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Is Eating Meat Bad for Your Soul? The Two Perspectives Explained

 In the age of the internet, it is always easy to find someone who is willing to agree with you. No matter how obscure and baseless your belief may be, it is always possible to connect with like-minded individuals on a forum or chat group in some far-off corner of the web.

The spiritual community is no exception to this rule. But unlike a religious or political group, there is no list of things that you are supposed to believe as a spiritual person. Maybe you are a part of the growing numbers of vegans in North America, but you can’t understand why they are the point of so many jokes. Is veganism a more enlightened lifestyle, or is it just a fad? Where do we draw the line?

This question becomes even harder when both sides of an argument seem plausible. Take the title of this article, for instance. Is eating meat bad for your soul? Maybe eating the meat of animals that have suffered greatly during their lives somehow taints your body and lowers your vibration? Or maybe all animals and plants are indivisible, and are part of our natural world?

Here are two different perspectives on whether or not it is wrong to eat meat as a spiritually minded person. Try not to look through the lens of “right” and “wrong”. Instead, seek to understand each position, and see which one is best for you.

Eating Meat is Bad

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Eating meat is definitely detrimental to your spiritual efforts. Non-vegetarian food can seriously dampen your spiritual intellect since it intoxicates your spiritual awareness. Humans are naturally psychic beings, but eating meat drastically lowers your spiritual potential, and leaves you in a low vibration state. Continue reading


This Strange Looking Australian Lizard is Completely Baffling Scientists

This rather odd yet adorable creature may look like a snake with silly little arms, but it is actually the yellow-bellied three-toed skink (saiphos equalis), a species of reptile native to eastern Australia.

For many generations now, Scientists have been watching this species give birth by laying eggs, but recently scientists have noticed something very unusual.

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25+ Medical Uses for Marijuana You Might Not Have Heard About

On a TV ad featured in New York, Burton Aldrich tells his story. “I am in extreme pain right now. Everywhere. My arms, my legs, are feeling like I’m dipped in an acid.” This man has quadriplegia, is confined to a wheelchair, and yet he has found the best treatment for his agony. “Within five minutes of smoking marijuana, the spasms have gone away, and the neuropathic pain has just about disappeared.” (1)

Marijuana for Healing


This drug is surrounded by controversy so let’s get the facts straight.

  • Marijuana plants, i.e., cannabis, hold hundreds of chemicals and 109 of them fall under a category called cannabinoids.
  • One such cannabinoid is called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and it is responsible for the chemical effects on the brain.
  • When a human consumes marijuana, THC, and other chemicals make their way into the bloodstream, to the brain and the rest of the body.
  • Smoking is the most common way to use it, and it guarantees faster results than ingestion or other methods.
  • THC’s interaction with the brain may cause the user’s pupils to dilate, colors become more intense, other senses enhance, and a feeling of haziness. Motor coordination and memory can be impaired while under the influence. (2)

How Medical Marijuana Works

The human body can produce its own version of cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids, which help regulate bodily responses to stimuli. Endocannabinoids are produced when needed by the body, yet the effects can be very brief. Its receptors are focused in the brain but are featured all around the body.

Marijuana’s cannabinoids, like THC, binds to the receptors to create medicinal properties, such as reducing anxiety or pain, along with the feeling of being “high.” (3)

Therefore, medical marijuana is commonly prescribed to those with chronic illness so they can lead normal lives pain-free.

Conditions Treatable With Medical Marijuana


This is Who Holds the World Record For Meditation

Meditation can be a powerful tool for your individual spiritual journey. It is also a largely untapped resource for our cultural spirituality and progression. There is one organization that is attempting to use the power of meditation and internet for the good of humanity.

On the 8th of August 2014, the Deepak Chopra, founder of the Chopra Center, set a new Guinness world record for largest online meditation in history. The official statistics were that 33,061 people participated for the full 30 minutes.


Deepak Chopra is a world-renowned spiritual leader and wanted the event to channel enough positive energy to effect the global population’s mindset. ‘When we channel our energy in the direction of peace, love, compassion, harmony and love, it affects everyone on the planet,’ he said. ‘We wanted to explore what would happen if thousands of people around the world came together to be still in a meditation practice for peace, it was an incredible experience for everyone that participated.’

The event was hosted in Toronto with participants from over 100 countries logging in to join the group. Although the official statistics state that just over 30,000 people were involved, the number of individuals who took part at some stage was over 140,000.

Chopra hosted the event, alongside guests Gabrielle Bernstein and musician India Arie. He led the online group through a guided meditation to promote a collective and powerful source of positive energy.

Founded in 1996, The Chopra Center was the brainchild of Deepak Chopra and the late David Simon. Although the center is based out of California, the mission of the organization is to bring a greater understanding and appreciation of human spirituality to everyone. Continue reading


How To Heal Yourself While Going Through a Divorce

Divorce is painful. The person who you have trusted to be your eternal companion is walking out of your life. You feel at a loss like something was ripped from you.

You are surrounded by well-meaning people who cannot fathom your suffering. The sinking feeling of despair is slowly lodging itself into your heart. You beg for this awful period to end so you can move on. Yet it seems impossible to get back to life in the face of this trauma.

There is hope. You will survive this and come out on top.

Your relationships will make all the difference.

 Step 1: Yourself

Your view and feelings about yourself are complex yet vital for your healing. There are different stages of emotion normal for people going through a divorce. Through all the pain, know that you are not the only one who has felt this way.

divorce relationship healing

These stages are founded by Psychologist Thomas Whiteman, co-author of Starting Over.

  1. Denial - “This is NOT happening to me right now.” “It’s really not so important.” This is the initial shock reaction, where the body shuts down to survive the pain.
  2. Anger - This is when reality strikes. It can manifest itself in an uncontrollable rage or a burn-out. Whether the anger is justified or not, it still must be channeled towards healing through healthy outlets. Otherwise, it’s destructive.
  3. Bargaining - This is where desperation sets in. You make promises and drive yourself crazy trying to win your spouse back. You think it can still work out, while the problems have gone too far for any ‘quick-fixes.’
  4. Depression - You begin to suffer from insomnia, irritability, changed appetite, exhaustion or other physical manifestations. You’ll need a good friend by your side for encouragement. Continue reading

The 3 Stages of Love & How Brain Chemicals Effect Our Relationships

When people start a new relationship, most of our attraction is thanks to an irresistible cocktail of chemicals. Unbeknown to us, our brain entices us to crave affection. But how?

Helen Fisher of Rutgers University in New Jersey has been conducting research on the brain chemistry of what she calls ‘the emotion systems associated with mating, reproduction,and parenting.’ Helen suggests that the three emotional systems (or ‘stages of love’) —lust, attraction, and attachment—“ are somewhat disconnected in human beings…” But the situation is not hopeless. Fisher argues; “the role of the prefrontal cortex in humans is to control and direct these emotions—if we so choose.”

As for love these days, let’s talk statistics. The divorce rate in the United States is expected to reach 67 percent before the end of the decade. Currently, some 80 percent of divorced men and 72 percent of divorced women remarry; but 54 percent and 61 percent, respectively, divorce again. High divorce and remarriage rates are seen in many other cultures, as well.


When it comes to animosity in relationships, at least 25 percent of homicides in the United States involve spouses, sexual partners, or sexual rivals.

Each year, some one million American women are followed and harassed by rejected lovers; 370,000 men are stalked by former partners; and approximately 1.8 million wives in the United States are beaten by their husbands. In fact, male sexual jealousy is the foremost cause of wife battering in cultures worldwide.

Husbands, although to a lesser degree, are physically abused by wives. Men and women in societies everywhere can experience clinical depression when a love relationship fails; and psychologists say that a sign? I cant think of the percentage of those who commit suicide because they have been rejected by a beloved.

But WHY? Could our brain chemicals be driving some people to act in an extreme way? It’s highly possible!

Continue reading

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