Eight Celebrities Who Use Their Fame To Awaken The Masses

We live in strange times when celebrities are worshipped liked modern-age gods. Attention is heaped upon them and literally millions of people watch their every move so it’s no surprise when you hear of celebrities having nervous breakdowns, turning to drugs or even worse attempting suicide.

But some celebrities seem to have found a way through the murky tunnel of fame and came out at the other end enlightened and empowered. They use the unique platform they have been given to great purpose. This should not be taken lightly as celebrities literally have the ability to influence entire generations.

Indeed many of them have influenced me on a personal level and much of what you see on this website indeed videos and articles centred around some of these ‘awake’ celebrities. So I have decided to compile a list of my top celebrities past and present who have used their fame to awaken the masses.

Kasim Khan – Team Spirit

Russell Brand

Russell is definitely one of my personal favourites. He is truly awakened on many different levels and I particularly admire his ability to connect with people.  You will find him all over this website.

Joe Rogan

This guy is a voice for the people. A real free thinker who questions everything.

Bill Hicks

A true legend. Used comedy brilliantly to share the truth with the masses. Sadly passed way too soon.


Jim Carrey

He seems to have experienced a real spiritual awakening as can be seen in this speech.

George Carlin

He had a unique style and was known for saying exactly what he thought. A true legend of comedy in every sense of the world. We miss you George.


Woody Harrelson

He has been speaking up for the state of our world for years.

Will Smith

Of all the people in this list I would say Will is the strongest motivational speaker and he has certainly used his fame to help others. His children Willow and Jaden seem to be extremely aware and that can only be down to the limitless energy and motivation of their father.

John Lennon

A real peace campaigner who still to this day inspires millions around the world.

I hope you have enjoyed my list. Is there anyone you would add? Let me know in the comments below.


Perfect is as Perfect Does

This article is going to be a sort of cross between a lesson from a nostalgic movie, a mathematics class, and a fun spirit science cartoon script!

And don’t worry about the math class part, you’ll do fine :)

Forest Gump said ‘stupid is as stupid does’. A lesson from his mom basically saying ‘thats how you know whats stupid. If it acts stupid, it is stupid’ (in this case, she was referring to forest himself..) 

Fibonacci-Spiral-ArtToday I offer you the flip side. Perfect is as perfect does. Now, sure: there is an unattainable ‘perfection’ that we can all strive to be but never actually be. I am not asking you to become a super-being overnight. Rather, I posture the idea that the continual forward motion towards ‘better’, towards ‘connection’ toward ‘clear and open communication’ is in harmony with fibonacci, and therefore is perfect.

Perfect is… as perfect does! There is in fact a science to it! :)

We discussed this idea in this here spirit science episode. Im sure you know the one.

For those of you who are still reading, lean in a little closer, because this is a really good part.

If you have seen this video, or researched it on your own, you know the relationship between phi and fibonacci. One is an infinite, beginning-less perpetual spiral of perfection. The other starts at 1, and continually gets closer and closer to that perfect spiral ratio but never quite hits it…

So what about Pi?

8-flow-of-life-flow-of-pi-cristian-ilies-vasilePi, as you might know, is the ratio of the diameter of a circle to the circumference around it, which comes in at a little over 3.14(ad infinitum). If your new to the concept, read the first 2 sections of this page. (And eveything else you can find that you want to learn about, of course). 

Think of it like the linear distance across vs. the total distance to go from one point, all the way around to the same starting point. One is a male figure (the line), and one is a female figure (the curve… and the circle/sphere, as a whole). To put these together is a blending of relationships.

Blending Phi and Pi as One – The Biwabik Sum

In this article by Gary Meisner, he expands on the relationship between pi, phi, and fibonacci all together as a whole.

Very simply, when you put Pi and Phi together, meaning the following:

1.61803398(…) X 3.14159265(…)

Comes out to

5.08320369 – The 5th number in the fibonacci equation, and a whole lot more.

DSC02892Ed Oberg and Jay A. Johnson have developed a unique expression for the pi-phi product (p?) as a function of the number 2 and an expression they call “The Biwabik Sum,” a function of phi, the set of all odd numbers and the set of all Fibonacci numbers, which you can download a Excel Sheet of right here.

If you can download and open up that document, you will find a very interesting report on the relationships between Pi, Phi, and Fibonacci… There is also an excel file right here which demonstrates the math very thoroughly.

Believe it or not, this is actually the part that relates back to our core idea, “Perfect is as Perfect Does”. Stay with me, I’m doing my best to explain what I know in a way that would be understandable to everyone.

In the document, they write:

It is clear that pi-phi product, the circumference of the proposed Golden Circle, is related to the Golden Ratio, the number two (the only even prime), the set of all odd numbers and the set of all Fibonacci numbers; each member of these two sets making a single appearance in the sum.

Gaias_GiftIn simple terms, these guys were able to plug together a formula using fibonacci and some other meaningful number series that resulted in finding the same Biwabik number that comes up naturally when you put Pi and Phi together.

The reason it works? Because it’s in balance!! The equation of symmetry is present on all sides of the equation. The side of Fibonacci, Pi, and Phi!

They found another way to do it, and quite a cool way indeed. In fact, straight up I don’t understand it nearly as well as they do. I wish that I did, and I am learning… but yeah, I get that there’s actually a lot more about this that I could know, and that excites me greatly!

tool-lateralusAnd that ultimately is my whole point. The process of learning, the process of continually using and expanding your brain, opening your heart, getting closer and closer to perfection IS what is actually perfect in the end.

To practice such is to attain perfection: Not in that your actions are perfect, but that the forward motion and growth emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically is perfect.

Perfect, having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

Perfect, to make (something) completely free from faults or defects, or as close to such a condition as possible.

So you see, perfect is as perfect does.  It is the journey, the motion toward, that is where you find perfection.

Jordan Pearce 


The Foolproof Guide to Lucid Dreaming

Imagine if every night when we’d fall asleep, we could consciously slip into an interactive dream together. We could co-create realities each night and explore the deepest corners of our unconscious, together.  We could experience those impossible, contradicting dream scenarios and manifest our wildest dreams, literally.

Lucid dreaming and experiencing the astrals is monumental in the evolution of our consciousness. To be able to explore the deepest, uncharted parts of our mind would completely effect how we exist after we wake up.

Consciously fall asleep:

When we fall asleep, our minds slip into unconsciousness before our physical body does. Sleep paralysis occurs when the mind is consciously feeling the body falling asleep – and it’s usually quite uncomfortable. For many, there’s an intense pressure that weighs down on you with such force that you feel like you can’t breathe.

You’re in a void of nothingness – yet it’s very much something. Sometime’s when this happens to me I have to force myself awake because it’s still such a scary experience.


The key to lucid dreaming is in this first step. If you can stay conscious during the initial stages of falling asleep – you can consciously control what happens after.When your body falls asleep and you experience sleep paralysis, ride with the experience. Focus on your breathing, feel your physical body and concentrate on that solid feeling.

What happens to me after my body relaxes enough is that I’ll see a small dot in the middle of the darkness. It quickly expands out in every direction, it expands into me and becomes the reality surrounding me. It’s like I zoom into the dream while staying lucid. Sometimes I lose it and wake up, it’s a practice of breathing with your mental movements and staying focused. Continue reading

4 Easy Steps To Sharpen Your Intuition

Intuition is our natural psychic power.   It’s a sort of GPS system for our soul that allows us to navigate energy and potential outcomes.  When we learn to sharpen it, listen to it, and refine it, it can act as a sixth sense that can help guide as our on journey.

Although everyone has a natural intuitive connection, some have sharper intuition than others.  Regardless of how strong your intuition is, there are things you can do in everyday life to help strengthen it.  It’s important to realize that having a stronger intuition and increasing your psychic powers has very little to do with what you may call “spiritual tools” or other forms of divination.

You already have everything you need.  It’s just a matter of giving your spiritual antenna a little bit of a fine tuning.

Here are 4 simple steps you can take to sharpen your intuition:

1) Meditate

When you learn to fully relax and clear your mind, you become much more receptive to the energies around you.  It’s important to understand that becoming more psychic and having a stronger intuition has less to do with effort and more to do with relaxing and allowing yourself to be at one with the flow of the universe.  Be still, and you will allow yourself to feel what you already have the ability to feel.

Slowing down the stream of mental chatter with even just 10-20 minutes of meditation a day is the best thing you can do for your intuitive abilities.

2) Ask the universe

Don’t be afraid to ask the universe for guidance.  Saying something like “show me a sign that I am supposed to do this” is a great way to show the universe with your energy that you are ready to receive.  A great way to sharpen your intuition is simply to be open to receiving guidance from the universe.  You are not alone, and your pursuit to sharpen your psychic and intuitive ability does not have to be a solo effort.  Ask, and ye shall receive.

3) Recognize the signs

Once you have tuned your spiritual antenna with meditation, and have asked the universe to show you the way and help guide you, now is the time to recognize the signs in your life.  Your guidance may come in forms of synchonicities, coincidences, repeating themes and patterns, or even a very strong pull in your being towards a certain route.

The universe WILL guide you and will show you the way once you surrender to its will and keep your eyes pealed for what it is trying to show you.

4) Proper rest and nutrition

Getting proper rest and nutrition is key.  Your body is your vehicle, and thus it is your primary way of interaction with intuitive information.  Eat lots of clean foods like organic fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods, flouride, and chemicals.  Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and refined sugars.  When you fully purify your vehicle, you will be much more receptive psychic information.

The pineal gland is thought to be the third eye that connects us to higher dimension and transmits information from these dimensions into our brains where they are received by us.  Regardless of what mechanisms may be responsible for intuitive abilities, keeping your vehicle clean is a great way to step into a higher vibration.

Strengthening your intuition does not require anything outside of ourselves.  Nor does it require that was do strenuous self-work or practice forms of divination.  It is a simple matter of purity of mind and body, and aligning yourself with the flow of the universe while being willing to receive guidance.

Hope this helps!

Steven Bancarz,

Team Spirit


The Story Of The Perfectly Preserved 500 Year Old Frozen Girl

The Inca girl was only 15 years old and has been nick named ‘the maiden’.Her frozen body was found in 1999 on the Argentinian volcano llullaillaco, which i cant pronounce.This volcano has a 6739 meter high summit and was being explored at the time when the expedition came across the inca girl. She was chosen by the inca people to live with her gods. But in reality she was sacrificed to the gods for religion. The body of the girl is perfectly preserved and looks as if she died very recently, but in fact the poor girl had died around 500 years ago. Scientists where able to determine her diet by examining the proteins in her hair that had been preserved for all those years. It turns out that she had a very fattening and full diet for months maybe even years before she was sacrificed. The inca would sacrifice children after an important event as an offering to their gods. The children would be taken to the high mountain tops, fed coca leaves on the way and then given an intoxicating drink at the burial site. When they where intoxicated the inca priests would have killed them by strangulation or a blow to the head. sometimes they would have been left to freeze to death. Recently scientists have discovered that the 500-year-old frozen girl had a bacterial infection when she was sacrificed. They say that the illness is similar to tuberculosis and that the discover was made by swabbing the lips of the girl and comparing the sample with current patients. Scientists think that by discovering this bacteria it could help to fight new illnesses or reemerging illnesses. So even though this poor girl died 500 years ago. Her sacrifice could help to cure some diseases that are affecting modern people.

You can watch another fascinating video from National Geographic on the Inca Girl here.

Kasim Khan – Team Spirit


Why We Need To Protect Tribal Societies


Their technology may be simple but their social structures are highly advanced, perhaps far more than our own. But the point isn’t to say one way of life is more right than another – it’s to recognize that there are many diverse ways of living and a world where many ways can co-exist is better than a world where we all live the same.

Tribal peoples have developed ways of life that are largely self-sufficient and extraordinarily diverse. But they are portrayed as backward and primitive simply because their communal ways are different.

Our friends at Survival International won’t give up until we have a world where tribal peoples are respected as contemporary societies. But they depend on your support: www.survivalinternational.org/actnow

A more in-depth elaboration on the video:http://www.filmsforaction.org/…/huntergatherers_and…/

It’s an excerpt from the book “Limited Wants, Unlimited Means” – a collection of anthropological essays on tribal societies. Highly recommended.

Earth’s most threatened tribe: the campaign triumphs!

Brazil’s government bows to the global campaign and expels all illegal loggers from the Awá’s territory. Find out more:http://survivalinternational.org/awa

Kasim Khan – Team Spirit

Seeking Higher Consciousness