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The Story Of The Five Buddha Families – Which One Do You Fit Into?

Buddha, Vajra, Ratna, Padma and Karma described as five different qualities of energy.

All of us possess these qualities, not meant to solidify our egos or to identify one through their astrological signs, they refer to the fluid working basis in which we recognize our current neurosis – our sanity.

buddha families

Since these families originate from vajrayana tradition, they offer openness which allows us to self-reflect and work on our ability to bring out our intrinsic wisdom. What do they wholly demand? Honest, willingness to see how we are manifesting both sanely and neurotically.

Each of these Buddha families are associated with an emotion which is transmuted into wisdom. The color, element, landscape, direction, season and even the time of day play a role. Changing both physically and mentally over the years, our predominant Buddha family may change when influenced by these factors.

The central Buddha family is essentially Buddha which refers to the quality of space and accommodation. Having no set likes or dislikes, you may be very open to choices. You may not be very expressive and open to excitement, yet you are usually quite enterprising.shutterstock_369706340

The neurosis however of the Buddha family is dullness. You may be living life quite “molasses minded”. Ignoring the vividness life offers as it’s not what you choose to see. A great example may be someone watching TV, uninterested in what’s on, but it’s too much effort to find the remote. Although this may seem quite thick, there is a flicker of wakefulness. You may suddenly get up, clear space and turn off the TV! Continue reading


Trypophobia – Why Do Some People Get Uncomfortable Looking At Holes?

Do you get the heebie-jeebies when looking at certain images. Not just any, more specifically, beehives, pockmarked skin, the lotus seed head? Do they make you feel ill? Do you feel breathless? Does your skin start to itch? The truth is, you may be suffering from a condition known as Trypophobia.

Better described as the intense, irrational fear of clusters of bumps or holes, this condition first made airways in 2005. Seeming quite silly at first, it actually is believed to affect up to 20% of the population! Italian computer scientist and musician, Paola Barra describes how she had her first Trypophobic attack when she was just 12 years old. 26 year old Paola described the attack as follows.

“There was an irregular ditch and it was filled with little stones and little holes, and I couldn’t look at it without feeling deep discomfort.”


She started to realize over time that this was no singular occurrence. Whenever she viewed similar images, she would experience “an incredible itchiness in my fingers”.

Over 8 years, she struggled to come to terms with what she was experiencing. She one day decided to do an internet search for a music genre known as “trip hop” and the search engine threw out the word “trypophobia”. Amazed by what she stumbled upon, she started a Facebook group aiming at informing  people about the condition. Continue reading


Empath Alert: How to Stay Balanced As Earth’s Energies Intensify

Around the world there’s all sorts of craziness and shifting and going on – and many empaths feel like the rug has been pulled out from underneath them.

What’s happening, why is it happening and how long can we expect this to last?

The number of illnesses and deaths that are around right now are just staggering…. just wow. A large number of people are not making it through this change period at all. Youngsters are dying suddenly, there are sudden onset illnesses, relationship ending and…. wow, no wonder we’re feeling like this.

For those of you that are having it easy during this period… just go sit quietly in your corner until we call you okay?

So this is what it looks like is happening…


It’s a major transition period – as August always is after Lion’s Gate. All the lowest vibration people who can’t make the transition to 5D are leaving the plane.

What’s is Lion’s Gate? It’s an astrological event that happens on 8 August each year and is effectively the planet’s new year. It also introduces unity energy and opens a portal for that energy – unity energy is the driving theme of the lightworker mission. We’re here to restore unity. Continue reading

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This Ancient City In Louisiana Is As Old As The Egyptian Pyramids

By Raven Fon

Did you know there are city ruins in North Louisiana that are so ancient, they’re as old as some pyramids found in Egypt?

Poverty Point,  or as it is said in French, Pointe de Pauvreté, is a site of prehistoric earthworks, or mounds. These earthworks were created by the Poverty Point culture,  which thrived from 2200 BC- 700 BC, and reached its peak at 1500 BC.

This is a fascinating culture for many reasons, including: the Poverty Point culture is “one of the oldest complex cultures, and possibly the first tribal culture in the Mississippi Delta and in the present-day United States.”  These native people lived in villages that reached over 100 miles on both sides of the Mississippi River.

Poverty Point is now a U.S. National Monument and World Heritage Site. Located in the Southern United States, it is 16 miles from the Mississippi River, situated in northeastern Louisiana. Continue reading

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Your Personality & Energy Type Based on the 5 Elements

According to ancient Chinese legends, the five elements are what comprise the existence of the universe. There must be a constant balance of the five in order for the world to run smoothly. As we are living beings on this earth, it is only natural to conclude that we are composed of these same substances.

Yet one or two elements, in particular, is enhanced on each individual person, displayed in their characteristics and temperament. Those who are practised in ancient Chinese healing methods use these element personalities to diagnose and treat their patients.

Which Element Are You?

five elements

Wood: “Pioneer”


Those with Wood character traits are adventurous go-getters. Their determination drives them to push themselves to the limit in order to accomplish their goals. This makes these people very competitive. Due to their assertiveness and logical mind, they react strongly when they witness injustice. Others may misunderstand and view them to be harsh, blunt, or apologetic.


The predominant emotion for Wood types is anger. This usually occurs when Woods push themselves too hard or commit themselves to more than they can handle. This anger can manifest itself in compulsive, erratic behavior, or they become stressed and exhausted.


The bodily organs affiliated with this type is the liver and the gallbladder. Woods are prone to irregular sleep, migraines, inflammation, headaches, muscle cramps, and nervous disorders. Continue reading


The Healing & Spiritual Properties of Essential Oils

 Essential oils have been around for over 1000 years, so it is no wonder that people all over the world have found many simple yet astounding uses for them.  They can have a wide range of properties, and many people swear by them for complete mind/body wellness. No matter what lifestyle you choose to pursue, essential oils can help you become more mindful and receptive to your surroundings.

 But aside from the list of physical benefits, what most people do not know is that essential oils are actually reported to have several spiritual benefits that can be very empowering if used correctly. These benefits can seem mysterious, but they boil down to simple aspects of spiritual awareness, such as creativity, protection, calmness, and happiness.

With that in mind, here are some of the most common and useful essential oils that you should familiarize yourself with, along with their lesser known spiritual uses.


LavenderScreen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.04.08 AM

Lavender has a wide range of medicinal uses, from relieving skin irritations like bug bites, to disinfecting minor wounds, and is definitely in the “top 10 list of household essential oils”.

More interestingly, lavender oil can lift away depression or prolonged sadness, and bring feelings of harmony and purification to the weary psyche.

When in need of comfort or companionship, lavender helps us realize that we are not alone. Continue reading

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