Tonight The Star of Bethlehem Reappears for First Time since the Birth of Christ

Tonight: Venus, the planet named after the Goddess of Love, and Jupiter, the planet named after the God of Thunder, are crossing each others paths. To us, it will look like there is a ‘double star’ in the sky. If you’ve been watching, you will have seen them growing ever closer the past couple of weeks, and growing dangerously closer the past few nights!

From where we are, it will appear as though they’re almost touching. In reality, they are 416 million miles apart!!

What’s amazing is that they actually look very similar in size, even though Jupiter is by far the largest planet in our solar system, where as Venus is quite small, even smaller than the Earth.

o-JUPITER-VENUS-570This meeting in the sky is known as a conjunction. This conjunction between Jupiter and Venus usually isn’t rare, but this is the closest they will have been in 2,000 years! Together, they create the rare Star of Bethlehem. 

The Star of Bethlehem Prophecy

The last time that this event occurred, it was said that the holy spirit of Christ came to the planet in an incarnation of a young newborn baby boy. Many on the internet are in wild debate and discussion about what this star means, or what meaning they can extract from it, at the very least.

Many are saying this is a sign of the end times, (some data on that here) and many are saying it is a sign of Christ returning.. (some stuff about that here)... Obviously, it’s difficult to extract specific meaning especially since our method of observation on stuff like this is very hard-lined science on one side, and very spiritual mystical information which sometimes doesn’t have as much tangibility as we would like.

We recently wrote some articles that sort of allude to both of these sides of the equation (linked in the text in the previous paragraph). Give them a read if you haven’t already, you might get the vibe we’re talking about ^_^

What we do know, is that no matter what happens, tonight is going to be a very beautiful night.

The best thing you can do, is enjoy it to the fullest :)

An hour after the sun sets is said to be the best time to see this magnificent sight.

So tonight, get ready for some intense energy! Just imagine both the chemical and vibrational energy these massive planets are giving off in a direct beam towards us! This is both a scientific and spiritual event. chasing-star-of-bethlehem

Whether your belief lays in religion, science, spirituality or nothing at all, this can be a significant event for everyone. Whether you pay attention to it or not, the energy is present.

Take some time to do some introspection and observation. You hold the seed of  love in your heart.  Let it grow.

And if you just so happen to not be able to see the planets tonight from where you are in the world, just remember that it’s still there. You’re still “in the beam”. Pay attention to the thoughts that come to your mind, the feelings you experience and talk about it! Ask your friends what they’re experiencing and grow together as a community.

Allow this event to be more than a mundane passing of stars, but a merging of Love. 

Thank you for reading <3
With love,
Alexandria & Jordan


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This Spiritually Conscious Super-School Raises the Bar on Education!

Imagine a school where a child can create anything that they wanted as a part of a school project, and use it as a learning opportunity to understand the world better and make life a lot more fun…

That’s exactly what Suzy Amis Cameron (Yes, James Cameron’s Wife) and her sister Rebecca Amis have created in Calabasas back in 2005. They called it “MUSE”, and it has become a phenomenal success! Watch and see, in this video, exactly how conscious and aware this organism truly is.

MUSE eXT/ iNTJames Cameron has 3 kids, all of whom currently attend school there, his 11 year old Quinn built a Motorcycle at the mere age of 11! “There’s no better way to learn about a broad range of subjects than to build a vehicle,” Cameron said. “At culmination, he rode the motorcycle around here and did a couple of jumps.”

One of MUSE’s head organizers is Jeff King, husband of Rebecca Amis. He shared that the goal is to nurture autonomous and innovative students. All students follow their “passions”: Grow eighty pounds of lettuce! Make a scale model of a tennis court! Build a pinball machine! He was quoted stating: “If I had a young Jim Cameron at our school, we would be keeping up with him,”  Continue reading


The SunFlower: James Cameron’s Open Source Solar Solution!


James Cameron & his team of gifted youngsters have just unveiled his new project which (in combination with the powerwall) may very well have a tremendous impact on energy technology around the planet.

When James Cameron was working on Avatar several years back, it was a huge triumph that the energy used in making the movie came entirely from solar power. James himself was an early adopter of solar technology, and has always been very interested in creating things for the benefit of mankind… so it’s only natural that him and his team have now come out with a flower-shaped solar-power-plant that follows the sun, is open source, and is hundreds of times more efficient than other panel technology.


I know, you’ve probably read stuff like that before, and yet there is something very unique about this particular project that is the reason it is so exciting:

It’s “Open Source”!! Continue reading

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 5.53.23 PM

An Ayurvedic Approach on Eating Raw

One question people often ask me when I’m lecturing about Food as Medicine is, “Is eating a raw foods diet healthy?”

There isn’t a simple answer to this question because what is good for one person’s mind-body physiology will not always be beneficial for someone else. On the one hand, I’ve seen many patients benefit from consuming a diet of raw foods and juiced vegetables.


Some of the health benefits they experienced included increased energy levels, mental clarity, weight loss, decreased inflammation, and improved complexion. There are also multiple reports of a raw food diet leading to improvement from chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

It’s not surprising that many people feel better when they shift away from a Western diet with a lot of cooked, heavily processed foods and few vegetables and fruits.

However, I’ve also seen a number of people suffer adverse effects from eating primarily raw, uncooked foods, including gas, bloating, constipation, insomnia, dry skin, decreased vitality, feeling cold, and low libido. When they’ve shifted to a more balanced, Ayurvedic diet, their symptoms disappeared. Continue reading

This Is What Happens When A 13 Yr Old Kid Leaves School And Gets Proper Education

Our modern school system is incomplete to say the least.  School teaches you how to memorize, repeat, and regurgitate.  With ‘writing’ being a subject which is currently being taken out of schools, emphasis is being put more on memorization of knowledge and less on creativity and comprehension.

The system is designed like this.  Go through school, don’t push the boundaries, memorize and repeat, get good grades, get a degree, and then land a “job” where you are an employee for someone else your whole life.

It’s designed in a way that will prepare you to be a full-time worker, and it’s extremely difficult to self-actualize as a person when you a buried head deep in studying, tests, projects, and exams.  It doesn’t teach you anything about creating a career for yourself, being self-sustaining, raising a family, being happy, HOW to think, spirituality, developing as a person, or anything that is really important in life.

What if education was not only based on knowledge, but was also based on lifestyle, happiness, and health?

Here 8 thereputic lifestyle changes that Dr. Robert Walsch, a scientist who studies human happiness, recommends be included within our education system:

  1. Exercise
  2. Diet & Nutrition
  3. Time in nature
  4. Contributing to others and community service
  5. Relationships
  6. Recreation
  7. Relaxation and stress management
  8. Spirituality

Should we be including these into our children’s education system? One young man thinks so.  Logan Laplante is a 13 year-old boy who was taken out of the education system to be home schooled instead.  Contrary to public education which expects everyone to learn the same way, Logan received a form of education that was tailored more towards his style of learning.  This is what he calls “hackschooling”.

At a TEDx talk in 2013, he discussed how hacking his education is helping him achieve his goal of being happy, healthy, and fulfilled. The results so far are amazing:


maxresdefault (1)

Nature By Numbers: Fibonacci Sequence Animated In Stunning Video Will Take Your Breath Away.

Artists and architects have been using geometrical and mathematical properties since ancient times. We’ve seen it used by architects from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, and by Renaissance artists like Michelangelo and Da Vinci. However, this animator wanted to showcase how these properties are used in nature … and he did so with mesmerizing results.

The more I learn about Sacred Geometry and The Fibonacci Sequence the more in-tune with nature I feel. Everywhere I look I see patterns in nature and am reminded that we are all connected. It really is a beautiful thing!

One Love – Kasim Khan , Team Spirit

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