How To Open And Sustain A Loving Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is also known as Anahata, and is the chakra that focuses on our emotions and sense of spiritual self.  Anahata is translated in Sanskrit as ‘unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten’. This is meant to relate and bring attention to the difference between your higher emotions and lower emotions.

We get hurt and offended by many things in our day to day experiences but nothing can really ever challenge our higher emotions. Our self love, respect, happiness and respectful sorrow are housed in the category of higher emotions. The seed and twelve petaled flower are the symbols of Anahata. This association to encourage the attitude of growth and beauty when examining this focal point.

Of course you can attend to any of your chakras at any time but I strongly recommend that when you feel a disturbance in your chest you set time aside to focus on it. The heart is vital to being able to bring out the most awesome and productive versions of you. The practice below can help you get out of that rut you’ve been perceiving or help you get back on your feet after a bad experience. On the flip side balance is a must. Your heart chakra can be pushing out more energy than it needs and this causes you to lose control of your empathetic responses. Methodology of chakras was purposed as a way to maximize your energies by way of visualization.

Set Your Intention

Sitting in a quiet and safe place start bringing your attention to your breath. Start to come into awareness of how long and deep each draw is. Bring your attention to your sternum, feel the rise and fall. Smile to yourself and thank yourself for taking the time to love yourself. As you come into a meditative state set your intention. Your intention here will be a two part statement.

One aspect of it will be addressing your immediate crisis or need. For example, recognizing the end of an relationship or ending a cycle of self perception that is harming you. The second part will be a longer term intention, one meant to help enforce and keep your sense of love and appreciation. The last time I did this, my intention looked a lot like:

‘I am honoring the pain inside me, it is a result of intended love and I won’t let it stray to hurt me anymore. I will learn from this experience and not shy away from my potential in the future.’

Recognize What Is Affecting Your Heart

As you visualize your heart energy, pay attention as equally as you can to both the positive and negative elements effecting it. Seek out the sources of hurt, who caused them? How did you feel, specifically? As you find the factors that are causing you discomfort forgive the person or concept that trespassed on your sensibilities. Then forgive your self. You are human and have every right to feel the way you do. Besides now you are taking the time to better yourself and your reactions. What else could you want from yourself?

After you have acknowledged and forgiven the last step is to let go. Don’t push the formation away but stop paying it more attention than needed. Finishing the relationship on your terms only works if you stop feeding more energy into it.

Forgive Any Second Stage Emotions You Don’t Care For

This is reiterating the letting go aspect. It’s easy to remember an upsetting situation and getting twisted up over it all over again. Stop the cycle now! Make the last interaction between you and these formations a positive one. Then remind yourself that you are above this conflict now. Breathe and turn away from it. Don’t fill your time with running from or pushing it away. Let it hang out in the living room of your heart throwing it scraps of love. It will eventually dissipate.

Affirm Your Inherent Worth And Beauty

As part of your higher emotions your self worth is something nothing can ever affect. No matter what anyone says, how any one treats you, or mistakes that you’ve made, NOTHING changes how important and beautiful you are. At times, with enough negativity clogging your heart chakra it may seem like our self worth is in decline. This is just our perceptions.

Take the time to remember that no matter how bad things seem now you are an infinite being. This means you have infinite mess ups and infinite ways to grow as a result. That fact that you recognize your need for self love and are taking the time to address it productively should help bolster the concept of your potential.

Experiment With Your Vibration’s Frequency

So you’ve if identified, acknowledged, loved, forgiven, cried at, (hopefully) giggled a little at the independent elements that are affecting your heart space. The tinkering and tuning stage are over time to hook your chakra back up to chest. Turn your attention from the nitty gritty to the sum that is you. Think back over the different resonance levels you experienced. What do your vibrations look like now? Make connections to the ideas, people and mindsets that varied your vibrations.


5 Tips to Encourage Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the artful act of keeping varying levels of consciousness while sleeping. It is incredibly fun and revealing experience. AS you consciously interact with elements in your dream realize that you are interacting with personified aspects of your subconscious. People have been lucid dreaming for time out of mind. Once you start it, the experience will open up new levels of communication with yourself in and out of sleep. When I started lucid dreaming I stopped having nightmares.

Check Your Reality First

The ability to stop amidst any sort of craziness and register where you are at is crucial. You need not only to be able to register your physical surroundings but your ‘location’ in each moment. By this I mean acknowledging you current emotional, mental, and spiritual relationship to your perceived surroundings.

Through out your waking hours examine the particulars of your surroundings. Where is that shadow being cast from. Where is the nearest heating source to you and how is it effecting you? The ability to qualify your surroundings is going to come in handy once you fall asleep. Get in the habit of questioning everything. Ask yourself often, ‘am I awake or dreaming’.

Recognize Dream Signs

These are discrepancies you should train yourself to distinguish. They range all over the board and are very particular to the person. The attention to detail (reality checks) will be vital. Can you see with out any light sources? Did you just travel a huge distance in moments? Electronic devices are fairly agreed upon to never work as intended in dreams (printing a fax directly from your phone or your toaster housing exotic birds). Shapes changing shape size or into another object altogether are other indicators you are dreaming. As soon as something is off do a ‘reality check’ and investigate.

Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreaming (MILD)

This method uses repetitious intention and awareness to build the bridge into dream land. Right before you sleep send a couple of minutes building the intention to carry your conscious mind into the dream world. Affirm you are awake by telling yourself aloud that, ‘I am awake. I will carry my consciousness into my dreams. I will remember my dreams when I wake.’
When you wake up, IMMEDIATELY catalog your dream. If the specifics elude you right down any associations and feeling you had or have. As you fall asleep after your mantra try to focus on the previous dream to connect the different presences you have. Repeat this process tweaking it as you go to build awareness.

Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD)

WILD takes a different sort of discipline. Have a clock primed to wake you up five to six hours after you fall asleep. You fall into cycles of REM sleep (start dreaming) after the first ninety minutes. You continue to fall in and out of REM sleep. After five to six hours you’ve gone through all the possible cycles. When you wake examine what happened. Did you dream? Were you aware of the event? Repeat this nightly until you start to lucid dream. Once you can get get into that frame of mind there is no need to prematurely wake yourself.

Externally Induced Lucid Dreaming (EILD)

There is a dream mask offered by The Dream Mask LLC. It uses neural receptors to tell when you’ve entered REM sleep and uses external stimulus (LED lights and auditory tones) to gently alert the user they are dreaming. It takes a little getting used to but people around the world are finding it to be effective after the initial adjustment period.

I’m personally not comfortable with this idea for a number of reasons. So here are other solutions. You can drink coffee to keep your mind awake. This works only if you have that level of control to separate your mind form your body. You can also mess with you regular sleep schedule. Changing your sleep cycle can jolt you into a better ‘position’ to lucid dream.

All of these techniques are interchangeable. Experiment with what you are and aren’t comfortable with. The key to success, no matter your procedure, is persistence and consistent observation. You aren’t going to get this right off the bat so try and have some fun!


5 Undeniable Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

A lot of awesome things happen to your when you find true love. The overwhelming sense of acceptance and love sweep away your negative behemoths you’ve been building in secret. You are able to put your faith in a character that you feel deserves it. You are laughing more often and better prepared to forgive those around you. These examples and the ones below are symptoms of when you’ve found your soulmate.

Your Soulmate Helps You Find Solutions You Never Thought Of Before

Your soulmate has your back and you have theirs. You both have each others best interests at heart and are bringing your unique perspectives and experiences to the game. Fueled by compassion and the desire to raise someone we care about above the nonsense, the two of you are always brain storming. At times it won’t appear like your both part of an amazing think tank, both of you have just been sitting on the couch passing time. Realize that the two of you are communicating on a deeply subconscious level. Both of you are scanning and analyzing everything from how much butter you put on your toast to your innate body language.

Miracles Are An Everyday Thing

Its hard to tell whether or not your everyday activities have changed that much, but everyday seems a little bit brighter doesn’t it?  With the someone you care about endorsing your every step and willing to forgive your mistakes, it is easier to do the same for yourself. You carry with you their love at all times so that sub way doesn’t seem as depressing, that teller at the bank less creepy or that romantic cafe less depressing.

Love Happens To The People Around You

Conscious loving decisions breed more love. That’s just how it works and I’m not alone in my grateful attitude! Seeing the template you used to catch and nurture your soul mate, others are inclined to follow. Support your friends and family in their quests for love. Be there for them when it falls apart. Celebrate with them when the time is right.

You Connect More Deeply With Friends And Relatives

The relationship between you and your soulmate is amazing. The way the non physical aspects (compassion, love, acceptance) have fueled positive reactions physically (not flipping out, forgiving others, eating better) is pretty impressive. With out meaning to, we turn our gaze to other relationships in our life and nuture them with similar aspects of love. You’ve seen how these ingredients make your relationship amazing so it figures that if you treat more people with love and compassion you’ll get similarly sweet results.

Your World View Changes

You and your soulmate are two distinctive people that are able to operate as a well oiled machine. As the two of you deepen your bonds and work together on more various subjects, you’ll notice something beautiful. You will start influencing one another at core levels and beliefs. Don’t be afraid of this. Be open to the possibilities and stay adamant on what is important to you. As long as the changes are presented casually and not forced, then the decision is still yours. As soon as the subject gets pushy you need to have a talk with you loved one.


How Humans Turn Thought Into Reality, The Double Slit Experiment

We are able to see famous athletes obtain their goals through sheer will and focus. Athletes are born visualizers and whatever goal is in their head at that moment in time, they are able to turn the idea into reality. The potential for any idea can be made reality if we are able to hone our abilities to focus and achieve the act of making our ideas real.

Some other ways of describing it would be “Those who do nothing, become nothing” or “Energy flows where the attention goes”. These both essentially mean that if we don’t do anything, then nothing will happen, however, if we focus our energy on something, then it will become reality.

This video describes what it means when an electron can mean a world of difference when applied with energy and focus.

As you can see in this video, when electrons are not being observed, they tend to form the wave pattern simply because they do not have something demanding them to be the two solid lines. However, when being observed, the electrons form two solid lines because that is what was expected of them. It’s a very ludicrous thought, an electron leaving as a particle and then becoming a wave of potentials.

Essentially what this experiment suggests is that everything is achievable, we just have to focus with all of our force of will for it to become reality. You can think of any array of subjects that you desire, those desires will not become truth until you harness the ability to make it so. Whether it’s aimed at getting a new car, job, dog, etc. all of which remains a “potential” in the air, only until you start to really direct all your attention on that one potential.


7 Healthy Foods That You Should Be Consuming Every Single Day

Of course there are a variety of foods that you should be eating every single day, but do you know what you’re getting out of the foods that you consider healthy? Do you know the fullest potential of nutrition that your diet consists of? Well, if you answered no to either of those questions, fret not. These seven healthy foods that you should be consuming every day will kick your old diet in the butt.

1. Green Tea

Green tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants that also serves as protection against cancer cells by inhibiting blood vessels grown in tumors.

2. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts can help battle heart disease, aging, and cancer. They are high in selenium which is known to help boost testosterone production. However, it is recommended that you do not eat more than 1 to 4 Brazil nuts at a time.

3. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are high in B-vitamins, protein, and phytochemicals with the addition of containing omega-3s. You use flax seeds in your oatmeal, smoothies, cereal, and even garnish it on almost anything else that is healthy for you.

4. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a wonderful source of protein and contains a variety of nutritional benefits. They also are a remarkable source of iron as well. If you are vegetarian or vegan I highly recommend testing out pumpkin seeds for your garnish on meals.

5. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are probably some of the most nutritional sources of just about everything. In comparison to how awesome chia seeds actually are, just a tablespoon full is the likeness of a smoothie made with spinach, salmon, and human growth hormone. They are full of omega-3s, omega-6s, calcium, iron, zinc, protein, fiber, and antioxidants. Chia seeds are the ultimate source of all nutrition, I recommend using them in almost anything you eat! Plus, they are pretty small and if you really want to get the full effect of chia seeds, try soaking them in a bowl for about an hour to let them release all of their nutritional benefits.

6. Broccoli

We all should know from common sense that broccoli is pretty much essential to anyone’s diet. Broccoli is a collaboration of anti heart/cancer diseases mixed with a rich source of calcium and as well as protein. If you don’t have broccoli in your diet, I recommend finding some recipes that you wish to cook it in first.

7. All the berries

Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. All of which contain cancer-fighting antioxidants as well as slowing the eternal clock down. They can even help prevent heart disease and a variety of other nutritional benefits to help boost your diet that much more effectively.

There are a menagerie of other foods that you can consume in your diet that are just as healthy for you, however, we figured we would post seven of our most favorites. What other foods of this nature would you suggest?


16 Signs That You Have Hidden Healing Abilities

Everyone has the potential to be whatever they want and influence the world in whatever way they desire. There is no denying that each person has certain attributes that have been nurtured more than others. Whether done on purpose or subconsoucly, its imprtant that we be able to diagnose our strengths and attend to our weaknesses.

Healers are present in every society and never really sought out until circumastances force us to seek them out. This lack of focus has left potential healers in a state of non recognition. We need healers more than ever, I would surmise, regardless of the fixationn on characters like leaders. Below is a list of traits common to healers. Examine your own character and see if this archetype fits you!

  1. You are frequently told how soothing it is to be around you.
  2. You and the people in close physical proximity of you rarely get sick.
  3. You are constantly thinking of how to improve people’s lives
  4. You have probably been diagnosed with anxiety, panic or mood disorders.
  5. You are highly empathetic, to the point that it disrupts your social life.
  6. You have a family history of healers. You’re elders may have been doctors, therapists, medical workers, humanitarian protesters, veterinarian workers or guidance counselors. Anything to help people with the human condition.
  7. You walk in public spaces with butterflies in your stomach and heightened senses.
  8. You have a way with animals. They react to you more calmly or are just happy to see you.
  9. Strangers spill their life to you with very little prompting.
  10. You are great at massages, though you may have never been to school for it.
  11. You experience neck and shoulder pain often. You hold your stress there.
  12. You revel in being outside.
  13. You are attracted to crystals and are interested in their meta physic properties.
  14. You are interested in spiritual sciences: Reiki, energy healing, shamanism, acupuncture, among others.
  15. Your high level of awareness means you are sensitive to certain foods and drinks. You may often have headaches or digestive issues
  16. You sometimes feel random chills, warmth radiating from your core, or your palms tingle and pulsate.

The main elements of a healer boil down to high sensitivity on multiple wave lengths, the ability to manifest energies, highly emphatic feeling and  a desire to help those around you. There is no blanket theory or agreed upon path for you to take to develop these feelings. You will have to examine where you are in life and strike out as your resources allow. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to get the ball rolling in terms of healing. Everything in the universe strives to be healthy and happy, we just need to be reminded every so often.

Seeking Higher Consciousness