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Spirit Quest 30 – 33

Got a little lazy with updating this, my bad! Here are the new episodes of Spirit Quest all rolled into one big video! If your computer is having trouble processing all of the videos, just click on the video and watch them on youtube (by clicking the “watch on youtube” button at the bottom right of the video player).

Spirit Quest 30 – Ice Castle Adventures

On our way to Boulder, we stopped when we saw this amazing beautiful ice castle and had to go “WOAH!”, and give it a look-over. We also met a guy there who was into spirit science, who taught us about how the ice castles all worked! We gave him a rose quartz, he’s a cool cat ^^


Spirit Quest 31 – A Trip into Boulder with a Side of iChing!

On our way into Boulder, we arrived and met up with our friend Bryan, as well as Loraine and Derek! We had some awesome fun good times, and got a lesson on what the iChing is! I didn’t know much before, so this was a good learning experience.

Spirit Quest 32 – The Selenite Tower of Destiny

When we were in Tucson, we bought a box of Selenite wands and took it with us on our quest to give away and sell wherever we went. In Boulder, we decided to make use of them and build a tower of destiny. This happened before and after we held our Spirit Science Gathering.
Spirit Quest 33 – Forest Magic

We arrive in Portland Oregon and run around a forest! We also spot an owl, and just generally have fun. You can have some magical experiences out in nature if you allow yourself the opportunity. Go out and be with nature, she can teach you about yourself, and the universe.

Spirit Quest 29 – Mountain Adventure

Our lady friends were off doing ceremony and so we decided it was time that we, men, go do something amazing with our time! And so with that, we embarked on a journey across time, space, and mountainous hilly things in an attempt of discovering something new. Along the way we followed rabbit footprints, crossed dangerous creeks of ice, invaded others properties, and had an epic discussion of philosophical proportions. It was a good day!

The message of this video is to go on adventures, wherever that may be. You could even film it and put it online for all to see, and video response it to this video, so that others are all sharing their adventures! For what is life if not a fun adventure that we all share!


Recycling is Awesome!

Today the council goes recycling! We were doing some help for our neighbors up in Park City Utah, and they requested we take out some of their used glassware. Fortunately, we are good sumerians, and have decided to take on this task in hopes of inspiring others to do the same!

This video brought to you in part by monsanto.

… no just kidding :P Were just being silly today! It’s good to have fun doing mundane tasks!

Spirit Quest 28 – Sedona

Although it may seem like we didn’t do too much in Sedona, the truth is that we just didn’t take much video :D We went rock climbing and met some really cool people! Funny story, we had met a friend up on the mountains who had emailed us earlier that morning about meeting up in Sedona! Isn’t that rad!? We only stayed for 1 day, and then went off on our Journey, passing through vegas and up to Salt Lake City!

There is SOOO much energy in sedona, everyone is wonderful! I do recommend checking it out!


Check out our previous adventure here! The Tucson Gem Show! 

Spirit Quest 27 – Tucson Gem Show

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show! We got here! We got here! and now were eating chocolate at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show!!!

Our journey as a group of 5 begin as we head first to the worlds largest crystal show for a spankin good time! At the end of the show, we left with TONNNSS of crystals! A giant bag of rose quartz to give out to everyone we meet on our quest for the crystal movement! It’s great!