The Problem With Life Coaches

 Do you consider yourself a life coach?

This is an interesting phenomenon that recently stemmed from modern society. Everyone wants to be a teacher, everyone has something to teach; yet teaching only exists in the act of learning. If someone is not actively absorbing information and then applying it, no true teaching is occurring.

holistic-Yoga_outsideSo why do people want to be a coach of living life? Isn’t that an inherent skill we are all born with? Life is learned through experience, you cannot simply tell someone how to live life to the fullest, it is an act they need to discover themselves.

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t share experiences, give advice and help each other. It’s when we create a business from giving knowledge that is already inherent to everyone.

A lot of people want to teach you how to be abundant financially when they barely are themselves. How are people suppose to follow your example when you can’t practice what you preach?

life-coachingA lot of people want to teach you how to live the life of your dreams, but how would they truly know? It’s your life and no amount of questions, advice or coaching will create that life. It takes focus and an unstoppable will to create anything.  Continue reading

6 Ways to Recognize An Old Soul

What is an old soul?

It is a concept we’ve created using time to measure the age of a consciousness. But what if you exist outside of time? How can you be young, old or anything like that when you are already everything?

old-soulThe concept of old and young souls exists on the mental planes. When you increase in awareness, frequency and vibration, you transcend space and time. There is no old and young, no beginning or end; just cycles of creation. Time is a very real thing on the level of reality we exist on.

Consciousnesses come into existence from that initial spark of creation, and in that realm; there are no limits. We can’t comprehend how it works with a 3D brain. Everything already exists; when you view it through a lens of the third dimension, we see it as a linear progression. From our perspective, old souls exist. When you fractal all the way to source, age is merely a concept.

If your specific soul path has chosen to incarnate more than others have; that’s considered an old soul. It’s someone who chooses tasks that will grow their consciousness. It’s souls that take on the difficult in order to gain experience. This can manifest as wise, mature and insightful people.

You Enjoy Solitude

Some old souls don’t need to spend time with other people all the time. Being alone is a time of reflection, a time to think, see and understand from a distance. This doesn’t mean you’re antisocial or dislike people; you just see the value in being alone sometimes. A great deal of inspiration, ideas and plans come from time spent alone.  Continue reading


How to Use Fruit Peels As a Natural Water Filter

We all know fruit and vegetable peels have a lot of nutrition in them, but who knew they could be used as water filters?

Tomato and Apple Peels

Tap water and bottled water are filled with a variety of chemicals. Completely pure, drinking water is almost impossible to come by. This is why Mr. Ramakrishna Mallampati, a PhD candidate at the National University of Singapore has been researching different natural ways to filter water. He plans to use this design to help rural areas in developing countries with their water problems..

tomatoThey discovered that apple and tomato peel, two of the most commonly consumed ingredients, are exceptionally useful in absorbing harmful substances. The peel of the tomato or apple was soaked in an alcohol solution. After that, you take the peels out and leave them to dry, and when they are fully dehydrated they are put in a vessel with water. After a few hours, the peels are removed from the water, and the water is safe for drinking.

The research showed that tomato peel can efficiently remove harmful substances from the water including dissolved organic and non organic chemicals, dyes and pesticides. Similarly, the apple peel can remove various dissolved pollutants from the water through the process of adsorption. In order to improve the ability o of the apple peel in removing pollutants, Ramakrishna applied a natural zirconium oxide onto the peel’s surface. Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders Shows us Exactly what’s Wrong with Our Government

Bernie Sanders is the kind of guy who isn’t scared to speak the truth. He’s the kind of politician who won’t become president because he would recreate a new governmental structure that actually supports the people; and the corporations just can’t have that.

Listen to the first 10 seconds of this video, and fractal this out to see how governmental, pharmaceutical, educational, etc, systems function as a self serving entity.

In the last election,


That is staggering – and makes perfect sense. Who would want to vote for any of these candidates? Anyone with real solutions gets shut down so we can argue over ‘illegal immigrants’ coming into a land that BELONGS TO EVERYONE. 

If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention. This isn’t just about student debt, the entire global system is backwards. These new generations need to be the conduit for change; we’ve been going in circles for awhile now.


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An Apology Letter to Future Generations

Activist and Artist Prince Ea Releases New Video on Earth Day supporting Stand for Trees campaign

Prince Ea was inspired to produce the video by the Stand for Trees campaign, an innovative new way for individuals to take real and effective action to protect threatened forests and help mitigate global climate change, all with the press of a button on their smart phones.

“It is time for us to stop waiting on others to address climate change and to take action ourselves.”

“Stand for Trees can be a game-changer by harnessing the power of crowd-funding to protect forests, the air we breathe, and the climate that sustains us.”


The Placebo Effect: Transforming Biology With Belief

This article was originally written and posted at/by Collective Evolution.  Posted here with their permission.

Did you know that we can change our biology simply by what we believe to be true? The placebo effect is defined as the measurable, observable, or felt improvement in health or behaviour not attributable to a medication or invasive treatment that has been administered. It suggests that one can treat various ailments by using the mind to heal. For example, if two people have a head ache and one takes tylenol while the other is given a pill that contains nothing (sugar), both could report that the pill was successful and the headache is gone.

The difference is, the one that was given the pill which contained nothing still believed that they were given a tylenol that would alleviate their headache. In doing so,  their headache was cured because of what they believed to be true. This has happened on numerous occasions, many studies have shown that the placebo effect is real and highly effective.

The placebo practice is known, but widely dismissed in medicine. The placebo effect should be a major topic of study in medical schools. Unfortunately drug companies study patients who respond to the placebo effect with the goal of eliminating them from early clinical trials. It bothers pharmaceutical manufacturers that in most of their clinical trials the placebos prove to be just as effective as their chemical ridden drugs. Examining the placebo effect would give rise to a whole new category under science, which would probably be consciousness.

This is why it’s not examined thoroughly, the power of our perception and its ability to create our reality and even change our biology would open the door to a multitude of other questions, possibilities and potentialities for the human race. These potentialities would most likely wipe out many industries on the planet, from health all the way down to energy. These concepts are also heavily examined and illustrated by quantum physics.


The placebo effect should be the subject of major, funded research efforts. If medical researchers could figure out how to leverage the placebo effect, they would hand doctors an efficient,energy-based, side effect-free tool to treat disease.

Energy healers say they already have such tools, but I am a scientist, and I believe the more we know about science of the placebo, the better we’ll be able to use it in clinical settings – Bruce Lipton, Ph.D (3)

A Baylor School of Medicine study, published in 2002 in the New England Journal of Medicine, (1) looked at surgery for patients with severe and debilitating knee pain. Continue reading

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