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This Spiritually Conscious Super-School Raises the Bar on Education!

Imagine a school where a child can create anything that they wanted as a part of a school project, and use it as a learning opportunity to understand the world better and make life a lot more fun…

That’s exactly what Suzy Amis Cameron (Yes, James Cameron’s Wife) and her sister Rebecca Amis have created in Calabasas back in 2005. They called it “MUSE”, and it has become a phenomenal success! Watch and see, in this video, exactly how conscious and aware this organism truly is.

MUSE eXT/ iNTJames Cameron has 3 kids, all of whom currently attend school there, his 11 year old Quinn built a Motorcycle at the mere age of 11! “There’s no better way to learn about a broad range of subjects than to build a vehicle,” Cameron said. “At culmination, he rode the motorcycle around here and did a couple of jumps.”

One of MUSE’s head organizers is Jeff King, husband of Rebecca Amis. He shared that the goal is to nurture autonomous and innovative students. All students follow their “passions”: Grow eighty pounds of lettuce! Make a scale model of a tennis court! Build a pinball machine! He was quoted stating: “If I had a young Jim Cameron at our school, we would be keeping up with him,”  Continue reading


The SunFlower: James Cameron’s Open Source Solar Solution!


James Cameron & his incredible team have just unveiled his new project which (in combination with the powerwall) may very well have a tremendous impact on energy technology around the planet.

When James Cameron was working on Avatar several years back, it was a huge triumph that the energy used in making the movie came entirely from solar power. James himself was an early adopter of solar technology, and has always been very interested in creating things for the benefit of mankind… so it’s only natural that him and his team have now come out with a flower-shaped solar-power-plant that follows the sun, is open source, and is hundreds of times more efficient than other panel technology.


I know, you’ve probably read stuff like that before, and yet there is something very unique about this particular project that is the reason it is so exciting:

It’s “Open Source”!! Continue reading


Jesus Vs. Christ ~ Unraveling the Divine Relationship

christbandwThere is a concept that has been floating around for about two thousand years that has captivated the minds of the masses, leading people on all kinds of paths both righteous and corrupt, in the name of one dude who chilled with his brothers some 2000 years ago.

He like to talk about peace, love, kindness, and the fact that if you believe and trust in God (the All) greater than yourself you can do literally anything. 

The impact that was sparked was revolutionary, and started a global shift in awareness about truth, love, and also… the cruelty, greed, and violence of man.

I’m going to speak personally about this for a moment, it makes me sick to my stomach to see the primary image depicted of christianity (a religion supposedly about peace) is a dude nailed to a cross.

Why is THIS our globally renowned image of love and peace?


To me, it feels much more like a fear mechanism to scare people, to remind people of what happens to you when you try and do something out of love, kindness, and in the name of all that is genuine.

I think there is some confusion around the idea of who and what Jesus and Christ truly are. It makes sense, there is so much religious dogma and frustration and pain and suffering tethered to the concepts that you can’t really blame people for their confusion. You can only shift your personal understanding, and in doing so become more fully who you really are.

Moving on!

JESUS-IN-RED-ROBEAnd this brings me to the actual reason behind this blog. Lets take all of our previous understandings and ideas about “Jesus” and “Christ” and “Jesus Christ” out of the equation for a moment, and look at this rationally and logically to build some new pathways.

For starters, let us delineate the difference between Jesus and Christ, and recognize that they are not exactly the same thing.

Jesus was a Human being of flesh and blood.

Christ is the divine consciousness of perfect harmony and love (also, the Sun).

Thus, naturally: Jesus Christ is the unification of that divine love flowing through a single person.

It’s basically the Avatar

A beautiful analogy about this is The Creation of the Avatar from “The Legend of Korra: Season 2″, where Raava (the holy spirit) and Wan (a man) fuse together and become the first Avatar. Here’s a video in case you haven’t seen it.

Jesus_ChristStraight up, the reason why Jesus Christ had such an incredible impact on people was because Jesus (the man) had the connection to Christ Consciousness so down-pat that he could allow the Word of God to flow through him without any ego whatsoever. People were like “Damn Son!! You must be the Son of God! You are so pure!!”

So, you can see the confusion coming in when you see people preach “Only through Jesus can you be saved”, It’s a little bit backwards from the truth, if only because the church (purposefully?) got some core concepts mixed up.

Jesus was a bro with a physical body and he is straight up not around anymore. He ascended, he peaced out…. However, Christ is still here. Christ has always been here, in fact, that’s what Christ said THROUGH the body of Jesus to everyone.

He might as well have put on a funny hat and sung: “Everything I can do, you can do better! Everything I can do you can do too!” <3  Continue reading


3 Year Olds Demonstrate Insight on the True Meaning of Justice!

children-hugging-e1397841411257 This is absolutely beautiful!

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany as well as the University of Manchester have been conducting (humane) research and experiments involving children as young as 3 years old revolving around the nature of Justice.

What they have found is that these kids actually show a remarkably intuitive sense of restorative justice… Which leads me to think that 3 year olds should really be the ones running our court systems. *Wink*

But in all seriousness, an example of this is that these kids actually prefer to return lost items to their rightful owners, than to keep them for themselves. They have also found that if it is not an option to return the item, they will act in prevention for someone else taking the thing that does not belong to them.

Perhaps even more amazing, is that they found 3-5 year old children are just as likely to respond to what another individual needs, even if that individual is a puppet, as they are to their own needs. Continue reading


Biologists discuss the next Large Extinction, and how we can Survive it

There are some topics that we just need to take seriously… This is one of them.

Biologists of the world are now starting to get very serious and very adamant about the fact that 5 times in earths history, “something” has happened which caused a huge percentage of the organisms on earth to go extinct, and that we are entering into a time when it appears iminent that it will happen again.

I know, it might sound completely scary and frightening… before you close the window out of “Oh thats nonsense”, please read a little bit more.

The good news is that we are still in a window of opportunity where we can actually make a difference in this time. In fact, we might be able to avoid some major catastrophes… But it’s going to take some working together, and it’s going to take some serious reflection from every single human on this planet to realize that it is in fact up to all of us to make this change happen.

So in order to do that, we have to identify what specifically the problem is? And the scary thing is, in many many ways… It’s us.

Scientist Paul Ehrlich, Professor of Biological Studies at Stanford University has been studying and writing about extinction for years, his first book came out in 1981 called “Extinction: The Causes and Consequences of the Disappearance of Species.”

Since then he has made many many connections between coevolution, on racial, gender and economic justice, and on nuclear winter with the issue of wildlife populations and species loss.

“We emphasize that our calculations very likely underestimate the severity of the extinction crisis, because our aim was to place a realistic lower bound on humanity’s impact on biodiversity,” the researchers write.

To history’s steady drumbeat, a human population growing in numbers, per capita consumption and economic inequity has altered or destroyed natural habitats. The long list of impacts includes:

  • Land clearing for farming, logging and settlement

  • Introduction of invasive species

  • Carbon emissions that drive climate change and ocean acidification

  • Toxins that alter and poison ecosystems

“We are sawing off the limb that we are sitting on,” Ehrlich said.


In order to fix the problems of the world, we have to be able to come together and make responsible decisions as a species to make the world a better place, including fixing the messes that we have caused.

imagesIt is in fact, the spiritual reconnection with each other that is going to be what saves us, for with spiritual reconnection comes the awareness of what needs to be done next.

Even if it was a 1% of the planet that made the decisions in the first place, the fact of the matter is it was still the other 99% that went along with it for a long, long time, and even continue to now.

That is what has to change. It has to start with our behaviors. And it is the responsibility of anyone who is able to respond to any particular crisis to take action on it and clean it up, from the smallest action of picking up garbage, or spending millions of dollars on cleaning the oceans from all of the oil, and creating new eco-friendly technology to allow people everywhere to thrive without extorting them for what few resources they have.

I know this hasn’t been an easy read, but I thank you for taking the time to read it. Please, discuss this in the comments. Come together with communities, or create community amongst yourselves to put into action environmental cleanup projects and ecosystem rescue.

And don’t forget the love.

Always yours,
Jordan Pearce

Source – ScienceDaily


Could this new Google Techology lead to a new Era of Mankind?

A little less than a month ago, Google released a video for their new “Project Soli”, a motion recognition chip that is both incredibly tiny, and incredibly sensitive. Far more so than any other motion tracking technology available today, even surpassing all of the motion tech that was announced at E3 this year.

Now, I’m all for technology making life easier, cleaner, and better for everyone. I always get a little nervous too when stuff like this comes out, often amazing technology is exploited for making money purposes instead of for the benefit of everyone, and we’re left with hyper-expensive things that only serve to create more distance between people, and also doesn’t do much to create that much more value in our lives at the end of the day.

And yet, as technology is constantly moving forward and that train doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon, it appears as though the best we can hope for is to find the things that do make our lives better, and implement them as best we are able over and over, and ideally in such a way that brings people together so that we may once again recognize that infinite connection between all of us. Perhaps technology can serve as a mechanism for just that connection, and its just about building the right tools.

Anyways, here’s the video showing what Google has been up to.

Perhaps it is just a fancy gimmick that can be used to sell a whole bunch of new laptops, tablets and phones… but perhaps, just perhaps it has the potential to be something so much more.

What if through the evolution of technology like this could create immersive multi-user experiences that go beyond just point-and-click?! There are so many possibilities, imagine a massive monitor (or ideally, a hologram) that you can do anything you want on with as many people as you can fit into the screen.


I’m imagining a 3D animation program where you sculpt with your hands, and you can have 6 people using it at once, all working on different parts of the same model.

Perhaps even more intricate, the ability to measure your entire body’s vitals and rhythm and relate them to each other in any given moment.

You could analyze how people are feeling and even correlate the data to explain why, to support each other through hard times and lift them up in exactly the way that they might need to. (Granted, you also don’t need a computer to do that, but for those who don’t know how to be supportive, it could be a powerful learning tool!) 

Taking this a step further, could we in the future access the internet through our own minds? As in, you’ve got a device just like this that doesn’t read movements, but thoughts…


The entire navigation of the web could take place entirely in your mind, including the communication with each other. (Preferably without needing to implant chips in our brains, thank you very much).

Just something fun to think about as we continue to roll forward into the future. Ultimately, it’s going to be up to the developers to see what they can really do with new stuff, including the stuff that they create from scratch.

And if you’re a developer out there and you want to make some cool stuff…

Well let us know, we’d very much like to work with you on some human-connection technology ourselves.

With love,
Jordan & Team Spirit