18 Dalai Lama Quotes That Offer A New Perspective on Anger and Happiness

“The true hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred.”


“Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.”

“You must not hate those who do wrong or harmful things; but with compassion, you must do what you can to stop them — for they are harming themselves, as well as those who suffer from their actions.”

“When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.”


“Compassion is not religious business, it is human business, it is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability, it is essential for human survival.” Continue reading


These Organizations Are Offering Free Yoga for Veterans and Military Members

As the daughter of a veteran, I have seen first hand the lack of mental and emotional support shown to U.S. veterans by the very country they serve. My father who served 20 years has faced his own emotional traumas, and the support and resources from the government has been few and far between. I have personally seen my dad struggle with getting the care he needs from the hospital intended to serve veterans.

He has been tossed around the system, while having prescription drugs shoved down his throat, and has been shown a lack of empathy for the deep rooted pain he feels both physically and mentally every day. This global movement has the power to offer a reliable alternative for my dad and others like him.

Yoga has been a tremendous help in healing my own body and mind, and it has already shown remarkable results in veterans who suffer from PTSD. There are many programs designed to gift veterans with free or discounted yoga, and its time people knew about them.

Here are a few of the awesome organizations…

The Give Back Yoga Foundation offers a selection of sponsored materials to veterans or active duty service members at no charge. All members have to do is simply fill out a form with their name and address and the materials will be shipped out accordingly.

Yoga for Vets NYC was created by a former marine and classes are taught by veterans, for veterans. Every veteran is welcome, regardless of physical ability. Not only are these classes FREE, but the program also offers discounted workshops that take place at the studio. Veterans receive simple instruction in four key elements of yoga practice: meditation, breathing techniques, deep relaxation, and physical poses. Continue reading


This Teen’s Winning Science Fair Project Will Turn Tire Dumps Into Power Plants

About 10% of all scrap tires end up in landfills, number almost 30 million per year. However, if Kyle Schole has his way, that all could change.


His science project entitled “Microbial Degradation of Vehicle Tires” captured the Manning Innovation Award for young Canadians at a national science fair.

The innovative process he developed uses a strain of bacteria to capture energy from rubber tires as they decompose.

Schole came up with a plan while driving past a tire recycling plant in his native Pickardville in Northwestern Alberta.

The little town was already doing what they could to turn the tires into street surfacing and speed bumps, but he brainstormed an idea to do more with them. Continue reading


6 Ways How Your Aura Effects Those Around You

Some people make us feel really good just by looking at them. This works in the opposite, of course, with people you just ‘don’t have a good feeling about.’

As experiments in the realm of our auras are conducted, we come across some truly remarkable results that also just make sense. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov has done research in this field, and found that the human aura continues to change for about three days after death.

 He stated, “We are developing the idea that our consciousness is part of the material world and that with our consciousness we can directly influence our world.”

Your Aura Can’t Be Hidden


Everything in this world that seems material is essentially energy. As such, these living beings and objects will exhibit an aura, which is a field of energy around you.

No matter what face you put on, it will show the ‘real you’ to those that know how to see it. Continue reading


Counteract Anxiety and Depression With These 5 Natural Remedies

Anxiety is experienced by us all. It is a actually quite a common emotional state, and has some basis in helping us as part of our primal survival instinct. However, chronic anxiety is an issue that one should not take lightly. Levels of extreme anxiety can wreak havoc on your social interactions, and even your common mundane daily activities.

Revisions to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) have been revised to include generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) on the list. It is important to note that extreme levels of emotional, social, psychological and physical anxiety require individualized therapies, and at times medications, to subside. However, moderate levels of anxiety can often be assuaged by natural herbs.

Before we go on, it is important to note that mental disorders can be life-threatening, and it is vital that you see a physician if you believe you suffer from extreme anxiety, or any other disorder. This list is not for everyone. With that in mind, here are five herbs that are known to have anxiety-reducing properties.


passionflowerFor many years it has been known that passion flower can be used as a anxiety remedy. Most powerful is evidence from studies that liken the effects of passion flower to the class of prescription drugs known as benzodiazepines. Continue reading


5 Simple Ways to Stop Overthinking Everything

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” Lao Tzu

overthinking1Over-thinking is a problem that affects all of us. It is the constant bombardment of the mind, that takes us out of the present moment, and plummets us into thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

Over-thinking creates problems that may not have even presented themselves, had we not given them so much attention or “built them up in our minds”. It’s the art of making a big deal about something, that never was to begin with.

While we may be thinking that by cycling this information in our minds that we are protecting ourselves somehow, on the contrary, the mind is acting as a defense mechanism to protect the constructs of our own individual identification.

According to Freud, there are three psychological aspects that make up our personalities. The first being the I.D, alike to a child, it is selfish and self-serving fueling the pleasure-oriented portion of the personality. The second is the super ego, which acts as the moral basis determining between what is good and bad, right and wrong and the third is the ego which acts as the moderator between the I.D and the Super Ego, seeking compromise. Continue reading

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