Full Blue Moon Global Meditation

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There is a massive culmination in the astrological grid above you right now. One that if you would like to step out of the darkness of the last two years. Two years that while they were liberating were the hardest two years because of deep wounds being exposed and clearing needing to be done. But now it is like the stars have brought you here for a reason, they have cleared a space, ripped you open to expose your heart, leaving a only the truest aspects to show through.

If you feel like this article is speaking to your walk then maybe there is something that I can show you to help bring you into this space to be able to receive the messages from the stargate that is opening up from July 25th to about September 15th. We have three major star configurations collaborating in the cosmos and it is a new wave than what we have been pounded with over the last few years! 

Many of you have experienced awakening but with this awaken there asked to be a clearing, many intense water signs were integrated, like Scorpio and Cancer to help “wash away” old spiritual debris. The stars are starting to shift gears a bit, offering a new kind of resonance to open in the sky to be integrated into our hearts.

Here is some more information about the current astrological configurations:

Venus has gone Retrograde on 7/25/15

The sky goddess Venus shows us how to love ourselves and points us in the direction of what passion you want to follow in life.

We have a Blue Moon in Aquarius on 7/31/15

A blue moon is the second full moon in a month. It happens once every three years. The Aquarius full moon shows us how to reinvent ourselves to that truest embodiment of ourselves.

Finally the Lion’s Gate Opens on 8/8/15

This is a star portal that opens the potentiality to activate uniqu

e part of your DNA that have been dormant, it is a time to align with the ascended masters. Leo in it’s truest power invites the leader to rise forth to awaken the people.

I am offering a meditation to sink more into these vibrations, to be able to open your unique channel to receive information and guidance during this time.

Hi everyone, my name is Jocelyn Daher and I am a team member and writer for Spirit Science. I see every person as an extension of my family. My passion is reminding humanity how to love, in hopes to ignite the memory that you are in fact a walking embodiment of universal perfection! Did you resonate with this article? If so check out my website at <3

So much gratitude,

You and I we are one.


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5 Ways To Ensure Your Vibration Stays High

Once we attain our goals we feel fulfilled. Finally our dream has been achieved. But what do you notice ….

It slowly starts evaporating once we touch it. You want more, right? Newer, bigger, better, faster, different. That is our motto. Your mind constantly dangles a carrot in front of you with the promise of future satisfaction.

But as soon as you bite it, another one pops up that seems even more delicious than the first one. The self-perpetuating play of chasing your desires. And so the eternal search continues … If only we could keep that cherished feeling a bit longer.

But how is it that we are never satisfied with what we have over a longer period of time?

Hedonistic adaptation

The answer lies in what in ‘hedonistic adaptation’. Hedonistic adaptation is the tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable base level of happiness, despite major positive/negative events.

Hedonistic adaptation has an evolutionary origin. We humans adapt fast. That used to be a good thing.

Imagine yourself being thrown back to the cavemen –era, thrown in the wild with little protection and constant danger. It was more useful then to pay attention to new things, stimuli and changes in the environment which could be potentially life-threatening.

vlcsnap-2013-11-26-17h29m57s193It didn’t really pay off to only appreciate and reflect on the things you have and sit down in perfect bliss. That would NOT be an ideal strategy back then.

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18 Symptoms of A Spiritual Awakening We All Experience

1. The pursuit is over. You have a feeling that you have found out who you are, consciously or unconsciously. You’ve been pursuing for something your whole life, something that was missing. Finally, you can experience a sense of peace within yourself as you relax into who you are.

ascension2. This acknowledgement is giving you a feeling of peace and satisfaction. You are living here-and-now because you don’t have to arrive anywhere, nothing to reach, nothing to achieve or prove. You have already arrived, you are already where you are supposed to be, you already have everything that you’ll ever need.

3. Your fears are getting reduced. You feel liberated because you realize that fear is a mental program that we can control. We all have the capability to control our minds far more than we are lead to believe.

4. You recognize how human mind works, the way it connects and projects inner states and beliefs about external situations, individuals, things… You recognize its game that you do not identify with and also, you are able to see behind that virtual reality.

5. You can see that the source of all that you feel and experience is inside you and you stop blaming anyone or anything for the way you feel and experience. spiritual_awakening

6. You realize that everything is exactly how it should be. The Universe is perfect within all it’s imperfections.

7. You are living more and more in the present moment. You are not regretting anything from the past and you are not fearing the future. You are not waiting for something to pass in order to finally start living and do what’s important to you.

8. You are not judging yourself or others, nor people, nor other beings nor actions. You accept life the way it is, you accept things the way they come. You are not taking part in any resistance against the way it is.

9. You don’t feel the need to change the world. You are a reflection of the world. When you change yourself, when you live from the heart and support those around you, that is the greatest change you can provide.

woman-earth-josephine10. You are not making decision based on your reason; on the contrary, you’re going by your intuition – your heart. That feeling is making you take action. That’s the way of the heart. Do not live according to patterns imposed by social norms. Instead, you live your own life.

11. You are not taking actions because of happiness, you are taking actions out of happiness. Your actions are light because you are doing only the things that you are inspired to do. You are no longer forcing yourself.

12. You are not judging your ego, your flaws, you are not fighting against anything, you just accept them. You are not feeling a need to be perfect, don’t feel a need to resolve your ego because you know you are perfect in your ‘imperfection’, you are simply you.


You are seeing everything that is happening around you as an observer, without the need to control. You experience things in full consciousness, without taking sides, or marking someone or something as good or evil.

13. You are not rushing. Life will always give you both the pleasant moments and the hard situations as well. You are accepting them equally and you know that every situation you are going through is a gift of its own. You are being more and more aware that everything is impermanent, good and evil, happiness and unhappiness.


14. The need to be in control is gone. It is replaced by the affiance in life’s intelligence, in the perfection and harmony of the overall existence. You see harmony and meaning in everything. If you by any means can’t see that, you are sure that you are going to realize it when the time for that comes.

15. You have found security and love in yourself. Thus, you are giving more and more of you to others, without any expectations in return. You are giving the others the freedom to be who they are.

16. You are not guided by any conceptions, ideas and beliefs. You recognize that every single belief is restricting you. You are learning to live in the world of the unknown. You are feeling humble towards the mysteries of life and you know that in a way, you know nothing.

By: Renne Caf



This Dutch Windwheel Might Revolutionize Sustainable Living and Wind Energy

Windmills have  been around for centuries but are generally speaking kept to the countryside. This all might be about to change with the introduction of the Wind Wheel. The state-of-the-art creation is from Dutch architectsDoepel Strijkers, who designed the 173-meter-high (570 foot) structure to utilize wind, water and an electric field in an electrostatic wind-energy converter that can directly produce a current for power.

The self-powered tower is quiet, low-maintenance and looks like something out of a science-fiction novel.


Designed for the port city of Rotterdam, the Dutch Windwheel is a concept for a sustainable landmark that would be able to house 72 apartments within a circular steel and glass frame, while also serving as a silent, motionless wind turbine. In addition to harvesting energy from the wind, the structure would be equipped with facilities to capture rainwater, recycle tap water and also produce bio-gas from the residents’ organic waste.

So far, the tabletop prototype produces just 12.5 milliwatts—not enough to power a light bulb. And it’s only 3 percent efficient, compared with a typical wind turbine’s 45 percent efficiency. But if the technology advances on schedule, its creators Doepel Strijkers  say a 570-foot version could grace the Rotterdam skyline by the early 2020s.

People will be able to live, work, and dine inside the self-powered skyscraper as it cranks out 1 megawatt of electricity. “We wanted a 100-percent-sustainable building that serves as a platform for all kinds of innovations,” says developer Lennart Graaff.


This is definitely a project worth following in the future – we’ll keep you posted on any further developments.

Kasim Khan, Team Spirit

Why Does The Ego Exist?

What is the ego really, and why does it exist?  Why couldn’t we live in a universe free of ego and all of the nasty qualities that come with it?  Why didn’t God or the Universe create a world where only Spirit existed and everyone lived in harmony?  Is the ego a mistake of human evolution?

Simply put, he universe needed to create an ego so that it could evolve within it’s own system of evolution.  The “ego” is literally what has given rise to the modern human being through millions of years of survival.  The ego is not some spiritual abstract concept, it simply refers to the part of you that is identified with the mind-body.  It’s the part of you that is identified with the thinking fleshblog, which is the part of you that is ancient and left-over from the era of “survival of the fittest” prior to the evolution of modern homo sapiens.

We have to remember that the bodies we live in are not arbitrary.  They are the process of 4 billion years of the evolution of life.  To fully understand the ego, we have to fully understand where it came from and how it is inseparable from the body and the wiring of our brain.  Here are some key functions of the ego in nature:

1. Competition

Survival of the fittest is a principle that seems highly egoic but is actually quite divine.  It is Nature’s means of quality control.  Our species competes with one another for resources, for status within the tribe, and for reproductive rights.  It is the spirit of competition that weeds out members of a species that are unfit for reproduction.  The species that are fastest, strongest, and most adaptable are the ones that carry over into the next generation and reproduce.

This is not needed in a modern society of rational human beings, but the sense of needing to compete with one another ultimately stems from an archaic part of our brains that is still wired through millions of years of evolution.  This translates into competing for “likes” with other people on Facebook, comparing cars, bank accounts, or physical fitness levels. It manifests in needed to be recognized, the instinct to compare ourselves with others, the need to make impressions on others, and so forth.

2. Self-preservation

The reason why humans can be selfish at times is because their egos have been hard-wired to think in terms of survival.  The brain has evolved to think in terms of what will increase your chances of survival, what will help you avoid danger and pain, and what will increase personal happiness in the next moment.

The key here is that it is wired to increase your chances of survival in the next moment, because this can sometimes result in unhappiness down the line.  For example, your brain is wired to keep the last piece of cake for yourself, but by stepping outside of yourself you may realize that by giving it to your friend you will attract good Karma back to you and it will make you happier down the line.  It is our call as people who seek higher consciousness in life to see past our bodies natural instinct towards immediate self-preservation and think in terms of overall happiness spread out throughout time for us and the people around us..

3. Genetic preservation

It is in our DNA to have the urge to carry our genetic code over into the next generation.  Reproduction is an essential part of life, and the existence of our species (and of life in general) literally depends on our bodies urges to reproduce with other members of our species.

When we lust after another person, it is simple our brains way of telling us “Reproduce with them. Have babies with them. They will help you produce healthy offspring”.  In our society, we tend to think of this feeling in us as being a product of internal flaws or being too “shallow” of a person.  In reality, this mechanism is the most fundamental part of life and is what got all of us here in the first place.

When people think to themselves that they have a big ego, they tend to feel bad or beat themselves up for it.  The ego is not a bad thing, it just can’t be top priority within our consciousness. The ego is not a mistake and it still serves a valuable role within the evolution of our species, but in our day and age, we are ready for the next step in the evolutionary process.  The next step is the evolution of consciousness, and this step requires that we have the ability to see beyond our egos, beyond our urges to compete, beyond our urges to be selfish, and beyond our urges to spread our genetic code wherever we can.

So did the universe mess up by creating the ego?  The ego was necessary to get our species to where it is today.  Do we still need it?  Here is what Eckhart Tolle has to say on the matter:

Hope this was helpful!

Steven Bancarz,

Team Spirit

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