Meet the Man who built a Hoverbike with Sacred Geometry

Now, I know by now you might be tired of me talking about Sacred Geometry. “Pattern of the Universe” blah blah blah “Keys to unlocking the secrets of the reality” yada yada yada… I get it. It can get pretty out there sometimes… Which is actually why this article and video is so important.

You’re about to see what happens when you merge Sacred Geometry with our Modern Scientific Approach, coupled with a strong engineering mind. Today, you’re about to see Sacred Geometry harnessed for the power of flight.

supermanHuman Flight is something that we as humans have always strove for. Flying through the air with a sense of freedom like Superman is a dream come true. I always remember growing up, when my friends would ask “If you could have ANY super-power… what would it be?” The top of my list was ALWAYS flight, right before invisibility or the ability to levitate things with my mind… (which i suppose, if I could levitate anything including myself… well that would have to take top spot on the list ;)

While I know that locked in the recesses of our human potential is the ability to do such things, the human genome hasn’t yet evolved to a point where we can consciously tap into that.

So in the meantime, we’ve got people like Chris Malloy – This engineer and helicopter pilot has been pushing the boundaries aerial technology by building a hover-bike for individual riders, utilizing 4 spinning fans much like a smaller quad-copter.


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Tapping into your Emotions at the Core

One of the most important piece of the evolution of consciousness and re-intergration into our whole-selves is the reconnection to our emotional aura – our awareness of feeling both in ourselves and those around us.

LakeTiticaca01It is when we recognize emotions we can directly translate mental information into physical action, and physical action into mental information with an ease and clarity that was not apparent before.

Understanding becomes easier because there is feeling connected to the thoughts and actions that run through your awareness. If we use the analogy that solid ground is “physical action” and the vast blue sky are your “mental thoughts”, then emotions are like the water that run through the rivers and float as clouds through the sky, and constantly flow between the two.

Could you imagine a world without water?

I sure can, but in its present state I wouldn’t want to live there.


So how do we tap into our emotional body? How do we bring awareness to all of that flowing water between the different planes of our being? The truth is, it’s actually far simpler than you ever imagined, and we’ve got some solid hard-science here to back this up.

In a recent study posted on ScienceDaily, an experiment was conducted to see how 6th grade students responded to different emotional states, if they could tell the difference between emotions in photographs that they would identify.

Happy school children playing tug of war with rope in park2 groups were asked about this. The first group spent on average several hours a day on their smartphones, playing video-games and watching videos. The other group took 5 days off from their phones whilst they attended a camp. The observation and results of this little experiment pretty much speaks for itself.

Those who spent a larger amount of time on their devices had a far harder time identifying emotions than those who spent their week at camp. In addition to that, students who originally had a hard time identifying emotions, after 5 days at camp showed significant improvement in their ability to identify emotional states in themselves and the photographs they were shown.

So what does this mean? What changed?

kid-phoneThe study goes on to say that its not so much the technologies “fault” so to speak, but the lack of face-to-face connection that happens when you are glued to your devices. If these students showed a rapid growth from just 5 days away from their devices, imagine what that could do for all of us if we just took a little bit more time to engage with each other than to do so over facebook?

I’m not saying to throw away the phone, just make time for your human-self too. The internet is a very exciting place still, even though it’s 2014, it is still the wild-west of this new age of technology we are emerging into.

In this new age of technology and discovery, lets just not forget who we are in the process. We are each other, we are the human race…and the Human race is FILLED with passion, poetry, art, romance, love… This is what we stay alive for.


How to Recognize an Energy Vampire and What To Do About It

I will start off by saying that everyone that is reading this article has most likely had an experience with an energy vampire living in the type of society we do today.

 All of us experiencing this at different levels, whether it be a relationship where you were so manipulated you started questioning your own sanity. Having to scribe and keep track of each moment because this person was convicting you the sky was actually purple or simply a friend or coworker not being happy for fortunate moments within your life. It is the feeling of being drained of your energy, your natural joy and life force by someone around you. You can feel them deliberately or unintentionally sapping and mutating their surroundings into negativity.

Our main mission here on this planet is to love one another. To join hands and head and build the higher vibration to shake away all that is lacking. This energy sapping feeling has to start somewhere in my opinion, originating from a general expectation for the other person (the energy vampire) to share this feeling, this mission of mutual elation. The current societal construct has been built on the opposite ideology telling us unconsciously on a daily basis since birth, that when we do not get the emotional energy we need (that should be from sharing) we must then go into dominating or competing with others. An unconscious competition for energy underlies all energy vampire conflicts. By dominating or manipulating others, they get the extra energy they think they need. It feels good to them but both parties are damaged in the conflict. The truth is always inherently looming though, that we never have to control, overpower or manipulate anyone or any situation because each person has a direct line to source energy, the most abundant and powerful source of energy there is.

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How to Make Life Your Own ~ Seize the Day

The start of class,  a teacher strides through the classroom, whistling a classic tune. He walks past the rows, noticing the students noticing him in return. He says nothing, just continues whistling, and walks towards the back of the class, where he exits through the back door without a word.

After a moment of confusion amidst the students, he pops his head back in the back door to say quickly “well, come on!”, and disappears once more.

It takes the students a few moments to comprehend what is happening, but soon they have all gathered their books and are walking out into the hall, following their new, mysterious teacher.

Carpe diem Seize the day - Dead Poets Society - wallpaper

The teacher calls them forth around a display case inside the school, and asks one of his students to read a poem in one of the books he is holding.

The student recites:

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying.

The teacher asks: “Why does the author use such words, gather ye rosebuds while ye may? Old time is still a-flying?”

One student proposes “Because he’s in a hurry!”

“Wrong!” The teacher explains: “It is because we are food for worms lads, and because one day each and every one of us is going to stop breathing.”

The Latin word for this is Carpe Diem, which translates directly to “Seize the Day”. And that is the subject of todays article.


Who are you? What do you want with your life? What are you willing to do to make it happen?

Regardless of what age you are, there is life ahead of you. You are not yet dead, and so what you do next will change and direct the course of history that lay before ye.

Do you want to sit around until you die, or will you make something of yourself and seize the day?! Will you make the life you want to live and share your love with the world around you through your actions and ideas?

Ideas and Words can Change the World! 

You are an incredible thing. The very fact that you are alive and breathing is a testament to how wonderful you truly are, for I am not talking to a rock, but to a living, breathing, conscious organism that is a creator in more ways than any of us can even imagine.

And that’s something special.

You must strive to find your own voice, because the longer you wait the less likely you are to find them at all! 

Speaking of something special, I’d like to share something very special with you now. The inspiration to this article was the following video, as well as this scene from Dead Poets Society. If you haven’t seen this movie, it is a stunning piece of art which changed my life – and truly gave me a solid frame of reference to what poetry in motion really was.

And a special shout out and thank you to Melody Sheep who is so incredible to have made such a compilation in such a meaningful way. Thank you!

Seize the Day,
Jordan Pearce


11:11 – The Signs of the Planetary Shift

I’ll bet that if I asked publicly how many people saw 11:11 regularly, we’d probably see a huge sea of hands popping up all over the place. Its pretty common nowadays, there’s something to it, and its about time we decoded it. 

In case you answered that you’ve never seen 11:11, I would remind you that you’re reading a blog about it right now. Welcome to the beginning of your 11:11 synchronistic voyage.  

There was a time only a few years ago when I hadn’t heard a thing about 11:11. It was brand new to me, until it wasn’t anymore. Interestingly enough, my 1111 synchronicities started right around the time when I began learning about a planetary shift of consciousness… The Shift.

I started seeing 11:11 everywhere. Not just on clocks, but license plates, billboards, phone numbers, random pieces of paper I would come across or on websites on the interweb while I floated about in the digital realm… What was the deal? 

Before I really started to explore numerology, I did some googling and found that it was relatively common. So much so, here’s something Uri Geller wrote about it:
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The secret to happiness is to stop setting goals

Yep, you read that right.  The secret to attaining happiness is counter-intuitive to everything we’ve been told through our whole lives. Yet, how many of us are wildly successful millionaires? Maybe we got something backwards.

So, stop setting goals. Thats it? Can it truly be so simple?! Please understand, we’re not saying to stop having logical directions in your life. It’s more about looking at the bigger picture of your life, everything that’s going on, and responding in the moment with your intent, rather than climbing a ladder that ultimately only serves to take you in circles.

Take a moment to consider the words of Alan Watts before proceeding on your journey. Don’t worry, it’s a short one :)

What are we in such a hurry for? Each year of school, each grade, promotion and job. Step by step all the way up to what? What happens when you get there?

climbing-the-career-ladderWhat are you going to do when you get to where you are going? Well if you are anything like most people you are going to be so focused on the next thing that you will barely notice that you accomplished anything at all.

You will probably not rest or congratulate yourself on your hard work because you will be so focused on the next hill to climb or the next goal in life.

I dare you to stop what you are doing right now and focus on where you are right now in life. I challenge you to look at your journey and all of the things you have over come. Even just becoming an adult appeared to be something completely out of reach at one point in many of our lives.

Just take a moment and realize how far you have come and the amazing journey you are on.

Stop-And-Smell-The-Roses1It is ok to slow down and enjoy the moment. Perhaps you have heard someone advise you to stop and smell the roses?

Would it be so bad to flow with your life instead of being so ridged? How often have you planned out a whole year only to find that you ended up in a whole new direction that you could have never foreseen? If you are anything like me that happens to you every year.

It takes practice but we can all learn to trust the flow of our lives and create a lot more joy and fulfillment then we ever imagined was possible. We just need to stop trying to force things to happen.

It is just fine to set goals or direction in your life just try focus more on enjoying the experience of your journey instead of always rushing to the next achievement.

Thank you for reading,

Spirit Team

Seeking Higher Consciousness