16 Signs That You Have Hidden Healing Abilities

Everyone has the potential to be whatever they want and influence the world in whatever way they desire. There is no denying that each person has certain attributes that have been nurtured more than others. Whether done on purpose or subconsoucly, its imprtant that we be able to diagnose our strengths and attend to our weaknesses.

Healers are present in every society and never really sought out until circumastances force us to seek them out. This lack of focus has left potential healers in a state of non recognition. We need healers more than ever, I would surmise, regardless of the fixationn on characters like leaders. Below is a list of traits common to healers. Examine your own character and see if this archetype fits you!

  1. You are frequently told how soothing it is to be around you.
  2. You and the people in close physical proximity of you rarely get sick.
  3. You are constantly thinking of how to improve people’s lives
  4. You have probably been diagnosed with anxiety, panic or mood disorders.
  5. You are highly empathetic, to the point that it disrupts your social life.
  6. You have a family history of healers. You’re elders may have been doctors, therapists, medical workers, humanitarian protesters, veterinarian workers or guidance counselors. Anything to help people with the human condition.
  7. You walk in public spaces with butterflies in your stomach and heightened senses.
  8. You have a way with animals. They react to you more calmly or are just happy to see you.
  9. Strangers spill their life to you with very little prompting.
  10. You are great at massages, though you may have never been to school for it.
  11. You experience neck and shoulder pain often. You hold your stress there.
  12. You revel in being outside.
  13. You are attracted to crystals and are interested in their meta physic properties.
  14. You are interested in spiritual sciences: Reiki, energy healing, shamanism, acupuncture, among others.
  15. Your high level of awareness means you are sensitive to certain foods and drinks. You may often have headaches or digestive issues
  16. You sometimes feel random chills, warmth radiating from your core, or your palms tingle and pulsate.

The main elements of a healer boil down to high sensitivity on multiple wave lengths, the ability to manifest energies, highly emphatic feeling and  a desire to help those around you. There is no blanket theory or agreed upon path for you to take to develop these feelings. You will have to examine where you are in life and strike out as your resources allow. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to get the ball rolling in terms of healing. Everything in the universe strives to be healthy and happy, we just need to be reminded every so often.


Why Did The NFL Censor This Uplifting Ad During The Superbowl?

This years Super Bowl was a more diverse block of cable than most people have come to expect. The well orchestrated half time show featured many pro gay symbols and motifs. There were also prevalent allusions to #BlackLivesMatter. It was very cool to see the preforming artists (Bruno Mars, Cold Play and Beyonce) using their airtime to perpetuate awareness on these social movements.

The artists wove the elements of social awareness into  their performance with questionable subtlety. The stadium was bathed in coordinated rainbow colors. One side of the arena had ‘BELIEVE IN LOVE’ in massive lettering. Rainbow flags were prominently displayed through out the entire performance. As Beyonce entered the arena, she and all her dancers were wearing all black, had bandoleers on their persons, and were sporting Afros and other natural hair styles. They also danced in a ‘X’ formation. These are all allusions to Malcolm X and the black panthers.

CBS surely would have censored these artists if they could have. The fame of these artists and the fact that it was a live event protected the integrity of the messages hidden in the performance. Other groups wanting to convey a message to the almost 112 million viewers were cut out of the programming.

The Native American Rights Fund (NARF) made a commercial to voice their opinion on the use of the Washington Redskin mascot. The commercial was intended to remind people that Native Americans are a group of people that are strong, diverse and resilient. Why should a disrespectful interpretation be so thoroughly encouraged by millions? Regardless of if you think the use of the mascot is disrespectful or not, the Native Americans find it disrespectful and that’s what matters.

The NFL said that they stopped the ad because it offended the NFL and painted them in a bad light. It is truly sad that this group wasn’t able to spread their message because they aren’t as famous as certain rock and pop groups. If the NFL is so sure they are in the right then why not respect the message and allow it to play. The ad was censored because they didn’t want to legitimize the opposition’s position. It is definitely a cheap tactic.


Have You Been Seeing Repeating Numbers? What Do They Mean?

Do you have a tendency of seeing repeating numbers? It could be on a clock, on the radio or even street signs and addresses. If it happens a lot to you then it could mean that a non physical entity is speaking to you. Being a member of this third dimension, means I can only guess at who or what is trying to communicate with you. It could be a demon, angel, spirit, ghost or deity. As the different potential entities operate above or below our plane of existence, they are forced to communicate through indirect means.

Spiritual specialists have surmised the meanings behind these repetitions. Like other forms of divination, this interpretation is going to be very personal. While these guidelines will provide the general map, it will be up to you to highlight what it means to you and your life.

Seeing 1′s

Repetitions of this number show that you are on the ‘right’ path for you. It is an affirmation of positive energy and productive decisions.

Seeing 2′s

This number means that you are coming up on an obstacle. Have faith in yourself and your abilities. Upon seeing this number gather your strength and push away fears and negative people.

Seeing 3′s

Three is a very powerful number indicative of dynamic elements. Spiritual guides have been summoned to help you in your endeavors. Seeing this number frequently is an affirmation of your protection against negativity and non productivity.

Seeing 4′s

A heavy congregation of fours in your life means that you are gathering many resources. If you have been experiencing financial or emotional strains, this signifies the end and will point you towards a beneficial time.

Seeing 5′s

Fives reveal an end of stagnation or a negative rut. Your life is or will be given a universally forward moving energy. Past plans that have been held up will buckle under this productive pressure. Prominent and fantastic elements are about to enter your life.

Seeing 6′s

Sixes are normally credited with demonic powers and influence. This is not always the case. Mathematics are a universal language used by any sentient being. Seeing this number everywhere doesn’t have to mean that you are about to possessed or anything that dramatic. Sixes are a general warning though. It means that you are being influenced by negative energies and need to take time for yourself. Take the time and monitor your emotions and thoughts. Are they uncharacteristically dark or unproductive? Start making moves to breathe healing into yourself and the people around you.

Seeing 7′s

Sevens are seen as an omen of good energies and possibilities. The gate to growth and compassion are near so take advantage of the energies and sources available.

Seeing 8′s

Eights are normally a bit of a rarity. They indicate a strong connection to a hidden realm of the universe. This realm is related to shamanistic,, healing, and cosmic powers. From this ‘place’ is where angels reside and deep truths are made clear.

Seeing 9′s

Nine is the last single digit number, so it makes since that it appears as one chapter closes and another opens. Acknowledge that job you no longer need or that relationship that has turned toxic. Stick your unique path and walk with the knowledge that as one door closes another will open. Nine also favors the opportunity to learn important lessons specific to you.


11 Things Your Soul Wants You To Realize

Our souls are so much more than the sum of all other aspects of ourselves. Let that statement sink in. Our soul is more than the totality of our minds, hearts, chakras, energies and thoughts. It will always be like this as well. Inherent to your soul is the potential for growth and connection to others. People have infinite possibilities and abilities in them.

With today day and age its hard for us to hear our inner voices. Multitasking is about to become an Olympic event, or so you would think the way everyone is constantly training for this eventuality. If you can’t take the time to listen to your soul right now, we have taken the privilege of passing along the general notes and desires of the soul.

Be Kinder

Your actions and intentions have far reaching effects. Your soul can sense the rippling effect more than you can mentally conceive. Every act of compassion and kindness will cascade through your community. Spread it around and help others deal with their situations. Your soul knows better than your other aspects of self that we are all in this together.

Stuff Won’t Make People Happy

Your soul doesn’t care about that fancy gadget or a flashy sports car. Don’t let society’s enticements make you lose focus on the needs of your soul. The happier you make your soul, the better positioned you’ll be to combat negativity in the other aspects of yourself.

You Need To Release The Past And Future

Holding on to past experiences and expectations of the future not only fatigue your mind but are damning to your soul. Stop procrastinating on this practice.

Value Your Perceptions More

Perception is reality. Develop and open your perceptions up every moment you can. If you have difficulty examining, isolating or communicating with aspects of your self, a poorly developed perception could be a major factor.

Life Is Hard And Tough

Life is hard, full of trials and obstacles. All suffering is an important part of growth and compassion. Every element of life can be turned into a productive and pleasant end. Your soul has the terms of the infinite in it, so don’t be afraid. Have faith that even if you can’t see the development of a solution in yourself, it only because you have so many possibilities locked away.

It’s Alright If You Don’t Succeed At Everything

Success is over rated. Donn’t be one of those people that when you are winning your ego flourishes. When you’re not doing ass hot then your ego suffers. Your soul’s opinion of your ego probably follows that is that it is like a spoiled child. We learn more in ‘failure’ than in ‘success’. Don’t let your ego make you feel any sort of crazy way. Your soul is simply happy that you are trying.

Don’t Waste Your Time Trying To Please Everyone

The same that is true of you is true of others. We are more than our egos. Don’t bring anymore attention to the egos of others than necessary. Even if making everyone happy was a productive goal (and it definitely isn’t), it could never be achieved within reasonable means.

Fear Is A Necessary and Pertinent Part of Life

‘Fear is the mind killer.’ This is an exaggeration, fear is what keeps our perceptions relative to our situations and desires. It is necessary to live a truly productive life. It keeps our ambitions in check. Like every emotion, it will come to pass. Fear has no truly truly long lasting harmful effects.

Be Impeccable With Your Word

Our words have a different influence than our actions or intentions but they are just as powerful. Don’t use the truth as a weapon to harm or check others. Don’t dissect it for anyone’s advantage. Speech is the second stage of intention before it becomes action. If you aren’t careful abusing your words will skew the results of what ever you are doing. Keep your speech clear and honest to ensure that there is room for your soul’s intentions to compete with the other aspects of yourself.

Blending Into the Crowd Isn’t Good For You

You are disrespecting your soul and your distinctive nature by attempting to fit in with the social ‘bell curve’. You will always succeed more thoroughly if you play to YOUR strengths and weakness.

Don’t Let Loss Stop You From Loving

Your heart is built to experience and create emotions. Don’t let its sometimes maddening range of feelings stop you from pursuing your goals. All emotions will fade and morph with time and awareness.


Hoax Or Visitors From The Stars? Crop Circles Are Still Shrouded In Mystery

Crop circles are designs that have been imprinted in crop fields. Sounds simple until we get into the nitty gritty details. The creators of these designs are a mystery for one. While a handful of humans have come forward to claim responsibility, there are many more instances that humans couldn’t have accomplished.

There are only so many hours in the night and many crop circles are huge (some spanning over a kilometer). It would take a massive team of people of people using GPS, lasers, and advanced, localized microwave emitters to produce the typical crop circle. This would be a very noticeable night time event. Even if a group of people were that organized and ninja trained, they would still very likely leave foot prints.

It was originally thought that a team of hoaxsters could use planks attached to ropes could bend the stalks. The manner that the more mysterious circles have been formed reveals a difference in how the stalks can be bent. Any physical means of forming the stalks breaks or deforms them. Only intense heated microwaves bends the stalk without deforming it. There is no hand held device that could do this on the such a large magnitude.

Over the crop circles that have no obvious creator,there is a strong magnetic resonance to be found lingering for a couple of days. We have no applicable knowledge of what could magnetize an entire field of crops or for what purpose. Scientific research has been conducted but no conclusions have been drawn. We gather facts of the after math but scientists would need information during or before the event to truly qualify what is going on.

The lack of obtainable information on the how is fairly is more than perplexing. There is a message being projected from some sort of entity and we are clueless as to what it is. If its aliens why would they choose such an indirect manner of communication. With their advanced technology there would be many avenues available for them to communicate to us.

There are theories that crop circles are communications from inter dimensional beings, or other supernatural entities. What really gives the latter theory clout is they have to use indirect means to contact us. Kind of like how entities use repeating numbers or other omens to communicate. They have restrictions placed on how they can cross ideas from the immaterial to the physical. As time goes on and more testing methods are employed to gather information we are more likely to glean new information.


Science: People Who Are Awake Can Telepathically Influence Others’ Dreams

Dream telepathy is the event in which a person influences or sends specific images to a sleeping person via telepathy. This form of para psychological (PSI) phenomena has been documented through out the ages. While it has been a interesting subject as long as people have been communicating, the theories behind this phenomena started to solidify with the psychoanalytic movement. Great thinkers like Freud, Tesla, and Jung were greatly interested in and believed in non physical abilities of people.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” – Nikola Tesla

Once technology caught up to the idea of the human potential we started testing the theories. Most notably, Dr. Montag Ullman, experimented in the mid 60′s to test the ideas that people could send randomly selected and specific material. Conducted at the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, test subjects attempted to send images of photographs and paintings. Dr. Stanley Krippner joined the experiment shortly after it began, Krippner is still actively experimenting in this field. The experiments lasted more than ten years, yielding statistically significant results.

The experiments were staggered so there was a ‘sender’ and a ‘receiver’. Some one to telepathically send specific images and some one to telepathically receive those images. The sender and receiver would meet briefly before the experiment. They would be separated and sent to rooms far away from each other. The ‘sender’ would have a randomly chosen image waiting for them in their room. They would have no prior knowledge of what they would be sending. They would focus on the image and attempt to send it telepathically to the receiver.

The receiver was always within a hundred mile radius. After falling asleep they would be intentionally wakened shortly after entering REM sleep by the staff. Together they would fill out a report of what was experienced. Information on the original pictures was firmly compartmentalized. The reports were handed off to a separate part of the team, along with the reports of the ‘sender’s’ experience.

The results were amazing. Subjects almost always reported back an interpretation of the sent information that was relatable. The images and experiences didn’t always make since to the ‘receiver’. One image sent was a painting of a dance classroom. The ‘receiver’ reported dreaming of room full of girls. One of the dream girls tried to dance with the dreamer multiple times.

We know what is happening. Information previously unknown to a person is becoming known after another person initiates a phenomena. Technology and science still has no real answers. We aren’t even sure if each person is using the same phenomena to send information. One person could be using telepathy while another is using a crazy form of spiritual displacement! The fact that this information does not hit the main stream information centers is highly disturbing. The government has been experimenting with PSI since the 60′s but shared none of its findings. So much energy is being spent keeping this line of study in the dark, but the experiments are still allowed to continue. I think there is information on this subject than is being shared.

Seeking Higher Consciousness