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Our Souls come into this 3-Dimensional Reality for a reason.   This is not to say we are bound by one goal, but that we can choose to have any experience out of a myriad of possible realities.  All of these branching life paths are absolutely viable and justified courses of action in the eyes of our Eternal selves.  Whatever choice we make, it is ultimately for the overarching desire to rise in consciousness, to grow in self knowledge, and thus expand the Infinite Mind of God in which we all reside.

As we’ve covered, everything in reality is essentially thought vibration in an infinitely extending spectrum of mental-musical octaves.  We’ve also discovered that our Souls, as fractal extensions of the transcendent consciousness, are what collectively creates these symphonies of vibration for the purpose of experience.  We are in fact the universe perceiving itself, and thus creating itself. Continue reading


16 People With Real Super Powers

Have you ever dreamed about having super powers?  Most likely if you are anything like me you have fantasized about having extraordinary abilities such as super strength or moving objects with your mind.

We have found 16 examples of people who claim to have developed some extraordinary abilities.  Perhaps we are evolving into a world of zero limits.

1. X-Ray Vision

Natasha DemkinaNatasha Demkina is a Russian woman who claims to be able to see into peoples bodies.  Just like an X-ray machine she is able to detect problems inside of people and diagnose them.

Natasha was a normal kid up until the age of ten according to her mother.  At that age her abilities began to manifest.

“I was at home with my mother and suddenly I had a vision. I could see inside my mother’s body and I started telling her about the organs I could see. Now, I have to switch from my regular vision to what I call medical vision. For a fraction of a second, I see a colorful picture inside the person and then I start to analyze it.” says Demkina

2. Magnetic Body

3_liew-thow-linLiew Thow Lin is a man from Malaysia who can stick metal objects into his body.   Although scientists cannot detect anything going on with the magnetics of his body he is able to hold and balance a unique amount of metal objects on his skin.

3. Super Human Memory:

daniel-tammetDaniel Temmet is able to memorize incredible amounts of information.  For example he was able to recite Pi up to 22,514 digits in five hours and nine minutes on 14 March 2004.

Most Savants are not able to explain how they accomplish their amazing abilities but Daniel is different.  He explains that in his mind every whole number up to 10,000 has its own unique texture, color, shape and feel.  This has helped him to remember things visually much easier then the average person.

In his experience the visual image of 289 as very ugly, 333 is particularly attractive, and pi is beautiful.  Perhaps this is how the frequency of numbers and numerology work with the logical world.

4. No Need for Sleeping:

Imagine what life would be like if you didn’t need to sleep?  I know we would miss out on a lot of fun dreams but what could we accomplish?  Well Al Herpin cant sleepwas a man who knew what that was like.

Al Herpin claimed to have a rare type of insomnia where he didn’t need to sleep and at one point in his life had apparently been awake for over 10 years.  This attracted the attention of medical professionals who investigated further.

They found no bed, or sleeping place in Al Herpin’s home.  He claimed to go to work and then sit in his rocking chair reading until it was time to go to work the next day.  He was found to be in good health and also lived to the old age of 94.

5. Stomach of Steel:

MrEatsEverythingMichel Lotito was known for his ability to eat non-digestable objects without any bad effects.  He was seen to consume glass, metal, rubber and other objects.  Do not try this at home.


6. Super Language Abilities:

220px-Dr_Harold_Whitmore_WilliamsThe average person on earth is estimated to only be able to speak 1.69 languages.  Harold Williams, on the other hand was able to speak 58 different languages.

Harold was a normal kid until the age of 7 when he describes having an ‘Explosion in his brain’.  After that he learned latin, which is the root to many languages, and couldn’t get enough.

He spent his life traveling the world going region by region learning all the languages he could.

7. Eagle Vision (20x more acute than the rest of us):

binocularsVeronica Seider holds the world record for being able to see the smallest object without assistance from technology.

In 1972 the University of Stuttgart, in then West Germany, reported that one of their students; Veronica Seider had a visual acuity 20 times better than average person. For example she could identify people at a distance of more than a mile away (1.6 km).

The typical person would need a set of binoculars to be able to accurately accomplish that.

8. Sonar Vision (like Bats or Dolphins):

The-Boy-with-Sonar-Vision-Ben-UnderwoodBen Underwood is an extraordinary person with the ability to see using Human Echolocation.  Ben lost his eyes to cancer and is completely blind.  However, using a series of clicking noises Ben is able to navigate the world around him.

Check out this awesome video about Ben transcending limitations and living a regular life.

9. High pain tolerance:

Tim-CridlandNow we have heard of people using meditation to ease the pains of child birth but Tim Cridland has decided to use his high tolerance for pain as a means of performance and entertainment.

“There is nothing abnormal about me physically. Everything I’ve done, I’ve trained myself to do. I’d say what I’m doing is demonstrating some kind of extreme examples of what you can do with your mind and combining that with your body. You could take the same techniques I use to overcome pain and use them in your own life to inspire you to persevere against the pains in life we all have to deal with.” Tim Cridland – Speaking in Faze Magazine

10. Communicating with Animals:

Kevin_Richardson_with_lionsKevin Richardson is a south african animal behaviorist who had been accepted into several lion prides and clans of hyenas.

He has broken almost every safety rule in the book and says he focuses more on intuition than traditional knowledge when it comes to his interactions with these wild animals.

Imagine a world where we all lived in harmony with the animals around us.

11. Sensory Abilities and the Recognition of Music 

imagesArthur Lintgen is an american physicist who can look at phonograph records and recognize the song.  He says he is able to look at the grooves and recognize the song recorded.  He can also tell if the song is being played loud or quiet based on his ability to focus in on the little details of the records.


12. Human computer: 

Shakuntala_DeviShakuntala Devi was a woman born in India with the natural ability to calculate numbers beyond normal human abilities.  Even at the very young age of 6 and without formal training she was demonstrating her abilities to calculate and memorize in the University of Mysore.

She has been tested many times and has been able to do all of these calculations in her head.  For example when she was tested at The University of California Berkley where she was asked to accurately calculate the cube root of 61,629,875, and the seventh root of 170,859,375 she passed with flying colors.

13. Photographic Memory:

images-1Stephen Wiltshire is a British architectural artist who can look at a landscape once and then draw it with perfect accuracy.

“He frequently draws entire cities from memory, based on double, brief helicopter rides. For example, he produced a detailed drawing of four square miles of London after a single helicopter ride above that city. His nineteen-foot-long drawing of 305 square miles of New York City is based on a single twenty-minute helicopter ride” -Wikipedia 

14. Long Distance Running (100 miles, JUST FOR FUN.):

220px-Tarahumaras1There is a group of natives in northwestern Mexico called the Tarahumara People who are known for their ability to run very long distances. The Tarahumara word that they call themselves is Rarámuri which means “runners on foot” or “those who run fast”.

They have reported to run 200 miles (320 km) in one session typically over a period of two days.


People with Real Life Superpowers In The World Dean-Karnazes1

This isn’t the only case of people being able to run crazy long distances.  There is a man named Dean Karnazes who ran 350 miles (560 km) in 80 hours and 44 minutes without sleep in 2005.



15. Iceman

imgres-2Wim Hof is a man in his 50s who has pushed the limits of cold all over the world. In the past 35 years have faced all kinds of challenges and holds 20 guinness world records.

He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest in shorts, broke records by swimming under ice water, and ran half a marathon in the desert without drinking.

Wim uses a breathing meditation technique that makes it so he doesn’t feel the cold in the same way we do.  He claims it has enhanced his immune system  and that he doesn’t suffer any bad effects from this ice dips.

16. Super Human Reflexes

Isao Machii is a Japanese Iaido master who has the quickest reflexes in the world.  He holds many world records for his quick sword skills.  Check out the video below to see him attempt to cut a shot BB in half.


Perhaps the limits we think we have are just in our minds.

Thank you for reading,


Spirit Team


Advances in Science demonstrate Higher Listening & Meditation Capacities with the easiest trick EVER!

hearinglisteningThey often say that “God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth so we can listen twice as much as we talk”, and now it seems as though modern science is backing that up in full force.

Tapping into your higher intuition and knowing starts with listening. The skill of listening is also at the heart of expanding our connections with each other, and awakening our higher consciousness. Our ability to listen is directly correlated to our ability to know and understand both on an interpersonal and cosmic big picture level.

“I think, therefore: I Am Not. Only when the Mind is Silent, I Am.”

The following is a quote from ScienceDaily, where a new research describes how Listening is not just something you do while you do something else, but a full body experience. In fact, the means and method of listening, is doing nothing but that:

When we want to listen carefully to someone, the first thing we do is stop talking. The second thing we do is stop moving altogether. This strategy helps us hear better by preventing unwanted sounds generated by our own movements.

This interplay between movement and hearing also has a counterpart deep in the brain. Indeed, indirect evidence has long suggested that the brain’s motor cortex, which controls movement, somehow influences the auditory cortex, which gives rise to our conscious perception of sound.

A new Duke study, appearing online August 27 in Nature, combines cutting-edge methods in electrophysiology, optogenetics and behavioral analysis to reveal exactly how the motor cortex, seemingly in anticipation of movement, can tweak the volume control in the auditory cortex.

This hit me really hard when I first read it. Of course! In order to truly understand what someone else is saying to the depth that they understand it (unless you’re talking to a ninny who is just talking to say words), you must go into a meditation – slow down, and focus on their vibration wholly.

The truth is, your brain is simply not as receptive to the inflow of information when there is an outflow of information pouring out:

In the latest study, the team recorded electrical activity of individual neurons in the brain’s auditory cortex. Whenever the mice moved — walking, grooming, or making high-pitched squeaks — neurons in their auditory cortex were dampened in response to tones played to the animals, compared to when they were at rest.
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Meet the Man who built a Hoverbike with Sacred Geometry

Now, I know by now you might be tired of me talking about Sacred Geometry. “Pattern of the Universe” blah blah blah “Keys to unlocking the secrets of the reality” yada yada yada… I get it. It can get pretty out there sometimes… Which is actually why this article and video is so important.

You’re about to see what happens when you merge Sacred Geometry with our Modern Scientific Approach, coupled with a strong engineering mind. Today, you’re about to see Sacred Geometry harnessed for the power of flight.

supermanHuman Flight is something that we as humans have always strove for. Flying through the air with a sense of freedom like Superman is a dream come true. I always remember growing up, when my friends would ask “If you could have ANY super-power… what would it be?” The top of my list was ALWAYS flight, right before invisibility or the ability to levitate things with my mind… (which i suppose, if I could levitate anything including myself… well that would have to take top spot on the list ;)

While I know that locked in the recesses of our human potential is the ability to do such things, the human genome hasn’t yet evolved to a point where we can consciously tap into that.

So in the meantime, we’ve got people like Chris Malloy – This engineer and helicopter pilot has been pushing the boundaries aerial technology by building a hover-bike for individual riders, utilizing 4 spinning fans much like a smaller quad-copter.


hoverbike6 Continue reading


Tapping into your Emotions at the Core

One of the most important piece of the evolution of consciousness and re-intergration into our whole-selves is the reconnection to our emotional aura – our awareness of feeling both in ourselves and those around us.

LakeTiticaca01It is when we recognize emotions we can directly translate mental information into physical action, and physical action into mental information with an ease and clarity that was not apparent before.

Understanding becomes easier because there is feeling connected to the thoughts and actions that run through your awareness. If we use the analogy that solid ground is “physical action” and the vast blue sky are your “mental thoughts”, then emotions are like the water that run through the rivers and float as clouds through the sky, and constantly flow between the two.

Could you imagine a world without water?

I sure can, but in its present state I wouldn’t want to live there.


So how do we tap into our emotional body? How do we bring awareness to all of that flowing water between the different planes of our being? The truth is, it’s actually far simpler than you ever imagined, and we’ve got some solid hard-science here to back this up.

In a recent study posted on ScienceDaily, an experiment was conducted to see how 6th grade students responded to different emotional states, if they could tell the difference between emotions in photographs that they would identify.

Happy school children playing tug of war with rope in park2 groups were asked about this. The first group spent on average several hours a day on their smartphones, playing video-games and watching videos. The other group took 5 days off from their phones whilst they attended a camp. The observation and results of this little experiment pretty much speaks for itself.

Those who spent a larger amount of time on their devices had a far harder time identifying emotions than those who spent their week at camp. In addition to that, students who originally had a hard time identifying emotions, after 5 days at camp showed significant improvement in their ability to identify emotional states in themselves and the photographs they were shown.

So what does this mean? What changed?

kid-phoneThe study goes on to say that its not so much the technologies “fault” so to speak, but the lack of face-to-face connection that happens when you are glued to your devices. If these students showed a rapid growth from just 5 days away from their devices, imagine what that could do for all of us if we just took a little bit more time to engage with each other than to do so over facebook?

I’m not saying to throw away the phone, just make time for your human-self too. The internet is a very exciting place still, even though it’s 2014, it is still the wild-west of this new age of technology we are emerging into.

In this new age of technology and discovery, lets just not forget who we are in the process. We are each other, we are the human race…and the Human race is FILLED with passion, poetry, art, romance, love… This is what we stay alive for.


How to Recognize an Energy Vampire and What To Do About It

I will start off by saying that everyone that is reading this article has most likely had an experience with an energy vampire living in the type of society we do today.

 All of us experiencing this at different levels, whether it be a relationship where you were so manipulated you started questioning your own sanity. Having to scribe and keep track of each moment because this person was convicting you the sky was actually purple or simply a friend or coworker not being happy for fortunate moments within your life. It is the feeling of being drained of your energy, your natural joy and life force by someone around you. You can feel them deliberately or unintentionally sapping and mutating their surroundings into negativity.

Our main mission here on this planet is to love one another. To join hands and head and build the higher vibration to shake away all that is lacking. This energy sapping feeling has to start somewhere in my opinion, originating from a general expectation for the other person (the energy vampire) to share this feeling, this mission of mutual elation. The current societal construct has been built on the opposite ideology telling us unconsciously on a daily basis since birth, that when we do not get the emotional energy we need (that should be from sharing) we must then go into dominating or competing with others. An unconscious competition for energy underlies all energy vampire conflicts. By dominating or manipulating others, they get the extra energy they think they need. It feels good to them but both parties are damaged in the conflict. The truth is always inherently looming though, that we never have to control, overpower or manipulate anyone or any situation because each person has a direct line to source energy, the most abundant and powerful source of energy there is.

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