amber deposits which date to the mid-Cretaceous. Within these amber deposits, there are been an array of different bugs, flora and animals that have all been perfectly preserved. This tree resin has allowed things like entire lizards to stay frozen in time, over millions of years.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.07.45 AM

This Rare Time-lapse of The Aurora Borealis Is Stunning

Maciej Winiarczuk was quite surprised when he managed to successfully capture the light show he’s been trying to film for the past three years. An Aurora Borealis lapse of the Milky Way occurred and it is absolutely stunning!

Better known as the Northern Lights, named after the Roman Goddess of dawn, Aurora, as well as Boreas, the Roman God of the wind.  For ages, this occurrence has fascinated humankind. Where does it stem from?

Starting with our own star, the sun, solar wind is the primary cause. The sun ejects particles of plasma which usually bypass our planet as the earth’s magnetic filed deflects them. This however pulls the plasma to the poles. Particles like Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen collide with these solar winds, causing these marveling colorful appearances throughout the sky.

Depending on what you seek, they occur year round, but April-August possess the longest days throughout the year, making them less visible. Most frequent during Autumn and Spring, September and March are usually their peak season. Winter can also be a great opportunity – the nights are longer and darker, this makes the colors really pop against a satin sky. Bare in mind, you are never guaranteed a show. The weather dictates this.

Thank you to The Rain Forest Site for this magnificent footage.

See more here.







Did This Scientist Just Prove God Exists?

One of the most brilliant scientists Michio Kaku has decided to dive into a world that many of his peers haven’t. He is using physics and string theory to help prove the existence of a mathematical creator.

In his most recent work, Michio Kaku has found that we live in a mathematical world or “matrix”. Professor Kaku uses what is known as tachyons or theoretical particles to make sense of the universal matter and bring it all down a simple unified theory.

“The goal of physics, we believe, is to find an equation… Which will allow us to unify all of the forces of nature, and allow us to read the mind of God…” -Michio Kakushutterstock_315561197

While searching for an understanding of the mind of God, Professor Kaku believes that there is an intelligent mind much more advanced that we can fathom on the 11th dimension that is actually creating everything we see.

This isn’t the work of random forces he says. Continue reading

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