Rise of Atlantis

In this lesson, we start part 1 of the epic saga that is our own Human History. This story has been told to us from many ancient sources, such as the Sumerian Records, Thoth has also provided this story to us through Drunvalo Melchizidek, and many other channelings including Adamus on Crimson Circle has also provided information about our history to us. I’m not going to tell you this is fact, i am simply saying – Decide for Yourself.

No seriously, decide for yourself. This story is so outrageous on so many levels that its hard to accept because of our certainty of what we now know is true. Just know that I didn’t make any of this up, i am merely reporting on what the collective of these sources are telling us.

Links and Sources

Flower of Life books – See Vol 1-Page 78 for the Human History Story!

NOVA – Magnetic Storm

The Twelfth Planet – Zecharia Sitchin

17 thoughts on “Rise of Atlantis”

  1. Where can i learn more about the Merkabah it’s interesting and you said something about everyone having it and they can activate or something like that

  2. Really enjoying these videos. Thank you Jordan! The second video is not there anymore and the whole movie is link is not there either. Can you please reupload them? And let us know when it’s fixed. Thank you so much.

  3. At 5:55 in the video you mentioned that the Kundalini moved to a new spot in the last 10 years, where did it move to?

    1. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek in one of his books and also in one of his youtube videos says that it moved to South America.

  4. I’d like to read the english translation of these cylindrical clay tablets that you were talking about near the beginning of the video. I can’t seem to find them online though. I’ve read both the emerald tablets of thoth and the book of enki, i’d like to read those clay tablets as well. Please tell me where I can find them or send me a link.

  5. Great history series, thanks for those! I would have loved to see the very beginning though about how we came to be on this planet, always forget which races created us and going though FOL book takes too long :)

  6. wow.Talking about blame game now people will say “so it’s the martians fault” lol.
    Whatever nice videos there although the last 5 seem very Science Fiction I will try to keep an open mind.
    By the way, can you show us how to build a sintetic merkaba? lol

    1. i don’t feel “Threat” is the right word to use, ultimately you could side with him and say “his agenda is more important to me” or whatever. Really, it is what it is, and i feel you have to look at all of keylontic sciences to make a true opinion of it.

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