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Justice Or Just Us?

Some might question how exactly this is “Spirit Science”… So before I go any further, I’ll explain. “In the simplest sense, I wish to change the world. Revolution of light and colour, healing, transformation, spirit cities, people working together – global realization of Christ Consciousness.” – Jordan

I once asked Jordan what his original intent was when he began his spiritual journey and that is what he said. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, lets move forward! Continue reading

Here’s a Sneak Peak of the New Spirit Science Cartoons in Progress!

Hi everyone!

I thought I would pop in for a minute to show you some sneak peaks of what is on the horizon! I’ve connected with some vibrant and enthusiastic animators recently and we’ve all started working together on some new cartoons!

First, here are the clips from the Patch Parables on the horizon! This first one is from The Parable of the Two Dragons! This is a parable about where we put our focus, and what we choose to do with our time.



These next ones are from the Parable of the Archer! And the first picture is just a sketch. This parable is about being humble to those who have more experience than we do.


sneakpeak-parable1 sneakpeak-parable4


Finally, this one is from the Parable of the Happy Turtle! This one is about respecting the natural flow of the cosmos :D

sneakpeak-parable6sneakpeak-parable3 sneakpeak-parable5

These Parables are all being worked on simultaneously and should be aired weekly once we build up a few and get a good motion on working together! We’ve only just begun!

There are also a few other things on the horizon…

This one is a mysterious new Patchman to come and explain some things in an all new Spirit Science series!



Who is this mysterious, and handsome lad?! 

And last, but most certainly not least… Here is a bit of a teaser for something involving ancient egypt, and one of the most wisest beings ever to have touched foot upon planet earth.


And then, some very talented animators joined… And this happened:

Lots in the pipelines!! And we look forward to sharing them all with you!

The art in these posts were all done by Spirit Studios: Jon, Humberto, Kevin and Michelle, Brad, and Jordan! Also special thanks to Anthony Farrow and Sketch.

Thanks for reading!

With love,
Jordan & Spirit Studios

Secrets of the Moon 1.5

This year, to celebrate life and all of its wonderful blessings, we are attempting to participate in the 12 Days of XYZ! (XYZ is short for ALL of the holidays without discriminating against any of them!)

Today is the second day, and so here are 2 Comic Panels, which directly follow the events of Spirit Science 31: Secrets of the Moon.

View Higher Res versions of these paintings here:

Part 1 and Part 2




3 Ways to Help Reduce Fear, Stress and Anxiety

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 7.49.07 AMWe could all benefit from some more peace and calm in our lives. Most of us have experienced how stressful situations can make our hearts pound through our chest, our faces grow red, and to top if off, make our palms sweaty right before we have to shake hands with someone important.

These are natural reactions to situations where we feel out of control or anxious. It is the fight or flight response we got for Christmas some time ago from the ever so funny Evolutionary Santa. Our bodies are pumped up and ready to either fight or run for our lives, with the help of some powerful stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Sadly, neither fighting nor fleeing is a viable option when you’re holding your speech at your wedding.

Luckily there are some tools you can use to reduce the severity of your fear response. You won’t be able to short-circuit your entire biology, however. Some fear will always be your companion. You can reduce it. And the first method is…

Accept Your Fear

173_neuronsWhat?! I want to get rid of it. But, acceptance is the first step to change. It sounds like a paradox, but when it comes to fear your resistance is only fueling it. Fear can be understood from a perspective of neural pathways linking some situation or thing to danger or bad feelings. Continue reading