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It’s Time to Grow ~ A Message from Behind the Scenes

Hey Everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

166871_jordand_patch-meditationI want to get straight to the heart of what I need to say. I have been reading comments, listening to what everyone is saying and watching the vibe move in response to what we’re creating with Spirit Science.  I feel you on every point: Both the good and the bad.

Spirit Science is my life, I am in it fully, and I am going to spend my entire life evolving with it. I know that I am not the only one who feels that way, and I know how much it means (or has meant) to everyone out there reading and watching…

We’re trying to expand in a way that is holistic. Never was Spirit Science about the money and never will it be… So then what do we do about resources? And I don’t mean just money, what about cars, locations, or even sound-levitation technology? How would we account for it and make it legal so that we can do it worldwide without getting shut down by “the man”?

Nothing wrong with being a hippy! Lets just be modern ones.

Nothing wrong with being a hippy! Lets just be modern ones with really amazing technology AND completely mindful of ourselves.

Are we supposed to live in the woods and shit in buckets and have NO presence on the internet? That seems opposite to what I’m about… And so, all of us behind the scenes at Spirit Science have been trying to develop some sort of equality-happiness-based-system around a large communal pot of resources – which we, (yes, WE, meaning you too hopefully one day soon!) can decide as a community how the resources are spent.

We have to do it responsibly, I absolutely REFUSE to allow Spirit Science to become about getting resources and hoarding them. They need to be put towards the growth of projects, the health and vitality of the people of planet earth, and evolving our understanding of who we really are.

All of us behind the scenes are working very hard to accomplish that goal… and the truth is, we’re really short on hands.

I hear what everyone is saying about problems within Spirit Science, problems with articles, problems with communication. They are not intentional – everyone here has a good heart, its just that there is more work than what 5 people can handle… and… we’re a little bit sore – because we have opened our hearts to a lot of people in the last 2 years trying to solve this problem, and we have been attacked, stolen from, and emotionally bruised along the way. It has been hard for us to open up again and again, and yet we continue to, and will always continue to open to love.

We can’t do this alone… I can’t do this alone.

We gotta have a solid foundation!

We gotta have a solid foundation!

I hear the cries of you, the people. I want Spirit Science to shine bright. All of us up in Avalon (home base) REALLY want to spend all of our days making content and making things… But alas, we have not had the time. We have spent every waking hour trying to develop some kind of base financial and legal system that will allow us to fund projects and build awesome things for mankind, (including a new social media platform based around projects and quest logs!). This is what makes sense to us as to how to really change the world, and we intent on including everyone in this community bucket.

First, we gotta build it!

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How the Powerwall can Change the World

It comes as no surprise that the internet is abuzz with discussion, debate, and enthusiasm for Elon Musk and Tesla Corp’s big announcement yesterday – the Powerwall: A large lithium-ion battery that hooks up to your houses power supply (and a whole bunch of solar panels, if you like), allowing people everywhere to genuinely move ‘off the grid’ – as it were… Or at the very least, partially off the grid (depending on how you do it).

imageFor those who install the Powerwall without any solar panels, it would primarily be for alleviating your electricity bill during peak hours when more electricity is usually used by average people in the 9-5 business world. Now, for those who are a little more daring, this large battery (or two) might just be the solution to a whole lot of problems that have been keeping solar energy from really sweeping across the globe.

imageThis problem is one that I am personally familiar with. My friends and I had recently looked at the cost of setting up some high-efficiency solar panels to take our house off the grid. However, the cost and maintenance of setting up your own battery bank, (on top of the solar panels of course) was a little intense. That includes even finding a cool location to house them too, which we didn’t really have – construction would be a must for a project like that… Not to mention a cooling system…

‘More trouble than the time it was worth‘ was the general consensus, we didn’t feel like we had the time to learn how to do it ourselves, and we weren’t willing to shell out some ungodly sum of money in order hire someone – especially since it never guaranteed actually even being ‘off the grid’ in the first place. And wasn’t that the whole point?

imageBut now, with the announcement of Tesla’s Powerwall, that large problem that I (and I’m sure many others) have faced is no longer the same issue it was before. Elon Musk and the team has put together a single wall-mounted battery bank in a small, compact shell that not only looks great, but has a 10 year guaranteed lifespan and has the potential to truly change energy usage and generation in the world.

Perhaps even more exciting than that, its modular, so you could hook up 3 of them and run a small office building, or maybe even something a bit bigger!

If everyone who installed this also installed solar panels to go with, they could generate their own power right there in-house and require no external power-source from the power-companies of the world. (Of course, thats assuming you are in a location with some good solid sun). This could have a massive impact on the energy monopoly, moving us largely  from nuclear, hydro, and all of the rest – to solar based. (I also believe hydrogen can be a long-term ultimate solution, especially when combined with solar. Check this out if you don’t believe me!)

solarpanelfeatureGranted, as with any evolution in technology, with this direction a new monopoly will start to form as more and more engineers work on developing solar panels that are more and more efficient, and less and less expensive… And maybe for right now, thats what the world needs: A little more focus into building some technology that will save our asses from our own destruction ;)

Now the only question, will the Powerwall hold up as a saving grace for energy efficiency as it is released to the world? Will the technology take, and grow popular at the helm of a massive shift in our energy technology?

The Powerwall is the first of its kind. And as with all new technology, it will need the support of people to survive. Considering that you are a person, you too play a role in supporting it.

The only way to know for sure… Is to wait and see how this technology is truly utilized. It’s up to all of our collective actions that will lead us in the direction that we go.

what do you think? Will this be the precursor to the next generation of sustainable energy? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and lets talk about it!


imageI would like to conclude this article with a personal thank you to Elon Musk and everyone who has been supporting him and working on all of these projects. The Powerwall in specific has the potential to do some really good good in the world, and its clear to see that Elon’s intentions are nothing but genuine.

Thank you my friend, you are building us a better world.

With Love,
Jordan Pearce

To learn more about the Powerwall, check out Tesla’s website here


Is there Value to Getting Angry?

Anger is a Root vibe… it bubbles up from the Root center when there is absolutely no other way. When there are no feelings of safety, no feelings of support from those around you, and a feeling that it just can’t be stuffed anymore until it explodes out in a torrent of rage.

But is there value to this? Is there some beneficial “thing” that can come from getting angry and exploding it out onto those around you?

Considering that it is an innate built-in feature to the human psyche (and potentially other mammals or maybe even all kinds of creatures), there must be something that can come from it, even if it is not the best way to do things.

I have both been angry and exploded out, and also been directly in the line of fire of those types of explosions. Sometimes, they are reasonable. In my experiences, they have been. Sometimes, when there is no other way to communicate a message (when you have tried EVERYTHING else), it seems as though getting angry was able to communicate the message when nothing else worked.

Some people won’t pay attention until you blow up in their face, and do it very specifically to communicate WHY you are upset with the behavior that they are giving to you. Likewise, sometimes the only way for YOU to pay attention is to get yelled at, as long as the anger also comes with a very specific communication as to WHY they are upset with your behavior.

It is likely that everyone will experience both sides of this equation in your life. Remember that it doesn’t make you a bad person, it is simply A FORM of communication, and in that – there is value.


Anger is only valuable if it can be used to communicate something, and once the anger is released, for the communication to continue and build up back into more peaceful, loving emotions.

If the Anger is just angry with no intent to resolve the emotions, but to jab and poke and to get what you want, it will inevitably lead to the destruction of the relationship and the inherent connection between parties. When there is no intent to understand why the other party is feeling what they are feeling, what is the purpose of communicating at all?

There are far better ways to communicate what you are feeling if you have the opportunity, even if it is hard to do. Sure, it might be EASIER to get angry, but with some awareness and some love it can be circumnavigated to create a much morepeaceful resolution to the problem.

To do this, you MUST check yourself and really see all of the ways that YOU could have done better. Own it. Own it fully to the other party: “I’m so sorry, I could have done this WAY better. I understand that you’re mad, and understandably so – I am working to resolve the problem.”

If you are feeling angry at someone for how they have acted or treated you, there may be calmer ways of communicating: “Hey, I want you to know that I am very angry with you. I feel hurt, or betrayed, or whatever it is that i’m feeling. Can we

talk about it?” – See if its possible to open up the communication so that love can flow once more without everything having to break down to the Root.

Always your friend,If it does go there, and there is anger and yelling, just remember that once it’s done, it’s time to move on. Don’t hold it over their heads as if they are genuinely bad people – work together to create a resolution so that everyone is happy and in balance once more.

Jordan Pearce


Perfect is as Perfect Does

This article is going to be a sort of cross between a lesson from a nostalgic movie, a mathematics class, and a fun spirit science cartoon script!

And don’t worry about the math class part, you’ll do fine :)

Forest Gump said ‘stupid is as stupid does’. A lesson from his mom basically saying ‘thats how you know whats stupid. If it acts stupid, it is stupid’ (in this case, she was referring to forest himself..) 

Fibonacci-Spiral-ArtToday I offer you the flip side. Perfect is as perfect does. Now, sure: there is an unattainable ‘perfection’ that we can all strive to be but never actually be. I am not asking you to become a super-being overnight. Rather, I posture the idea that the continual forward motion towards ‘better’, towards ‘connection’ toward ‘clear and open communication’ is in harmony with fibonacci, and therefore is perfect.

Perfect is… as perfect does! There is in fact a science to it! :)

We discussed this idea in this here spirit science episode. Im sure you know the one.

For those of you who are still reading, lean in a little closer, because this is a really good part.

If you have seen this video, or researched it on your own, you know the relationship between phi and fibonacci. One is an infinite, beginning-less perpetual spiral of perfection. The other starts at 1, and continually gets closer and closer to that perfect spiral ratio but never quite hits it…

So what about Pi?

8-flow-of-life-flow-of-pi-cristian-ilies-vasilePi, as you might know, is the ratio of the diameter of a circle to the circumference around it, which comes in at a little over 3.14(ad infinitum). If your new to the concept, read the first 2 sections of this page. (And eveything else you can find that you want to learn about, of course). 

Think of it like the linear distance across vs. the total distance to go from one point, all the way around to the same starting point. One is a male figure (the line), and one is a female figure (the curve… and the circle/sphere, as a whole). To put these together is a blending of relationships.

Blending Phi and Pi as One – The Biwabik Sum

In this article by Gary Meisner, he expands on the relationship between pi, phi, and fibonacci all together as a whole.

Very simply, when you put Pi and Phi together, meaning the following:

1.61803398(…) X 3.14159265(…)

Comes out to

5.08320369 – The 5th number in the fibonacci equation, and a whole lot more.

DSC02892Ed Oberg and Jay A. Johnson have developed a unique expression for the pi-phi product (p?) as a function of the number 2 and an expression they call “The Biwabik Sum,” a function of phi, the set of all odd numbers and the set of all Fibonacci numbers, which you can download a Excel Sheet of right here.

If you can download and open up that document, you will find a very interesting report on the relationships between Pi, Phi, and Fibonacci… There is also an excel file right here which demonstrates the math very thoroughly.

Believe it or not, this is actually the part that relates back to our core idea, “Perfect is as Perfect Does”. Stay with me, I’m doing my best to explain what I know in a way that would be understandable to everyone.

In the document, they write:

It is clear that pi-phi product, the circumference of the proposed Golden Circle, is related to the Golden Ratio, the number two (the only even prime), the set of all odd numbers and the set of all Fibonacci numbers; each member of these two sets making a single appearance in the sum.

Gaias_GiftIn simple terms, these guys were able to plug together a formula using fibonacci and some other meaningful number series that resulted in finding the same Biwabik number that comes up naturally when you put Pi and Phi together.

The reason it works? Because it’s in balance!! The equation of symmetry is present on all sides of the equation. The side of Fibonacci, Pi, and Phi!

They found another way to do it, and quite a cool way indeed. In fact, straight up I don’t understand it nearly as well as they do. I wish that I did, and I am learning… but yeah, I get that there’s actually a lot more about this that I could know, and that excites me greatly!

tool-lateralusAnd that ultimately is my whole point. The process of learning, the process of continually using and expanding your brain, opening your heart, getting closer and closer to perfection IS what is actually perfect in the end.

To practice such is to attain perfection: Not in that your actions are perfect, but that the forward motion and growth emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically is perfect.

Perfect, having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

Perfect, to make (something) completely free from faults or defects, or as close to such a condition as possible.

So you see, perfect is as perfect does.  It is the journey, the motion toward, that is where you find perfection.

Jordan Pearce 


The Most Isolated Island on Earth Wants Your Help Designing A Self-Sustaining Town

There’s a small island in the middle of the atlantic ocean, completely desolate from everything except for lots of water. The Island, named Tristan da Cunha, was first inhabited back in the 1810′s as an outpost by the British to stop a potential escape by Napolean. When that didn’t happen and the military were called back, a few folk stayed behind to establish life on their beautiful desolate volcanic island.

jgl7rwrrck3n0wso1aqgSo on Tristan da Cunha live a small community of about 270 people who love life so much that when their island volcano exploded in the 60′s, their evacuation to Europe only led them to understand that their personal and connected way of life was way more awesome, and came back to rebuild it. (Yeah, pretty much all of them too).

The name of their town? Edinburgh of the Seven Seas. (no joke.) 

The Tristan Islanders did indeed return to their own simple life before the very eyes of an amazed, dismayed, and somewhat insulted Western World… It was as if our whole ethos and way of life had been put on trial, and had failed.

See, they make everything there. Absolutely everything! They have no choice. Importing and exporting is a chore, considering their lack of airport and single harbor that is only available to use 60 days out of the year. No, instead they grow their food, create their own clothes, and anything else you could imagine. They do it together, in community, and with a genuine love and respect for each other which has allowed them to sustain life there for over 200 years.




Thanks to a slow trickle of other settlers, Tristan slowly grew into its own tiny community, self-sufficient to the extreme. Without regular contact with the rest of the world, settlers had only themselves and the land to depend on for everything from produce to clothing to materials with which to build boats and homes.

So what’s the problem?

Well, as the modern world is becoming more connected through the internet and other communications technology, the island of Tristan is also in need of some revamping for the 21st Century. Everything from their harbor, to their electricity, to their internet.

And this is where you come in! To coincide with the island’s 200th Anniversary in 2016, the Tristanians are very interested in the ecological transformation of Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, and are looking to the modern world for help. Design Teams from around the globe are invited to participate in a design competition that is looking to demonstrate what a self-sustained ecological town of the future could look like and how it could work.


The competition is seeking innovative, cost-effective approaches for the re-design and consolidation of the Island’s government buildings; initiatives to significantly improve the living standards and performance of residential properties; together with improvements to the Island’s agrarian systems to better support grazing and the year-round growth of fresh produce.

Think you got what it takes? 

Thank you to Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan for her well articulated and longer version article on Gizmodo.


Missed the Eclipse? Here are the BEST Pictures and Videos!

Featured Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The Eclipse-Supermoon-Equinox trifecta has come to pass, our cosmic distillation has now moved into a new cycle where we will begin again with a new story.

The eclipse itself was a sight to behold, and unfortunately many of us on this planet were not able to experience it because we were facing the other direction (through no fault of our own).

In case you missed it, or want to relive the experience, here are some of the BEST taken photographs and videos of the eclipse in action.

Photo: Eric Adams/AP

Photo: Eric Adams/AP  ~      Faeroe Islands

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