This Blind Musical Prodigy is Going To Blow Your Mind

Derek Paravicini is an incredible musical genius who is truly like no other. He was born prematurely and became blind after receiving oxygen therapy which affected the development of his brain.

The absolutely amazing thing about Derek is, he has perfect pitch and can play any piece of music after hearing only once!

By the young age of two he was already able to play the piano. By age nine he played his first major public concert in Barbican Hall in London. He’s been in television specials of all kinds and received awards from all over the world. He completely deserves all the attention, the way his brain works is astounding!

He is considered to be ‘disabled’ but really is quite the opposite. What do you think?



How To Create The Life You Want

emergingbutterflyThere is a time in one’s development where you switch your perception from being the body to the eternal being inside the body; the vessel to the pilot of the vessel.

One way to align with your most authentic self is to first, simply find a comfortable place to lay down, sit up, or whatever position is most comfortable.

Now, take yourself out of the equation. Observe your life objectively, from the neutral perspective of love. Watch your perspectives, opinions, beliefs, likes and dislikes. Remember, you are the silent observer within, and allow the thoughts come to flow, watch them like a movie reel. Don’t get sucked into any single thought, when you catch yourself drifting, take a deep breath and refocus.

If you notice an emotion attaching to certain perspectives/perceptions about oneself, go within that emotion , and lovingly feel where that emotional attachment is coming from.butterfly lotus5

Humans are very much emotionally ran and wired, and if one is not the one in control of these rivers of thought, it is easy to get caught in them.

By ‘observing’ the emotion from within, yet without, one can better feel ones true emotions without getting caught in the tempting desire to internalize them.

butterfly spiral

When one observes a desire that is in emotional/mental/spiritual/and physical alignment with their highest intention, there are many ways you can integrate and make this desire apart of your reality.

The main ingredient in creating the life you want is action, and knowing when to take appropriate action and when not. This could also be referred to as ‘being in flow’.

Another way to get the wheels moving in your creation is to begin to release attachments to old limiting perspectives/thoughts/feelings that are in between you and having the life you want.

Asking oneself important questions:

“Are these my limitations or do they belong to those in my life?”

butterfly buddagStart now to make a change by being more conscious of the cause and effect of your decisions on the deepest level.

All our actions ripple out energetically throughout the entire universe; and if we could really feel that, then we would all live with immense awareness.

Thank you for reading,

Amanda Nix


Mind-Blowing Scientific Predictions Of The Next 25 Thousand Years

Our planet has existed for 4.5 billion years, within this time the Earth has experienced some big events, from leaps forward in evolution to devastating asteroid impacts. All of which helped shape our world and make it what it is today. So What can we expect in the future? While predictions of the future can never be absolutely certain, Let’s jump forward in time and see what some scientists have said may happen within the next 25 thousand years.

Kasim Khan – Team Spirit


Why It’s So Important to Have Alone Time

It’s important to spend time alone, but how much is too much? A lot of growth and reflection comes from when we spend time with ourselves, but at the same time being around others that understand us is incredibly healing.

It’s a balance of being alone and being together that is key.

Something like visiting a city is like wading through thick psychic mud. All the chaos is people’s mind, all their fears & desires, create this kind of discordant psychic noise.

It’s very draining to be in that energy, and people become very numb, very disconnected from each other. It seems like a contradiction, but you can be surrounded by thousands of people, while also being incredibly alone. There’s even a term for it, “urban solitude”.

When you’re alone, you’re the boss. You’re the most intelligent and attractive person in the room, and there’s no one to challenge that. The ego can have a field day in these situations, it can inflate itself enormously without any threats.

You can easily become the most Enlightened person in the world, or at least your world. If you’re not aware when this is happening, then being alone to try and get in touch with yourself can actually lead to being more out of touch with yourself.

Through other people, we can get to know ourselves better. 

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What is the difference between Empathy and Sympathy?

The definition of sympathy:

“feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune.”

The definition of empathy:

“the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. ”

We are empaths, not sympaths.  Empathy is having a high enough awareness to tap into the feelings of others. To listen a story being told so fully you experience it alongside the story teller.
It’s creating a space of comfort for someone because they know you have an understanding of their emotions. We all experience our own versions of shared emotions like sadness, excitement, anything.
Our experience of happiness is unique to us and looks like doing different, specific things that make us happy. When someone sympathizes with you they are basing their compassion of the misfortune of your scenario. It’s like looking at it from an outside perspective so you don’t experience the shared pain.


aloneBeing empathic is painful, you feel the pains of others and sometime’s you have no idea why. Sometimes it creeps up on you out of nowhere and you need to distinguish if the emotions you’re feeling are coming from your core, or from someone else’s.
Being empathic takes a tremendous amount of energy, especially if you are seeking to aid another and share in their pain, resulting in some level of healing. Being sympathetic is listening to a problem and saying “I feel bad for you”.  What is the result in the end?


There is a lot of information of what being an empath is and how to know if you are one; and it seems obvious everyone already is one.
It depends on how open we are with our emotions, how transparent we can be to those around us and our level of communication. Everyone has the capacity to empathize with another human; it is a natural function within all of us.
We can choose to not feel empathy, to focus on indifference and block out what makes us uncomfortable. Again, what is the tumblr_kzpt1udhH61qa2y6ao1_500end result?


Holding our unspoken feelings in, never seems to end well. It comes out someway or another. Being empathic is being able to communicate in the moment; its understanding your peers are a reflection of you so you know there’s no reason to be afraid of communicating honestly.


Be empathic, don’t have empathy for others, BE empathy. Be the embodiment of understanding, be a conduit for truth and awareness.
This Rainbow Happened

It’s Time to Grow ~ A Message from Behind the Scenes

Hey Everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

166871_jordand_patch-meditationI want to get straight to the heart of what I need to say. I have been reading comments, listening to what everyone is saying and watching the vibe move in response to what we’re creating with Spirit Science.  I feel you on every point: Both the good and the bad.

Spirit Science is my life, I am in it fully, and I am going to spend my entire life evolving with it. I know that I am not the only one who feels that way, and I know how much it means (or has meant) to everyone out there reading and watching…

We’re trying to expand in a way that is holistic. Never was Spirit Science about the money and never will it be… So then what do we do about resources? And I don’t mean just money, what about cars, locations, or even sound-levitation technology? How would we account for it and make it legal so that we can do it worldwide without getting shut down by “the man”?

Nothing wrong with being a hippy! Lets just be modern ones.

Nothing wrong with being a hippy! Lets just be modern ones with really amazing technology AND completely mindful of ourselves.

Are we supposed to live in the woods and shit in buckets and have NO presence on the internet? That seems opposite to what I’m about… And so, all of us behind the scenes at Spirit Science have been trying to develop some sort of equality-happiness-based-system around a large communal pot of resources – which we, (yes, WE, meaning you too hopefully one day soon!) can decide as a community how the resources are spent.

We have to do it responsibly, I absolutely REFUSE to allow Spirit Science to become about getting resources and hoarding them. They need to be put towards the growth of projects, the health and vitality of the people of planet earth, and evolving our understanding of who we really are.

All of us behind the scenes are working very hard to accomplish that goal… and the truth is, we’re really short on hands.

I hear what everyone is saying about problems within Spirit Science, problems with articles, problems with communication. They are not intentional – everyone here has a good heart, its just that there is more work than what 5 people can handle… and… we’re a little bit sore – because we have opened our hearts to a lot of people in the last 2 years trying to solve this problem, and we have been attacked, stolen from, and emotionally bruised along the way. It has been hard for us to open up again and again, and yet we continue to, and will always continue to open to love.

We can’t do this alone… I can’t do this alone.

We gotta have a solid foundation!

We gotta have a solid foundation!

I hear the cries of you, the people. I want Spirit Science to shine bright. All of us up in Avalon (home base) REALLY want to spend all of our days making content and making things… But alas, we have not had the time. We have spent every waking hour trying to develop some kind of base financial and legal system that will allow us to fund projects and build awesome things for mankind, (including a new social media platform based around projects and quest logs!). This is what makes sense to us as to how to really change the world, and we intent on including everyone in this community bucket.

First, we gotta build it!

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Seeking Higher Consciousness