7 Things That Happen To You When You Die

By Steven Bancarz

What happens to us when we die? Where does our soul go?  Chances are, if you were brought up in a religious background you believe that there are only 2 places you can go: Heaven and Hell.  If you are a good person and believe the right things, you spend eternity in Heaven. If you are a sinful person, you spend an eternity in hell.  Thankfully, this is a false dichotomy.

On top of the fact that it doesn’t even make sense to think about only 2 options (both of which are eternal), there has been a lot of scientific investigation into what happens when people leave their bodies when it dies and then return after experiencing time in the spirit world. Thousands of near-death experiences have given us the information we need to form a more accurate picture of what awaits us on the other side.  Some do report hellish realms, and almost all report heavenly realms, but there is another side of the coin here that needs to be addressed.

Dr. Michael Newton is a psychologist who specialized in hypnotherapy, where he would put people into hypnosis to bring out any past traumas they experienced in their lives and walk them through the memories into healing.  He soon discovered that he was able to bring people back so far into their memories that they were remembering things that weren’t even taking place in this life anymore.  They were taking place in between lives!

In his books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls (which together have sold over half a million copies) he shares case studies that he has gathered over the course of four decades of bringing people back into the memories of their souls journey.  Surprisingly, they all said the exact same things, and coincided very nicely with a lot of the NDE accounts that have occurred.

As of right now, this is the best picture we have painted of what awaits us on the other side.  Here are 7 things which these two fields of study have strongly suggested happen to us when we die:


1) Life Flash

An extremely common phenomenon within people who are dying is that they see their entire life flash before their eyes.  The brain snaps into hyper-speed mode and starts revisiting your memory databank before your soul separates from your body. Continue reading


8 Buddha Quotes That Will Put Your Soul at Ease


“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.”

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

“In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.”


“There has to be evil so that good can prove its purity above it.”

“It is easy to see the faults of others, but difficult to see once own faults. One shows the faults of others like chaff winnowed in the wind, but one conceals one’s own faults as a cunning gambler conceals his dice.”

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”

“Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others.”




It Only Takes These 2 Steps To Shift out of A Low Vibration

Everything in our universe is made out of energy. That solid chair you’re sitting on, your thoughts, emotions and memories are all forms of energy. From a higher perspective, our world is not made of solid mass, it is buzzing with light and movement.

When you’re feeling low, there is a physical energy weighing down on you. It’s a densely heavy feeling that pushes down on us; there’s a reason we call it feeling down. When you’re in a state of exhilarating happiness, your body literally buzzes with energy.

Shifting out of a dense vibration takes a bit of concentration and the want to change. Sometimes we get stuck in a loop of spiraling negativity and we don’t want to be the ones to break it. We are responsible for shifting our own emotions; but that doesn’t mean we can’t have help.

1. Get to the Core.

There are so many factors that contribute to a low vibration, and sometimes a lot of it is completely subconscious.

Sometimes it’s as clear as day: you broke something, a friend is mad at you, you missed a meeting, you got a bad grade, anything. This is simply the ebb and flow of life. It’s when situations or ideas keep us in a state of distress that it lowers our vibration – translating to a lessening in energy, motivation and inspiration.

A situation that would lower your vibration depends on your level of emotional sensitivity. For some people, a sly glance, harsh tone of voice or even just closed off body language can put them in discomfort. When your thoughts become a loop that wears you down mentally and emotionally, that is a lowering of your vibration.

The actual process of getting to the core of a problem, idea, thought or feeling is different for everyone, but essentially it is following a line ofthoughts. It is digging deep into the center, the core, the seed that is sprouting weeds.


This can be extremely simple or quite complex depending on the nature of what is causing you distress. If you trace it back enough, you might find yourself re-experiencing childhood trauma, forgotten memories or subconscious thoughts.

If you know what’s causing you to be upset, only you know how to navigate the solution.


2.  Resolve it.


If there’s something in your life that you need to be working on, fixing or exploring and you aren’t doing it – that’s bringing your vibration down. If you aren’t following your passions, that’s bringing your vibration down.

If you are ignoring your responsibilities and you know you need to get to it but just can’t bring yourself to – that’s bringing your vibration down. There is no catch all answer for how to raise your vibration specifically.

Resolving the core of a problem can look like meditating on a question or having an open talk with friends to explore the issue. It can look like going on a walk to help process information.

The point is to not ignore or cover up the core of the problem. Keep digging, keep asking why? Why am I feeling this way, what brought on this feeling; and you follow that for as long as you need. You might be very surprised as to where it takes you.


Yoga, eating healthy, conscious breathing and anything that makes you feel good is vital to keeping your vibration high. These things alone cannot keep a vibe up, it is strongly connected to our mental and emotional state of being.

Keeping yourself healthy and revitalized no matter what is important – just remember, it’s mind over matter.


This Is The First Carbon-Positive Home To Produce More Energy Than It Uses

Modular buildings specialist ArchiBlox has unveiled its prototype for a compact carbon-positive house, featuring “edible garden walls”, a sunroom and an insulating grass roof.


Described by ArchiBlox as the world’s first carbon-positive prefabricated house, the Archi+ Carbon Positive House is designed to produce more energy than its uses – over its lifespan it is expected to offer the same environmental benefits as 6,095 native Australian trees.

“Archi+ Carbon Positive Houses will make significant contributions within society by addressing the increasing levels of carbon emissions and the high levels of embodied energy that come with the construction of a standard home,” said the company.

“These homes will give our clients the opportunity to rid themselves of modern day lifelines in a house that has been developed through a collaboration of design sensitivities and new technologies with like-minded companies,” the architects said.

he single-storey prototype has been installed in Melbourne’s City Square. Behind its glazed facade, a sunroom spans the width of the building, creating a buffer zone between the exterior and the living spaces.

Designed to face north, this room creates a pocket of warm air that will help to insulate the interior during the cold winter months, but will also protect the main living spaces from harsh sunlight in summer. ArchiBlox calls it the “lungs of the house”.

At the rear of the space, one wall is covered in plant pots that residents can use to grow their own herbs and vegetables.

Grassy plants cover the roof of the building, offering a layer of insulation. ArchiBlox also specified the addition of in-ground cool tubes, designed to create cross-flow ventilation by pulling air in from the floor on the south side of the house and emitting it through the north-facing clerestory windows.

The living spaces have been organised to be as compact as possible. A combined lounge, dining area and kitchen sit on one side, while a wall of cupboards screens a bedroom with an adjoining bathroom.

“Clever uses of joinery and the use of full height openings allows a free flowing space and generous area,” said ArchiBlox.

The house has been designed to make use of solar power through a series of roof-mounted photovoltaic panels. Rainwater recycling is also part of the product, helping to reduce water consumption.

Carbon-positive homes may just be the homes of the future. Would you be willing to live in one of these?


Powerful Primates



How I Developed My Extra-Sensory Perception

11149323_10153333749274009_3268222305872467192_nBefore I get started, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jocelyn Daher. Unlike all of the other articles I have written for Spirit Science, this article is completely personal to my specific perception and journey. Instead of a to-do list or a numbered logical explanation of something I have learned to do by feeling, it just made more sense to open up to my honest process. For some this article will be exactly what they need to hear and will allow them to relate in their own ways to their childhood or intuitive processes. I am sure in this dualistic reality, that some would like a more structured and less personal account on how to access these innate gifts. Since each one of us as the apertures of the universe of diverse perspectives has a different view and experience. I am just forewarning you that this article is my opinion and personal account of how I have accessed these abilities, not a step by step guide; although it should ignite your specific remembering. So without further adieu, I can only hope my story will reach the singuality within each one of us. Gratitude for your patience and understanding.

Lately, I have had several people ask me how I have developed certain extrasensory skills. My answer is always my development has 

 been from birth. I think the biggest facilitator has always been was my imagination and in saying this, there have been so many times in my life that I thought I was just “imagining” things to find out that they were completely correct (the complete story is for another time). I hold the same belief as Einstein, that the world is pretty dull and void if our imaginations are not involved.

Continue reading


Joe Rogan – Why You Need To Try The Sensory Deprivation Chamber

A sensory deprivation tank can activate your mental powers and even open a gateway to another universe. But what can floating in a dark warm tank do for you in real life? And why would people even want to do such a thing?

According to Joe Rogan The Sensory Deprivation Chamber will show you all the different issues in your life that you don’t like, things that are bothering you and things about your behavior that you need to change. And that then, something truly amazing can happen . . .

”This is one of the greatest tools ever for exploring thinking, exploring the way you think and sort of making an audit of all your own personal thoughts and ideas.” ~ Joe Rogan

Kasim Khan – Team Spirit

Seeking Higher Consciousness