Russian Scientist Discovers How Your Aura Impacts The Health Of Others

Auras are the projection of energy stemming from our bodies. If you pay any mind to chakras, then auras are the out of body energy projections that our chakras emit. Auras are seen as ovals or bubbles of light and colors. Not everyone can see these projections though it can be done through training to that end. As aura’s are a real projection that scientists can mark and observe, there are properties that auras carry.They are highly magnetic. Even as you sit down to read this you are projecting a tangible, magnetic energy that is interacting with the people and objects around you.

Aura’s color, strength and manner of effect differ from person to person. It’s sort of like your spiritual ‘finger print’. As you grow and evolve so to will your aura. Your thoughts and emotions effect your aura greatly. The human heart and brain are the main creators of electromagnetic energies. As our attitude changes so do the waves but out by these organs, Your mood can change the way your heart beats, which changes your energy projection, which changes your aura.

Rolin McCratey, Ph.D, and Director of Research at the Institute of  was quoted as saying,

“Emotional information is actually included and modulated into these fields. By learning to shift our emotions, we are changing the information coded into the magnetic fields that are radiated by the heart, and that can impact those around us. We are fundamentally and deeply connected with each other and the planet itself, and what we do individually really does count and matters. “

Around the world, at Russia’s St. Petersburg State Technical University, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov is trying to build a tested bridge between auras and the projector’s health. He has created a special device that reads the bio energy of living organisms and their surroundings. This device (GDV) takes an electron cloud snapshot of the subject in a millisecond and prints out the results. This image is compared to other healthy subjects. From this comparison specialists can get an idea of where to investigate potential hidden disease.

The idea is revolutionary. Certain diseases take years to manifest themselves but with this technology we could be able to spot it all the faster. The body is aware when disease or sickness is creeping on it, and projects warning signs.


Drugs Have Been Legal In Portugal For 15 Years. The Results Might Surprise You

In 2001, Portugal decriminalized drug use in their nation. Critics predicted certain doom for the country. Fifteen years later critics don’t really have much to say. Portugal was facing record high levels of drug overdoses, and AIDS related death. Their version of war on drugs was hemorrhaging money via higher sentences, bigger investigations and prosecutions. As the government tried to tighten its grip, the drug use was getting worse.

Events took a turn for the better once the government of Portugal stopped viewing the problem as a law enforcement issue and started to explore it as a health concern. While at the time it was considered a controversial decision, it made and makes a lot of sense. If the people of your nation are suffering physical, emotionally, and financially due to a specific set of chemicals, how is that not a health concern?

“Eventually, the Portuguese government moved responsibility for drug-control issues from the Justice Department to the Ministry of Health. It was a striking decision; in other countries, drug abuse has remained primarily a matter for law-enforcement agencies. In the past forty years, American police officers have arrested millions of nonviolent drug offenders, and hundreds of thousands have been prosecuted. Rather than try to eliminate drug abuse, Portugal’s approach, commonly known as “harm reduction,” attempts to minimize the negative consequences for society.” (source)

Portugal is not a ‘Wild West’ for drug dealers. Supplier’s are still prosecuted heavily for their crime of severely negative social influence. The focus was taken away damning the addict. For people caught with no more than a ten-day supply of marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, or crystal methamphetamine, there is no arrests, no prosecutions, no prison sentences. Dealers are still sent to prison, or fined, or both, but, for the past decade, Portugal has treated drug abuse solely as a public-health issue.

This under taking had three main objectives.  To reduce frequency of sharing needles and syringes, to change the general public’s negative attitudes toward drug users, and to facilitate safe and sometimes free addiction prevention and treatment. Stations were set up to give addicts easy access to clean paraphernalia and safely dispose of bio hazards. Public relation campaigns were launched to inform the public. Drug treatment centers became a focus of development.

Drug use has fallen since 2001. New HIV cases of drug users has significantly decreased too. But a reduction in drug overdose deaths in Portugal is where the results really shine — the country now has the second-lowest rate in the European Union.

The amount of deaths is astonishing. For every 1,000,000 adults in Portugal, there are 3 drug overdose deaths. Compare this to 10.2 per million in the Netherlands, 44.6 per million in the U.K. and up to 126.8 per million in Estonia. They are literally saving thousands of lives.

It is amazing how this open handed approach to drug use has revolutionized what was once a drug and drug related crime riddled country. Empathy and information were the main components of Portugal’s approach and it should be a shining example to other countries.

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5 Ways To Keep Negative Energy Out Of Your Space

Everyone has those days that every living being and all things technological seem hell bent on screwing your day up. If you take a deep breath and reread the first sentence it may occur to you how ego eccentric this is. The entire world is never out to get you, it simply doesn’t have the organization skills to mass that kind of assault. Most people are out there living their files and you get in their way. Or vice versa. Think back to a time you seemed to be really upset with someone, whether a pedestrian, a driver, server or co worker. You may have spilled some water on something important, or walked across the street with poor timing.

You didn’t mean to aggravate any one but your actions led to a serious attitude. Granted you could have been paying more attention but in most instances people are trying their best, especially in public. The ‘offended’ or ‘opposing’ party is choosing to lose its cool right? How is your reaction any different? There are some simple techniques to get the focus off of you and your ego. If you choose to carry it around with you then your ego is bound to get bruised.

Take Time Feel, Acknowledge, and Answer

Too often the social response precedes the actual emotional development.  We know that something will make us mad so we gear up before the emotion has even settled in. Someone offends you the first step is to breathe. As you take in and release that breathe notice where the other person is at, in relation to you. Bridge the gap. Be mindful of their feelings while expressing yours.

Distance Yourself From Toxic People

Not everyone is out to get you, but there are a handful that take pleasure out of making your day a little more unpleasant then it has to be. We’re not going to diagnose or dissect the reasons these people are so unproductive. You have better things to do with your time than speculate on the matters of madness for others.

If someone does not apologize for a wrong doing, intentional or otherwise that is a red flag. If someone never fully acknowledges your apologies this too is a red flag. Its safe to assume like to play childish games and make waves. Do your best to avoid them but if they are a customer or boss or someone you can’t avoid readily, then enjoy the waves they make.

Be Empathic

Empathy is the ability to relate to another person, as sincerely as possible, on an emotional level. Sympathy is an acknowledgement of someone’s suffering with detachment and normally a little judgement. Someone feeling sorry for me has never helped anything. A person approaching me and simply acknowledging how messed up the situation was has helped.

Feel out the situation, is there a way for you to help this person without offense?  Even just a smile and an invitation to vent for a moment is what the person needs to turn their day around. Sincere compassion is the fastest and most efficient way to turn a negative situation positive. I try and keep in mind how hurt I have to feel to snap at others. When I’m like that I usually just need a hug.

Don’t Turn To Others To Validate Your Self Esteem

If you rely entirely on friends and family to keep your self esteem at a healthy level, you leave the door open for others to bring you down. You have to surrendered the keys to your own happiness engine. If you can’t bring a sense of confidence and love to yourself then you end up taking the emotional waves of everyone around you. If we put harmful intention aside, most of the people you interact with don’t know you that well. Even if they had the best intentions, how could they give you what you need?

I’ve found in myself and others that the road to self love is paved in laughter. You got to be able to giggle at how upset you can get over the littlest things, how petty people can get over trying to protect their egos, how easy it is to love someone as amazing as yourself. Culture your own sense of love and appreciation and the waves people try to force on you will seem more of what they are, insignificant.

Take Lots Of Time For Self Care

This one follows the previous point for a reason. Obviously this stuff is getting to you. I’ve met yogi gurus that had road rage. Brilliant advice, impeccable technique and a vast knowledge doesn’t stop them from reacting like people. People get angry, that’s a simple fact. So as you learn to let go of your momentarily raging ego, remember that its a path not a goal.

You had a bad day or didn’t react healthy to a situation? Meditate on it for just ten minutes and see how you feel. Sometimes when I do this I get into a frenzy of emotions. I stand up, dance about shake it off, and stomp my feet to reestablish my bodies sense of now. Go vent to friends, but be careful the focus should be on how you feel and what you could have done better. Bad mouthing  someone will only feed more negativity into the situation.


When Life Becomes Too Much To Bear, Consider These 7 Things

Life can be hectic at times, one can be sure. Regardless of how dark things may seem, there is so much to be grateful for. Even with this ideal in mind, when I sat down to write a list of elements I was grateful for, the process was slow going. This baffled me as I am a young adult living in America, there are tons of things I take for granted and appreciate more than I’ve ever admitted. I wanted to call attention to some of the general elements most people have to be grateful for. Maybe after you read this, sit down and write your own ‘grateful list’. Try to get to twenty, though if you have more write more. It’s interesting seeing what our minds actually prioritize.

Your Life Is A Gift

Your existence is a multifaceted focal point of the universe. You are not ‘in’ the universe, you are the universe. As you breathe, you accumulate life and as you breathe out you give back life. Infinite potential and growth can not be personified in our current mortal forms with out hang ups. I mean to say that, we get cut so we can understand how we heal. We are blessed to have the ability to understand the wealth of experience the universe offers. Sometimes it is easy to lose track of this.

When I’m stuck in a rut or depressed, I relate my emotions and mindset to that of an unknown alien parsecs away. I think about how a culture may revel in the state I am currently not content with. I figure out how their culture evolved this way and draw parallels. Just a thought.

Don’t Let The Man Get You Down

Jobs can suck if you let them. But only if you let them! I personally never fully enjoyed much of my time spent waiting or in retail. But I did always try my best and set my own objectives. Since you’ve agreed to society’s money game you can lift up the spirits of those around you.

Health Is Always a Balancing Act

Our health is something we take for granted until some event takes it from us. Don’t wait till you can’t do something to appreciate it. Go! Run, jump and play games! More importantly don’t lock yourself in a dark room filling it with angst over what could be. Enjoy what you have while you have it, and do your best to keep it.

Technology Is Tool, Not A Burden

Technology has been hyped up to the point that it practically has a religious following. Rather than draw allusions to Asimov’s writings, I’ll point out that technology is the same as a hammer or scale or your mind.  It is useful to a point but when we push it past that point it starts to fail. We get upset because technological advances are only helping so much. People have been achieving nirvana for centuries before the internet. You have the tools you need for a better life all around you, you need only use the right tools.

The Future Is On It’s Way

The past isn’t the clearest marker of the future. Our expectations only set us up for failure. It too easy to get caught up in our ideas of the future. Realize though that our versions of the future are directly based off our fears. The future will be exactly what we fear or the polar opposite. Why would you ever limit yourself to projections based off fear? The possibilities are endless.

Friends And Family

These are the people that know you the best. They have stuck with you through thick and thin. If they haven’t I guarantee there is still love there. In this context, this asset is likely to devolve into a regret. Do you really want to regret never picking up the phone and at least trying? The people in your life are there for a reason and everyday should be a celebration of this bond.

Not Just An Escape

Media is an iffy subject. I agree that most of it is mindless, brain damaging opiates for the masses. But this article is a form of media, so I must assume there are real people sending sincere messages through art. Look some of it up! I’m grateful for the ability to diffuse my anxiety or build my happiness on the presentations of others. This affirmation of the modern world gives me hope for my present world.


These Special Solar Panels Could Doom Fossil Fuel Companies

Solar technology is normally a focus of renewable energy. Up until this point, they have been expensive, bulky and easily broken. The initial costs of setting up solar panels are the biggest hang up for investors. That is until scientists, as part of the Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium, printed the largest ever printed solar cells with a newly developed solar cell printer.

The new cells are semi-transparent, flexible, light weight, cheap and to top it off made from organic materials. It seems like this would be just as pricey as its predecessors but one of the project partners says

“The consortium is currently only purchasing materials on a research scale. When bought on a larger scale it is anticipated that component costs will be significantly lower and that pricing around A$1/W will be achievable.”

The amazing pricing aside, these panels will be easily installed to windows, roofs, and local signage. While this project is still in its research phase,  scientists remain hopeful about its wide range of applications.

The ease of production is a huge selling point for potential investors. Factories will be smaller, cheaper and will limit negative impacts on its surroundings. This decentralized approach to production will spell massive expansion once the project enters large scale manufacturing. The fact that they are so easily and cheapily transported (because they are so light) is another great selling point


Scientists Announce “The Biggest Discovery Of The Century”

Back 1916, Albert Einstein predicted an event that detailed ripples in the curvature of space time. These ripples can be seen as waves traveling out from its source. Now, one hundred years later, astronomers have found a physical example of this phenomenon. Two American observatories witnessed the event from 1.5 billion light years away. The event’s source is two super massive black holes colliding!  The event has been dubbed ‘GW150914′. Physicists have only been been able to theorize about what happens when this occurs and what specifically causes it.

The implications of this discovery are extraordinary. Observers will get answers directly related to the beginning of the universe. This is the first occurrence we’ve seen of two black holes colliding. Black holes are mysterious objects of such great gravitational pull light can not escape its boundaries. And we now can watch two of them interact with one another. This event also physically proves Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The detection of sub atomic movements in the space time continuum will help physicists and mathematicians build a more accurate gravitational wave observatories that can ‘see’ through billions of light years into the cosmic void. This ability to more thoroughly witness cosmic interactions of other black holes will provide witness able information about the creation of the universe. This event is the template by which we launch a new era of cosmic discovery.

People around the world are titillated by the implications of this observation. Professor Sheila Rowan, Director of the University of Glasgow’s Institute for Gravitational Research, sums it up nicely:

“This detection marks not only a confirmation of Einstein’s theories but most exciting is that it is marks the birth of gravitational astronomy. This expands hugely the way we can observe the cosmos, and the kinds of physics and astrophysics we can do.”

The information we are collecting from GW is not only going to change the way we build observatories from now on, it’s occurrence is showing new information that will revolutionize astrological theories. Professor Jim Hough, associate director of Glasgow, stated:

“My immediate reaction when we heard about the first detection was a certain amount of delighted surprise, followed by great excitement when it became clear that the evidence was solid….This is the biggest scientific discovery so far this century.”

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