These Are The Natural Antibiotics You Don’t Need A Prescription For

An average visit to a doctor might have you walking out of their office with a prescription for antibiotics. It is the answer they have for almost all symptoms.
When this drug was introduced in the 1930′s, people thought it would be the solution for all viruses and bacteria.

pharmaceutical-industryNo one thought of the effect it would have on our bodies when taken in large amounts.
Our bodies change constantly and adapt to our surroundings.

This also happens when  we get infected with a virus or bacteria. Normally antibodies will step in to create a resistance against the disease. But our bodies don’t get a chance to produce these antibodies if it is overly treated with antibiotics.

Today our average intake of antibiotics has increased drastically because of the hormones going into a lot of our produce.

It is time to bring back the effect of antibiotics but without the actual drug. Who better to ask for advise than our wise grandma’s that had smart tricks to treat diseases in a natural way. If you prefer to leave Big Pharma out of the picture next time you get sick, here is a list for natural antibiotics:


Garlic and Onion

Two of the most common products you will find in a kitchen and the base of so many delicious dishes. Since Hippocrates, the founder of the art of medicine, garlic and onion have been described as medicine.

Garlic is a great medicine for bacterial, viral and fungal infections.
- When acute infections occur,  consume at least 3 fresh cloves daily Continue reading


The Toxic Relationship Between An Empath And A Narcissist

What is an Empath? Why do they always find themselves in the position of caregiver and sometimes even the pushover? Being the healer, they tend to be attracted to those who are broken or negative. They are absorbers of other’s struggles, the fixers and generally unaware of one’s boundaries. They are strongly drawn to narcissists as they feel the need to “fix” them.

What is a Narcissist? The takers of the relationship scale, very capable of sucking energy out of their surrounding acquaintances and family members, they spot an empath a mile away. Knowing empaths to give their all, they play this to their advantage to feed their own energy reserves.empath-4

Empaths will often see the world as others’ suffering, trying to rationalize every incident. They are the strong yet also the weak as they assume everyone is as sincere as them.

Narcissists feel nothing in manipulating an empath, rising above others to gain control. Whereas an empath craves love, care and understanding. Sadly, this combination will always end up in heartache as the more love and care an empath offers, the more powerful and in control a narcissist will become.

“We know that “narcissist” has become a bit of a buzzword recently, and some folks are quick to apply it to an ex-lover or family member or friend. While awareness of this concept is healthy, so is remembering that it is, in a mental health context, a serious condition that shouldn’t be applied to someone you’re mad at because they stole your mirror.”  ~ Eds. 

types-of-empathsAs a narcissist gains power, the empath starts to retreat. This undoubtedly shoves an empath into a victim’s position. One way out id to then become the narcissist. Before long, a vicious cycle has formed.   Continue reading


How Getting Instant Gratification Sabotages Your Longterm Manifesting

We often talk of having an instant gratification society, but what does this really mean and how does your impatience get in the way of the desires you’d like to manifest?

The Cycle of Desire

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The Cycle of Desire by Chemory Gunko

The Cycle of Desire by Chemory Gunko

The cycle of desire starts when we first become aware of a desire: an object, person, experience or event we would like to manifest in our reality.

When we first decide we want something, it’s with a mixture of excitement and trepidation… we’re excited and hopeful that we will achieve our aim, curious and nervous about what our lives will look like when we achieve our aim, and often afraid that we won’t achieve our goal, or that we somehow don’t deserve to have it realize.

But we’re human and hope springs eternal, and so the desire is launched.manifestations

At first you can manage the waiting, because discernment takes time. You need to have options shown to you, reject or accept them, keep putting your intentions out and keep refining the details of what you specifically want.

This is where it tends to get tricky though, because this process of refinement can take weeks, months and even years, depending on the magnitude of your desired aim.

The process of refinement may also lead you to discover that you no longer desire this aim, or that you desire a different aim. At this point you can exit the cycle and launch a new goal from your whole new platform of desire.

If you stick with it long enough though, with persistence, perseverance, tenacity, resilience and dedication, you can most likely achieve any aim you set for yourself. From here, once you’ve achieved your aim, you usually go on to launch a whole new level of desire.

Discernment, Delay, Denial & Instant Gratification

The problem for most of us arises in the discernment stage – if we are delayed long enough, we end up feeling like we’ve been denied.

ManifestedOur natural impatience here stems from the fact that subconsciously we KNOW we are creators, made in the image of God, and ergo anything we desire should manifest immediately.

The impatience we feel is exacerbated by the society we live in: fast food, fast cars, fast relationships, one-night stands and disposable everything. We’re so used to having everything delivered to us at the push of a button, that anything that takes a while to realize makes us feel like we are being deprived and denied.

In short order, feeling deprived and denied will escalate into feeling rejected, unwanted and unloved – and so we take action to avoid those feelings: we go for the instant gratification. Screw the discernment; we grab the very first thing that comes along that could be molded into fitting our criteria, and we claim it as our own.

At first we can usually convince ourselves that we’re happy, that we’re willing to lower our standards and settle for less… but the discernment and rejection process you’ve habituated your body into won’t settle for that: I mean how can you create an instant habit of accepting wholly something that you would have rejected five minutes ago? It creates internal conflict in you.

So the doubts creep in and you begin to question your decision and your choice, often deciding to walk away from the instant gratification quick fix you accepted in place of what you really desire.

Pride & Self Worth

At this stage of the fight, you’re often feeling lonely and rejected because now you have the added weight of a ‘failure’ to deal with.


I mean if this is what you manifested, obviously this must be what the Universe thinks you’re worth. Your ego, which has a vested interest in keeping you feeling low and downhearted, makes this all about your worth and doesn’t let you take personal responsibility for it.

As soon as you take responsibility, you’re in the driving seat and your ego is no longer in control. You take responsibility by seeing that the lack of achievement was caused by your acceptance of the instant gratification – you’re unhappy because you exited the cycle too early.

So your ego does everything in its power to make you feel low: reminding you of all the other times you didn’t get what you want, pointing out every flaw in you, every problem in your life… until eventually you sit down and decide to give up, because obviously ‘the Universe never wants anything good to happen for you’.

Gather yourself

The alternative to collapsing in a little heap in the corner and pitying yourself is to refocus on your goal and enter the process of discernment and delay again.

Alternately you can release the desire, let go of the unresolved emotion and launch a whole new desire based on your current level of understanding – one that is much more aligned with who you are, what you really want and how much you are willing to do to achieve it.


About Chemory Gunko:

When we work together on an issue that you’re facing, I help you shortcut the growth and healing cycle so that you feel relief much more quickly – within days usually. Basically, we can change the way you feel about anything, helping you to find real mental, emotional and spiritual relief, permanently.

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Color Psychology: How The Color of Your Room Affects Your Mood

The colours in our surroundings can have a tangible impact on our mood, emotions and personality. Have you ever noticed how your feelings might change when you enter a light blue room, versus a dark red one? There is a science to how colours affect us.


Every room in your house can introduce positivity and overall good vibrations- if they are painted with colours that evoke healthy responses.

To better understand which colours are most beneficial in which rooms, you must first identify the room’s primary function.

After you’ve decided if this room will be for relaxation, entertainment, or several other options, you can move on to choosing a colour that fits your personality and will create the space you desire.

I’m going to explain what rooms do better with which colours, and why.

The kitchen can be a lively room with lots of activity and movement, depending on how frequently you cook and how often you have guests. Colour analysts suggest painting your kitchen red, orange, or yellow.
The colour red is known to trigger the appetite. So, if you’re on a diet it’s probably best to avoid this one.

Orange is an energetic colour and helps to raise vibrations.
shutterstock_179973509Yellow is a great colour for smaller, open-spaced rooms. It brings joy and happiness, and reminds us of the warmth we feel from sunlight.

Living Room Continue reading

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 8.45.24 AM

5 of The Most Powerful Crystals To Use for Grounding

 What does it mean to be grounded?

Being grounded is all about being and remaining centered, having a sense of wellness & balance, and staying connected and engaged with the world around us.crystals

When we are grounded, we feel calm and collected; we feel more in control of what’s happening around us and best of all we become more capable of making better decisions during trying times!

So what are the signs of being grounded? Here are a few:

- Feeling in control

- Facing uncertainty with poise

- Feeling confident and self-assured

- Being focused and determined

- Taking inspired action

- Starting and completing projects

- Having mental clarity and focus

Continue reading


Studying Obedience to Authority – Would You Do This if You Were Ordered To?

At 150 volts, he moaned again and said, “Experimenter! That’s all. Get me out of here. I told you I had heart trouble. My heart’s starting to bother me now. Get me out of here, please. . . . I refuse to go on. Let me out.”

Would you continue to give this man electric shocks if you were told to do so by an expert scientist? The amount of people that would might shock you.


It can be easy to obey authority figures, media, governments, religions, or spiritual gurus.

People drill for oil, fly fighter drones, and go to war based on what the leaders of companies and countries tell them. People feel guilt based on (their interpretation of) what religions tell them is right and wrong. People look down on “unspiritual people” based on what their guru tells them.

Driven by an interest in social influence and a desire to understand the horrors of the Holocaust, psychologist Stanley Milgram asked a disturbing question:

Would ordinary citizens—like you and I—obey the orders of an authority figure if those orders meant harming an innocent person? Continue reading

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