Why is it so Hard For us to ‘Let Go’?

What is it about the idea of letting go that seems so ‘difficult’ for us? There is some mental work in letting go of emotions, thoughts and painful experiences; but for this article I’m talking about letting go physically.

letting-goThe very idea of letting go exists to show us that we are limiting ourselves. What I’m experiencing is a program of shame that was part of my life as a child.

Shame is what seems to hold us back from acting as the true, most full us. And what are we even scared to show? Our most real and vulnerable feelings?

When we know we are expressing them to people of understanding, there is no fear to be had.

The definition of shame is:

1. A painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.

Wow, the consciousness of wrong. Consciousness knows no right or wrong, it exists infinitely beyond that. So it’s what we’ve deemed, as a society as wrong or foolish.  Continue reading

Why Fighting In Relationships Is Actually Healthy

We all want to have happy, healthy relationships with people we care about.  But it seems that we have fallen under a false belief thanks to media and culture that fighting in relationships is a sign that your relationship is “toxic”.  Because we think fighting in relationships is a bad thing, we avoid it or tell ourselves we have to leave the relationship if fights start to happen.

This makes a lot of people feel bad about the relationships they are in, and leads many people to ending relationships prematurely because they have been convinced that fighting is necessarily a bad thing. What if it is actually more toxic to be in a relationship where you never fight…ever?  What if butterflies and rainbows aren’t always the best for developing a long-term sustainable relationship?

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How To Access Past Life Memories

The idea of past lives have become increasingly popular over the past few decades; and for good reason! Many are wanting to know what they did in a life before; to better understand their life now.

This gets a little confusing when we understand that our consciousness is a fractal of the all, which encompasses everyone else’s consciousness as well. We are all one, we are all each other, yet we have our own separate consciousness. It seems the higher we go in dimension or frequency, the more ‘One’ everything is. Everything is understood from a much wider perspective. 

Meditate on A Question

past-lives-spiralEveryone is already at the level to access this information, and if anyone tells you other wise, check if their intention is actually pure. Meditate on a very specific question rather than an open ended one.

Ask exactly what you are wanting to know. Understand you are asking yourself, not an external, supreme being.

And allow the answers to come in different forms. If you are asking to have your past lives shown, it might not be visual. Continue reading


Give what You Lack; and You’ll Get 10-Fold Back

By: Saso Denkovik

Whatever you think the world is denying you, could it actually you who denies it to the world? Whatever you may think that people deny you – praise, appreciation, support, love, tenderness and so on – you should give it to people. You can’t get what you don’t give. Outflow determines inflow.

6a0134898acf25970c0147e1005950970b-320wiIn the next few weeks, try to do the following and see how your reality changes.

Shortly after you give, you will start to receive. You can not receive what you have not donated.

Everything you think the world denied you, you already have. But unless you let it flow, you will not be aware that you have it.

The law that outflow determines inflow is expressed by the words of Christ: ‘Give and you shall receive.’

The source of abundance is not outside of you. It is a part of you. However, start with recognizing and accepting abundance from the Life giving loveoutside. Note the fullness of life around you. Continue reading


How to Work Through Dark Thoughts and Negativity

Everyone has thoughts of self doubt, powerlessness and negativity – that’s completely normal.

It’s how to choose to grow from these thoughts that matters. Whenever you get overwhelmed by dark thoughts, negativity, discouragement and anxiety, there are a few ways to look inside yourself and clear that murky energy.

sad-child-portraitIn moments of spiraling negativity, the first step is to always take a few deep breaths. Focus on your center, on the physical sensation of living. Bring yourself back to the present moment.

Start to take yourself out of yourself by watching your thoughts objectively.

Do not judge, label or even think about the inflow of thoughts happening, just objectively watch and acknowledge them. See them as lessons to learn not a punishment to be had.

Ask your thoughts:

1. What do you represent? 
2. What can I learn from you?  Continue reading


How Ten-Year-Old’s are Smarter than “Super-Intelligent” Computers

A mounting fear that science fiction may turn into reality came to light recently. Three brilliant physicists (Stephen Hawking, Max Tegmark, and Frank Wilczek) joined with a noted computer scientist (Stuart Russell) to worry in public about what they termed “superintelligent machines.”

I found myself smiling through most of the article — the gap between fiction and reality seems pretty wide right now — but that’s just super-computer-goedr_075247the kind of complacency the authors are worried about. What if weapons of war are completely automated and turned loose to name their own targets? What if the current trend toward high-speed computer trading on Wall St. is perfected to the point that machines can manipulate the world’s economy?

Those two possibilities pose dangers that do, in fact, seem to loom as real possibilities. But I wonder if the term “superintelligent machine” doesn’t beg the question.

Is any machine intelligent to begin with? Despite the vogue for Artificial Intelligence (AI), I think no machine is intelligent or ever will be. The four authors rest their case on a sentence that strikes me as wrong-headed: “There is no physical law precluding particles from being organized in ways that perform even more advanced computations than the arrangements of particles in human brains.”

A lot of assumptions are packed into this sentence:

  1. Our brain is what makes humans intelligent.
  2. Thinking is the same as computation.
  3. Thoughts can be broken down into bits of information.
  4. If a computer has as many bits of information as the human brain, it can compete on an equal footing with the human mind.

These assumptions are bywords in the AI field, but that doesn’t mean they hold water. At the very least, each statement meets with serious push back when examined carefully. Continue reading

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