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PatchLogoSMLSpirit Science is the animated series that started it all. The show follows Patchman, a little multidimensional patch-doll who takes you on a journey into the unknown and begins a long discussion about what it means to be Spiritual.

Thoughts, Chakras, Sacred-Geometry, Astral Travel, and even Atlantis, through Spirit Science we look at all of these topics.

Most people don’t realize that there is a very powerful connection between Spirituality and Science. All of our modern scientific fields are slowly but surely coming full circle in understanding a very cosmic connection between all things.

All of the atoms, particles, plants, animals, humans, and galaxies, all function under very similar patterns and principles of existence. Through the understanding of these patterns, we can grow in awareness of who we really are, and where our place is in the cosmos.

Lesson Guide

Lesson 1 – Thoughts

Patchman begins your journey into the unknown with the basics. Thoughts, Emotions, and the power that they bestow upon you.

Lesson 2 – Chakras

In this lesson, we take a look at Chakras, and how your body picks up energy on a vibratory level. Last week, a few people didn’t understand HOW thoughts affected you, but did you know that your body has a system for doing so?

Lesson 3 – Channeling

We talk about one of the methods to communicating with beings of consciousness both higher, and lower than ourselves. We also talk about animal communication and how you yourself can also do it.

Lesson 4 – Male and Female Energy

This week we talk about two parts of an incredible whole, Male and Female. No, not gender, but energy. There are 3 parts to this one, First, Energy. Then we look at Brain Hemispheres, and then the Indigo Children and Super Psychics (Because i promised we’d talk about that after lesson 2).

Lesson 5 – The Keys of Our Past

In this lesson, we cover 3 topics, ranging from alien life, all the way to the precession of the Equinox. Human history is more than we know.

Lesson 6 – The Flower of Life

Hidden deep within our past, lies a secret that has been long forgotten. There have been various organizations throughout history that have protected its secret, The Masons for example have done just that. What are we talking about? It’s the ancient secret of the Flower of Life.

Lesson 7 – Dimensions

Patchman takes you on a quest to understand the dimensional levels, and where we are on that scale. We also take a look at some Particle Physics, and touch upon Leonardo Da Vinci!

Lesson 8 – Meditation

In this video, lets get Meditational!

Lesson 9 – Astral Projection

In this lesson we look at the phenomenon known as Astral Projection, and also other out of body states, dimensions, and even life and death! all wrapped up with a nice little surprise at the end :)

Lesson 10 – Math of God

This week, we dive back into the Sacred Geometry pool to talk about spirals and sequences that all life strives towards, and at the end we look at the 2nd informational unraveling of the Fruit of Life.

Lesson 11 – Evolution

Today, we look at the aspect that Consciousness plays in the role of Evolution, and the evolution that’s happening to us right now as a species on planet earth.

Lesson 11_11 ~ DNA Activation

This is an addendum of Lesson 11, which covers what it means to activate your DNA, and evolve as a being of light!

Lesson 12 – The Human History Movie

Human History in review – 2 Years Later

The story of Human History is not what we know. Modern society tells us that we just evolved from monkeys thousands of years ago and now here we are. But if our evolution was so natural, why is everything so broken and screwed up? Through communication with Astral Entities, along with many ancient texts across all religions, as well as many other sources, we have begun to see our history is not what we know. This 5 part episode is the Human History story according to the Atlantean being known as Thoth. Now, were not saying “THIS” is what happened in our history. This is only Thoth’s perception of it. That may even lead us to ask, who is Thoth…?

- The movie was originally split into 5 individual parts, if you would like to watch them separately, these videos are here -

- Part 1 – Rise of Atlantis -     - Part 2 – Atlantean Catastrophe -

- Part 3 – The Solution -       - Part 4 – The Fall -

- Part 5 – The New Beginning -

Lesson 13 – The Crystal Movie

This half-hour special is all about Crystals. What are they, what do they do, how do they work, in what ways can you use them, what is Orgonite and the Crystal Movement, and much, much more! This lesson goes into everything! We highly recommend checking it out and getting into Crystals!

-This episode was originally 4 parts long, you can see them separately here!-

~ Part 1 – What are Crystals ~     ~ Part 2 – Crystal Uses ~

~ Part 3 – Crystal Types ~     ~ Part 4 – Crystal Movement ~

Lesson 14 ~ Insights of Ascension

This lesson goes over the 9 insights of Ascension described in the book “The Celestine Prophecy”. The book follows the pathway from Waking up to becoming a consciously ascended being of love and light. Wake up, for the time is now. Also, check out the Celestine Prophecy if you have a chance!

Lesson 15 ~ Power of the Heart

The heart has an electromagnetic field that is 4,000x stronger than the brain! It also has its own neural-network of brain cells, as well as has the ability to change the world around you! You are a powerful being, and understanding the field around the heart has a lot to do with it.

Lesson 16 – The Shift of Ages

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is “What do you think will happen with 2012?”. We thought the best way to shed light on the situation was simply to make a video about it! So without further ado, here is our 2012 video!

Lesson Mailbag: Meaning

Where is meaning found? What is meaningful in your life? In this episode, we discuss that very topic.

Lesson 17 – Universal Geometry

Consider this “The Flower of Life – Part 2″, we round out the Flower of Life discussion, and open up some new topics as well.

Lesson 18 – The Four Elements

In this episode, we look more closely at how the platonic solids interact with the world, parallel realities, and a really cool painting :D

Lesson 19 – Cosmic Connections

Everything is connected. You are part of a hierarchy of awareness that you aren’t even aware of!!

Lesson 20 ~ Water

What is Water? Why is it so crucial to life? Lets ask some questions about water, and see what we find out…

Lesson 21 ~ The Torus

The Torus is one of the fundamental building blocks of all reality. How does it work?

Lesson 22 ~ The Light Movie (In Production)

Part 1 ~ EnLIGHTenment         Part 2 ~ Cycles n’ Sine Waves

Part 3 ~ The God Particles           Part 4 ~ Source Energy

If Light is the first form created, we should be able to map that out both scientifically, and spiritually…shouldn’t we?

The Debunker Showdown

This is a video response to some hecklers…. :P

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  1. I just wanted to say THANK U for these teachings n lessons that have each opened my eyes, mind, heart n soul to my TRUE self n ALL the beautiful wonders in this world that we should fight for… I LOVE IT! I try to inspire more people to join me with opening themselves to the transitions of our universes n in doing so hope to be a small ripple to aid the messages I have found here…

    Blessings, LIGHT n fluffiness to ALL! xxXxx

  2. Hello,

    I am a blogger on a website about healthy lifestyle, weight loss, health tips etc. I was wondering if you could let me post my articles on your fb page and how much does it cost ? I hope we can start working together

    Regards Martin

  3. Hi,i love the work you’re doing n helping people like myself to realize their potential in this life,stil seeking more knowledge,you guys’re awesome.

  4. I love to be in ur circle!!!!!!for your missions will realise more of its goals……….for love equity,peace&justice

  5. I love to be in ur circle!!!!!!for your missions will realise more of its goals……….for love equity,peace&justice

  6. hi, i m writting a book about univers, visible, invisible, spirits, DNA, power of toughts, can i uses information from les experiences de Kaznacheev et de Barlakov http://www.spirit-science.fr/doc_humain/ADN6photons.htm/
    i will write that s coming from your site. I really like it and really like to use those experience info for my book please. thanks. I ‘ m in Canada, Moncton NB. i ll wait for your reply. by the way, unbelievable nice
    web site you guys having , i really like it. nice.. have a nice day. (*_*)

  7. I am on my path to become more then I have been programmed to be , I mean as much as they could since I was never one for rules . I have Two question I is I think my sons age 6 & 12 might be indigo children how to I help them to see there abalitys one has been labeled with mild autism and ADHD he has been getting treatment since 1 1/2 years old we now have to put him on Meds but I only aloud it for 4 hours at school we want him off Meds and learning his true self … My older child was labeled his IQ is high like 120 or so not a genies but has a incurable understanding of Math and can see it every where and in every thing . I was always told that his antisocial problems was because he felt things so much deeper then the average child and he acts like a man with south insite and understanding . But having him follow directions or stay , task and follow a daily routine is impossible . How can I help them ?
    My second is about myself more personal about something I have been expercencing as fare back as my memory takes me . And it scares me is there a way to email spirit science I really need help understanding this or making it go away ! Namaste

  8. I am member and reading the articles on spiritual science. Love,affection, attraction and emotion towards opposite sex during the age with heart beat is the part of spiritual science. But all these non tangible activities are short time and vanished with time. But effects will spoil the valuable time of human practical growth . The GOD and devotion also at par with same attitude. The spiritual Science should take care about the side effects of practical human life.

  9. I am a 16 years old boy come from China.Your guys are great.Thanks for the videos that you made.I got OCD.I can’t astral travel or meet the higher me by astral travel.Can you guys help me with Email?Thanks a lot.

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