How To Remember Your Soul Purpose in 7 Steps

Article originally posted at Collective Evolution.  Posted here with their permission.

Have you ever wondered what your soul purpose is? It’s a concept that ignites the curiosity within each of us. We have this longing to know what we’re “supposed” to be doing; some people seem to know what they want to do with their life from a young age, while others go years and years without ever “finding” it.

In my experience in working with my clients, I’ve found that those who suffered from the deepest forms of depression were not the ones who experienced the most profound traumas, but the ones who felt they had lost their sense of purpose in life, regardless of their age. This seems to hold as true for teenagers and young adults as it does for those in their middling years. Dictionary.com defines “purpose” as: “A reason for which something exists or is done, made, used etc.” Accordingly, to search for one’s purpose means to search for one’s reason for existing on this earth.

As humans, we have a deep need to belong and to be loved. When we live our soul purpose, our lives have colour, passion, and a sense of belonging again.

1. Stop Searchingwhat-is-your-intention-soul-twin-flame-awaken-L-ffYeac

You’re never going to “find” your soul purpose. It isn’t written on a piece of paper somewhere or on the agenda of a cosmic contractor that assigned you to Earth for a specific purpose. Your answer lies within you, not without.

When you believe it lies somewhere external, you disempower yourself because this belief implies that another needs to “give” or “assign” you your purpose. This isn’t the case. You choose to give your life its purpose. Continue reading

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Buddhist Monks Bless Tea With Good Intention – Here’s What Happened

This article was originally written and published by/at Collective Evolution.  Posted here with their permission

It’s become clear to more and more people that consciousness is directly correlated with our physical material world. Numerous scientific studies have proven that our consciousness is directly correlated to it, and through our consciousness, we can directly influence our physical world in more ways than one. One example of this is how the mind has a capacity to influence the output of devices known as Random Event Generators(1)

Another example are the multitude of declassified papers that deal with ‘paraphsychological’ phenomenon. For example, government experiments revealed human beings are capable of bending physical material objects with their minds.(2)(3) Another great example is what’s known as the “double slit experiment.” This study found that factors associated with consciousness such as meditation, experience, and electrocortical markers of focused attention have an influence on material reality. (4) I also think it’s important to throw in the remote viewing experiments conducted by the NSA, CIA and Stanford University. (5)  Continue reading


NASA Astronauts Cultivated Lettuce in Space for The First Time

 Being an astronaut on the International Space Station is every kid’s dream. But what was the NASA astronauts’ mission for the last 33 days? Cultivating red romaine lettuce in the orbiting lab!

They have established special Veggie plant grown system on the Space Station and ‘planted’ the space lettuce. It has been grown naturally from seeds planted by astronaut Scott Kelly, on July 8 and now the lettuce is going to be divided between the 44 crew members of the Expedition!

nasa-lettuceThey are all up for the special tasting! After harvesting the crop, the lettuce will be cleaned using citric acid-based sanitizing wipes. Still, half of the produce will be sent back to Earth for the scientific examination. They will need to pack it and freeze it first.

How did they do it? The lettuce has been exposed to red, green and blue LED’s within the NASA’s Veg-01 experiment. The aim was to see how the lettuce responds to an environment that hasn’t got natural sunlight. Although the red and the blue light are enough to ensure the photosynthesis will take place, the scientists also added green light, making sure the lettuce gets as natural ‘beauty’ treatment as possible.      Continue reading


5 Signs You Might be in an Emotionally Manipulative Relationship

 Everyone wants a relationship to share their experience of life with someone. Everyone wants someone who can be with them through their ups and downs. Every relationship is different – everyone handles pain, stress, joy and all emotions differently through their own processes.

If you feel like you need to be in your relationship, feel scared to speak your truth or feel any restriction at all, you might be in an emotionally manipulative relationship.

1)  You are in the relationship because you feel you’re soulmates. 

Negarea-care-ne-distruge-viataOne of the main reasons people keep themselves in an emotionally abusive relationship is that they believe that their partner is their soulmate. They believe that their soulmate is the best person and the only one made for them.

You might qualify distressful feelings or upsetting situations by saying they are you’re soulmate so it’s okay. If you’re experiencing a high level of stress in your relationship – maybe take a step back and look at the bigger picture playing out.

2) Pain is not a necessity of love.

There are lots of people who believe that pain is a necessity of love. There is pain within all of life, it needs to exist so we can understand the contrast – love. Continue reading


How to Heal the Second Chakra

The second chakra “wheel” of our main seven energy centers is in the area of the sacrum, the triangle-shaped bone at the Sacral-Chakrabase of our spine. It is responsible for sexual energy, sexual organs, emotions, desires, polarity, sensuality and money.

Mainly, this is where we maintain ambition and intimate relationships. People balance this chakra by tackling issues with identity and sexuality, a world-wide phenomenon.

Ask yourself these questions to tune into your second chakra:

  • Do you hold anger towards your partner because of their choices related to sex?
  • Do you allow others to manage your money?
  • Do you feel free or stifled with your money and/or sexuality?
  • Alternatively, check the health of your ovaries, testes, kidneys, urinary tract, gallbladder, spleen and skin.

Furthermore, we get dysfunction in this emotional center from rejecting gender, holding anger or sexual guilt, not accepting our age, or believing we are “bad”.  A lot of beliefs society holds onto is because of the programming we got from our environment, which has tried to control us in the past. For instance, religious institutions alongside the governments have decided what is acceptable, similar to population control regimes.

sacral-chakraUltimately, our sexual energy (often mentioned with “kundalini”) is connected to our life-force. When our kundalini rises as a result of kundalini yoga or tantric practice, it is said to bring bliss.

If this life force is cut off, we will have issues transforming life-force into spiritual energy. Simply put, energy moves up the spine to heal the higher auric layers.

On a physical level, a woman who is coping with internalized pressure from society to be a mother, for example, will produce more cortisol.

This decreases progesterone, which affects embryo implantation in the uterus as well as oxytocin (the stress hormone). The following increase of norepinephrine and epinephrine suppresses sex hormones. In men, anxiety creates sperm impotence because the adrenals produce more cortisol and less testosterone.


Taking a look at society, we suffer from lack of nourishment to the lower back area, where we are supposed to receive our sexual energy, love from home/community, and financial support. To heal this, we must be willing to feel and express emotions, love ourselves, take responsibility and support our passions.

On a belief layer, we have to know that having money does not equal materialism, and having sex does not solve abandonment problems. On the other hand, we cannot put ourselves in a deficit to support a partner, nor can we deny our sexual fantasies.

It would be a good idea to get in touch with all of these things, communicate with our lovers, or seek someone whom we trust who can work with this sacred part of our bodies.

Gentle love and self-acceptance will get us faster towards a bright, beaming, light-filled svadhisthana.


-Krista Raisa

Psychic medium, Author, Youtuber, Artist

pumpkin seed

9 Excellent Reasons To Eat a Handful of Pumpkin Seeds Every Day

Pumpkin seeds have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. They are a rich source of magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and vitamin K. They are an excellent snack choice because they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which the body needs to maintain a healthy heart and regulate blood pressure. Discover the amazing health benefits of pumpkin seeds and why you should choose them instead of other, unhealthy snacks.

pumpk seeds

Cancer prevention

A research conducted by Spanish scientists has shown that pumpkin seeds contain compounds that successfully fight cancer cells. Another study, by German scientists, confirmed that women who have gone through menopause and eat pumpkin seeds on a daily basis, have a 23% lower risk of developing breast cancer. Sunflower seeds have been proven to be equally effective.

Prostate health

Pumpkin seed oil is used to treat prostate enlargement (hyperplasia). This oil contains phytochemicals and antioxidants that reduce the level of free radicals in the body and prevent the formation of cancer cells.

Continue reading

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