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Modern Science Reveals Ancient Practice – The Solution is always Inside the Problem

Scientists at the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute have recently found something which brings us back to our spiritual roots and connection to everything. The answer and resolution to the problem lies within the problem itself. An old proverb which has had many iterations and versions throughout history.

It’s meaning is that if you want to solve a problem, don’t go looking somewhere else for the answer. Look at the problem, the makeup of the problem, and find the solution based on that data. 

As I always like to say, usually a problem is a result of one of two things.

Too much yin, not enough Yang.


Too much yang, not enough yin.

Researchers have found that by looking at diseased cells, they can uncover the missing element that is causing it to be diseased, and uncover its opposite and generate a cure to the problem in the process.

“We’re using a cell as a reaction vessel and a disease-causing defect as a catalyst to synthesize a treatment in a diseased cell,” said TSRI Professor Matthew Disney. “Because the treatment is synthesized only in diseased cells, the compounds could provide highly specific therapeutics that only act when a disease is present. This means we can potentially treat a host of conditions in a very selective and precise manner in totally unprecedented ways.”

solutionsWhile i’m not a fan that their whole goal out of this is most likely to create drugs for symptom management, the fact that they are able to do this is remarkably interesting, which relates strongly to many ancient sciences.

In short and just to reiterate again: The solution to the problem lies within the problem itself, and all you need to do is look at the problem and understand it to know what the appropriate solution is.

A German Doctor and Scientist Frank Hamer was a very renowned Doctor who recently began speaking about this phenomenon in medicine practice. He has had tremendous success with this idea, which is remarkably close to what we’re talking about here. He posed that all suffering and disease is a physical manifestation and representation of an emotional trauma of some kind, and that resolving that trauma would also cause the physical problem to disappear.

Upon making such claims, a large part of the medical community turned away from him. A common thing to do for humans when new information is presented that would completely flip everything we think we know on its head.

Much like how Nassim Haramein posed that at the center of the galaxy existed a black hole – 20 years before it was publicly acknowledged, he was shunned out of science conventions for such blasphemy. 

This actually reminds me of a wonderful woman I met several years ago named Dory Brown. She lived in Asheville and shared some remarkable wisdom with us at the Spirit Science gathering that we put on at her place.

What she shared was that the thing that harms you is always located right next to the thing that cures you. She demonstrated this by picking up some poison ivy and rubbing it in her hands. Then, she bent over and picked up a plant that is often found growing right next to poison ivy, and rubbed that on her hands.

Jewelweed - grown next to poison ivy, nulls the effects and itching of poison ivy.

Jewelweed – grown next to poison ivy, nulls the effects and itching of poison ivy.

She never experienced any trauma or irritations in her skin from this, and she explained that the 2nd plant nullified the harmful effects of the first. If you know what you’re looking for, you can find it every time. The plants name is called jewelweed.

This “problem/remedy” vibration is a natural part of the world, regardless of if its emotional, mental, physically nature in the myriad of ways that problems can come about.

You just have to be willing to do a little bit of exploration :)

You can learn more about the process of finding the solution to diseased cells here!

With love,
Jordan Pearce


How To Change The World With A Butterfly, Your Dad, And A Friend

This video demonstrates exactly the change we need to see in this world.

Do you see it?

This boy has a beautiful monarch butterfly land on his face and in a moment of distress, he has the support of his trusted father telling him to let it be.

His dad, at least I presume it is, has done his homework.  He knows the butterfly won’t hurt him, so he confidently instructs, “let it be”.

Excitement bubbles within him, but he doesn’t immediately swipe the butterfly off his face out of fear…  He politely expresses is fear, go away and allows what is happening to happen, he flows with it.

He lets it be.

butterflyface2With the support and laughter of his companions, his friends, a feeling of safety was insured and everyone got to experience something amazing.

When the butterfly leaves, they accept it. He let’s go of his fears instantly and accepts what is happening…  “Bye!” he says… We are all uplifted!

The message behind the video can be applied to any situation, no matter how big or how small. It can fractal way up into large, group experiences or just you and a trusted friend.


You just:

Be, or find someone who’s done their homework

Be worthy of trust, or trust someone who is

Risk it all, and accept the outcome with joy


You can do anything with a trusted friend.  If we can follow the example of a child, his father, his friends, and a butterfly… anything is possible.


Scientists have now successfully demonstrated Technological Telepathy!

Telepathy between all of us has always been an exciting conversation to me. Ever since episode 1 of Spirit Science where we discussed how thoughts act as waves between individuals, rather than isolated things that occur separate from each other in our brains.

Today that conversation gets expanded to the other side of the equation. While I believe and know for certain that we all have the ability to tap into that naturally, I also can see quite clearly that we have the opportunity to speed up that evolution in a holistic way using modern technology.

I know, I know, there is also a great risk in this idea, for the consequences of doing it wrong could result in a broken paradigm of control and fear on the human race. I understand the fear that comes along with this idea of corporations tapping into our brains and making us want or think certain ways… It’s a scary thought, and we are going to have to experience a global change in order to truly feel safe using technology to advance our mental abilities in a safe way for everyone.telepathy1

I know for a fact that it IS truly possible to create this in a holistic way, but it has to be done with the right intention, a pure and genuine intention operating from Christ Consciousness. That is the level of awareness where virtue, love, honesty and truth are the guiding force that compels one’s action… It’s clear that there are not a great deal of those who operate from this space on the planet, at least.. not yet ;)

But regardless, I am talking about all of this because a new advancement in research and technology has led to some very early phases of brain-to-brain communication withOUT any invasive cords or wires into a human skull. That’s right, humans have now successfully transmitted data from one brain to another using nothing but external readers.

In this first of its kind study, an international team of researchers communicated 2 words across a 500 mile distance using the internet, from one brain sender to 3 individual receivers of the data.


“We wanted to find out if one could communicate directly between two people by reading out the brain activity from one person and injecting brain activity into the second person, and do so across great physical distances by leveraging existing communication pathways,” explains coauthor Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD, Director of the Berenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School. “One such pathway is, of course, the internet, so our question became, ‘Could we develop an experiment that would bypass the talking or typing part of internet and establish direct brain-to-brain communication between subjects located far away from each other in India and France?’”

It turned out the answer was “yes.”

The data were the words “Ciao” and “Hola”, which were described appearing in the receivers head as if they were wispy flashes of information under their eyelids. I might pose that they saw the information in their 3rd eyes: registering in the pineal gland, but that data isn’t something that has been discussed or released. My speculation only :)

TelepathyThe exciting part about this to me is that they were able to do it with external scanners. They didn’t need to drill holes in the skulls. That’s a pretty big deal. The technology is rather large at this point in time, but I could imagine that in the future this technology could be compacted down to the size of…say, a small crystal.

One day we may all simply have access to all information at all time through a mental internet – which truly is just a mental connection to all of our brains all at once. The collective consciousness of mankind. Imagine that? The next level of the internet, where you are it – you are inside of it and it is made up of you combined with everyone else there is…

And that is a pretty amazing idea, wouldn’t you agree?

To learn more about this study, please check it out on ScienceDaily right here! 

With love,
Jordan Pearce



This Impressive Tower Creates Water from the Air!

There are a flurry of amazing inventions coming into the fold lately, hoverbikes being among one of them.. but today I want to tell you about this really cool device that is making an impact in etheopia, and hopefully will soon make its way overseas to North America and the rest of the world.

The device is called Warka Water – and it has the capacity to generate up to 25 Gallons of water PER DAY simply by sitting in the hot heat of the desert. Now THAT is impressive, especially considering the whole scare of an impending drought that is currently upon us.


The magic of Warka Water however is not just that it generates the water, but HOW it generates the water. This device ultimately harnesses a singularity to pull water from the air through condensation, creating clean and drinkable water for those all around.

I’m not even kidding. It uses a singularity. In order to describe this, let me show you a quick video about what i’m talking about.

In the future, we can imagine making use of much more powerful singularities to do all kinds of things, such as levitation or even teleportation – but in the mean-time, this is a perfect example of what i’m talking about.

warkawater2Essentially, the warka-water device creates a means for the water-vapor in the air to move through a transition point (a singularity) and change density. The vapor does a 90 degree turn and becomes more dense, solidifying itself into a more physically tangible drop of water.

This happens around the device at a constant rate, so hundreds of thousands of drops of water are transmuted from the air and are then pulled down by gravity and collected in a basin at the bottom, ready for consumption or use in whatever way you desire.

warkawater3The singularity is essentially created at the point of transition between vapor and water – where when all of the ingredients are just right, water simply manifests as if by magic. Of course, with the scientific data we know exactly where its coming from, but that’s just part of the magic! The fact that we can materialize water from the ether is one of the first steps of creating using the universe around us.

It is an example and a simple representation of what we will be able to do in the future by generating energy from the ether as well.

It’s just a matter of time ;)

If you are interested in learning more about Warka Water,  check out this article here!

With all of my love,
Jordan Pearce


Advances in Science demonstrate Higher Listening & Meditation Capacities with the easiest trick EVER!

hearinglisteningThey often say that “God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth so we can listen twice as much as we talk”, and now it seems as though modern science is backing that up in full force.

Tapping into your higher intuition and knowing starts with listening. The skill of listening is also at the heart of expanding our connections with each other, and awakening our higher consciousness. Our ability to listen is directly correlated to our ability to know and understand both on an interpersonal and cosmic big picture level.

“I think, therefore: I Am Not. Only when the Mind is Silent, I Am.”

The following is a quote from ScienceDaily, where a new research describes how Listening is not just something you do while you do something else, but a full body experience. In fact, the means and method of listening, is doing nothing but that:

When we want to listen carefully to someone, the first thing we do is stop talking. The second thing we do is stop moving altogether. This strategy helps us hear better by preventing unwanted sounds generated by our own movements.

This interplay between movement and hearing also has a counterpart deep in the brain. Indeed, indirect evidence has long suggested that the brain’s motor cortex, which controls movement, somehow influences the auditory cortex, which gives rise to our conscious perception of sound.

A new Duke study, appearing online August 27 in Nature, combines cutting-edge methods in electrophysiology, optogenetics and behavioral analysis to reveal exactly how the motor cortex, seemingly in anticipation of movement, can tweak the volume control in the auditory cortex.

This hit me really hard when I first read it. Of course! In order to truly understand what someone else is saying to the depth that they understand it (unless you’re talking to a ninny who is just talking to say words), you must go into a meditation – slow down, and focus on their vibration wholly.

The truth is, your brain is simply not as receptive to the inflow of information when there is an outflow of information pouring out:

In the latest study, the team recorded electrical activity of individual neurons in the brain’s auditory cortex. Whenever the mice moved — walking, grooming, or making high-pitched squeaks — neurons in their auditory cortex were dampened in response to tones played to the animals, compared to when they were at rest.
-ScienceDaily Continue reading


Meet the Man who built a Hoverbike with Sacred Geometry

Now, I know by now you might be tired of me talking about Sacred Geometry. “Pattern of the Universe” blah blah blah “Keys to unlocking the secrets of the reality” yada yada yada… I get it. It can get pretty out there sometimes… Which is actually why this article and video is so important.

You’re about to see what happens when you merge Sacred Geometry with our Modern Scientific Approach, coupled with a strong engineering mind. Today, you’re about to see Sacred Geometry harnessed for the power of flight.

supermanHuman Flight is something that we as humans have always strove for. Flying through the air with a sense of freedom like Superman is a dream come true. I always remember growing up, when my friends would ask “If you could have ANY super-power… what would it be?” The top of my list was ALWAYS flight, right before invisibility or the ability to levitate things with my mind… (which i suppose, if I could levitate anything including myself… well that would have to take top spot on the list ;)

While I know that locked in the recesses of our human potential is the ability to do such things, the human genome hasn’t yet evolved to a point where we can consciously tap into that.

So in the meantime, we’ve got people like Chris Malloy – This engineer and helicopter pilot has been pushing the boundaries aerial technology by building a hover-bike for individual riders, utilizing 4 spinning fans much like a smaller quad-copter.


hoverbike6 Continue reading