Study Finds Meditation Reduces Risk Of Heart Attack & Stroke By 50%

Everyone knows the amazing spiritual benefits of meditation.  More clarity, more presence, more awareness, more connectedness, more groundedness, and greater insight.  The list of emotional and physical benefits of meditation is literally endless.  There have been countless studies done on the health benefits of meditation, but this by far is the most prestigious and significant meditation study to date.

A study from the American Heart Association found that regular meditation twice a day was correlated with a 48% reduced rate of heart attack and stroke immediately.  With cardiovascular disease currently being the leading cause of death in the United States and in the entire world, these findings have never been more important.

“It appears that Transcendental Meditation is a technique that turns on the body’s own pharmacy – to repair and maintain itself.” said lead researcher Dr Robert Schneider, director of the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention in Iowa. Dr. Schneider added: “Transcendental Meditation may reduce heart disease risks for both healthy people and those with diagnosed heart conditions.”

Blood pressure was reduced and anger decreased significantly among the meditation group. They also showed a trend towards reduced smoking.

“The research on Transcendental Meditation and cardiovascular disease is established well enough that doctors may safely and routinely prescribe stress reduction for their patients with this easy to implement, standardised and practical programme.”

“What this is saying is that mind-body interventions can have an effect as big as conventional medications, such as statins,” says Dr. Schneider.

Effective, free, and scientifically proven to work

The study, which was funded by the US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute proved that simply meditating 20 minutes twice a day can cut your chances of sudden death, heart attack, and stroke in half immediately. What man-mad pill can do that?  The best part is, it’s free, it doesn’t require a prescription, and can be done anywhere at anytime.

As the peer-reviewed study concluded:

“A selected mind–body intervention, the TM program, significantly reduced risk for mortality, myocardial infarction, and stroke in coronary heart disease patients. These changes were associated with lower blood pressure and psychosocial stress factors. Therefore, this practice may be clinically useful in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.”

I personally have been having heart problems lately, and have noticed an incredible turn-around with even just 5 or 10 minutes of meditation each day.  With heart diseases on the rise, meditation might just me the solution to this global health crisis.

For more information video on meditation, here is an awesome Spirit Science video Jordan put together:

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4 Shifts In Consciousness We Are Experiencing Right Now

Are you feeling any of these shifts? They might come to you subtly, gently or be the most intense experience of your life! Even if you can’t feel this consciously; unconsciously, there is a lot of activity happening. We are part of an incredible transformation that is attracting attention from around the entire universe!

Don’t believe it? You don’t need to. 

1. We are waking up.

This is a process that looks completely different for each person, and sometimes that process takes an entire (or multiple) life times. This starts with essentially questioning – everything. Why are we here? What is our purpose?

A great and truthful answer is to simply experience the 3D. To play in the garden of possibilities and gain enough awareness to remember who we truly are! No matter where you are on your journey, never stop questioning, wondering and trying new things. That is the motion that keeps our evolution growing.

2. We are wanting change.


Who wouldn’t want a new global system that acts as one big community rather than a corporation. People are wanting change now, and they are angry.

Protests, wars, every manifestation of violence is a symptom of our disconnect with the Earth and with each other. The rate people are realizing that our governmental, educational, health, every system is serving to a few at the top, is still a bit slow.

When you’ve past your research stage of gathering all the facets of information about what’s really happening on the planet, then you are ready to move into action. That is the stage we are at here, we are working on creating a foundation for MAJOR change that affects everyone.

3. We are becoming more sensitive.

This looks like a lot of things for different people – and for those who are closed off emotionally, these shifts will just continue to get more and more intense. It’s so necessary for us to communicate our feelings, to show our vulnerabilities and create a connection from that sensitive place.

This sensitivity is intuitive, it’s a psychic connection; and when we let that really sink into our reality, we can all openly enjoy the power of our minds.

 When you feel something like – a sudden  surge of anxiety, stress, a thought that correlates to an energetic part on your body like your sacral or solar plexus, that feeling isn’t always coming from you.

When you’re interacting with a group of people who are highly intuitive, empathic and straight up psychic – that’s when you get to practice telepathic communication.

There will have to be an entire article on this alone, but this can look like giving or getting a glance, where your eyes are communicating on what seems to be like an instant-knowing soul level. It’s when a thought comes to you that answers that question you just asked; it’s when someone is talking to someone else but what they’re saying is still a communication to you. It takes acute awareness to notice the subtly of this kind of connection. It is feeling based, thinking only gets us so far.

4. We are becoming transparent.

This word holds so many meanings, and they are all equally beautiful. There’s a lot of talk about being authentic, being the real you, transcending everything. To transcend something is to go beyond it, to surpass it’s limits. There’s an interesting way of thinking about this – when talking about transcending time and space – how can you transcend something that doesn’t exist?

It only doesn’t exist from a ‘higher’ field of consciousness so to transcend something is to bring that deep knowing to you.

Transcending the third dimension isn’t a process of activating your light body to go somewhere. It’s anchoring those high frequency energies onto the physical to transform the planet.

To literally coat everything in light because that’s how we perceive a high amount of energetic information.

We will all be transparent.


15 Of The Most Powerful Social Issue Ads That’ll Make You Stop And Think

These ads were created to make us think, question and act on the systems we have in place. The way we’re treating the planet, each other and and ourselves is in complete discordance.

Maybe these ads will help remind you what state our world truly is in, and push you into action of some capacity!

Premature Ending: “If you smoke, statistically your story will end 15% before it should.”


Advertising Agency: Iris, London, UK

Deforestation Continues With The Turn Of A Page


Advertising Agency: LINKSUS, Beijing, China



Save Paper – Save The Planet


Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark

Air Pollution Kills 60.000 People A Year


Advertising Agency: unknown

Censorship Tells The Wrong Story


Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai, UAE

Distracted Driving: Think Of Both Sides


Advertising Agency: Red Pepper, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Smoking Causes Premature Aging


Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Australia

What Goes Around Comes Around. Keep The Sea Clean


Advertising Agency: JWT, Dubai, UAE

Tailgating Isn’t Worth It. Give Trucks Room


Advertising Agency: Amélie Company, Denver, Colorado, USA

See how easy feeding the hungry can be?


Advertising Agency: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, Johannesburg, South Africa 

Deforestation And The Air We Breathe: Before It’s Too Late


Advertising Agency: TBWA\PARIS, France

Breast Cancer Awareness Bra


Advertising Agency: Bolero, Fortaleza, Brazil

What Goes Around Comes Around: Stop The Iraq War



Advertising Agency: Big Ant International, New York, USA

UN Women: Auto-Complete Shows Perceptions Of Women



Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Dubai, UAE


10 Things To Stop Letting People Do To You

It’s time to…

1. Stop letting people force THEIR truth on you. - Everyone’s truth is their own and we need to respect that. When someone is pushing their belief on you, remember that is their truth, not yours and you do not need to accept it.

Sad little girl2. Stop letting people’s negativity bring you down. - Sometimes we all feel low and can’t help but put forth that vibration onto other people. Remember if you’re feeling anxious or stressed, check if it’s coming from an external source. People’s thoughts and feelings are separate from you and don’t dictate who you are.

3. Stop letting people drag you into arguments. - An unneeded argument is the worst, don’t feel like you need to reply in those moments. Sometimes the best thing to do is say nothing and walk away. You’ve lost nothing and there’s no regrets in holding your space.

4. Stop letting people distract you from your dreams. - When people say you can’t do something, that’s their limited perception of what is and isn’t possible. Show with your actions how you can do anything you believe you can and their words will stop.

5. Stop letting your friends talk behind your back. - This one is simple. A true friend doesn’t need to say anything negative to your back because they care enough to say it to your face. If your friends do this, they might not be as truthful as they think they are. Continue reading


How To Live in the Higher Dimensions

We hear about the Divine Realms, where Everything Is One, where God Is All, and where your Being exists in joyful perfection. Then there’s the world most people live in, where pain, suffering, separation, and conflict seem very real. Creating true balance 334068b64529d611a84e6f560d7df829_640in our lives means that we must bring the Divine Oneness into our “normal” world, but more often than not this seems like an impossibility. How can we be One when we appear to be separate?

One thing to understand is that our minds revolve around the paradigm of separation, and the whole perception of ourselves as separate entities is created by the mind.

The separate mind cannot bridge the gap between Oneness and the illusion of separation, and all you’re going to do is create cognitive dissonance trying to hold on to those two contradictory thoughts at the same time. Consciousness however, can embrace a paradox. Consciousness can exist peacefully with the Divine Mystery, which creates a sense of child-like wonder for all Life.


The Oneness That God Is cannot be understood logically. Thinking about Oneness is only a pale reflection of the Living Experience of Oneness.

Oneness is not a concept because concepts come from a place of separation, the All is divided up to create individual concepts. Oneness, God, Love, the All, Source, those are all different labels for the Unknowable, and I don’t think I need to explain the problems that arise with trying to know the Unknowable.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to know the Unknowable, you already ARE the Unknowable. You Are God, existing in divine perfection and Oneness with All That Is. You Are The One, You Are The All, and there exists no separation between the One and the All save for the illusions that youyourself put there in your unconsciousness.

This is the Reality, and you only dreamed of separation. It’s a relatively short dream too, something that’s not going to last. That’s either a very frightening thought, because you’re terrified of losing all the illusion, all the nothing that you’ve built up, or a very enlightening thought, because you realize the impermanence of the dream and how incredibly free your True Self really is.


Realizing you’re dreaming is the first part of waking. This life is a Divine Paradox, the more you see the illusions as illusions, the more you can see the Reality beyond them. The more you realize what it means to be One, an individual Being living within a pretend game of separation, the more you see yourself reflected in all the other Ones.

Embracing your individuality is part of how you rejoin with the All, how mind-blowing is that? It’s only then that you see yourself more clearly and begin to see Who You Truly Are.

As any lucid dreamer can tell you, a dream is only as real as you believe it is. The dreams you dream while you’re “awake” may seem more real than the dreams you have while you’re “asleep”, but that’s because the human dream is not yours alone.

It’s a collective creation, and one that no single person has control over. The human world is the result of all our energies coming together, and even though at the moment it’s happening almost entirely unconsciously, there’s always the potential of working together Consciously to recreate paradise.


Seeking Higher Consciousness