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Please Fasten your Seatbelts while Spirit Science Changes Polarities: –> The Three Days of Darkness

troanodocumentThe three days of darkness is a concept about the polarity shift of the electromagnetic fields around the Planet. The shift in frequency is so great, that the earth actually passes through a void space in transition between one space, and the next. During this time, as it is written in ancient hieroglyphics (See the Troano Document, or watch the video below), that you experience a blackness for 3 days. Some even say that you lose sense of your body entirely and just float in an empty meditational space with your mind and your mind alone for 3 days…

Now, I know.. This all seems like fluffy gibberish. And It’s true, we don’t have the scientific evidence to suggest the earth will do this anytime soon. That’s a whole part about a polarity shift – you never know when its going to happen. Who knows, maybe the ancients were full of crap, and it’s not going to happen at all, ever! That’s completely possible.  It’s easy to dismiss it as nonsense… But for me, I prefer a “Well lets wait and see!” sort of attitude.

If you would like to learn more about the 3 days of Darkness, check out this video here.

And watch out… Because regardless of Earth going through a supposed 3 Days of Darkness, we’re going to manufacture one as Spirit Science changes its Frequency!!!

That’s right. Over the next 3 days, Spirit Science will go through a Polarity Shift, starting with 3 Days of Darkness, before beginning a new Era of 1000 Years of Light! Watch and see what takes place, and stay tuned… There is going to be something special on the other side!

Much love!
Jordan Pearce


The biggest secret that absolutely nobody knows about –> And will change EVERYTHING for humankind!!

It’s been a while since I wrote an article… It seems only fitting that I come out of my writing coma in order to divulge in one of the biggest secrets that absolutely nobody knows about… And those who do, are ridiculed for even considering it.

It’s a HUGE secret, i mean, BIG. I mean like, so big that the only thing that would rival it in scope would be Aliens landing and talking to us about our ways.

And this one seems more likely that it will be revealed first.

The Apocalypse… Do you remember from an early Spirit Science cartoon, we discussed that the Apocalypse was the lifting of the veil? A great secret or truth becoming known to mankind?

apocalypse (n.) Look up apocalypse at Dictionary.comlate 14c., “revelation, disclosure,” from Church Latin apocalypsis ”revelation,” from Greek apokalyptein ”uncover, disclose, reveal,” from apo- ”from” (see apo-) + kalyptein ”to cover, conceal” 


This Apocalypse has yet to reach the masses, it will likely be several years before this truth surfaces as a fact. Nonetheless, it is the truth, and it will destroy all of our religions at once, unless they are able to adapt to the harsh reality that a great civilization existed on earth a long, long time ago.

The secret i’m about to tell you is the last great secret of Spirit Science. Well.. certainly there will be more secrets that will be unveiled in the future… but this is the big one. Everything else is actually really anti-climactic.

Read on fellow learner, and consider the following:

Whatever remnants of the lost civilizations of Atlantis are frozen under approximately 1-2 vertical miles of Ice of Greenland… and the ice is melting. 

You see, when Atlantis sunk, it didn’t actually sink. It froze.There was a disaster, a huge one, there was likely a HUGE tidal wave, if not multiple ones. The disruption that occurred caused the entire continent to freeze over, preserved for a time when we would rediscover it again.

atlantiswowsaIt was almost completely encased in ice. And while it is still likely that many of the man-made things were destroyed, however, there is still ample amount of evidence hiding under that ice, waiting to be rediscovered as global warming melts the ice away, revealing our ancient past.

Who knows what ancient technology awaits us under the ice? What I know, without a shadow of a doubt (which truly I can only attribute at this time to deep, spiritual knowing… and a logic that just says “All of the pieces fit”), is that Atlantis existed on a continent of its own, and that continent is what today we know as Greenland.

atlantis2Are there actual objects and lives frozen in-tact? Or is there just remnants of ancient giant ruins and rubble? That is what we will have to wait and see. However, I wouldn’t be surprised… in fact, I’m expecting it, that when Greenland thaws from Global Warming, the entire world is going to find out that we had a huge, advanced civilization over 13,000 years ago.

And the technology that we find may just be what is needed to save mankind from our global disaster…. Maybe. ;)

I think it will still take collaboration and community to save us, though.

~ ~ ~

So what evidence do I have to support these bold, bold claims you may ask?!

Good question!

greenlandmeltingNo, the ice hasn’t thawed enough to have any physical evidence actually. We have some other items at our disposal. From the word of Thoth on the shape and description of the continent of Atlantis, to the fact that observing the tectonic plates geologists have mapped that the continent of Greenland used to be much farther south than it is today, smack in the middle of the atlantic, most often propertied as to where Atlantis existed before it disappeared.

Do you remember this picture, from Spirit Science 12 – The Atlantis Movie? In this movie we use this diagram of the continent, which was described by Thoth to Drunvalo, and drawn in the Flower of Life books. Other drawings, equally similar, exist in much older texts, spanning back as far as plato.




And then, and only then, mankind will have the evidence it needs once and for all to see that it in fact is far older, and far wiser, and has a far more intricate history than ever imagined before.

It will be undeniable, and the global discussion will take a rapid 90 degree turn into understanding our true origins.

It will not be able to be covered up by any government or corporate conspiracy… And it will be the sign of a new era of mankind to begin.

That’s all I got, enjoy the research, and not to mention talking about this with your friends.

If they call you crazy, don’t worry. You’re not.

– I am authorized by myself to state that despite these bold claims as hard truths, they are still only but theories in my head… but its one of those things that I just have a feeling on that is TOO REAL for me to not make a post about its legitimacy. Sorry, I know thats typically not how science works… THOUGH, that’s also how science progresses. Einstein made a lot of claims before he actually demonstrated anything, and he was right about the things he saw.

Anyways, till next time!


A Mongolian Throat Song to Usher in a New Era

I don’t know how this made its way to my world yesterday morning, all I know is that I watched it… and quickly became completely entranced in his song.

What you’re seeing is Mongolian throat singer and horse-head fiddle player Batzorig Vaanchig. He was born in 1977 in Galuut soum, in the province of Bayankhongor. A teacher of music, and member of the band Khusugton, through their music they convey the stories of their Mongolian nomadic culture, and do an amazing job of that.

Truthfully, in this piece I know not of what he speaks of, only of the way that I felt while I listened… To me, it felt as though he sang of the wars and battles his soul has experienced, the battles of mankind throughout centuries of our human existence… and sang that it was time for man to truly come to know what those wars create. Knowing destruction, in order to know the One. Continue reading

Photo by Aurel Sh

The Spirit Science Audience’s best pictures of the Blood Moon!

One of the things I love about this community is how connected everyone becomes when something of deep, spiritual significance occurs. There’s no question the final Blood-Moon eclipse was a moment of great significance in history, the beginning of change.

A lot of people felt it, and a lot of people took note and prepared ceremonies to honor the shifting of ages. In fact, there were over 500 people on our facebook page who shared their pictures of the blood moon, as a symbol of our great connection with each other.

I looked through a BUNCH of them, as many as I could without facebook crashing, and compiled them all here for you to see.

If you’d like to see the full raw list, look at the comments here!

Photo by the Son of Audrey Gagne

Photo by the Son of Audrey Gagne


Photo by Aurel Sh

Photo by Aurel Sh


Photo by Danielle Jones

Photo by Danielle Jones


Photo by David Dimino

Photo by David Dimino


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Happening Tonight ~ The Blood-Supermoon Eclipse & the Closing of the Great Window (When to see, and what it Means!)

You can find a lot of information about the Eclipse happening tonight across the web, there is a lot of information out there from many different sources. I’m going to do my best to consolidate all of it here in one place, and show you where to go to learn more.

What is it?

The significance of this celestial event tonight is the rarity of all of these different items happening at once. These are the Supermoon, Blood-Moon, and Eclipse phenomenon. For those interested in the prophecies connected with this event, scroll down past the diagrams. For those new to the subject, here’s a brief description of each! You can click the titles for more information on each of them.

supermoonimageSupermoon -The Moon appears slightly bigger than average because of the rotation and orbits between the moon and the earth. We only see a perfect full-moon supermoon once every (roughly) 14 full moons, however because of the constant orbit around the earth, there may be as many as 3 supermoons in any given full moon cycle. They’re just not full, sometimes you don’t even see it because it happens on a new moon.

Eclipse – There are two kinds of eclipses, Solar and Lunar Eclipses. What we’re talking about here is a Lunar Eclipse, when the light from the Sun is blocked from reflecting the light of the full moon, but the moon still appears visible (Images below). While not all eclipses are blood-moons, typically they do make the moon appear slightly red… So then, what is a blood moon? I’m glad you asked!!

lunar-eclipse-december-2010-nasa-keithburnsBlood Moon – The Blood Moon used to be a name describing a total Lunar Eclipse, which would make the moon appear red in the dimming of the reflection of the light from the sun combined with the shadow of the earth. However, in modern days it has become a widespread name in the media for a Tetrad of eclipses, when you see 4 blood moons in a row without any other eclipses happening between them.

There is actually a prophecy I’ve taken some time to write about below, regarding the 4 blood moons in a row and the end times of our great cycle.

When is it happening?

Obviously a great many of us will want to see this great event! Fortunately, some wonderful people across the interwebs have put together these great images describing the how, where and when. Take a look.

First, here’s a time-table for all of the timezones it will be visible in. Courtesy of Space.comSupermoon1Next, here’s a diagram of how its going to appear from a 2D diagram perspective. The times given are Mountain time, so feel free to adjust it using the timetable above as needed. Image courtesy of County10.


Continuing these images, here’s a 3D image showing you exactly how it works, as the earth, sun, and moon all line up with each other during this important celestial event. Note – this is not to scale. Image courtesy of


Finally, here’s a graphic showing where this eclipse will be seen over the surface of the planet. Image courtesy of Unfortunately, the entire world won’t be able to see this event. Nonetheless, it shall affect everyone, just as full moons always do. 


The Blood Moon Prophecy

Back in 2013 a book was published by Christian pastor John Hagee, who wrote about a prophecy from the book of Joel & Revelations. It was actually this book that popularized the term “Blood Moon” meaning the 4 successive deep-red moons in a row. Of course, it was not without many bible quotes:

supermoon3The sun will be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood before the great and dreadful day of the LORD comes.

If the ancients had truly seen a vision of the future, then one could observe these successive blood moons and connect them to these events that are happening today. Is any of it definitive? No, but the connections, along with the state of the human race currently truly paints a picture of what is to come (see next section for more).

Another interesting phenomenon (if you hadn’t noticed on that image above), is that every single one of these 4 successive and rare blood-moon events took place on a jewish holiday.

I don’t know about you, but that is a WILD synchronicity. Maybe there is something more to this.

What does “Closing of the Great Window” mean?

As it is embedded in the Mayan Calendar, the great window was a window of opportunity between (roughly) 2009 and 2015, in which December 21st, 2012 fell right in the smack middle of this window. During this time, Mankind had an opportunity to learn and grow with all of the information that had become available thanks to the internet.


Information became widespread because it was at everyones fingertips for the first time in history, easier than it has ever been before in the infant stages of the world wide web. There was new discussion, new awakenings, and shifts that occurred in the hearts and minds of the many as they began to see the world in a new, more connected way. It was a brief, mini golden age of information.

KindConnections-franckreporter-lowrezWhile this information is no doubt not going anywhere anytime soon, it is also a signal of greater things to come. This is just the beginning for mankind, for we face the trials that we have set before ourselves. No, literally. We have set ourselves up for it by building technologies that are counter to our very existence. Meaning simply, they hurt us, pollute our bodies and limit our capacity to think clearly.

We have a bunch of trials to face, almost as if a test to see if we are fit to live on this planet, or if we will destroy ourselves in the process. The question is will we come to know the Consciousness of Christ through that special compassion only known in the heart? That is up to all of us.

Understand this is not an immediate danger or signal of the end of the world all at once, but a time of great caution, preparation, and using resources effectively and efficiently. Those who are wasteful will run out. If not beyond that – it is a time when we must practice true, genuine compassion with each other.

For that… and only that, is the way through.

What does it mean for you?

Here are some things I’ve read about this particular moon cycle we’re going through right now. This is some of the most helpful and insightful information I’ve been able to find, and I’ve highlighted the best parts for you.

The potential here is to harmonize the I and WE Consciousness. To embrace being assertive and cooperative so that all parties involved feel at peace and are honored as best as possible.

-Dipali Desai (click name for full article)

 “With this last Aries Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, it’s time to integrate the endings, awakenings, transformations and death and rebirth experiences related to the balance of Self and Other, completing our initiation into a more balanced exchange between the masculine and feminine energies of life as well as between women and men.”

-Cathy Pagano (click name for full article)

“First and foremost we want to dramatically change our relationship with ourselves- as anything we want or need or desire OUT THERE can only be fulfilled and truly experienced when we have found it IN HERE.

“Any relationships that are on solid footing are fine- you may experience things that rock your boat, but if your ship does not have holes in it and you are both willing to do the work to row to a safe harbor you will be fine.

“For others who have issues up and perhaps have large holes in their boat- this final Eclipse may be a time to think about whether those issues/holes can be fixed and if both people are willing to do the work necessary to fix them- or if it’s better to jump ship before you go down with it…”

-Divine Harmony (click name for full article)

To read more stuff like this, check out this article on MysticMamma!

In Closing


(No really, slow down… calm down. Breathe, and Meditate)

I know personally that these past few weeks have been particularly trying and incredibly difficult. “God… How far will you test us?” I actually asked only the other day, both referencing Gurren Lagann and genuinely feeling the strain of “What do I do?!” 

All I can say is, trust in your heart. Listen to what your heart is telling you, listen to the heart of others… Grow from your mistakes, and above all else: Compassion.

Compassion is always the key. That means compassion for your loved ones, compassion for you, and compassion for others. Feel free to do a search on Spirit Science for articles about compassion. Here’s a particularly good one by Deepak Chopra. 

Here’s a video we made about just that.

Whatever awaits us moving forward, know that you are always in our hearts.

May great change take place. To a new era of peace and prosperity!

With love,
Jordan, Ray, and Alexandria


CERN proves that the Universe is in complete balance with itself

Do you ever think the odds of the universe are stacked against you?

Not so, says CERN, who with the help of researchers at Brazil’s São Paulo University (USP) and the University of Campinas, have demonstrated that the Universe itself is completely and wholly balanced in perfect symmetry with itself.

cernsnapThe study, more specifically, determined that there is a symmetry between the nuclei of particles and their antiparticles in terms of charge, parity, and time. The experiment one piece of an investigation to discover the differences between how protons and neutrons join in nuclei while their antiparticles form antinuclei.

“After the Big Bang, for every particle of matter an antiparticle was created. In particle physics, a very important question is whether all the laws of physics display a specific kind of symmetry known as CPT, and these measurements suggest that there is indeed a fundamental symmetry between nuclei and antinuclei,” said Marcelo Gameiro Munhoz, a professor at USP’s Physics Institute (IF), as quoted by

To learn more about the Science of this experiment, read here! 


So, what does this experiment have to say about us, as people? How does this discovery relate to you as a person or an understanding of the more… unknown aspects of life?

Truthfully, this discovery actually lends credibility to the 7 concepts of Hermeticism. The demonstration that all things are in complete balance between a fundamental yin and a fundamental yang – a harmonious and synchronous breakdown from the large particles to the small particles and vice versa: As Above, So Below. 

hermesspiraloflightThe concepts of Hermeticism largely express the ebb and flow and pattern that all of reality is made up by. Cause and Effect. Vibration (Up and Down), Gender (Male and Female), and Rhythm (it naturally flows from one to the next). The practical application of these principles are endless to any seeker who explores the concepts as more than just ideas for the mind – but physical action to put into motion.

That means, if you want to know… Read this. And really go deep.

Of course, CERN nor any university will ever actually talk about that and so it’s up to people like us to talk about it and make it known! Even with all of the mess that we have created on this planet from CO2 pollution to draining the reservoirs of all of their water, the output matches the input. There is a grand equals sign right smack in the middle of the equation of why its all happening.

We did it to ourselves, engineered the whole thing happen from the biggest fractals to the smallest… and the moment we fix it, it will be fixed. And of course, until then… Lets enjoy the ride.

With love,
Team Spirit