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Help this Man Replant Clear-Cut Forests by Watching this Inspiring Music Video!

I got an email this morning from a guy named Chief, who shared the following music video with me and explained what he was doing. He writes:

Every two seconds, an area of forest the size of a football pitch is lost due to logging or destructive practices. That’s over 80 acres by the time you’ve finished watching this video. I’m going to be planting one sycamore tree for every person who subscribes, likes, or shares the video.

Doing all three will be counted as separate trees, just be sure to tell me in a comment if you share the video. I’ll be planting them in parts of Scotland which have been devastated by deforestation, with progress being posted across social media. Thanks for helping me make a difference.

After watching the video, I was so inspired, I just HAD to share it with you. How awesome of a man is this?! He’s creative, inspired, and most importantly, compelled by an amazing purpose to stop the deforestation and to replant what has been destroyed.

The song, as you are likely aware, is a deep and true-to-form re-creation of “Colors of the Wind”, from Pocahontas. I gotta say… I freaking love it!

bluecornmoonThank you Chief, what you are doing is an inspiration. Your song is amazing!

Here is a download link to the song, which will touch Chief’s heart so much that he will be compelled to plant a tree as a way to say thank you. Oh, and don’t forget to share this video! That will also compel another tree being planted!

Otherwise… How will we ever know how high the sycamore really grows?

I mean, you might as well go out and plant some trees yourself! Gather some friends and make a weekend of it!

Here are several of the links from the bottom of his video on Youtube, you can see the rest on the video here!  <3

WWF Footprint Calculator
Free Download

Thank you for watching, sharing, and downloading!
With love,
Jordan Pearce



20 Insightfully Funny Comics about Spirituality

I went on a quest recently to find some really solid, meaningful spiritual comics that also touch the deeper parts of the soul in the core message and vibe.

After a few hours of looking, I racked up quite a collection, and have posted my favorites below! Enjoy :)

1. Listening to the Heart

2. The Sidewalk of Life

3. How to be Optimistic without being Optimistic


4. Selective Reality


5. The Religion of Math


6. The Value of Unspoiled Beauty


7. Alternate Universe


8. The Burden of Genius


9. Fate


10. Reality is an Illusion


11. Changing Perspectives 


12. Watching Mountains Drift By


13. The Rapture

religions14. Major in the Universe

15. Seeing God


16. Love Does That


17. Body and Spirit

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 5.32.20 PM

18. Tinker-bells Philosophy



The funny thing is, the answer to every one of those guys answers was YES!!!

19. Stillness (one of my favorites!)


20. How the Brain works


Most of these comics were done by XKCD and Calvin and Hobbes’s Bill Waterson! A few of the others which were not drawn by the aforementioned are sometimes labelled (such as #16,) and some of the ones I found were anonymous. If you know the authors for #19, #18, and #1, post it below and we’ll update this section of the article!


This Short Comic clearly describes the difference between Good and Bad Relationships

Okay, I have to apologize, the title of this article is a little bit of a lie. It’s just that there is no such thing as Good or Bad, but it was a lot shorter than writing “[...]the difference between a solid functioning relationship and a relationship that you thought was good but when you got into it it just didn’t work out all that well.” 

Nevertheless, here’s the comic, drawn with love for you by Sarah Anderson. Thank you Sarah! The message behind it is a good one.


The concept is simple: If you wanna make it work with your partner, you gotta get into them! Get into their stuff, you cant have secrets and you cant be ashamed or afraid of demonstrating your love or affection for them. They are an endless chasm of ideas and beauty, if only you can embrace it.

I think often people choose not to embrace it because it makes them feel little, or like they’re not good enough… While I understand the feeling, the truth of who we are is that we are good enough, we all share a space on this floating crystal in space all together, and if we were able to open up to each other, and relax a little bit about our secrets, we could all have the most awesome time together.

That’s all for it!

With love,

Comic by Sarah Anderson


Judge Rules: Pet Store animals MUST be Shelter or Rescue Animals

This is an amazing story about the slow but steady triumph of the human spirit! In everyday lives, where people go to work and do all of that crazy stuff that is foreign to our very nature, we see a city judge of Phoenix, AZ rule that all pet-stores are required to carry animals that came from shelters, where we see an alarming and overwhelming number of animals put to rest every day because of lack of homes.


The Phoenix law says “pet stores may only sell animals obtained from animal shelters or rescue organizations,” according to documents in the court case.

It permits small-scale individual breeders to sell dogs directly to purchasers. The ordinance also prohibits carnivals and amusement parks from awarding animals as prizes, AZ Central reported when it passed.

By instituting such a change, we can hopefully expect to see a drop in the rate of dogs and cats euthanized in shelters daily, followed by these so called “puppy-mills” beginning to go out of business!

And as you finish this article, just stop for a second and ask yourself…  What is my role in all of this?

The answer is whatever you want it to be.

Have a good one!


Source: The Huffington Post


Do you like Terence McKenna? Do you like Movies? You’re gonna love this!

Attention all passengers, please fasten your seatbelt, and prepare for a journey of a lifetime. Take a deep breath, slow yourself down, and hit “Fullscreen” now. This one speaks for itself.

This film was edited and put together by a Peter Bergmann, who through his actions has demonstrated his intrigue and curiosity into the nature the universe! Thank you Peter for putting together this wonderful library of the wisdom from the mind of Terence McKenna, and the One Mind of the Cosmos.


Jumpstart your Evolution with this One Spiritual Revelation

On my journey, I have met and experienced a colorful array of individuals. Masters of industry, captains of their craft, journeymen such as myself and avid artists and engineers looking to build something of magic. Learners and self-appointed teachers alike, everyone that I have ever met have all shared in commonalities that makes us all human, and a great many were far more diverse and out-there, you know… stuff that you don’t see every day.

YeoldespiritcouncilsmlIn the past few years, something has dawned on me as a major revelation which has paved the way for so much growth and transformation, that without it I don’t think such change would be possible.

The funny thing is, out of all of the individuals that I have met, I haven’t found a striking number of people who actually agreed with this concept. I thought at first that I must be crazy, but the more I meditated, the more I contemplated, the more connection to higher consciousness that I asked for, the more I kept getting the same answer back.

I hope that this article might even serve as a healthy change to the old way of thinking. Embrace this idea as if it were true, even if you’re just feeling it out. I’m not saying take my word for it, I want you to see it to be true for yourself.

So here’s the thought:

Everything in the universe operates under a
structure of common universal interdependence.

It sounds simple enough, right? Right… Except that the more you begin to bring this philosophy into your mind, the more it starts to break down the rules of our entire society. I mean, we all know there’s a lot of BS out there in society, and what’s beautiful is that this philosophy actually shows us where the break in our society is…

KindConnections-franckreporter-lowrezConsider: If everything operates interdependent with each other, that would mean by definition that there is no such thing as independent. What “thing” in existence is “independent” of everything else? Where do you see that in nature? Does the tree grow without any soil, water or sunlight? Do the bugs eat its own body to survive?

The very foundation of “The United States of America” is based off of the idea of “independence”, meaning “free from outside control.” And yet, is America REALLY so independant if they rely on so many imports and exports for resources? Not to mention such a heavy reliance on foreign oil for power consumption purposes. (Heck, If America didn’t have anyone to go to war with, they’d be almost entirely out of a job! No offense Americans, you have a beautiful country and many good people.) Continue reading