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3 Modern Day Ghost Stories That Are Difficult to Challenge

There are two kinds of people in this world. One kind believes in ghosts. The other adamantly does not. Both sides think the other is crazy and illogical. The skeptics decide that believers are delusional. Yet those who have actually experienced the supernatural are frustrated that no one understands them.

Therefore, many haunting stories are never told in fear of not being taken seriously, or worse, locked up. Here are three recent stories of the paranormal that can change a skeptic’s mind. You may not believe the event, but the witnesses certainly do.

The Victorian Doll

Georgia. August 8, 2015

Darla* was seven-years-old when she found the doll at a vendor market. It stood out to her with its curly brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and a lovely red dress with a golden floral design. She thought it was odd that the doll was still in her box. Her mother explained that the doll was porcelain and not meant for playing.

“That doll was sad, and all I wanted to do was make it better. She needed me!” Darla remembers. She begged her mother to buy it. Her mother denied her request, but a few months later, the same doll arrived as a birthday present from her uncle. Darla decided to name it Samantha. She talked to her doll every night and kept her on her shelf where she can see it.shutterstock_199518029

When Darla turned thirteen, she moved out with her father and packed her collection of dolls including Samantha in a box. That night in her new house, she heard rustling in the box. When she approached it with a flashlight, the noise stopped. Darla opened the flap. Nothing was wrong. The next morning, she noticed that Samantha was lying on the floor.

When she was finally unpacking the next day, she decided to take Samantha out of her box. She cut the strings, mounted her on a stand, and placed her with the other dolls. Then she took the boxes to the burn pile. While carefully monitoring the fire, there was a loud POP, the fire enlarged, and turned bright blue. She panicked and doused the fire, wondering perhaps some chemical came into the barrel without her realizing. In her mind, that didn’t make any sense since she didn’t use lighter fluid or kerosene, or anything of the like.

She stepped outside that night before bed to have a quick smoke when she heard a female voice calling, “Darla…” She was frightened since she only lived with her father and ran back inside.

While she was falling asleep, she heard the voice again. Darla asked what it wanted, and it said, “Nothing. You have freed me, and now I can have anyone I desire.” Continue reading

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The Psychology Of Fright: The Best Way to Face Your Fears

I used to be afraid of the dark. Maybe I still am. Every night when I flick off my light, I tear across the room and dive into my bed. For some reason, if there was some diabolical being present, it can’t touch me if I’m under the covers. Go figure.

Nyctophobia is fairly common, yet I’ve met people with more diverse fears. One is terrified of raccoons. Another’s is of masks. We know that our phobias are irrational, yet I still won’t walk slowly to my bed, and my friend doesn’t leave the house on Halloween. Here is the best way to overcome fears that are stunting us from enjoying life.

Fright Then Flight

This is our usual response. That has got to change.

First of all, know that anxiety disorders are very common. The National Institute of Mental Health found 18% of the adult population fall under this category. Approximately 9% of adults have a phobia of some kind. So we are not alone.

If your anxiety is on the minor side, there is a very good chance you can cure yourself without professional help. Just follow this guideline.

Systematic Exposure

That’s right. To overcome your fear, you have to face it. For example, my brother had a fear of heights. He was determined to conquer it, so he went to an amusement park and rode on the roller coasters. This method is not recommended for everyone since such an experience can cause shock and possibly worsen your anxiety. Continue reading

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5 Ways To Use Your Intuition To Create The Career of Your Dreams

When one learns to harness their intuition, they may find themselves on the path to the life they truly wish to be living.

Our subconscious mind forms early learned patterns, whereas out intuition is more of a tool we need to tap in to. It encourages discovery, the desire to seek happiness, success and fulfillment. Our intuition can be considered our spiritual DNA, helping us to move through space and time, sending telepathic messages and allowing us to better navigate our relationships. You could consider it the “data” we receive to process before actual events take place.

Tapping into your intuition may fuel a more fulfilling and abundant life, simply because we are allowing ourselves the opportunity to analyze before acting. Below are five tips to assist you in understanding your intuition better, especially when it comes to career moves and choices.

1. Know the difference between instinct and intuition – they are very different.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.47.24 AMOur instincts are there to keep us safe, they urge us to duck bullets and keep our hands out of boiling water.

Our intuition, on the other hand is more of a motivator.

We are pushed forward, moving out of our comfort zone to seek the undiscovered, to cross borders we have subconsciously set.

Instinct will tell you to remain in your current job as it’s safe, where intuition will tell you that you deserve more. You can differentiate between the two by using your feelings associated with the sense you are picking up.

2. Document all your experiences.

Try to keep a journal documenting all your life experiences which made a major impact on you, be it career wise, relationship wise or any other factor. Write down your feelings, insights and senses which were evident at those times. You will have something to refer back to when faced with life changing decisions. Continue reading


How Do We Know That Energy & Healing Are Real? This is How:

What is energy, what is an aura, and do you have a field of energy around and within your body?

We feel that it exists, that it’s there, but what is the proof that tells us unequivocally that we are right – and not just imagining it?

Luckily, over the years, a number of key scientific experiments have been conducted to answer the question of “Does energy exist?”.


Kinesiology is a muscle testing process that was discovered around the late 60s/early70s.

Today it forms the basis for healing modalities like Sports Science Medicine, Resonance Repatterning and BodyTalk, among others.


Basically kinesiology enables you test whether or not someone energetically resonates with an object or statement.

The word resonate or resonance in energy, basically means that your body and system (mind, thoughts, feeling, soul, energy) are aligned or agree with that item, person or statement.

So, a simple example would be identifying a tissue salt that someone needs. They could hold various salts while pressure is applied to a muscle in their body – usually the arm.

If resistance is encountered when the pressure is applied, then the tissue salt is indicated. If no muscle resistance is encountered, then the person’s system does not need that particular salt. Continue reading


6 Powerful Ways To Reconnect With Your Inner Intuition

We are all born with an internal compass that can help guide us throughout life.

That compass is your intuition.

I  am almost certain that all of you have heard of the saying “trust your intuition” or “follow your intuition.”

But before you can follow your intuition, you need to know what intuition means?

The definition of intuition:

Intuition is having the insight about a given situation without the need for conscious or analytic reasoning.

Also, being intuitive means having a certain understanding of something or someone without the need for prior knowledge.

I know it sounds like magic, but it’s simply just your intuition.

Highly intuitive people are so in tune with their inner wisdom and inner compass that they rely on it on pretty much every day of their lives!

Ok, now that you are more familiar with what Intuition means, now let’s explore ways to connect with your inner compass.

When we were kids, we were functioning from our subconscious mind, but as we grew older and life started to teach us lessons we started to function more from our conscious mind.

The conscious mind serves a vital purpose as a safety gate that filters all events, things, and circumstances and helps us differentiate between good and bad, nice and ugly, safe and danger, etc.

The more we depend on the conscious mind, the more we lose our touch with our subconscious mind or our inner compass.

But don’t you worry!

Today, I am going to share with you 6 ways to get you back in touch with your inner guide and re-ignite your sense of intuition.


1. Connect with mother nature


The best way to re-ignite your sense of intuition is to go back to nature.

Mother earth and all the plants and animals out in nature are so in tune and in harmony with their intuitions.

Continue reading

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Is Eating Meat Bad for Your Soul? The Two Perspectives Explained

 In the age of the internet, it is always easy to find someone who is willing to agree with you. No matter how obscure and baseless your belief may be, it is always possible to connect with like-minded individuals on a forum or chat group in some far-off corner of the web.

The spiritual community is no exception to this rule. But unlike a religious or political group, there is no list of things that you are supposed to believe as a spiritual person. Maybe you are a part of the growing numbers of vegans in North America, but you can’t understand why they are the point of so many jokes. Is veganism a more enlightened lifestyle, or is it just a fad? Where do we draw the line?

This question becomes even harder when both sides of an argument seem plausible. Take the title of this article, for instance. Is eating meat bad for your soul? Maybe eating the meat of animals that have suffered greatly during their lives somehow taints your body and lowers your vibration? Or maybe all animals and plants are indivisible, and are part of our natural world?

Here are two different perspectives on whether or not it is wrong to eat meat as a spiritually minded person. Try not to look through the lens of “right” and “wrong”. Instead, seek to understand each position, and see which one is best for you.

Eating Meat is Bad

meat eating effect

Eating meat is definitely detrimental to your spiritual efforts. Non-vegetarian food can seriously dampen your spiritual intellect since it intoxicates your spiritual awareness. Humans are naturally psychic beings, but eating meat drastically lowers your spiritual potential, and leaves you in a low vibration state. Continue reading

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