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Spirit Science 23 ~ The Sacred Geometry Movie

Spirit Science began on this exact monday morning exactly 3 years ago on the nose…. I seriously JUST found that out, as I was posting it right now! How amazing is that?!

Sacred Geometry: The Geometry of Consciousness. Ever since I was struck in the head with the realization that all things were connected, Sacred Geometry has been a gateway to a new awareness of the world. The door to the 3rd eye, which only makes sense as the pineal gland is the lens for awareness of geometry and patterns in our physical bodies. a

musicgeometry1I’ve also seen a lot of people who have said they really get a lot out of the sacred geometry Spirit Science episodes… and so I thought we’d put together something special for you. A way for you to get the WHOLE download, all at once, without constantly having to flip between videos.

Sacred Geometry is the representation of the patterns that exist around and through all things. The repeating patterns life takes, the technological patterns we’ve made as well, patterns of the stars and celestial bodies. I suppose the question that we’re truly asking here is – are the patterns random, or is there a force that flows through them?

…and is it anything like the force from star wars..?  Continue reading

Spirit Science 22 (part 5) ~ Vessels of Light

What do light, singularities, consciousness, and boundary layers all have in common?

The original concept behind this video was a script written by an old friend of mine named Moises, who wrote a script about Light and its relationship to the container around it. The container being the boundary layer between the internal and the external awareness.

This is an exploration into that idea, that we are not the internal, nor the external, but the awareness of both, and the science and theory of how that works. Enjoy!

The vessel is a created form by the consciousness that came together to create something new. The example that we use in this video is the Seed and the Egg at the moment of conception. The point in which a new “thing” is created entirely. Continue reading

Spirit Science ~ Mars Retrograde in Libra

One thing I just found out which totally took me by suprise, is that not only did Mars Retrograde start on March 1st, but Saturn Retrograde started on March 2nd! Ahh!!! What is happening?!

Okay, we’ll do Mars in Libra first, and then Saturn Below :)

Mars Retrograde

March 1st to May 19th – 2014

One thing that I didn’t talk about in this video is that Mars is in the house of Libra, and so essentially like doing cosmic mathematics, you can fractal that planet with the vibration of what libra represents, and you can look and see your reflection in that coupling.

libraLibra is all about balance. It’s not so much the specific trait but the characteristics and energy of balance. The scales are meant to represent not only weight, but value. Recognizing what you value going through Mars Retrograde is a symbol to recognize deeper, emotional meaning behind your male-driven actions.

You might be surprised about what you find :) Continue reading

Spirit Science ~ Evolution

In this lesson, we look at how our understanding of Evolution – when factoring in Consciousness and Sacred Geometry – can paint a picture of the future we are moving into. We are co-creating a reality together that allow for the transmutation of all negative energy into a bright and vibrant reality that we WANT to create – and we can do it together, and through Love and the Sacred Space in our hearts.

circlesquareA lot of what is discussed in this episode is about sacred geometry and stuff that – at first – may not make a lot of sense. Or perhaps it does make sense, and you have some questions about it. Maybe you’re crystal clear and you don’t have any questions :) All of those are right and perfect :)

I’d like to open up with an explanation of it that is so simple and sweet, it will make everything click.

Remember the part about “Going into Phi” and “Going out of Phi” in rapid succession as you expanded in the circles and squares? I’ve seen this happen so many times in my live, I just know it’s true. It’s how we grow as spiritual and physical beings. Continue reading

Spirit Science ~ The Math of God

In this episode, we dive back into the pool of Sacred Geometry to talk about spirals and sequences that all life strives towards, and at the end we look at the 2nd informational unraveling of the Fruit of Life.

Don’t believe or disbelieve anything you see in Spirit Science. Simply have your own experience.

Math of God is important because it bridges some gaps between the ways that life, sound, physicality, everything manifests through the same pattern, the flower of life.

It’s some good information for the left brain, and I think in the future this information will be VERY important for designing our new technologies in a way that works from its core, and benefits humankind as its singular purpose. Continue reading

Spirit Science ~ Astral Projection

Astral Projection is the process of using your mental and emotional awareness to go outside of your body and explore other realms of thought and feeling. It happens differently for everyone. Some people do experience Astral Travel with the level of visuals that is described in this video below. Others tend to experience it more on a level of feeling, where you still feel connected with your body but you are able to extend your mental reach beyond where you are normally at – inside your body.

There are many different forms and ways that Astral Travel happens, so I invite you not to get discouraged when it comes to Astral Projection. See it as an opportunity to grow and experience all of the different ways that you can experience your consciousness. Through thought, feeling, visuals, taste, smells, and allow yourself to go with that flow :)

If the video is not playing due to copyright issues, you can watch the video here,
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